10 Console Games That Punished You For Cheating

Cheaters never prosper.

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Author WhatCulture Gaming ( ago)
Apologies for the reupload. Looks like this bypassed everyone's sub boxes first time round for some reason. Probably Jules' fault somehow.
- Peter

Author Charlé Ouel ( ago)
DK 64 : "go cheat I will kill myself"

Author DarkAnomaly ( ago)
Oh no I won't be able to earn Achievements that are worthless anyway what will I do.

Author Sophisticated ( ago)
1:10 i never knew that.

Author Murdoc Niccals ( ago)
Oh no entering a cheat will stop you getting achievements whatever will we do? Not care because achievements add nothing to the experience so really it's not much of a punishment it's more of a reward because the stupid notifications can fuck off? Oh

Author Bradlee Carney ( ago)
Never had to cheat in DK 64 did that shit legit

Author Bryant Woods ( ago)
Stop letting people named something other than Adam, Ben, or Jules make videos.

This is like a cheese grater scrubbing a chalkboard.

Author Doomsdaywillcome ( ago)
Why add the ability to cheat if you are going to punish the player?

Author Cassie Cage ( ago)

Author Leon 245 ( ago)
The developers of Tomb Raider 2 actually said to the players that it was a cheat that undress Lara........Well they've get what they deserve

Author Mattew Naidoo ( ago)

Author Rohit Desai ( ago)

Author Cd comedy lol ( ago)
Is just me or was he wishper'n dat the start

Author puppy eyes ( ago)
Actually in the lion king I would say that the volcano level is the hardest

Author ACHTUNG PANZER! ( ago)
Let the people enjoy their game as they want.

Author RJason Twenty ( ago)
wonder is there a difference between glitching and cheating...can you be punished by using glitches in console games eg game will feezed frequently...?

Author Li-Li Mandragon ( ago)
PC: Overwatch

Author Tony's World ( ago)
Wish they'd do this for Call of Duty..

Author Dwemerium [DWM] ( ago)
cheat engine for console games gg izi

Author Josh 97 ( ago)
So true

Author Power Chao ( ago)
bears and birds never prosper

Author LemonComputer ( ago)
This goes for every Animal Crossing game, so why be specific?

Author zombieslayer499 ( ago)
Technically tomb raider two was more of a anti nude raider message :/ yes it's a cheat but just wanted to clear something up

Author Bansh Cwipwa ( ago)
just realised that wcpw's local hero presented a video to me.

Author Scott Jarvis ( ago)
Ive used the level skip on The Lion King and it does not send you back to the second level it lets you progress i'd love to know where you get your information from its not on the australian version

Author Luben Lambov ( ago)
Is this video available in English?

Author Skankhunt42 ( ago)
I cheated on GTA V and I have the game 100 percent.

Not being able to get achievements after using cheats isn't really a punishment it' makes sense they want achievements worked for that's why it's called that

Author Michael Flack ( ago)
Haha their resistance to my cheating only makes me want to cheat harder!

Author NarcessMedia ( ago)
G-Police did this. You can input a cheat for a level, no problem, but it won't advance you to the next level if you do.

Author Panayot Dimitrov ( ago)
Tomb Raider 2 weapons code requires the holding of a flare...same movements, but if NO flare, BOOM goes Lara!

Author SirBagKid ( ago)
U R a hero

Author Spazzman299 ( ago)
Does anyone care enough about GTA to play it without cheats?

Author Michael Jarrett ( ago)
How did you get your black eye? Were you caught cheating?

Author Jack Lee ( ago)
The Zelda one isnt really a cheat

Author John v250 ( ago)
whys it gotta be JUST console games ever heard of equality

Author Edwin Camacho ( ago)
Actually, the exploding Lara in Tomb Raider 2 happens if the player doesn't input the code correctly. The exploding Lara trick can be done in Tomb Raider 3, resulting in a softer explosion than the previous part.

Author Nicole W ( ago)
Why do devs care if people who bought the game cheat? That's low ass pettiness right now. I paid for it, I should be able to play with however I damn well please.

Author Redza Abbashy ( ago)
Actually, in Tomb Raider 2, Lara doesn't explode when you try to cheat, she explodes when you did the steps to activate a cheat _incorrectly_.

Author Julio Brian ( ago)
I remember the cheat in Legend of Zelda, Link's Awakening. I did that cheat ONLY once in, and my punishment was INSTANT DEATH when I went back in the store immediately.

I think the "THIEF" renaming was for those who used the item before going back to the store...

Author That Smark ( ago)
Joe Hendry!!!

Author faolan20 ( ago)
There was another good one from one of the battletoads games (battletoads vs double dragon, i think). If you used a game genie to win, instead of the normal ending, the end boss would chew you out, saying "We may be bad guys, but at least we don't cheat!" So not only was it still ridiculously hard in spite of your cheating, you still have no idea how it's supposed to end, so it was all for nothing.

Author Azariachan ( ago)
Uh... no. Lara explodes in the classic TR games if you fuck up, but each game also has 2 legit cheats: level skip and all guns + ammo. You cheat by performing a series of specific actions in a certain order, and there are slight differences between games. If you try to use TR1 cheats in TR2, Lara explodes which basically means "don't use old tricks in a new game".

Author James Bernstone ( ago)
I dont remember Lara exploding on Tomb Raider 2 ... sure I use to use weapons cheat and all

Author LazyBovineGamer ( ago)
what's the name of the music used in the background?

Author InfernotheFox ( ago)
GTA San Andreas was worse than Vice city for cheat usage. Anyone who has cheated before Las Venturas too many times will be greeted with Madd Doggs attempted suicide mission, where he jumps off before you've even moved.

Author Parker L ( ago)
I used cheats in GTA 5, GTA 4, and GTA San Andreas but I still was able to earn the 100% in all three games, my data didin't get hacked, corrupted, or data deleted so why hasn't it happened

Author Jac V ( ago)
DK64 shouldn't count. The GameShark is a cheating device that bypasses the game's coding to alter it in ways that make it easier or harder. By using in DK64, it glitches the game to keep you from collecting any items. This wasn't a feature made by the developers

Author Tanner Nipper ( ago)
Joe is worse than Jack the Jobber

Author FireNeo Zer0 Ju5tin ( ago)
great video

Author GetlemanNightmare ( ago)
Actually in Tomb raider 2 you can get all weapons but that is similer how lara blows up.

Author InfamousDagger ( ago)
I think that's kinda crappy, you bought the game and you should play it the way you see fit. I can understand disabling trophies. But it's just kinda dumb.

Author ninjaguy2511 ( ago)
How is the mario one cheating? ever mario game has some secret pipes and thats not a cheat its just hidden passage ways that could get you some extra coins.

Author jas m ( ago)
sorry Link....

Author Khyle J. Lewis ( ago)
If game developers dont want you to cheat in games then why would they put cheats IN the game in the first place?

Author Rob Lad ( ago)
Metal Gear Solid on the Ps1 - when you're being tortured by revolver if you tried to use the auto function on your pad, he would just shoot you dead

Author Global Critic ( ago)
You forgot Skyrim, if you stole stuff, you can't sell the item that you stole and the guards will took it back when you got arrested.

Author Eddy Storms ( ago)
is that Garrard Butler narrating this?

Author Brian Mejia ( ago)
"the end lesson don't cheat"
what do you mean don't cheat it's a single player game so what if I like explosive fist in gta.

Author TheSkyKidOf68 ( ago)

Author The Big Slow ( ago)
Jooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Hendryyyyyyyyyyy. local hero!

Author Alroy Loh ( ago)
when he said 'dont even think about it' for cheating in the superman game, i remembered caption mcmillilan in cod4.

Author Noob Saibot ( ago)
The developers that decided to erase your game save data when you use a cheat code are assholes! That's just a dick move! They should at least warn you and tell you that if you use it it'll erase your data. Imagine playing a game for 50 hours and then a cheat erases everything. I would freak the fuck out!

Author blackphoenix77 ( ago)
Some of these don't make sense. The game developers are punishing you for using cheat codes that they put in the game??

Author Weeb Trash ( ago)
one word, maddog

Author Nghtstorm161 ( ago)
Well it's not hacking and not any multiple games and you didn't pirate it can't they not delete your save files? Won't that be illegal?

Author John Smith ( ago)
If you cheat in Co-Op mode in Portal 2, you get blown up randomly. I should know, as this has happened to me more than once. I wasn't using it to try to beat the test chambers either, I was just spawning a bunch of random crap and messing around (which my friend who I was playing with at the time had suggested I do anyway.)

Author Lanz Olstad ( ago)
Cheaters affect more then just
themselves, I on the other hand never cheated once and got banned off
an unofficial leaderboard (nfstimes) (game played was nfsworld RIP
July 2015, can still be played offline using a hacked single player
server) Nfstimes is the unofficial, (as close to official leaderboard
we had) for Nfsworld the problem was that the admins on that
leaderboard were cheaters and my times were to close to their cheated
times. They would use acceleration hacks, video trickery, bugs in the
game anything they could get their little hands on.

Ok where to start, well lets start
with the bugs in the game in nfsworld had 5 bugs that gave drivers a
different time depending on which bug was used. When the game first
loads in you what I call normal bug, driving at a consistant speed
for example on one track called Grey Point which was an A class event
(cars that had an overall score of between 600 to 749) a normal time
for this track was 2:28.63
using what I called normal bug as it was the speed you get when you
first turn on your game. After about 3 or 4 hours of playing the game
would give you a slow bug which lowered your time for that track to
about 2:33.62.
Then 3 to 4 hours after that you would get speed bug which would make
a 2:17.56
possible for me. Then about 2 or 3 days later the game would give you
super slow bug which when running the track at grey point I ran it in
which is roughly double the speed bugged time.

Now noobs from nfstimes found out
that if they ran in superslow bug mode and rerecorded themselves at
2x speed and overlaying a new time clock over the old one they could
fake a time that was very believable. The world record faked time
which still exists on nfstimes is 2:18.845.
Nfstimes made a rule that no speedbugged times would be allowed. Yet
when I use speed bug I can beat their best times fairly easily cause
my car is setup better then theirs and speedbug is a bit faster then
superslow bug 2x. I was never banned by EA for cheating or for any
reason. Yet they claim that my times are too fast and that it is not
possible for me to beat their cheated times.

EA never banned anyone for the use
of speedbug as it is a bug in the game not a cheat or a hack. The
reason that I was banned on nfstimes with my account (Lanzandon) was
because I exposed the admins there of using video trickery which I
mentioned before and many others of cheating. They had themselves
decided that if they only cheated a little bit that that was
acceptable amongst themselves. Now the problem that I have is I have
offered to run in front of anyone who thinks that I do cheat to prove
once and for all that I don't. I have spent the last 3 years trying
to explain this to the noobs that ran nfstimes, but they don't care
that I have been banned for no reason only that I am banned cause
they like it that way. They have run my name through the mud, even
though they themselves know that I don't cheat they would rather that
their and their friends names are listed as the fastest in the world
even though most of them ran their times at ½ speed making it super
noob friendly to run perfect lines then 2x the video add new clock
and presto a time that any noob could run.

I on the other hand ran all my
times in multiplayer mode to prove that EA was watch each and every
run. The Admins on nfstimes made a rule that all times needed to be
run in single player mode where EA had no control over it in anyway.
They were the admins of nfstimes so they could manually go in and
edit their faked time on the leaderboard to match their fake time.
Talk about the fox in the hen house. Speed bug was banned so that no
one would leave their computer on long enough to find superslow bug.
Even before nfsworld went down they had released the offline version
of the game that they used to run all their faked times with. Being
offline EA had no way to check if they were cheating or not, being an
admin for nfstimes or friends with one ment that anyone who was in
the inner circle could post any time that they could fake.

Cheaters robbed me of the
recognition that they received and should have been mine and my crew
that I was a part of. (BLVD69crew or boulevard69crew) 20,000,000
people tried nfsworld over the 5 years that it was live and I was the
fastest. Cheaters took that away from me so more then cheaters can
lose even guys like me that found new ways that others did not to be
faster then anyone else can lose. I am here to tell my story so that
others many know how it was for one legit player that played 100
percent by the rules of the game and still could not get out of the
shadow of cheaters.

If you like search youtube for
Lanz Olstad to see some of my world record times. Which in many cases
are not perfect runs but still faster then the cheaters could do. The
best part was that even though they cheated every way possible I
could still beat them. As in multiplayer mode EA had checks that
limited their cheats and would bust them if they over did it. They
were so bad that many of them got banned just by racing me, cause
they could exceed the limits allowed to try to beat me. I tried for
many years to get them to change the leaderboard to have a
multiplayer only version of it but they refused as all their times
were faked using the offline version of the game. They would not have
been able to fake their times in multiplayer mode so they refused to
do it. (that would be have by far made me the fastest in the world)
As all my times were run in multiplayer mode, cause I knew that
single player could be tampered with. It would have been very
different had someone legit been running nfstimes.


Author fasterFuse ( ago)
No way the local hero haha. Didn't expect that all.

Author Smart & Fit ( ago)
cheats in single player not a problem, but multiplayer is not good

Author Nap Pill ( ago)
Why does links awakening look so good.

Author Xx voicesquid Xx ( ago)
dat thumnail doh

Author Dj Khaled ( ago)
GTA without cheat?
Its like sex without a blowjob!
Fuck that 100%

Author GrimFinality ( ago)
Help me make better moral choices huh? Didn't realize screwing around on my lonesome with something I spent my own money on was in any way immoral. If they cared so much they'd remove the option from release,that's their own fault.
"We made this thing,play it! No,no,no! Play it how we TELL you to play it!"

Author Icyclear ( ago)
In Mario 64, I accidentally fell off the slide while racing that annoying penguin, landed right before the ice, and won - damn penguin said I cheated.

Author zecle ( ago)
first game on the video: rare being huges assholes... why do you even put cheatCODES in the first place ??

Author BigHooseKiller ( ago)
I get that you're Scottish, I am too, but stop putting it on so strong its pure annoying.

Author HHog ( ago)
The original Earthworm Jim game did something similar to the Lion King. Once you entered the code to access the cheat menu (and actually get called cheater for doing so by a little soundclip), the game would let you play as normal, but once you beat the final boss, the game would loop back to "What the Heck?", level 2 of the game.

Author Diego Salvati ( ago)
They COULD you know, not add cheats?

Author ChaosOrder ( ago)
it seems like I'm not the only one who thinks this is stupid

Author Ice Kirby ( ago)
so they put cheats in the game then get pissy if you use them...that is so stupid

Author Awesomus Prime ( ago)
Gerard Butler is awesome.

Author Nipplestroke ( ago)
Geez, this is gaming "facts" you're narrating, not some typical Top X horror list. That overly-dramatic voice just doesn't work here. It's more irritating if anything.

Author King Barca ( ago)
I like irish people :)

Author RodniDemental ( ago)
Been playing GTA games since the original before I should have been playing them but I swear with every release since GTA3, there's been this weird myth about not being able to 100% GTA games if you cheat. It's like a group of people have pushed this idea to discourage cheating or something outrageous. Seriously though I just find it odd how it still persists today (this video further perpetuating the myth :P) Anyway, this has never been true and the only way I can surmise the way this has gained traction is to assume people with enough OCD to 100% one of these games are likely do it without cheating (the first time) anyway and so not be involved in the discussion. Or, every time someone gets 99% and ask about it online, at least someone tells them it might be because they cheated and/or the game glitched when in these games it's more than entirely plausible and incredibly likely that you've missed/forgotten or even assumed you've already completed something you only half finished etc.

TLDR; I've 100%d GTA3/VC/SA/LCS/VCS/IV and can account for these games completion with AND without cheating multiple times; yes I am a big fan of the older games. I cant comment on GTAV as that's the only one I haven't played (although it seems to be the same situation). I assure you 100% can be attained in all of the aforementioned games no matter how much you cheat. There are certain in game side effects and other factors that you may or may not need to consider though like the games will sporadically disable some/none/all achievements/trophies depending what game you're playing.

Author Technoidse ( ago)
The Donkey Kong 64 example is just not valid, the game developers is not intentionally punishing you for using a game shark...
The game shark intentionally messes with the game and poor design in how the savegame files are handled causes errors.

Author LeiFlux07 ( ago)
Ignoring Action Replays and Game Sharks, if game devs didn't want people to use cheats, then don't program cheats into your game.

Really very simple.

Author MrStGeorgeIllawarra ( ago)
Ugh. Hate when Hendry does videos, he just sounds like he's reading cue cards.

Author Gary Quaid ( ago)
You missed out the save data corruption in Vice City and San Andreas.

Author NemesisProducts ( ago)
I never saw The Lion King one as a cheat punishment, since it lets you turn on invincibility and play through the entire game. Only when you use level select, it tosses you back to level 2, which I never saw as a problem. I was able to play/practice the levels separately without having to play through the entirety of the game just to get there. Something good for those who wanted to practice for speedruns.

Author Brendan Burman ( ago)
How did you not do the Missingo cheat from Pokémon Red/Blue. Use the Missingo cheat and it corrupts the Hall of Fame.

Author Max Pegasus The Furry Dragon ( ago)
why are people punishing people for putting in codes that put in the game in the 1st place of course that are guna use them if u don't want them to cheat don't add them in the 1st place

Author WrestlingDynasty ( ago)
If you're not cheating you're not trying - Eddy Guerrero

Author Luka Vojinovic ( ago)
What about devil may cry 3?

Author NoX The RoX StaR ( ago)
Killing someone who steals from you isn't "in cold blood". You have a justification for murder. Killing someone in "cold blood" means you've killed someone who didn't deserve it/random. Derp.

Author Mhikeal ( ago)
Tomb Raider II: You could get the weapons or explode. The difference was the finishing move of the cheat sequence.

Author Angel Generation ( ago)
Cheating? It's called having fun. And if your not down with that, WE GOT 3 WORDS FOR YOU! EAT IT, YEA!

Author Roberto Lewis ( ago)
why Is it possible to do it in the game if they're just gonna punish you for it?

Author Jacob Wells ( ago)
Who the fuck cares if you cheat on a single-player game? It hurts no one. I'll never respect game devs who won't let us play single-player the way WE, the CUSTOMER, want to

Author VGMelodies ( ago)
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, punished you if you cheated to win the lottery on the west side, by changing the time on your clock to the next day, to see if you got a winning lottery ticket without having to wait until the actual next day. The punishment being that you had to purchase the ticket again, but at a much more expensive price, and the bob-omb who hosts lottery there is consistently unforgiving for what you did. :P

How do I know this? I might or might not have tried to get around the lottery system when I was younger and played Paper mario: TTYD for the first time. :3

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