How to Make a One-Click Backup Button

In this video we'll be making a simple one-click backup button so that you can make data backups regularly with ease.

Here's the button I used in this project:

eBay US/Worldwide:

eBay UK:

Also, here are some other buttons that are compatible with this project:

OR for a 100% malware free installer use this:

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Author Ahmad Muraish ( ago)
I want to work for you...

Author larrisAWSOME ( ago)
Definitely something I'm going to add to my new computer when I start building at the end of the year. Fantastic guide, I will be using a homebrew software however instead of FreeFileSync

Author Anthony Pruden ( ago)
so amazing

Author The Funkalizer ( ago)
When it does the backup, will it update the old info in place of the new info? Great video btw.

Author Anh Triệu ( ago)
Now I need a One-Click Wiping Button in case the authority storm my place. ^.^

Author Dorian Graczyk ( ago)
Can you make diy iCloud/ google drive?
I have like 5 old harddisk just laying not being used but I would like to have a personal own iCloud

Author Sourabh Ansu ( ago)

Author Jayesh Gamare ( ago)
i love this channel also your voice is so awesome

Author Random Ryan ( ago)
Can also be done with a USB drive and no button.

Author Dawid Strządała ( ago)
U have be same pc case :D

Author Jakeyosaurus ( ago)
Your videos make me feel warm and relaxed <3

Author Exploding Melon ( ago)
"inanatha" 8:58

Author Andrew Smart ( ago)
I found it so funny when you soldered the led, and while inserting the sexual music started playing!

Author Benjo ( ago)
Absolutely awesome. A small tip for you to do in the future: you could use heat shrinkable isolation tape. Just heat it up and it looks much neater and grasps tight to whatever youre insulating

Author Kao Neu ( ago)
the importance of backups can't be understated lol

Author N8M8 Gaming ( ago)
Can I do this if my computer has a Solid state Drive(SSD)?

Author randomher089 ( ago)
Could you make this work from one computer to another? I want to keep a backup server in my garage as it's separated from my house but connected via LAN.

Author Alex Auman ( ago)
Hi! Love your videos, this is the first one that I decided to try myself. Here's my question, the button that I bought has 6 connectors coming out of the back instead of the 8 on the button that you used. When you wired up the red wires, you said to repeat it in the exact same way so I assume that the other two connectors on your button are also connected when the button is pressed? If that's the case, could I simply use the same connector for both the yellow and red wires? I understand that one yellow wire must go on one connector and the other must go on the other (whichever is connected while the button is pressed), but is it possible for the red and yellow wires to share the same one? I tried this at home and I fail to boot whenever power is given to the device, pressed or not. Thanks for any help in advance!

Author Bill Overbeck ( ago)
Could I use a 12v ignition system lock switch from a car? I'd like to have a key instead of a button.

Author GUNVALKERIE ( ago)
For years I have been waiting for this

Author Giacomo Arcuri ( ago)
Did you ever get any filesystem corruption after shutting down the drive without unmounting it? I would really consider this, especially for a backup drive.

Author Cojax Gormacules ( ago)
What part of the UK are you from?

Author Zibertronics ( ago)
excelent vídeo

Author Jaxon Wright ( ago)
SHRINKWRAP... sorry, just looks so much better hahaha

Author Rene Hupfer ( ago)
oh yeah you use that nut to put it in place.

Author Rene Hupfer ( ago)
Time Machine ftw.

Author SilverLambda ( ago)
Can someone tell me the name of the background music? Thanks

Author Rex Transformation ( ago)
You are the first I use the notification bell in YouTube, and I've subscribed to a lot of people. But you take the cake! Bravo!

I just enjoy your vids, that's all! :)

Author Macovei Vlad ( ago)
This mode of backup does not protect against accidental file deletion. If you delete a file by mistake and want to recover it form the backup the moment you connect the drive the file is also deleted from the backup.

Author Kuzey Vural ( ago)
Can someone tell me name of the first song on the background?

Author SerPip ( ago)
I'm assuming I could follow most of the steps in the video to make a switch just to power some harddrives that I don't always use to reduce the noise of my system?

Author Dylan Kirdahy ( ago)
This is really clever. I've been really enjoying your videos since I found your channel a couple days ago

Author TroyRedstone ( ago)
The program shows up as FFS.


Author Arif Hassan ( ago)
i really like ur vifeo can u tell the soundtrack name if your video 2:16-4:10

Author Fåd Def ( ago)
WOW!! This nigga is SMART!

Author John Breslin ( ago)
For adding protection against drive failure you should use raid 1 or 10(faster, more expensive)
Back ups drives should ideally be stored in a different location from your computer. A back up should get you going again if you are infected by viruses or ransomware but it should also protect against physical harm such as theft or fire.

Author Kari Sinkko ( ago)
I use MS Synctoy 2.1 still works.

Author Iky piky ( ago)
google drive 2$ 100gb ...

Author gaming wolf ( ago)
What about win 8.1 or10

Author Noah McKee ( ago)
don't get me wrong, its really cool. but setting up a raid 2 would be mutch easier. wouldn't protect you from ransom ware, though.

Author DoomFinger511 ( ago)
That whole button setup is unnecessary. You should always be backing up. It's easier to just connect a regular hard drive into the computer, install that software and have it running all the time. Then EVERY file you save or delete will ALWAYS be backed up with not additional effort.

Author iSonikYT ( ago)
Kinda did this with Hdparm in Windows. Dismounting and silencing my INTERNAL Backup HDD.

I programmed a script to mount the HDD then start the Back UP (with FFS).
As soon as the Back up finishes the Script automaticly Spinsdown the HDD and dismounts it again.

Author Stainless ( ago)
can you diy a key swith to turn on your pc instead of just a button?

Author hellcat1988 ( ago)
Another way to do this with an external drive for both towers and laptops would be to buy a cheap usb3 to sata cable and set up the software on an ssd for backups. The usb interface provides enough power to run most ssd on the market and it removes the "hot swap" steps. It's also much faster and more reliable than a hard drive as it is MUCH harder to cause damage to the drive or have data loss as long as you plug it in every few weeks or months.

I'm sure most people would back up their date more often than that, but I have heard some data can be lost over time on an ssd if it's not powered for extended periods of time.

Author Pedro A. Guardado ( ago)
Where do i put the BatchRun for the Startup in Windows 8.1??

Author steven see ( ago)
can someone pls draw a 2d map of the wiring?

Author M. A. Kader Jibon ( ago)

Author Stuart Mortimore ( ago)
2:29 could a SATA adapter with an orange wire (I think it's for 3.3 V) be used as well?

Author Sara J ( ago)
can you make a mac book version of this?

Author Stuart Mortimore ( ago)
Hi, great project. Just wondering if the switch you used is a DPDT? Or is it just DPST? It's kind of hard to find information about these things. Also, could you consider doing another video on exactly which poles you connected the wires to?

Author Malik Chaabane ( ago)
I don't need a backup drive but it worth a try :)

Author LJGABY ( ago)
Woah! Nice, never thought about this auto-bkp using an external mod thing haha
I usually do it manually

Author emil halttu ( ago)
that is cool

Author SuperRiki81 ( ago)
(Beavis like laugh) hhehehehehehehehehehheehheeheheheehehehehehehheheheheeehhehehehehehehehheeheh "DP"

Author Jeong-hun Sin ( ago)
I have always wanted a hardware solution that can turn HDD on/off and provides a simple API for that, like "bool turn_disk(bool on)". I could not find any. The ones I could find only a hardware button for that, making it useless for a remote server.

Author Angad Singh ( ago)
Nothing for mac???

Author QFG ( ago)
what laptop is that

Author Doc842 ( ago)
but just cutting power to the harddrive isnt good? same thing as pulling the power to the computer

Author Alex Wielinga ( ago)
For yu tu chuse from. xD So British!

Author Carlo Dimaandal ( ago)
but wont this program run every time I plug in any new drive?

Author citruscyanide ( ago)
This was really intriguing, until you told me that i needed to run another program on startup. I deliberately disable everything not imminently essential on startup, to speed up boot times and clear CPU. Guess i'll just stick to manual backups...

Sweet vid though!

Author miiiikku ( ago)
If you have two hard drives you could use Filehistory.

Author Elias Van Loon ( ago)
would this also work as a power button?

Author martin brimble ( ago)
I like the video, do you know the name of the music, standard YouTube track?..?

Author Ade Cole ( ago)
I,m going use this to make a secret porn HDD for all my filthy Asa Akira movies,then hiding the button underneath the PC!!

Thanks dude you're my Porn Guardian!!

Author bsktbllboy12 ( ago)
Could I do kinda the opposite and have the files that need to be backed up, my phone, so that when I plug in my phone, it backs that up to a hard drive that I can turn off and on at my disposal? in other words, hard drive is in my computer with the button off, I turn it on, and plug my phone in and have my phone mirror to the hard drive?

Author TechlyTV ( ago)
whats the music on 2:30?

Author Oihane Mariñelarena ( ago)
I love you, too complicated for meT_T

Author Jaden S. ( ago)
too bad you used a moulded sata power adapter.. so your backup drive is going to get melted and destroyed when the adapter fails and your ground and 5v pins get a nice healthy dose of 12v.

Author kennedy cheskaki ( ago)
I think a good backup button needs an extra microcontroller attached to the pc.

Author kennedy cheskaki ( ago)
Make sure you have proper grounding i.e when you touch your chasis you get a small shock(bad grounding).Bad grounding and naked wires will permanently destroy your harddrives pcbs or your pc's motherboard.

Author sauroborsi ( ago)
May I ask you the name of the soundtrack of this video ?

Author Soham Ray ( ago)
Oh ..... you are genius man.

Author yippee ki yay ( ago)
external and software mode ez/better

Author VailedFool333 ( ago)
Can I use a script instead of the software he used? Don't really trust random software, especially ones that try to install random adware.

Author Norez Rodrigo ( ago)
Music title at 2:50?Not Darude:)

Author Stiderspace ( ago)
definitely going to use this for my new build

Author Kavaeron ( ago)
You are a God.

Author Divanniy Startaper ( ago)
why u need a button if u can do backups automatically by sync every night (or every few hours)?

Author Martha Baker ( ago)
I feel like I learned more useful information and skills with the videos on this awesome channel than I did in my entire university career.

Author MiBxItchy ( ago)

Author Robert C ( ago)
A very impressive and user-friendly idea, and protects the backup drive against RansomWare as you say. The only comment I would make is regarding the soldering quality, especially at 3:15 - in this example, the wire was clearly moving as the solder cooled, which will lead to a poor joint. To ensure the best quality joints, all the items to be soldered should be held together mechanically (not by human hands), and then the soldering iron and fresh solder applied simultaneously to all the items. In some examples here, existing solder was being reheated, which will lead to poor joints; you can see at 3:26 that a "tail" forms as the iron is pulled away, meaning that the solder is becoming "dry" and the joint will be weak. Hope this helps.

Author Jack Joseph ( ago)
Mac OS X already has this built in

Author David Bilia ( ago)
If I have a raid 0 aray of 2 2tb drives striped together and I use a 4tb hard drive for the backup drive will it work

Author Pang Christian ( ago)
hmmm... the music track is familiar

Author Themoigt ( ago)
For the ones using other versions of windows, you can acces the start folder by putting the following code in the execute window pressing the windows + r keys on your computer, the code is shell:startup.
Sorry for bad english, not my native languaje

Author Axel Sandin-Pekka ( ago)
Still trusting my 7 year old server hdd.

Author Ahmed Moussa ( ago)
does anyone knows the music used in this video??

Author Korisniknovi ( ago)
Great tutorial Matt, and really useful too.
I was about to do it myself and then realized that my motherboard supports this thing exactly, out of the box.

However, I do have problems with Free File Sync.
So, I connected my backup drive to motherboard and turning it on/off, works well.

The problem is that nothing happens when I turn drive on.
When I hover the tray icon, it says "Waiting until all directories are available...".
I've checked folders and they all seem to be there.
Both source and destination.

Author Carlos Rallo Badet ( ago)
This guy is Macgyver!! Amazing!

Author Jannah Fashions ( ago)
Get a Mac!!

Author Alejandro Ferrari ( ago)
I could listen to you talk, forever! :D

Author The Galactic Void ( ago)
Is there any way to do the button backup without soldering?

Author ArcSmith ( ago)
What if I used a clapper circuit instead of a button?

Author Ajay Abu ( ago)
hi man thanks for idea... can u tell where I can get sata to USB...which u have telling in this video..

Author INVISIBLE SUN ( ago)
DBDT key switch... would be bad ass

Author Tie C ( ago)
will the software work with a raid 0 or raid 1 setup?

Author Games Gorceski ( ago)
Great tutorial!Whats that music at 0:08?

Author David O ( ago)
Not bad, but how you solve parking heads of disk?

Author ShadowSlayer ( ago)
Well done sir, just well done...

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