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Author Mohamed Naseer (4 days)

Author mosiur rahman (5 days)

Author Aram Aramyan (3 months)
What id "ALLAHU AKBAR.", I am ateist from Spain.

Author UIADirector (3 months)
Islam = Propagation of humanity's DEATH. DEATH to religion, DEATH to

Author SM ROY (1 month)
nice song....

Author Arlitonhossan Asmarahman (1 month)

Author muhammad syukri (2 months)
I don't understand

Author mohammad.rofiqul.islam bd (2 months)

Author sohel hossain (2 months)
Masha allha

Author ahmed belal (2 months)
ahmed belal

Author shafiqul islam (3 months)
Masha allah

Author md nasirsha (3 months)
I liked

Author muhammad syukri (2 months)
I don't understand

Author sexylions973 (3 months)
love you

Author sohel hossain (3 months)
Nice song

Author md nasirsha (3 months)
I liked

Author Balal Ahmed (4 months)
Quran sura yeas sin

Author Shah Jahan (8 months)
Good song

Author Nazrul Islam (5 months)
I love this song so charming and reminds me of the people who were dead in
the war.

Author tanjina najuwa (5 months)

Author kausar ahammed (5 months)

Author Mohamed Hassan (3 years)
Beautiful song.Sister put more songs

Author miladmeah (2 years)
To know why Muslims kill non-Muslims in Bangladesh and elsewhere one has to
understand Islam Just because 1.5 billion people are Muslims does not mean
Islam is a religion. Out of 1.5 billion Muslims, only 300 million can read
& understand Quran in Arabic THE REST depend on Imams/Mullahs to tell them
what to do. Here in this Youtube video the son of Hamas who has left Islam
tells you, Please watch: watch?v=12hwt7Nlt-M&feature=player_embedded#! Dr
Radhasyam Brahmachari articles @faithfreedom.or g

Author Igor herasima (11 months)
Зик Хайль Ислам

Author Hamad Hazazi (2 years)
Islam is not a disservice to not offend him that were not granted

Author miladmeah (2 years)
@English Arabs used to bury their female children alive WITHOUT LIES
MUSLIMS ARE HELPLESS. fed with lies from birth by their Mullahs make no
effort to find the truth. The concept of burying the female child alive in
the period of JAHILIYA, the so-called period of IGNORANCE, is largely a
lie. Isolated incidents due to famine could be. If true, Arab man of
pre-Islamic times could not have had any woman to marry. Muhammad’s
grandfather, 5 wives, Great-G father? 5, GGGfather? 4, Abu Bakr 4, etc.

Author mohamed husain mohamed siddique (1 year)
MashaAllah it is a very BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! voice. The girl is very
beautiful with hijab.

Author TheBetrayerZ (3 years)
Lol who else is Bengali.

Author Akhlas ur Rahman (2 years)
do not worry for your (temporary) home of this world insted worry for your
permanent home (grave )

Author miladmeah (3 years)
If Allah can teach Jesus (Isa) how to read & write Quran 3:48 And, in Q
96:3-4 Gabriel says Read: thy lord the most Bounteous, who teaches by the
pen, teacheth man that which he know not. The question is if God teaches
man that which he know not by the pen, why did he not teach Muhammad (the
senior prophet) how to read & write instead of leaving him illiterate all
his life? Hadith Mishkat iv p.359 says: Muhammad would roar like a camel
and white foamy saliva would come from his mouth (Epilepsy)

Author aktar501 (2 years)
your post is very good

Author pweetyAli Sham (3 years)
@PoetNadr may the all curses befall yu and yu rot in Hell n may yu suffer
till your death plus all your successors n siblings and ofsprings till yu
repent for wat yu said abt Allah..may yu never see happiness and joy in
your entire life n may your everything crumble down......RABBANA TAQABBAL

Author balobaha (1 year)
Look this is talking about they was human and they alos was a country and a
beauitful land......Oh of cause this a Nicest video dude

Author hassan shirin (11 months)

Author md mannan (1 year)
ya allah amader k maf koro allah amader k 5 wakto namaj porar tawpik dan
koro ya allah sobaike hidaet koro allah gona maf na koira moron diona allah
shothik muslim na baniye moron diona .. ameen

Author Abul Kalam Azad (1 year)

Author TheBetrayerZ (3 years)
@rose3913 lol

Author mindoasis11 (3 years)
@miladmeah U dare to put that CIA agent and Muhammad(pbuh) in the same
sentence? U know nothing of Islam, u are suffering from the 'Afghan
Complex'. The political manipulation of religion by Imperialism Osama has
been an active CIA agent since 1979. And i dont consider him muslim Hail
Communism Hail Stalin Hail Bhashani Hail Najibullah

Author SuperFatma19 (1 year)
@Kally Gomez This .. Was .. Bengali ...


Author Akhlas ur Rahman (2 years)
allahu akbar

Author pweetyAli Sham (3 years)
@MrFannyfarts and @Tequeensrychez am wondering y only de non believers a
de ones that a commenting the most de may Allah bless yu in this holy month
maybe one day yu will know de truth but i will only beg yu for one
favor..DO NOT INSULT ISLAM reason y am calm is cz its de holy month short
of dat a wudnt have used calm words so plz take yo hate n ignorance else
where,...yu can go n comment on beyonce's music she enjoys comments from
puppets like yu....,

Author mdalirubal (2 years)
Masha Allah...

Author mohsenaltyar (1 year)
its either ordo or persian

Author Kally Gomez (1 year)
I believe this is Hebrew cause of the appreanc of the phonetics. Or is it

Author MsFreestuffz (2 years)
One of my favorite n

Author mojibul hoque (3 years)

Author Jahidul Islam (1 year)
Masa Allah

Author DirtyIslamPigs (3 years)
@EnglishProjectVideo THIS SONG SOUNDS LIKE A PIG SHITTING... in Mohammeds

Author tislam892 (1 year)

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