Amy Schumer Called Out For Stealing Jokes From Dave Chappelle, Video Released - CH News - Seems like every year someone makes the same accusations, coincidence? Dave Chappelle Netlix watch party in ATL on March 21, Info Here ( Music by Savaane.

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Author Griffin Hines ( ago)
This wasn't stealing. This is grasping at straws

Author Dalisu Ngobese ( ago)
This bitch told Ellen's joke in front of her on her damn show. the nerve

Author Soon2Be Fulfilled ( ago)
That fact so many people hates her makes me want to bang her even more.

Author MLH ( ago)
All she is doing is taking jokes, and changing the wording a little bit so she has plausible deniability. It has happened way too many times for it to just be a coincidence. That's just my opinion though.

Author habesha s ( ago)
like you stole from complex

Author WizardBalls ( ago)
nah.....I dont agree with that she stole it....not close enough.....where should I come?...thats not unique

Author Nate Shackelford ( ago)
For what it's worth is one of the most famous stand up specials ever. This is blatant theft. She stole the concept so horribly. Wow. Her career should be ended just like Mencia's. She and her writers either do not vet their material at all, or are simply thieves.

Author Mariano Gerardo ( ago)
if its once , maby you heard it along time ago and forgot but if its many times you are a thief ,amy schumer has been found out ! many times NOW !

Author gyraados ( ago)
So many people do "where to cum" jokes -- this isn't exactly stolen. It's just an old premise that's used a lot.

Author Lance Evangelister ( ago)
She's not funny bro

Author Shirt Dafuckoff ( ago)
not the same joke

Author Sohaib Ali ( ago)
i don't think dave cares, her version wasn't even funny thats what makes dave so special cuz you can take the line but you'll never have the same delivery as dave

Author stamm vvv ( ago)
Amy Schumer makes me wanna puke! Unfunny jokes... just disgusting.

Author Justin An ( ago)
Whitney Cummings told the same style joke in her "special" I love you.

Author Justin An ( ago)
Came out in 2003.

Author Doc Awful ( ago)
And stole from Dave Atell.

Author 269shane ( ago)
oh shit, run bitch run.start making some moves, you got dodo on your face its the cure for cancer

Author odorico leal ( ago)
Joke stealing is a real problem in America today and Amy might have been guilty of it in the recent past, but to say that this is joke stealing is just dumb. There's a common theme - where should a dude cum - and then different jokes follow. And that's it.

Author theultimateninja ( ago)
I just saw Chapelles new stand-up, and i could have swore i heard the joke "fucking a man is manly as fuck" being done by someone else. Give that some light.

Author poosnip ( ago)
Who gives a shit? It's nothing but a homage .....and I don't really see that she stole anything. And I don't even like amy schumer!

Author 1cebergslim ( ago)
She stole a funny joke and made it less funny

Author D Ray ( ago)
Fucking pathetic Amy and you're embarrassing yourself and your mother

Author 13th Assassin ( ago)
For a second I thought I was watching Complex News. And I was like what the fuck happened to Speedy 😅.

Author Harry Ellerby ( ago)
She's not funny to begin with. How she got to the top of the radar has me baffled. There has to be a marketable female comic out here that's actually funny.

Author y1521t21b5 ( ago)
Unless Chappelle himself registers a protest, everyone needs to stfu!

Author Clark Townsend ( ago)
This is not stealing. Similar concept but different. Dave's was way better.

Author trolling-to-wake-you-up ( ago)
just goes to show you don't have to have talent or be attractive to be successful in hollyfuck

Author VideoGame Polak ( ago)
how long till she morphs into a SJW for women's rights?...oh wait

Author Chris Hambrick ( ago)
Quiet Dork

Author Melvin Keelen ( ago)
Complex news really!..But it's still cool.

Author Maphack ( ago)
what's that eminem rap line? something about stealing from blacks and making tons of money...mmm "i am the worst thing since elvis presley to use (steal?) black music to make myself wealthy" or smthn, i could google it but meh. Sorta reminds me of that except, well, that isn't really parallel to plagiarism

Author DL8821 ( ago)
can't stand Amy schumer. I don't even think she's funny. all she's famous for now is telling people she's not ashamed of her weight

Author John D Gates ( ago)
That's one too many "coincidences" Amy...

Author Banguts ( ago)
Fuck, what a dumpy bitch. As if being not funny wasn't bad enough, she thought ballooning out would change that?

Author Warthog-faced buffoon ( ago)
Amy Scumer isn't funny.

Author popi2971 ( ago)
Obviously she had to hear his joke, but this is a female perspective. I guess it doesn't bother me in this case, not stealing in my eyes.

Author moneyaat ( ago)
She always steals jokes.

Author Vampz0r ( ago)
*tried* to watch the new schumer "leather special" too cringeworthy, had to stop halfway, the girl simply ain`t _funny_

Author Carl Warren ( ago)

Author Carl Warren ( ago)

Author Edgar Duran ( ago)
She stole it.

Author Dan G ( ago)
Never trust a skinny chief, never trust a comedian who constantly reminds you they are a "comic".

Author Michael C ( ago)
15 mins into her new special, she took another bit from Patrice O'Neal and just changed the wording, she is a fucking hack

Author Charles M Rinehart ( ago)
Fat Amy is lame and truly pathetic.

Author jmcclinton8 ( ago)
Milli Vanilli?

Author FabsVlogs ( ago)
Dave Chapelle has 2 specials and a 30 minute special. Any one who likes comedy knows all of daves shit like the back of their hand. She knew what she was doing she didn't take the joke word for word she just used his joke as a springboard for her own perspective which is pretty similar. Her joke was some shit anyways so it doesn't really matter

Author Cléo Z ( ago)
Louie's episode where he talks to Dane Cook perfectly explains this phenomenon. I don't think she does it willingly. I think she just got too caught up in the media hype around her, and so she just sucks in everything like a vacuum, and then spits it out with no filter or anything.

Author Will DeJesus ( ago)
That was ridiculous, her joke wasn't even close. I can see if she stole the whole concept of it. But she had a horrible joke, and this is just making her relevant. Please let her go away.

Author DaRunningMan ( ago)
This is took weak of an accusation here. Dave Chappelle did not invent the idea of a man cumming somewhere outside of a woman. Had she actually said the same thing he said and acted in a similar fashion as he said it then it would've been solid but this is just weak. And I am not a fan of Amy Schumer.

Author Jayjust Stylin ( ago)
typical white people move..

Author Tory Shelton ( ago)
I don't think she stole it..seems more like she flipped the joke if anything..if she stole it then the joke would've been word from word what Dave her version wasn't even funny lml so why does it matter?

Author blackman6913 ( ago)
did she steal it? or was she inspired by it? her reputation says she stole it

Author Dean Winchester ( ago)
thats weak

Author 1627 Interstate ( ago)
Yea She Stole Dat Chit #SMFH

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