Amy Schumer Called Out For Stealing Jokes From Dave Chappelle, Video Released - CH News - Seems like every year someone makes the same accusations, coincidence? Dave Chappelle Netlix watch party in ATL on March 21, Info Here ( Music by Savaane.

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Author WORLD REVISION ( ago)
stealing is her nature she can't change it

Author s rush ( ago)
If you were in a joke writing class and cumming on a girl was the topic, many comedians would come up with a similar setup and punchline because comedians think more alike than non-comedians. Also, you should consider that most comedians at their level do not write all their own jokes. In 2005 Dave's writing partner was Neal Brennan who SURPRISE also worked with Amy Schummer on Inside Amy Schumer. So it is plausible that Neal is behind both versions of that joke as he is a strong link between the Chappelle and Amy.

Author D-MF-L ( ago)
Cut the last 2 minutes

Author Matthew ( ago)
Don't even seem like she took the joke. she made a joke about Cum its not even similar.

Author ChanDalf ( ago)
in this jar?🤔😐😑🙃

Author Salvador de la torre ( ago)
Who else thinks that he is copying Complex news

Author Lukas Strautins ( ago)
Amu Schumer has built her acts on being crass (and of course stealing bunches of gags).
I'd like to think she's a good human being, but that shit's not cool.
That being said, however, if she's got (possibly) younger, more green writers writing jokes for her, it could be on them also. I'm sure she wouldn't have time to scour comedy history to double check if a gag or sketch HAS been done before, but if she truly is the SOLE writer, then this is all on her.

Author John R ( ago)
Wow she's legit not funny lmfao

Author Xake Victor ( ago)
Why is Amy Schumer still a comedian? She wasn't funny on the Charlie Sheen Roast and she certainly isn'y funny now. She's a hack fuckin comic. And now that she is recognized as a joke thief can she should just go work at burger king and do us all a favour? Or she could just walk into incoming traffic. Either result would have the same effect. A dead horse still getting beaten.

Author William Spain ( ago)
She continues to do this shit and nobody does anything? Maybe she trades jokes for sex. Shes a joke whore.

Author Ann Hill ( ago)

Author amtownsyou510 ( ago)
If you gon steal jokes at least steal it from an Unknown comedian

Author mattirzz mattimus ( ago)
I will fuck the shit out of Amy Schumer...ijs

Author Christopher Bomer ( ago)
I don't think she stole this joke. As human beings we experience alot of the same stuff and comedians go off of what they experience (mostly).

Author Kryciss John Quincy Grizzly Sam Adams ( ago)
those hillary supporters. hahaha. nothing funny about um

Author Solar powered Kitty ( ago)
I'm confused what guy is fucking her for her to even steal that joke? Is that the joke that a guy is fucking her?

Author Jimmy Lewis ( ago)
ive seen this reported before

Author thequantumvacuum ( ago)
anal tumor i mean amy schumer gets away with this because she is a fat kunt.

Author Matthew garcia ( ago)
Brandon farley powerful mischief maker

Author Mowac ( ago)
Schummer has NO standup comedy talent................
There!,....It has been said!

Author Cherry Love ( ago)
Who called her out? Dave?

Author Buttcheeks Mcgee ( ago)
she is terrible....

Author latso2001 ( ago)
bs this time. if this is a stolen joke, then any joke about sex is now under patent...these are not even remotely similar.

Author Nightwalker ( ago)
The jokes weren't the same just similar and this is just a REAL life thing that people do everyday so you can't call "dibbs" on something so universal. People are just getting silly with this Amy Schumer stole this and that joke. My guess is she wasn't at all thinking about Dave Chappelle's joke and this is probably just a real-life experience she had and why is it ALWAYS the top comedians and rappers that get hated-on?! Nobody cared about Amy when she was just another comedian or Drake when he was on Dagrassi but when they make it to the top the HATERS come out swinging!

Author S West ( ago)
Is this dude seriously wearing a GAP hat? lmao

Author De Selby ( ago)
this fat bitch is not funny. if she didn't steal jokes she would be on food stamps

Author Long M ( ago)
She's a nasty pathetic liberal cunt. Her jokes and her face make me want to vomit.

Author Brian H ( ago)
I'm no Schumer fan, but it doesn't seem stolen. It's a subject anyone could cover. If she said something specifically, such as cumming on the TV, then I'd definitely lean towards it being stolen.

Author Hal Jalikakik ( ago)
bitch stole Ellen DeGeneres popcorn bit and delivered it on Ellen's show!!! What a nutcase...I think this goes back to her admitted shoplifting compulsion. She steals jokes now instead of clothing.

Author Snoop Dogg ( ago)
Finna cum in that fish bowl...

Author Comedian JRenee Witherspoon ( ago)
She did not steal his joke. i am a comedian. she only told the joke from female perspective. stop being so senstive about it

Author The Reef ( ago)
She is a filthy pig 🐷

Author Kenny Boy ( ago)
Yeah, her new Leather special is shit, getting bad reviews, karma on this ugly cunt.

Author yanovideos ( ago)
Thats the first thing I thought of when I saw her do that bit

Author Anthony Aleman ( ago)
Lmao idk why ppl are questioning if she would steal Dave's joke cuz they are friends like she literally stole Ellen's joke and said it on THE ELLEN SHOW to ELLEN

Author Rick Bentley ( ago)
Not funny, and she looks like a cross between a cabbage patch doll, and a Campbells soup kid.

Author Tina Loves books ( ago)
How is she going to steal jokes from the most respected and loved comedian in this generation and not expect us to find out. 😟😒 Its okay to be inspired but at least be creative, rather than stealing everything word for word

Author All Black Everything ( ago)
I wouldnt call it stealing persay...whats the difference from Amy schumer biting Dave chappelle and Jay z biting biggie?...IT HAPPENS!...If people are not trying to bite what you do its because you aint shit!

Author All Black Everything ( ago)
Weak comparison!

Author capth00k ( ago)
At least half of the video clip was funny.

Author Farmer Ted ( ago)
she's a joke

Author Herman Booger ( ago)
Amy Schumer is a comedy theif this broad is straight trash lazy comic

Author Howard Huze ( ago)
Great minds think quite alike. I don't feel like Amy stole shit. And she dope so....Fuck who don't like it. Straight like that!

Author Humberto Alanis ( ago)
just like they called out carlos mencia "ned" for stealing they should call out this fat whale

Author GOKU BLACK ( ago)
who you gonna call joke busters

Author Peter ( ago)
She's terrible, Chappelle is hilarious

Author rumandcoke32 ( ago)
Her name keeps coming up for joke stealing, which is comedic plagiarism, because she keeps doing it. So let's not give her excuses.

Author theoneandonlyhaan ( ago)
Send me this instrumental, though...

Author Biscuits McGee ( ago)
Amy Schumer has been pretty busy the past couple of years. Did she actually work the material before filming it for her special?

Author Delonte is my daddy ( ago)
i used to want to fuck amy shumer back in 2012 when she was skinny. now she's just an overweight cow.

Author 40Rawsonse ( ago)
Much Ado About Nothing - William Shakespeare

Author Burt Gummer ( ago)
She's a hack

Author Dan Veitch ( ago)
To say that this joke is "stolen" can only be interpreted as an insult to Dave Chappelle. To suggest anything else would reveal either an extreme level of ignorance or apathy towards both comedy as an art form and the English language, or that you are a person who has no problem being entirely disingenuous simply to gain notoriety.

Author Michael Blanc ( ago)
She does not steal jokes herself. She has people watch comedy specials and shows , then send the same jokes to her. Where she ruins the timing and makes the joke awkward by over-explaining it to her audience who are of lower intelligence than the original comedians audience. It is so bad she has told other comedians THEIR OWN JOKES not knowing it was theirs. She doesn't know because she doesn't even do the stealing herself.

Author Hallowjin ( ago)
bad piggy

Author Zack Earnest ( ago)
Amy schumer is literally terrible not funny at all fuck her

Author Robyn W ( ago)
Dave Chappelle sure looks miserable in that forced picture with her lol

Author Meat Sandwitch ( ago)
The whale has struck again

Author beaverchops08 ( ago)
i feel like she thinks if she does the joke a different way no-one will notice sadly mistaken and unoriginally funny hack

Author 5winder ( ago)
Well, at least she's still slender and beautiful... ;-}

Author Emanuel Torres Franco ( ago)
you can sample music . but you can't sample jokes son.

Author Shane Nickerson ( ago)
Amy Schumer's leather special was horrendous, but comics borrow/are inspired by one another all the time. Sometimes not even knowingly. It would be different if she copied it verbatim and attempted to re-enact the delivery.

Author Baldheadslck ( ago)
honestly, her delivery is the worst ive ever heard. she steals funny jokes and makes them terrible with her delivery

Author Paul Stanley. ( ago)
Only thing needs clearing up is why I watch you bs video

Author Paul Stanley. ( ago)
That's bullshit. How about finding real content instead of being desperate and trashing someone cause you are not capable of Of real independent thought

Author Thunda1986 ( ago)
this channel seems like a cheap complex news rip

Author Lisa S ( ago)
Do people still think she's funny?

Author LELAND LEE ( ago)

Author Anne M ( ago)
This woman is not funny at all. She stole all of her jokes and doesnt deliver them at all

Author Jeremy Ostinelli ( ago)
Fat jewess pig !

Author Bobby Graham ( ago)
There is no doubt that she has stolen material from other comedians and that is fucking lame. What's pathetic is that she rewords these jokes and delivers them in a way that is much less effective and amusing, actually she's not amusing at all just a fat fucking pig with one trick that has gotten really old!!!!!

Author Navi Sam ( ago)
flabby chipmunk faced cunt

Author paul babuik ( ago)
I understand that being a woman comedian is tougher but that is no excuse to being a hack . What's sad is that there many female comedians that would kill to be where Amy is right now and they all deserve way more than her,

Author bobbyw223 ( ago)

Author Smurf Salsa ( ago)
Amy is disgusting

Author Gay Guard Moose Saucy ( ago)
fuck her

Author Antonio Larios ( ago)
I don't understand why this is still an issue. Amy Schumer has been repeatedly been proven to be a joke thief. Worst of all, she's not even funny with the material she steals.

Author stephanie tyson ( ago)
i like amy i don't think she stole this joke

Author zerox187 ( ago)
Had a couple laughs when I first saw her tv show, wasn't long into the 2nd episode I realised all she's got is "I'm a slut I'm yuck" and other people's jokes.

Author Jolie ( ago)
Hog Schumer is as disgusting as that senior citizen: Lisa LampWHOREnelli.

Author Erick Soto ( ago)
and you stole from complex news

Author jon again ( ago)
joke stealing or not, her version was not funny at all

Author Alvin Monero ( ago)
Amy sure knows how to use the Leftist play-book..... in the event of failure-------- "Play The VICTIM!"
If she didn't have such deep Elitist Establishment family connections,,,,,, we NEVER would have ever seen her on any screen.
When her book Flopped back in September, I was utterly amazed at how Amazon directed their staff to constantly police the customer reviews and delete most of the 1-star comments. Everyday I would see the review numbers frequently change from 1217, to 421, to 786, to 189, to 426, to 339, to 1143, to 288. ect ect. Every other hour! What baffles me is that Millions of products are sold on Amazon, yet their small staff was ordered to push Amy's shitty book? I guess it pays to be blood family to the Elite Establishment and have a Senator for a cousin.

Author MelodicMizeryPs3Vids ( ago)
amy schumer is like the female version of dane cook. its for retards who know shit about comedy, they dont know real legends like patrice and bill burr and the people who surround them. and they laugh at the dumbest shit and force you to watch it. and we do watch it because we wanna get laid she we deal with some girls bullshit of what she thinks is funny but the hwole time we cant wait till its over or halfway over to fuck her lmao

Author MelodicMizeryPs3Vids ( ago)
i hate shumer and love chapelle. but ive actually caught chapelle steal about 1 to 3 jokes every special or here in there in off specials. one of the guys who did old cartoons voices (rip) was also a actor and comedian and he did a standup. its like a little over 30 years old, i watched it and i cant remember the joke offhand but i heard it and as like thats the same god damn joke chapelle said. i dont think dave does it intentionally honestly i think he just doesnt remember he heard it elsewhere and then thinks of it. i know alot of potheads or people with forgetfull memories who do that. but shumer is just a straight fucking thief

Author Kevin Schmid ( ago)
just shows how desperate she is and has no creativity

Author Fred Bosco ( ago)
I like Amy's jokes... I wish I knew I could have heard them, 5 years before she told them. She is a potato

Author Daddy RubRub ( ago)
lol, how do you rewrite a joke, and make it WORSE?

Author Brady 42 ( ago)
Of no it's just parallel thinking remember? She's like the person that copies off of the smart kid next to her but gets a 0 because she was too stupid to realize every test has different questions

Author Dr. Remulak ( ago)
most of her act is stolen and the jokes butchered

Author peps ( ago)
Not just that she steals jokes......but also that she does it badly!!!!

Author Richard Hoepfner ( ago)
And all of this time I thought she was just a pig.

Author Петар Витановић ( ago)
For people to not understand by now that Amy Schumer is not a comedian, but a stupid as fuck liberal fat white bitch from an extremely wealthy and politically connected NY family, who most likely was set up to be a comedian, after most likely tanking in school and begging her uncle to help her out, who most probably has a room full of writers creating jokes for her. The more I see shit like this new special come out of her, the more I believe my "crazy" theory, than the even "crazier" one people like Joe Rogan tell us, by saying she was a great and really funny comedian when starting up, working clubs, which I've never seen evidence backing those claims up. And for people who know her such as Joe Rogan to stay completely silent , after rightfully so bashing Mencia for 2-3yrs straight, speaks volumes on the hypocrisy and "club like" nature of Hollywood. What difference is there between Mencia and Amy? Amy just happens to have a vagina and has stolen even more jokes than Mencia. Whoever keeps supporting her clearly has a nefarious agenda, which has nothing to do with comedy.

Author Luther V ( ago)
Couldn't even try to watch that whale spilling out of the leather suit like an over stuffed sausage.

Author KulinBan777 ( ago)
All female comedians talk about is sex, it's getting a little old now, it's kinda finny when females talk about it

Author circular pann ( ago)
Seems like everybody is deaf this fat stinking bitch is not funny

Author Bigfoot doesn't believe in you either ( ago)
She's a annoying cunt. She can't even deliver the stolen jokes well.

Author hunnerdayEDT ( ago)
I never thought she was funny with her stand-up. her show is amusing though.

Author Kraven Moorehead ( ago)
OMG you stole Grand Theft Auto's font!!!!!! Thief Thief thief.. I hate Amy schemer, but this isn't joke stealing. The only fucking similarity is the word cum. If that makes it joke stealing they both stole that joke.

Author intechra ( ago)
Fat is the new Orange.

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