Pulse Jet engine (twin port Thermo-jet Pulse Jet)

Thermo-jet Pulse Jet Engine. Why I like the Thermo-jet Pulse Jet Engine! Because no matter how bad the design is it will probable run.
I have a bunch of them just lying around.

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Author MrBen527 (6 months)
Nice easy start

Author 55dcyinely (4 years)
For something I built and had no idea would run - it turned out OK! And for
a beginner the parts were easy to find. Yes, I'd though about a video
showing how to build it just don't want it be to boring.

Author Viv Collins (4 years)
Salut Doug, très, très bon travail, très impressionné Good work Doug, very
impressive start up, you should do a bit more video work aimed at the
beginners to show them how to build that engine. Viv

Author Michael Ellestad (2 years)
Gotta love the Thermojet!! Self starting Thermojet is awesome!!! Like the
long dual exhaust pipes.

Author 55dcyinely (2 years)
It does sound neat, but it has no real thrust. It was just an experiment.
I'm a little zealous in this video. The thermal Pulse Jet is great for
beginners luck. This one was made from electrical conduit. If your worried
about ZINC positioning you could put the conduit in a bathtub full of
vinegar to remove the zinc. Or just make sure when starting it for the
first time its outside down wind of anyone.

Author Michael Ellestad (2 years)
Look Ma she starts its self

Author 55dcyinely (2 years)
Therm o-jet Pulse Jet Engine, are great for self starting. And easy to

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