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Author Knight Wraith ( ago)
ive won 1,250,000 million once. :D

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Author OhVeuxEtReve ( ago)
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Author ANMS Clan ( ago)
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Author D1ablo Loco ( ago)
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Author ANMS Clan ( ago)
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Author MohhammAd Nishat ( ago)
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Author kopisagon ( ago)
fuck you mr. uploader Thank You!!

Author James Hack ( ago)
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Author Kelley H ( ago)
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Author James Hack ( ago)
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Author Dragont1992mk ( ago)
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Author James Hack ( ago)
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Author loonatik91 ( ago)
fake and gay

Author James Hack ( ago)
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Author KELVIN BAMBAM ( ago)
U IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!! Its and edit lol seriously 

Author Walled Ghalayini ( ago)
@cha tanga

Author James Hack ( ago)
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Author Randy Higgybottoms (385 years ago)
How comes you did not think to show us your url, This is so fake its unreal

Author Mc Drew ( ago)
i won 150k .. but 1m , its UNBELIVABLE !

Author RiptideMining ( ago)
actually you can't tell whether its 400+ because only 3 numbers are showing
not 4 or 5 so i could be 4 million

Author Samer M. El ChamiPS ( ago)
hahaha loool fuck ppl stupid-ness man are you crazy ? we need to do this
not to show us u have 4m smoka ! 

Author Dalibor Sljuka ( ago)
on left side see 4.000.00 

Author James Hack ( ago)
/watch?v=7RJtHmBsg90 try this one

Author Hajma hajam ( ago)
what is this man :-(

Author IDPOISONZ ( ago)
haha... stupid video

Author mustafa amin ( ago)
hey this is not working in my country it say that survey is not valid for
your country what is this man i disagree with you 

Author Zeaos ( ago)

Author FibuFree ( ago)
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Author iEatFFFBS ( ago)
i got more than u i got 260M HAHAH OMG SO HAPPY

Author Black Ops America ( ago)
I won 150 K in the lottery yesterday

Author Asn Abdulnabi ( ago)

Author Aleksnadar Jevtik ( ago)
:D :D 

Author Katica Prepelić ( ago)

Author mhamad ballout ( ago)
fuck u 

Author michael wally ( ago)
it says 4k in top left corner lolololollolololololollolololllololololloll

Author assyrian king (1559 years ago)
fuckk you dump fuckerr sucker mother fuckker and fuck this video

Author Taylor Sykes (247 years ago)
@LegitTheZombie its 4m dick

Author skycanth1969 ( ago)
You won S1,000,000 Zynga chips! whoo hoo! now you can buy a million dollars
worth of nothing!

Author LM4G ( ago)
@TheElderScrolls4Life My biggest won on Zynga lottery is 200k, Install
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Author Hammad Jawed ( ago)
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Author bruce91250 ( ago)
I have won 2 mil- no big deal

Author Hammad Jawed ( ago)
@TheAlek381 You Have To Practice dude

Author Hammad Jawed ( ago)
@TheElderScrolls4Life No Its Really Not A Trick.. If You Want 1m In Daily
Lottery You have To Play Zynga Games and Buy Items At r ewa rd s[dot]z yng
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Author LOLO AHA ( ago)
is there a trick to win so much. cause i only won 100-4000 all the time 

Author gerald aga ( ago)
hoe can u do it 

Author Aleksnadar Jevtik ( ago)
my lottery is for 4h i wil won from 10k to 30k i don`t now why bat i am not
lucky man on poker i do 7m and 500k and lose the money i 1 hand i am only
chield not from america and england from macedonia! 

Author TheDarkDevilxX ( ago)
@Sparkllinz really my arse mate you get like 20k tops :)

Author cru dren ( ago)
you got 4k

Author Mile Dodevski ( ago)
cheat engine mean it's fake 

Author Sean Forrest ( ago)
i won 500k

Author Genc Godanci (1268 years ago)
I WON 500k , 200k ,150k , 50k so its not fake (:

Author Sparkllinz Stark ( ago)
@hammad6962 and i lost 30mill so sad.. i never play this shit game again

Author Hammad Jawed ( ago)
@LegitTheZombie Its 4m Stupid...

Author kenji li ( ago)
ur chips is 4k :(

Author Hammad Jawed ( ago)
@endritboycool hmm

Author Hammad Jawed ( ago)
@LegitTheZombie Lol I Havent Click Okay For The 1m daily lottery 

Author Hammad Jawed ( ago)
@Sparkllinz You're Right

Author Hammad Jawed ( ago)
@pelito88 Nice

Author Sparkllinz Stark ( ago)
i won 500k so its not fake !! 

i won 20000 

Author Hammad Jawed ( ago)
@MegaSeanprice Its not fake fool....

Author SPICY ( ago)
Fake The Higest is 19999

Author antonio belavic ( ago)
wow now i on lottery won 150 k :)

Author Hammad Jawed ( ago)
@1234vaza You Cannot Win 1m like this....... You Have To Play Zynga Games
To Win a chance

Author antonio belavic ( ago)
i have gamebar and i always won 7 k :'( please helpme i want 1 milion o
daily lottery

Author Abilash Lakaputi ( ago)
i won 1mil+1 last weak 

Author ROSSONERO ( ago)
wow!! you won fantasy money!!

Author Hammad Jawed ( ago)
@masterabhis Yes

Author Tafito Hoxha (th) ( ago)

Author Abhishek Uboveja (279 years ago)
real :) 

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