People That Should Not Use The Internet

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In this Reaction Time Episode I reacted to some of the funniest people posting unnecessary things on the internet. Similar to my social media video, this compilation revolves around people who just shouldn't use the internet.

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Author CrazyRose263 10 ( ago)

Author Audeth Amondina ( ago)
Can you read all the comments in a video

Author Kreepy Kupkakes ( ago)
When I was little I thought there was a different moon for everyday of a week

Author Eevve Lover101 ( ago)

Author memez 4 dayz ( ago)
I just realized that Tal has a long neck

Author Poke' Vlogs ( ago)
1:11 shots fired

Author Anonymous ( ago)
what is pi? ➕➖➗✖

Author Roblox Lover ( ago)
When talk roasted with 44 IQ points😂😂

Author Tayla Brownell ( ago)
i turned my phone on airplane mode, I threw it out the window. it didn't fly. Explain. -I'm not stupid!- Yes. yes I am.

Author Harry the cat ( ago)
4:04 I know its dumb what he said, but wouldn't anyone instinctively think that?

Author Viktor Oberger ( ago)
I think it was meant to be a joke

Author Surfer Doves ( ago)
the last one

Author Jared Brunelle ( ago)
2:44 Jupiter?

Author Jared Brunelle ( ago)
0:07 You're not a stupid internet person

Author Sia Fan ( ago)

Author Josiah Ray ( ago)
Omg Tal the majority of presidents ran for 8 years XD. And it's possible to be president for 10 years 😋

Author Nightcore Realistic ( ago)
1.i woke up
2.i went to school
3.i saw my crush
4. My crush asked me out

The story went 2,3,4,1😭

Author Jeremiah Briney ( ago)
im unsubbing now muwhahahah

Author Abigail Lee ( ago)
Me: I love Eminem!
Stupid person: Eh i like skittles better
Me:No not the candy...The rapper!
Stupid person: EWW you eat the wrapper?!
Me: End me now...-.-

Author Taty Hugs ( ago)
This is Marvin 🐢. Marvin has no friends. He cries everyday because he has no friends. 1 comment on this= 1 friend. 1 like= 1 bff. 1 subscription= 50 friends for Marvin. If you don't do any of these things you have no heart and you hurt Marvin's feelings. I bet 99% of you will not do this but for that 1% with a heart- you will go to heaven, but for the rest of you, you will wake up beside your dead ancestors with a sewn smile on your face.

Author Kashmir Jackson ( ago)
brain cells died

Author Denise :P ( ago)
What did he use to edit his vids????

Author Julianna M. ( ago)
Who else tried the earbud thing lol😂

Author Kiki sky121 ( ago)
that earphone hack works!

Author Adrian Zuber ( ago)
that girl with the tree look at the hole on the tree it looks like a face and wrong at the same time

Author Mila Nabialek ( ago)
Hey Mcdumbledore? HEY MCDUMBLEDORE? Do you see what you're doing to us potter heads?

Author Gabriel Robinson ( ago)
brack lee you live a sad life

Author MrsStampyCat ( ago)
OMG i have been putting my earphones over my eyes and telling my friends to do too for YEARS!!

Author matt demos ( ago)
when your favorite YouTuber says most presidents didn't get a second term in office facepalm

Author איליי לביא ( ago)
DO NOT MAKE FUN OF DUMBELDORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Sans SkelleBones ( ago)
2:40 killed me XD

Author Emma Negron ( ago)

Author Bernetta Phillips ( ago)
you are so hot🔥

Author ariel beal ( ago)

Author Cool Kid ( ago)
Theodore Roosevelt was president for 4 terms 16 years

Author Finley HobinBurston ( ago)
Tal u aren't stupid and I'm not a hippy

Author Ellie Anythingcanhappen ( ago)
Never fail to make me laugh every video 😂😂😂

Author Galaxy Jazz ( ago)
McDoofus... McDumbledore... McDumbedoof?

Author Kittylively Hearts ( ago)
Me:OH! A new video yass bish... hmmm dumbbest people on internet lmao can't wait -clicks-
(1:18 mins later) dummbest people on Dont say -.-

Author Ugaris ( ago)
The Lee one was freak'n genious not dumb lol

Author 4 Friends Forever ( ago)
my cousin was going to have the middle name of Lee no matter what and his last name is Bush so my dad said his name should be Brock. Brock Lee Bush. lol

Author Faith Centeno ( ago)
When we all realize that those people failed in life👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😑😑

Author Lauren Olivia Poole ( ago)
actually they ALL served for atleast 4 years bc 1 term =4 years so 2 terms = 8 years

Author iClUE ( ago)
I think that we should rename the USA the "American Territorial Organization" so that we can legally call the president:


POTATO. We can call the president... potato...

Author Alivia Shaw ( ago)

Author afraid Myste9 ( ago)
eather they act stupid to get attention/fame or just plain dumdass people

Author EcHo Pawprint ( ago)
my aunt just died :(

Author Amy Olafusi ( ago)

Author Zibzo ( ago)
Like you

Author Shanesta5 ( ago)
there was even a president that served 6 terms

Author Nuha Noor ( ago)
Lol I am wearing my earphones wrong while watching this😂

Author James Scott ( ago)
I put my earbuds upside down when I'm using them :-D

Author Holls 225 ( ago)
I love you Tal!!!!

Author Mikayla Hill ( ago)

Author slimeymimey ( ago)
You forgot to add me in this list!

Author Elyese Jones ( ago)
What is the our mind thing about.. I'm confused..

Author J. Edwards ( ago)
Ya guys let him know for a part two when this is like the tenth he's done this

Author Selena James ( ago)
You almost pulled a Dan there!

Author Chirag Ganiga ( ago)
roses are red
violets are blue
i have 5 fingers
the middle ones for u

Author The best comment or Awesome ( ago)
I can be your gf

Author Chanel Vlogs ( ago)
Why are your videos so short

Author GizzBunny BUNNY ( ago)
I saw one that a girl said "My boy might beat me until vomit blood an faint, but less I have a boyfriend" like wtf

Author DrawingRainbows ( ago)
Don't make this into an even number...please...

Author The Undertaler ( ago)
What a great moon😂😂😂😂😂

Author Dakota Vlogs ( ago)
you're hilarious afff

Author Ebony Edwards ( ago)
omg the first one is just crap forme bacause my middle name is lee

Author Maliah xD ( ago)
..I Thought This Was Gonna Be A Compilation Of Tal's Video... I Was Wrong... R-I-P Maliah. Died Of Being Wrong

Author Sparkly Purple ( ago)

*TaKe ThAt BaCk!!!!!*

Author Dante24 ( ago)
In the amount of time this video was was how long it took me to solve my Rubix cube

Author Jiggle Wiggle ( ago)

Author Jiggle Wiggle ( ago)

Author Wolf_Girl ( ago)
oes he stop the video because he cant take it? or does he just make short vids?:(

Author TheLegend27 ( ago)
What's so stupid about the Barack Lee Obama thing? Is it because he already has a middle name?

Author Manny Carvajal ( ago)
did any body notice the tree smiling 😂😂😂😀

Author Maya Mohamed ( ago)
Every time I watch Tal 's vids I say wow he is funny and then I go see if I subscribed and then I say oh yeah I subscribed last moth

Author Maisey Anderson ( ago)
Well Teddy Roosevelt served for 16 years

Author Shaz S ( ago)
The Barack Lee joke was kind of funny. Please don't roast me because I thought so!

Author Zeccet ( ago)
There's no way not one person wasn't being serious in their posts. Like the moon one

Author Zeccet ( ago)
Wouldn't a lot of these be jokes?

Author Fancy Cat ( ago)
😟 why

Author DaRk CeD ( ago)
Does anyone know what music is at 1:05?

Author Bob Dundrop ( ago)
my friend says she got a headache from how stupid those were

Author Jacob Dewey ( ago)

Author Julianne Callahan ( ago)
0:46 this is my theme song

Author HeyItz Cassy ( ago)
When I watch this, it makes me feel smart.

Author Dr.Mystic ( ago)

Author Takoma Graham ( ago)

Author Eric Kioko ( ago)
Stop saying Godamit

Author Sawyee Kwan ( ago)
once someone looked up into the stars and asked "is that the milkyway?"

Author KIPZ ( ago)

Author Mary Wave ( ago)
The IQ points tho XD

Author Lynaisha Coleman ( ago)
the one were someone said the NFL has been around longer that our government it doesn't make sense bc he or she most not have heard about Donald Trump so it's rlly 45

Author Alexandra Morris ( ago)
5k reply

Author Nebulous ( ago)
...moon for e every country *flips all the tables*

Author JirachiPanda360 G.B ( ago)
Wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!😤😩 gotta clam down... ugh! I didn't do that on porpoise....! Noooooooo!!!!!

Author infinitely weird ( ago)
wen you dont know what superbowl is cuz you'se british

Author cjloveridge 11 ( ago)
you're so funny

Author Little Unicorn ( ago)
Tal and his special effects😂

Author CandB ly ( ago)
Well #TheHate

Author Jinx Weapon ( ago)
what would upside down music sound like? god i hope i can find some sort of upside down music XD

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