This Is What People Will Look Like In The Future

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  • This Is What Humanity Will Look Like By 2050
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    When you look at humanity from prehistory, it is hard to believe that they are our ancestors. But what is even more incredible is that evolution is still happening right now. People in 2050 won’t be the same than they were at the beginning of the 21st century. With the help of technologies and constant changes, the world as we know it today won’t be the same for the generations to follow.

    Our world is already transforming itself as men and women of different ethnicity fall in love and have beautiful multiracial babies. As one-third of Americans identify themselves to more than one race, they represent the new face of humanity in the years to come. It could lead to the end of discrimination as we would all be part of a big community in which everyone is different and equal.

    Evolution is not only about nature as humans found a faster way to adapt to their environment. They use technology to make children smarter, stronger, and even more good-looking. It is now possible to choose specific genes so our offsprings are born many of the characteristics we would like them to have. This could lead to a new generation of improved human being.

    There will be so much more things to see in 2050 as the extinction of redheads, a new body size, and even cyborgs. If you want to see what we’ll look like in the future, don’t forget to watch our video and subscribe to TheThings for more interesting facts. This is what people will look like in the future!

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  • Ben Reilly
    Ben Reilly 12 hours ago

    lol red heads are like real life xmen mutants lol

  • Gabriella HUGHES
    Gabriella HUGHES 2 days ago

    I'm black white and Native American but I'm mostly black and white

  • Alana Williams
    Alana Williams 3 days ago

    Melanin is going nowhere

  • Alana Williams
    Alana Williams 3 days ago

    They can do that for the future but not for now smh 😂🤦🏾‍♀️ they must hate us new coming up generations

  • 5LAMB0X Z
    5LAMB0X Z 3 days ago

    So, we'll become like those humans in WALL•E?

  • william perry
    william perry 4 days ago

    My friend Nathan is half-Asian

  • Lintang Tyas
    Lintang Tyas 5 days ago

    i would like to have a superpower that can control people's mind :v

  • Captain Of A Starship

    Deafness is a culture and not a defect??? We are devolving and calling it progressive.

  • Diana żak
    Diana żak 7 days ago

    I'm multiracial :D
    I was born in England, with my mum from South Africa and my dad from Poland
    Many people don't believe i'm polish until i speak with a good accent ://

  • Lala Hasan
    Lala Hasan 7 days ago

    I think our individual race is what makes us unique from one another with that being said im not against mixed race

  • Elise Muery
    Elise Muery 10 days ago

    Do yall think that eventually could be a way to induce twins?

  • Tamryn Hall
    Tamryn Hall 11 days ago

    why are they making redheads sound like we are saving the whales?

  • Ax Martel
    Ax Martel 11 days ago

    And the Africans and Muslims fuck like rabbits, while white have one child. And white countries are flooded by brown 3rd world invasion.

  • Ax Martel
    Ax Martel 11 days ago

    The red haired are dying off because of race mixing.

  • Ax Martel
    Ax Martel 11 days ago

    Real diversity is each ethnicity at it own place, the mongrel mixed race is not diversity. Its even destroying diversity for 100.000 years of evolution between races. This propaganda needs to stop.

  • Martin Joseph
    Martin Joseph 12 days ago


  • Pepe The Frog
    Pepe The Frog 12 days ago


  • Sadie Corley
    Sadie Corley 12 days ago

    I think that having the opportunity to choose your child's genes should be limited. While it can be
    helpful to make sure they have long healthy lives it is also unnatural and goes against our morals and values as humans: how you should accept people for who they are and how they were naturally born. Genetically engineering humans as if it were as normal as pulling out your cell phone, is wrong. Anyone with any common sense would recognize this

  • Super 8
    Super 8 13 days ago

    OMG I love Gattaca! It's an amazing movie!

  • Cøcønut Shark In The Water


  • Akshita Bali
    Akshita Bali 13 days ago

    I think technology will ruin human race

  • Chrissy Bryant
    Chrissy Bryant 13 days ago

    Why can't we leave the gene pool alone. Yes, HAVE MIXED BABIES...OR DONT ....Whatever you wanna do. I may be using the wrong terminology, but can we leave the kids alone. Isn't DNA supposed to randomized ☂️

  • Chrissy Bryant
    Chrissy Bryant 13 days ago

    Why can't we leave the gene pool alone. Yes, HAVE MIXED BABIES...OR DONT ....Whatever you wanna do. I may be using the wrong terminology, but can we leave the kids alone. Isn't DNA supposed to randomized ☂️

  • June Lamar
    June Lamar 13 days ago

    wisdom teeth are not USELESS. thats what the goverment wanta you to believe. they are NOT looking out for your best interests

  • June Lamar
    June Lamar 13 days ago

    why is is this so depressing

  • Kotomi Yui
    Kotomi Yui 14 days ago

    Ugh y am I alive in this century

  • Negromancer Fox
    Negromancer Fox 14 days ago

    that means.. homogenic
    and te end of diversity.. we'll be one big mess

  • fantasy junkie
    fantasy junkie 14 days ago

    I seriously think that 1% of the worlds redheads are in my town in California. In the last year I have seen a majority of red headed kids and adults than ever before.

  • LaurenGurlx
    LaurenGurlx 14 days ago

    I have red hair o.o

  • Bryana Rose
    Bryana Rose 14 days ago

    The way you pronounced Galapagos cringed me tf out

  • aprosexia
    aprosexia 14 days ago

    This is absolute bs

  • Keziah Jolivert
    Keziah Jolivert 14 days ago

    so we gon act like darkskinned mixed people dont exist

  • Cera Official Music
    Cera Official Music 14 days ago

    our predictions have more or less been wrong for the last few centuries.

  • vianney d.
    vianney d. 14 days ago


  • Lucy Francis
    Lucy Francis 14 days ago

    Eyyyyy I'm the 2%

  • Madeline Rothrock
    Madeline Rothrock 15 days ago

    I saw Brendon Urie

  • Juicy Fruit
    Juicy Fruit 15 days ago

    So basically we are now in the process of committing white genocide!

  • Samantha Pinos
    Samantha Pinos 15 days ago

    I was really listening until brendon urie popped up

  • PATD YouTube fan
    PATD YouTube fan 15 days ago

    Did anyone know who that guy who looked like he was crying was

    • PATD YouTube fan
      PATD YouTube fan 15 days ago

      Well it was Brendon Urie lead singer In band Panic! At The Disco

  • maecy day
    maecy day 16 days ago


  • Anneli D.
    Anneli D. 17 days ago

    i would hate to select a childs genes it would really annoy me ifother ppl did i dont like it. in my opinion.

  • twoja stara
    twoja stara 17 days ago

    I can't wait for race war.

  • Virik Navarro
    Virik Navarro 17 days ago

    No, stupid is color-blind like any other form of ignorance.

  • 2016 2016
    2016 2016 17 days ago

    Gal-uh-PAG-os????? No, no, no, nope. You guys need to look up pronunciations before making videos if you want to be seen as pros.

    • 2016 2016
      2016 2016 17 days ago

      "Almost the same age than..." Oh, dearie, it gets worse and worse. I should stop watching now.

    • 2016 2016
      2016 2016 17 days ago

      And check your grammar, too. "Everyone pass???" No, everyone passes.

  • myxn Alexander
    myxn Alexander 17 days ago

    after watching this video it needs to be taken down

  • Deavon Kauten
    Deavon Kauten 17 days ago

    woow 120
    im 17 years old like right now. just waow

  • Kay Gigny
    Kay Gigny 18 days ago

    Love is blind, but the average black person can't walk down the street without the race soldiers (Police) shooting us dead daily white people turning a blind eye to the murder of black people. Pro Black Love....Black babies not half breeds. no one finds race mixing acceptable especially in the black community we find Black man who race mix to be traitors.

    Married couples in the United States

    Black Wife, Black husband. 4,027,000. 89.2%
    White wife White husband. 50,410,000. 97%
    White wife, Black,Husband. 390,000. 8.6%
    Black wife, white husband 168,000. 0.3%

  • Kay Gigny
    Kay Gigny 18 days ago

    Love is not colorblind, it's that black people have been indoctrinated to self hate and every stereotype of black people is negative. African people are made to feel whites are better, which isn't true. Black people are waking up are we want to create Black babies just like white people want to create white babies. The future should be a diverse race of people with all the colours keeping their racial group separate. Then we will see who's really genetically suited for the future. This is social engineer constructed to make black people self genocide. I don't believe in race mixing and if the future is a bunch of half breeds I rather the human race come to an end. I love my African Selenium base melanin genetics. Keep your blonde genetics to yourself aint you supposed to be superior? White people are only promoting race mixing because it's beneficial to them.

  • prancer1000
    prancer1000 18 days ago

    Liars! God controls everything, man doesn't control shit.

  • Hope Believe
    Hope Believe 18 days ago

    I'm Chinese, Korean, Canadian, Malaysian, American, etc... I look like a Chinese with red hair cuz I am, idiots

    • Hope Believe
      Hope Believe 18 days ago

      And if u choose what ur children will look like it isn't natural!! I can't believe red heads are going to be gone and my kind.... the rusties!!! #SaveRedHeads and I'm pretty tall rn...

  • Killerainbow
    Killerainbow 18 days ago

    y'all whining about super babies but I'm mad about that cyborg guy, he isn't even a cyborg!

  • hser ku
    hser ku 19 days ago


  • Juli Hops
    Juli Hops 19 days ago

    This is probably why the world is ending. Because people want to play God!!
    Where on earth do you choose your child's personality? it's insane and shows that you probably are incapable of loving someone for who they really are. Bunch of future narcissists.

  • A few atoms in the shape of a human

    Do you ever see a comment and wish you posted it?

  • Barwaaqo Aden
    Barwaaqo Aden 19 days ago

    everyone nowadays are half something or half something wannabes .

  • Paisley Miell
    Paisley Miell 20 days ago

    It's pronounced gall app oh gus

  • Isabella S
    Isabella S 20 days ago

    it would be bad if people got to pic how their children would be because that does not let that kid pic their own personality

  • Shumunya Cho
    Shumunya Cho 20 days ago

    I would be 56 in 2050 lol

  • jelly seahorse
    jelly seahorse 21 day ago

    if you want a child with certain traits adopt don't change dna

  • ymp5000
    ymp5000 21 day ago

    Mongrels. A rainbow is only beautiful because the colors are separated.

  • Dank Patrick
    Dank Patrick 21 day ago

    We look ugly as fuck in the Future.....

  • cute girl
    cute girl 22 days ago

    im tall and chubby and i like it im fine with it

  • William Fog von Qualen

    The great ginger excinction?

  • SpadesCS GO
    SpadesCS GO 23 days ago

    best looking light skinned person is tyler1. no doubts.

  • Inaya Tauheed
    Inaya Tauheed 23 days ago

    I know because I am a scientist

  • Inaya Tauheed
    Inaya Tauheed 23 days ago

    hey, how can they be sure, it has a possibility that the future won't be like this

  • Mind over Mindfuck
    Mind over Mindfuck 23 days ago

    This video is gonna look real dumb in 2050 <.<

  • Hailey Elliott
    Hailey Elliott 23 days ago

    White genocide and globalism.

  • Jkn
    Jkn 23 days ago

    chickenese? damn

  • walleye364
    walleye364 23 days ago

    I get a kick out of the popular belief that future kids will be more racially identical. It's only happening in the U.S and Europe. China will still look Chineesy and Africa will still be black..

  • Anna Wolfie
    Anna Wolfie 25 days ago

    Evolution 😆😆😆😆

  • Александр Банщиков

    моя фоточка в видео, еее

  • Irina Nikolaeva
    Irina Nikolaeva 25 days ago

    Ahahaha I can't
    3:04 with the guy on the right I go to the uni together
    In Russia ahahah
    That's cute and kind of unexpected :)

  • holystars
    holystars 26 days ago

    lol if this video is true then how come their been no change to humans since adam and eve or since then but now their saying it going to happen in 2050 so when nothing happens are you going to be changing the date again
    2:10 with this goverment choose who can have kids and who can't healthy handsome and stong lol when they can't create life because little do they know without god that's not going to happen that's why evolution is a joke closes thing you may get is if a demon makes it come to life
    3:38 lmao been the end of evolution since where it really started with Jean-Baptiste Lamarck isolated populations lmao so your evolution god can only work in certain areas do little but yet create a plant out of explosion and fire and life out of nothing or whatever the lastest thing they got in the texts books
    4:30 by killing them off and stoping them from breeding
    5:58 then how come people are dieing before even being 100

  • Agne Stukaite
    Agne Stukaite 26 days ago

    3:54 *Woah woah woah! What de HeII is that in the midlle!?*

  • Ianni Ex
    Ianni Ex 26 days ago

    I woud like to put my brain in a robot so i dont die

  • Nuria Geijsel
    Nuria Geijsel 26 days ago

    I know more people with red hair with parents with a different hair color, than parents with the same red hair. red heads are not going to extinct, since the change of having a read hairded child is the highest by parents with black and blonde hair. i

  • Getoverit Crybabies
    Getoverit Crybabies 26 days ago

    This is so stupid!

  • Lo Ra
    Lo Ra 27 days ago

    Wtf is up with that selecting your childs genes? Thats messed up

  • Cry Baby Candy Can
    Cry Baby Candy Can 27 days ago

    My IQ is 213

  • Suraiyah Abdullah
    Suraiyah Abdullah 27 days ago


  • PetPet Animations
    PetPet Animations 27 days ago

    They also thought we would have flying cars by now.

    • Films For Life !
      Films For Life ! 25 days ago

      PetPet Animations We can make them but why would we? We don't have Traffic in the air.

  • Y O O N M I N T R A S H

    why do they automatically assume that parents wants smart kids, like what if they want them to be normal and live normally. And the ideal is big eyes and big nose, what if people don't want that, you can't just assume everyone wants that, it may be your ideal but we are all different so we don't like the same things.

  • love exist
    love exist 28 days ago

    black men are going to be wiped out too bad you only will see one in Africa loss black generation very sickening

  • fernando torrera
    fernando torrera 28 days ago

    How can you tell which embryos are smarter?

  • D Year
    D Year 29 days ago

    In 2050, I'd like to see a world not dying from toxic chemicals such as pollution, but thriving with REAL fresh air; I'd like to know that my grandchildren, and their children will live a life free of horrific tragedies, viruses, etc. Though I hope that they'll know what it's like to be themselves, and not ruled by society.

  • Vanesa Yanina
    Vanesa Yanina 29 days ago

    ¿How are we going to stay happy?
    I think the future people do not like to see tv jokes or horrified films to have fun like us. I think that all is going to be to help and to learn different kind of thing.

  • Vanesa Yanina
    Vanesa Yanina 29 days ago

    The imagination, I think that people will be more pecefull, that we love much more today.
    that we talk instead of shouting each other.

  • Kaidrea Stockman
    Kaidrea Stockman 29 days ago

    My mom has red hair. I don't. But wouldn't I maybe still carry the gene?

  • Cenoura
    Cenoura 29 days ago

    There is no such thing of extinction of a race/skin/eye or hair color even between a black and white person, the genes are passed through DNA and always comeback in a second or third generation.
    Even the climate conditioning can change ones physical evolutionary course.
    Nothing is certain, but extinction is very unlikely!

  • loiscraig030409
    loiscraig030409 29 days ago

    it not a good adi

  • Tinge of Ginge
    Tinge of Ginge 29 days ago

    Redheads aren't going to go extinct. Red hair is just caused by a recessive gene, so if there is another gene (aside from the gene for blonde hair) then it won't show, and the person will just be a carrier for the gene. If the carrier has a child with another carrier they have a chance of popping out another redhead. It's basic genetics, and It's pretty much the same for blondes, so why aren't people wailing about how blondes are going "extinct"? They aren't. Stop being melodramatic, people.

  • Victoria Cornwall
    Victoria Cornwall 29 days ago

    I think if you have like let's say, cancer I think you could change the genetics so your kid doesn't get it, but other than something like that picking genes is wrong!

  • Jasmine Leonard
    Jasmine Leonard 29 days ago

    I don't think I've seen a single video of yours where terms and places or names are pronounced properly.

  • Hannah Tyler
    Hannah Tyler 29 days ago

    4:05 BEEBO aka breadbin urine

  • Dylan S. Wylde (Official)

    quite a long stretch

  • Iccey onnaa
    Iccey onnaa 29 days ago

    You left out that there will be more melanined people in the future and America is trying to stop that from happening so that's why they are killing off Blacks and Mexicans or anyone that is not white 💯 Facts

  • VeraWhiskers
    VeraWhiskers 1 month ago

    4:05 Me: *screams* BEEBOOOOOOO
    *accidentally wakes up parents*

  • Emma B
    Emma B 1 month ago

    All of these genetic methods are disgusting!

  • Gaia
    Gaia 1 month ago

    4:05 *a wild Brendon appeared*

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