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  • Thaís Vilela
    Thaís Vilela 9 months ago

    i did not understand this song

  • justyna jaksa
    justyna jaksa 1 year ago

    Another masterpiece!!! Can't decide which one I like most.

  • sean ramsden
    sean ramsden 1 year ago

    such a good song. maybe my favourite from the album

  • Minh Thái
    Minh Thái 1 year ago

    is this song about sex workers :-?

    • Soukaina Zouggari
      Soukaina Zouggari 3 months ago

      I think it's about him , like , he sings to entertain the audience but they only come to have a good time nd they don't really know the true him or what's going on with him nd that's " funny but it pays his rent " . Also ,he compares himself to a sex worker; he pays her nd she provides him entertainment , they both are the entertainment . At least , that's how I see it .

    • justyna jaksa
      justyna jaksa 11 months ago

      out of the new album

    • Hapinessis food
      Hapinessis food 1 year ago

      I dont think so, i think its about a couple, maybe he is in love with a girl but she doesn't love him and she just want to keep playing and he's the entertainment and he knows that he accepts it because he loves her. I don't know that is as I see it Sorry for my english:(

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