Totally CLEAR LG G6 - Clear Galaxy S8 update!!

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  • How to make your LG G6 smartphone TOTALLY clear! This video will show how I remove the glass back from the LG G6 and take off all the color from the glass. Allowing you to see all of the internal components inside your new Android Smartphone. Remember this project is very dangerous and I do not recommend attempting it unless you have experience opening and repairing cell phones.

    Wich phone do you like best? The clear LG G6, or the Clear Samsung Galaxy S8?

    Watch the Totally Clear Galaxy S8 video here:

    Awesome Smart Phone Tool Kit:
    Green Pry tool:
    Metal phone opening tool:

    The camera I used to film this video:
    The Lens I used for this video:
    And this Metabones adapter:
    This is the drone I use:

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  • Nando Mt
    Nando Mt 14 hours ago

    The g6 looks better

  • Maks DamjanićMD
    Maks DamjanićMD 1 day ago


  • Balázs Korcsog
    Balázs Korcsog 1 day ago

    Huawei Mate 9 please

  • Bob The builder
    Bob The builder 2 days ago

    Do a one plus one

  • Kim Judy Indonesia
    Kim Judy Indonesia 2 days ago

    LG G6 And Galaxy S8 This smartphone is the origin of South Korea

  • 芒果喵
    芒果喵 2 days ago


  • Samo Juríček
    Samo Juríček 2 days ago

    try to do it on honor 8

  • Cory Gair
    Cory Gair 2 days ago

    this compromises the water proofing of the G6 I would assume?

  • Vignesh Jayathilakan

    OnePlus 3T?

  • Selva kumar Kuppusamy

    Where can I get the clear double tape jerry

  • Avinash Avin
    Avinash Avin 3 days ago

    i want one +5 ...

  • matt D
    matt D 3 days ago

    a clear iPhone 6S.

  • Kaushik Mandal
    Kaushik Mandal 4 days ago

    s8 look cool

  • Root_Login
    Root_Login 4 days ago

    do you have a link to the double sided tape you use?

  • wappaganamstyle lule

    why is the fingerprint sensor so scratched up?

  • Tintin Do
    Tintin Do 4 days ago

    clear back the xaiomi mi 6 or mi mix

  • Subzero
    Subzero 4 days ago

    The g6 is more beautiful transparent than the s8.

  • Mitchen Chicken
    Mitchen Chicken 4 days ago

    I like lg better I think the camera makes it look cooler for me

  • mohd sattar
    mohd sattar 5 days ago

    sir best mobile lg g6 vs s8

  • Tenos Bonacci
    Tenos Bonacci 5 days ago


  • The Hurt1231
    The Hurt1231 5 days ago

    The iPhone

  • Kini Tan
    Kini Tan 6 days ago

    Companies should make an official version of this

  • dRIzElLa coCAInE
    dRIzElLa coCAInE 6 days ago

    galaxy s4

  • AjvarD
    AjvarD 6 days ago

    You should have left LG like that without further cutting.

  • Akhil P
    Akhil P 6 days ago

    g6 looks dum sexy

  • Andrew Doty
    Andrew Doty 7 days ago


  • Jerry Ryan Augusta
    Jerry Ryan Augusta 7 days ago

    do xperia xz premium too

  • titifi12345
    titifi12345 7 days ago

    why dont you try covering the battery labels with some kind of adhesive or cool cover?

  • Doha5678
    Doha5678 8 days ago

    I just do it mon m'y galacy s7 soooo sexy now!

  • 댕댕볼
    댕댕볼 8 days ago

    How to use NFC..?

  • Andres Salvador Jara

    P10 plus...!!! pls

  • integraz2000
    integraz2000 8 days ago

    Just watched a video on "Mirror Spray Paint" You should do that with this haha, looks great tho!!!

  • Stephen Gengvlogs
    Stephen Gengvlogs 8 days ago


  • rinmoy talukdar
    rinmoy talukdar 9 days ago

    I'm on the wrong side of the Internet!

  • Dark Eagle
    Dark Eagle 9 days ago

    even though it's tiny what about that little glass spot on the pixel think it would be cool to have a window on it

  • Lion CodeT4
    Lion CodeT4 10 days ago

    O i see what you did there 2:50 all the way...

    Please,sent me the a full naked pics of the Galaxy s8 she is my favorite model after NOKIA 3310 my first wet dream(:

  • fluotones
    fluotones 10 days ago

    Since the lamination coat on the back panel has been removed. It would probably make the glass weaker.

    • fluotones
      fluotones 10 days ago

      JerryRigEverything but there is no denying that it is still a cool project ;)

    • JerryRigEverything
      JerryRigEverything 10 days ago

      +fluotones This is true

  • vosrock
    vosrock 10 days ago

    is the G6 still have the ip68 rating after this teardown test? because the adhesive used is different from the factory.

  • Ethan Trevino
    Ethan Trevino 11 days ago

    lg g

  • jack li
    jack li 11 days ago


  • Jin Song
    Jin Song 11 days ago

    i wouldnt take those phones through the airport...

  • ɹıʞǝqnqɐ আবুবকর


    are the wifi and cellphone signal after removing wirelesss charging coil better at samsung S8 and LG G6?
    or worst like before?

  • Vipul Priyadarshi
    Vipul Priyadarshi 12 days ago

    May be you could just put some liquid stuff inside....

  • Marc Chester Kiling
    Marc Chester Kiling 12 days ago

    iPhone 7

  • William Melton
    William Melton 12 days ago

    G6 looks better with clear back, but the S8 looks better stock.

  • kwangwook bae
    kwangwook bae 12 days ago

    plz put them in water still fine????

  • zero0031
    zero0031 13 days ago

    NFC can work??

  • Gus Rosas
    Gus Rosas 13 days ago

    LG G6 looks WAY cooler!

  • Lin Hungyu
    Lin Hungyu 14 days ago

    the s8 is better

  • miniature, landscape and gardening

    I want to see clear back on samsung galaxy A7 2017.

  • Dylan Fitzgerald
    Dylan Fitzgerald 14 days ago

    would I be able to do this on a g5?

  • Александр Селиванов

    What about HTC U11? It has gorilla Glass V5 on backside)

  • ibrahimkaki
    ibrahimkaki 15 days ago

    Do this with HTC U Ultra .

  • Airafh Qureshi
    Airafh Qureshi 15 days ago

    a video on a clear NOKIA 3310

  • Los Invencibles ARG
    Los Invencibles ARG 15 days ago

    great project...keep them coming

  • maidenjump
    maidenjump 15 days ago

    u should buy a hair dryer...

    WABWIBWABWOB 16 days ago

    Do not cut towards yourself!

  • sagar kadam
    sagar kadam 16 days ago

    please gift me that Lg g6 i am a huge fan of that phone....but cant afford it.. please gift me

  • Spimees
    Spimees 16 days ago

    what about sunlight, can it damage anything in the phone ?

  • Cigex15
    Cigex15 16 days ago

    xz premium next!

  • norbertnowanski
    norbertnowanski 16 days ago

    i wonder why your fingerprint sensors are so scratchy

  • Godzilla Animations
    Godzilla Animations 17 days ago

    You should to bend/scratchtest and that kind of things with Wiko Rainbowjam 8 it is a good phone for 70$

  • TransportLover888
    TransportLover888 17 days ago

    Could it be possible to add wireless charging to a EU/Asian model by putting a replacement charging coil inside?

  • NoobaGutt
    NoobaGutt 17 days ago


  • Dawid5796
    Dawid5796 17 days ago

    bc its a great idea to get rid of wireless charging 👍👍👍👌👌👌

  • warab31
    warab31 17 days ago

    Any chance u can do a Xperia xz premium durability test

  • 용폰5 공
    용폰5 공 18 days ago


  • alberic aptatio
    alberic aptatio 18 days ago

    clear s7 edge please

  • Ben Rajan
    Ben Rajan 18 days ago

    Mr. Clean's side job.

  • Alfredo Lucero
    Alfredo Lucero 18 days ago

    clear front please

  • Dennis Penama
    Dennis Penama 18 days ago

    How about a clear iPhone

  • Bryan Ramos
    Bryan Ramos 19 days ago

    if i send you my lg g6 could you please make the back clear?

  • john adair
    john adair 19 days ago

    wireless charging has changed my life, it is awesome.

  • Prasad Udwadia
    Prasad Udwadia 19 days ago

    if i sent you my s7 could you make the back clear for me? :D that would be wicked sick

  • larumbe pablo
    larumbe pablo 19 days ago

    Es el doctor Juan de univicion

  • Marius Stangaciu
    Marius Stangaciu 19 days ago

    You bent the fingerprint ribbon on LG G6 ugly as hell...

  • Tatsuya Fujiwara
    Tatsuya Fujiwara 19 days ago

    That folded cable to the fingerprint-scanner tho :/

  • Sylvelegend
    Sylvelegend 19 days ago

    5:29 WE HAVE A VIBRATION!!!!

  • Sylvelegend
    Sylvelegend 19 days ago

    Pls do clear iPhone 7 plus

  • Eduardo Harket
    Eduardo Harket 19 days ago

    dont like

  • Yassen karkuke
    Yassen karkuke 20 days ago

    lg g6 look good

  • Toenail Gaming
    Toenail Gaming 20 days ago

    LG G6

  • The Spitfire
    The Spitfire 20 days ago

    I can't choose which one is better

  • Haider
    Haider 20 days ago

    HTC U11 if possible

  • Rafael Rub
    Rafael Rub 20 days ago

    Hi jerry! I have a question? I made my lg g6 back clear. looks really cool and I really liked it. but without the wireless coit charger the volume doesn't work when I click them nothing happens and also I can't hear anything when I receive I call or I make a call. once I put the wireless charger coit back in the phone everything works again. I wonder if you have the same problem with you g6 or it's just my phone. still looks ok but I like it way better without the wireless charger.
    Thanks, and I will be waiting for answer.

    • Rafael Rub
      Rafael Rub 19 days ago

      JerryRigEverything .... Yes, I did that, I put the wireless charger coil back.. Hey, if you know a place where I can buy a wireless coil replacement please let me know because I wanna play with it n cut it , I just don't wanna destroy the original , I've already try ebay n amazon but they don't have it. Have a good day n thanks. you got a good channel, good videos.

    • JerryRigEverything
      JerryRigEverything 20 days ago

      +Rafael Rub watch my clear lgg6 video. You need parts of that wireless charger to keep it working. I'd just leave it intact if I were you.

  • Jonathan Robinson-Hart

    fun fact about what he's doing here what he's doing is really cool and awesome I like the fact that the phone's is clear but there's two disadvantages one you'll no longer have wireless charging which he mentioned and two which he didn't mention he's removing the NFC plate as well so Mobile Pay won't work and you can beam stuff using your Samsung or LG with FNC

  • larumbe pablo
    larumbe pablo 21 day ago

    Seguimos actualizándo

  • David Csogor
    David Csogor 23 days ago

    Galaxy S8

  • He Asi
    He Asi 23 days ago

    iPhone 7

  • Gagan Biswas
    Gagan Biswas 23 days ago

    APA ka hairstyle mast hai

  • Luis Arias
    Luis Arias 24 days ago

    Do the iphone 4 and when 8 comes out that one too both have glass backs so it should be similar

  • MustacheSheep
    MustacheSheep 25 days ago

    The LG G6 looks better inside!

  • Arun Vishnu M.E
    Arun Vishnu M.E 25 days ago

    clear ONEPLUS X

  • Arun Vishnu M.E
    Arun Vishnu M.E 25 days ago

    clear ONEPLUS X

  • Ernesto Hdez.
    Ernesto Hdez. 25 days ago

    iis it possible to make a clear iPhone 7 Plus using the jet black?

  • Micael Pereira
    Micael Pereira 25 days ago

    new sub

  • Emman Castro
    Emman Castro 25 days ago

    1:40 Anyone else felt some oddly satisfying

  • GoLD0388
    GoLD0388 25 days ago

    Let's see a BlackBerry PRIV made clear?

  • MeMo Al-Iraqi
    MeMo Al-Iraqi 25 days ago

    I used to have a g3 but it is broke so with no money I return few step to Samsung Galaxy s3😢😢

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