The Haunting Of The Salem Witch Trials

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  • Did one of America’s darkest chapters leave behind spiritual evidence?


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    a wound on the skin
    Wheat grains in sacks at mill storage
    Shackles, medieval tool for deprivation of liberty
    Portrait de la Duchesse de Chevreuse par Claude Deruet attributed to Claude Deruet
    Leemage /Getty Images
    The angel of death. Darkness demon. Photomanipulation
    thunderstorm, lightning
    imagodevita/Getty Images
    Witch Weathervane
    MyLoupe /Getty Images
    Witch Trial
    MPI /Getty Images
    Witch Hats On Display At Vendor's Booth On The Essex St. Pedestrian Mall
    Boston Globe /Getty Images
    Claudette Colbert in Maid of Salem
    Bettmann /Getty Images
    The Duckingstool by Charles Stanley Reinhart
    Bettmann /Getty Images
    Abigail/1702 Rehearsal
    Boston Globe /Getty Images
    Engraving depicting the arrest of a witc
    Time Life Pictures /Getty Images
    The Crucible
    Thurston Hopkins/Getty Images
    Cropped Image Of Dirty Hands On Wall
    Suwit Si Sangwech / EyeEm/Getty Images
    Elie Wiesel
    Diana Walker/Getty Images
    Life In Danvers
    Boston Globe /Getty Images
    Lone lit tent in the night
    Buena Vista Images/Getty Images
    Winter landscape with ''amusement on the ice'', by Van der Neer Aert, 17th Century, oil on canvas,
    Mondadori Portfolio /Getty Images
    Anatomy of the heart and arterial blood vessels, from De Arte Phisicali et de Cirurgia by John Arderne, Latin manuscript, 15th Century.
    Salem Witch Trial Memorial From Charter Street Cemetery
    ART on FILE/Getty Images
    Massachusetts, 1909, Salem, Salem Neck, Marblehead, Nalem Harbor, Massachusetts State Atlas
    Historic Map Works LLC/Getty Images
    Low Angle View Of Window At Bodmin Jail
    David Crooks / EyeEm/Getty Images
    Early 18th century courtroom scene
    whitemay/Getty Images
    The Burning of Archbishop Cranmer
    duncan1890/Getty Images
    The Trial of a Witch, 17th century Puritan America. Illustration for the play Giles Corey, Yeoman by Mary E Wilkins (Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman), American novelist and playwright. Wood engraving 1892.
    UniversalImagesGroup /Getty Images
    Portrait of Georg Ernst Stahl (1659-1734), German physician and chemist, engraving from Opusculum chimico-physico-medicum, Halae Magdeburgicae, 1740, engraving
    De Agostini Picture Library/Getty Images
    Him Almighty Power Hurled headlong flaming from the ethereal sky, With hideous ruin and combustion, down To bottomless perdition, fall of rebel angels
    De Agostini Picture Library/Getty Images
    Engraving of a Suspect Fainting Before Judge During Witch Hunt Trial by Darley
    Bettmann /Getty Images
    The Legend Of Salem: 'The Rev, George Burroughs Was Accused Of Witchcraft On The Evidence Of Feats Of Strength, Tried, Hung, And Buried Beneath The Gallows' Illus, In: Frank Leslie'S Illustrated Newspaper, V, 31, (1871 Feb, 4), P, 345.
    Education Images/Getty Images
    Arnoldo asking in vain for news of Angiola Maria, illustration for Angiola Maria, novel by Giulio Carcano (1812-1884), engraving by Gallieni after drawing by Tofani, published by Paolo Carrara, 1874, Milan
    De Agostini Picture Library/Getty Images
    The house of the Seven Gables, 17th century, the mansion that gave the title to the novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864), Salem, Massachusetts, USA
    De Agostini / G. Sioen/Getty Images
    Sarah Osborne House Depicting American Architecture
    Bettmann /Getty Images
    Theophraste Renaudot, 17th century French physician, philanthropist, and journalist,
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  • A Ruff
    A Ruff 1 hour ago

    Can we get a bonus episode of OUTTAKES ?? Behind the Scenes, Meet the Crew?

  • Chloe Thao
    Chloe Thao 7 hours ago

    Does anyone else love how Ryan says February!!♡

  • Dana Camila
    Dana Camila 15 hours ago

    Buzzed unsolved : Albert fishman

  • brian self
    brian self 18 hours ago

    It was religion, time to get rid of it.

  • John Tunny
    John Tunny 19 hours ago

    the "voice" was a bit of a stretch

  • Agust Jama
    Agust Jama 1 day ago

    This was posted in May. Why is it snowing??

  • Carolina Gonzalez

    So... Red cats, huh?

  • Carolina Gonzalez

    6:24 Ghost said "Take it"? Yeah right, that sounds like someone trying to hold a sneeze but it comes out anyway

  • Makayla Campbell
    Makayla Campbell 1 day ago

    I want them to go to the haunted tunnels in Portland Oregon.

  • Random Val
    Random Val 1 day ago

    wish me luck I am going full screen

  • Mackenzie Shelton

    He believes in everything but witchcraft which I think is possible. Not the "I put a spell on you" witchcraft but the worship the devil stuff which is scary as heck (I do not believe the women killed in the trials were witches)

  • Liana H
    Liana H 1 day ago

    the dancing plague of 1518... one of those batshit crazy things in history that make no sense... except it makes less sense

  • Liana H
    Liana H 1 day ago

    people didn't speak todays English in the 1600s though...

  • FashonLoverMilo
    FashonLoverMilo 1 day ago

    "Bazarre to Batshit" Nice Ryan Nice

  • Logan Hayes
    Logan Hayes 1 day ago

    i am retarted and shane is funny

  • Mia Philippino
    Mia Philippino 1 day ago

    Wait? Why is it snowing in Salem in May? I live in Massachusetts and I remember this day this was published on and I was going to a band festival for school and It was cloudy/light rain.

  • Murphy
    Murphy 2 days ago

    Ryan believes in ghosts, demons who possess people or live under a bar, and that aliens kill hikers, light people on fire, and helped build the great pyramids, but is shocked that Shane would think he believes in witchcraft. Seems legit.

  • taylor lee
    taylor lee 2 days ago

    This goes from eerie ti fun because of their comments.

  • Bee Gnome
    Bee Gnome 2 days ago

    Of course while I'm watching this my wok fell off the counter and hit the floor.I'm home alone and my cats sleeping where I can see her...

  • Lady Nayumu
    Lady Nayumu 2 days ago

    2:18 the info sounds like it came from The Crucible by Arthur Miller..

  • Camillia McCown
    Camillia McCown 2 days ago

    I'm surprised that John Proctor and Giles Corey wasn't mention.

  • Alexis Patterson
    Alexis Patterson 2 days ago

    Good luck: I'm watching this in the evening 😊

    Bad luck: I'm going to get nightmares tonight 😬

  • Allison Wildgoose
    Allison Wildgoose 2 days ago

    I live like 30 minutes away from this place

  • Sam Beardsley
    Sam Beardsley 2 days ago

    Do harpers ferry & shepherdstown !

  • amanda parsons
    amanda parsons 2 days ago

    Witchcraft is real and you can study it and be apart of it/region that revolved around it but it is just barely used and not talked about much at all. But it isn't like bubbling pots with fog coming out and wands and flying broomsticks, but more of healing crystals and sage and meditation and prayer.

  • Tony Meets Universe

    Do Jonestown -Jim jones

  • andrea ok
    andrea ok 2 days ago

    do the mexican hill witches! apparently theres footage and there has been a lot of confrontation with them

  • Ellie Casassa
    Ellie Casassa 2 days ago

    they should do the villisca house in iowa

  • ʟɨʟʏ ċɦαռ

    I am wearing Headphones
    all alone
    in the dark

    wish me luck

  • DeterminedChildFrisk

    im re-watching this right after i watched "The Crucible". nice

  • Wingardium Leviosa
    Wingardium Leviosa 3 days ago

    "...including red cats, yellow birds, and black dogs." Sirius? Is that you? I mean, it's witchcraft, and black dogs, so...

  • Danielle Heinz
    Danielle Heinz 3 days ago

    do the dancing plague pah-lease

  • Corynne Baccigalopi

    do one on how the people in france danced until they died

  • The B's and The E's Channel

    Do the Phoenix Light and go on to the mountain where the four people disappeared

  • Mary Casson
    Mary Casson 3 days ago

    'take it. take it' boi, nahhhhh

  • BandTrash
    BandTrash 3 days ago

    tit tuba

  • Merle Christiane Wammes

    16:22 #wheezeisback

    FISHAY 3 days ago

    what if the voice said fagot instead of take it

  • richardb2837
    richardb2837 3 days ago

    Basically a genocide

  • Joanna Lara
    Joanna Lara 4 days ago

    Wait but why don't ghosts know they're dead.

  • VizionGamingHD
    VizionGamingHD 4 days ago

    I remembered reading The Crucible play. It was amazing!

  • Hannah Jones
    Hannah Jones 4 days ago

    15:58 wondering what the people in that house are thinking

  • B C
    B C 4 days ago

    Who noticed them saying," On Febiary 9" at 3:07? 😂

  • Dreaming Skylight
    Dreaming Skylight 4 days ago

    At 12:17, something in the corner moved.

  • Sammie Perez
    Sammie Perez 4 days ago

    Ghost have to know there dead, why else would they haunt things, and when you say "show us a sign that you're here" if they knew they were alive then they'd be like lol wut and they'd expect you to talk to them like a normal person

  • Brooke Blackmon
    Brooke Blackmon 4 days ago


  • Clux Tux
    Clux Tux 4 days ago

    Ryan reminds me of myself. He is willing to go thru all this crazy crap just to prove his opinion.

    CHIMBADAVID 4 days ago

    min 18:32 "those people fucking danced until they died" LOL funny as hell!

  • Emma Yakim
    Emma Yakim 5 days ago

    They need to collab with Shane Dawson asap

  • KIttenpuffgirl Kolwnt

    Wow! They didn't cus for a whole 5 minutes! It's a record!!!

  • Elliot Grace
    Elliot Grace 5 days ago

    during the plague, many cities and towns blamed jews for the disease and burned them/hung them because they "poisoned their water supply"so i 100% believe the economic problem

  • Avery & Nina
    Avery & Nina 5 days ago

    I go to Salem every year and I get such weird vibes

  • Kerr Grubb
    Kerr Grubb 5 days ago

    The girls after the woman were killed admitted to lying about witches

  • Cowardly Dinosaur
    Cowardly Dinosaur 5 days ago

    It didn't say "take it" it sneezed

  • Shivani Patel
    Shivani Patel 5 days ago

    Does anyone watch the show Salem?! ITS SO GOOD

  • BabaTi
    BabaTi 5 days ago

    Am i the only one who knows the names from the game Town Of Salem .-.

  • Elizabeth Brown
    Elizabeth Brown 5 days ago

    sorry to keep writing, but I just want to say when my family went on a ghost tour in St Augustine I was to scared to into the prison. but the workers said they didn't even like to go in there in the day. pss St Augustine has lots of haunted places and I mean alot. so have fun at if u go😊

  • Elizabeth Brown
    Elizabeth Brown 5 days ago

    plz go to saint Augustine FL and go to the fort . then the light House. PLZ. also thx for going to the haunted places and makingme laugh. not because u are scared, because I would be to.😊 PS it's fun to learn about the history 😋

  • Unicorn101 Vlogs
    Unicorn101 Vlogs 5 days ago

    lol this seems much much less creepy than other unsolved episodes..... idk y
    is it cos i watch Harry Potter (what is wrong with me take me to a mental hospital)

  • Kpop Trash
    Kpop Trash 5 days ago

    Is it really a good idea to have a unsolved marathon at 2 am when I'm home alone?


  • Melody SF
    Melody SF 5 days ago

    Invisibility cloak? really? where are they living Hogwarts? Don't tell me that the deathly hallows is real as well 😂

  • Theo Nez
    Theo Nez 6 days ago

    Hoia-Baciu Forest

  • PiscesTrash
    PiscesTrash 6 days ago

    truthfully, I think the reason they didn't get much of a response is because they aren't believers of the craft, they lack true understanding for the victims

  • Yajaira Vejar
    Yajaira Vejar 6 days ago

    Shane without pockets is me.

  • jane lane
    jane lane 6 days ago

    sometimes i wish to go back in time with a time machine to this salem witch trials period to see what the puritans see is actually witchcraft or like what we've seen now, these people who were accused are just mentally ill and/or just midwifes.

    • jane lane
      jane lane 6 days ago

      and guys, witchcraft is real and it's practiced today there are a community of actual witches out there and it has no relations to satan or any kind of demon or devil. the closest interpretation to real life witchcraft in a movie was the craft (1996)

  • ashley rodrguez
    ashley rodrguez 6 days ago

    Did anyone else notice in the beginning they had a mannequin to represent the men in black

  • Zugy
    Zugy 6 days ago

    You do know that most of the woman suspicious weren't witches... People were paranoid and the the girls found it fun accusing random people as witches...

  • Carly Weir
    Carly Weir 6 days ago

    Okay so I just finished "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller and oh my I can tell you all about those themes😂

  • ankitaa69
    ankitaa69 6 days ago

    My friend just published a paper in the Journal of Neurology about another theory for Salem!!!! It's actually incredible, definitely worth a read

  • Leanna Prince
    Leanna Prince 6 days ago

    anyone gonna point out that witchcraft is literally a thing that has existed since antiquity in a wide array of cultures and continues to exist to this day? like the one thing ryan doesn't believe in is the thing that is real

  • CatCamryn
    CatCamryn 6 days ago

    Oh hey Mary Parker was hanged on my birthday (or what I guess would become my birthday way after the fact?).

  • Anna Cox
    Anna Cox 6 days ago

    15:55 all the people in the house behind them must be really confused and concerned

  • Chad Lutu
    Chad Lutu 6 days ago


    SHANE you ruin every thing

  • Jackson Soulliere
    Jackson Soulliere 6 days ago

    What tf is that thing in the back at 1:00

  • young r.o.d
    young r.o.d 6 days ago

    the voices played by the ghost i can say are coincidences but i can see were ryan believes it can be ghost by timing (literally writing this i here ryan reading this) at the certain times they "spoke" its not really communication do to the sounds and time placement...i am a believer of ghost but i do believe logic can take place
    #shaniacs #ryanosaurs #bringbackthewheeze

  • Renae 0927
    Renae 0927 6 days ago


  • Lauren Hammond
    Lauren Hammond 6 days ago

    bloody love these guys! I wish they would keep making these!

  • Megan Hughes
    Megan Hughes 6 days ago

    My favourite thing about the witch trials is that the two girls just wanted to get Tituba in trouble because they didn't like her, but they didn't expect her to point her finger at other people

  • Kate The great
    Kate The great 7 days ago

    How are they not dead yet

  • Kate The great
    Kate The great 7 days ago

    It's cool that these men can make the scariest thing in to fanny things

  • DajemaMarie
    DajemaMarie 7 days ago

    Mannequin at 0:59 scared me so bad

  • Julie Alfaro
    Julie Alfaro 7 days ago

    Given that I was not around at the time I would imagine it was a time to air greivances. Like if a woman didn't accept your advances- witch. Or you have a fight with another man over land- witch.

  • PrincessCC
    PrincessCC 7 days ago

    if your scared dont worry we have...
    Cuddle Buddies:
    Scary monsters to scare other monsters:💀👽👺👹😈👿👻
    Oh and cars to drive far far away:🚀✈🚁🚂🚊🚉🚞🚆🚄🚅🚈🚇🚝🚋🚃🚎🚌🚍🚙🚘🚗🚕🚖🚛🚚🚓🚔🚒🚑🚐🚜🚟🚠🚡

    Your welcome.


    when is true crime coming

  • Brennyn Sloan
    Brennyn Sloan 7 days ago

    I've always had some strange connection to the Salem Witches/Trials. It creeps me out but our ancestors were living in Salem during this time. After I figured this out after years of feeling some weird connection to this, I did some research and many of the executions happened ON MY BIRTHDAY. I've always jinxed things and predicted things and the reoccurring number in my life that I see everyday or always pops up is 911. I don't k ow what it is... any ideas on what this could mean? I'm a big Christian though so 😂

  • Erin
    Erin 7 days ago

    Tbh I'd be terrified without the little comedy bits in between

  • Emily Moon
    Emily Moon 7 days ago

    When you used to live in Salem....

  • Tyler Hancock
    Tyler Hancock 7 days ago

    Girl:*uses last of toilet paper* judge: BURN HER AT THE STEAK!

  • Dash PNG
    Dash PNG 7 days ago

    in love with these series!

  • Terrence Lowe
    Terrence Lowe 7 days ago

    witchcraft is real! it's an actual practice! whether or not there were any real witches in Salem? who knows but there were witches at that time and long before!

  • ***ORIGINAL*** TheRealGamer!™

    95,000 likes! Congratz!

  • John Bod
    John Bod 8 days ago

    0:59 who is that man?

  • Andie Baker
    Andie Baker 8 days ago

    Do the Glensheen mansion in Duluth, MN! It's so cool! There was a few murders in the house!!

  • Stacey Keba
    Stacey Keba 8 days ago

    Is harry potter related to burroughs?

  • maria garcia
    maria garcia 8 days ago

    witchcraft is real- it's called wicca

  • Laura Fleury
    Laura Fleury 8 days ago

    Wasn't it confirmed that the people in Salem were just really high from a drug in their water?? Or am I thinking of something else

  • Mia Ramirez
    Mia Ramirez 8 days ago

    So the sister cathy murder

  • Meteor Keyblade
    Meteor Keyblade 8 days ago

    Yall need to go to the McRaven House in Vicksburg MS. I had good paranormal experiences when I went. Also you could stay at the Duff Green B&B or Cedar Grove B&B they are both haunted too.

  • AsiyahIzGoalzz XoXo

    When I saw that house I thought: "I never new my school was part of this witch thing!"

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