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Author Mohamed Naseer (6 months)

Author Mdansar Ansar (3 months)

Author Arlitonhossan Asmarahman (7 months)

Author Salina Akter (2 months)
mashallah she sings so nice

Author mohammad.rofiqul.islam bd (8 months)

Author tanjina najuwa (11 months)

Author Fazly Rabbi (4 months)

Author ahmed belal (8 months)
ahmed belal

Author mosiur rahman (6 months)

Author SM ROY (7 months)
nice song....

Author UIADirector (9 months)
Islam = Propagation of humanity's DEATH. DEATH to religion, DEATH to

Author Aram Aramyan (9 months)
What id "ALLAHU AKBAR.", I am ateist from Spain.

Author mehreen khan (9 months)
Masha allah

Author sohel hossain (8 months)
Masha allha

Author muhammad syukri (8 months)
I don't understand

Author mofiz uddin (1 year)

Author sayed rasel (1 year)

Author amin mohammed (5 months)
very nice ......................

Author muhammad syukri (8 months)
I don't understand

Author md nasirsha (9 months)
I liked

Author sohel hossain (9 months)
Nice song

Author Balal Ahmed (10 months)
Quran sura yeas sin

Author md nasirsha (9 months)
I liked

Author sexylions973 (9 months)
love you

Author kausar ahammed (11 months)

Author Aminul Islam Ridoy (1 year)

Author Shah Jahan (1 year)
Good song

Author Beatboxer TaNz (1 year)
Allahu Akbar.... Great song....really meaningful.....Thanks to her who sang
da song....

Author Amran Munni (1 year)

Author Mozammel Hoque (1 year)

Author shams chy (1 year)

Author Amran Munni (1 year)

Author Hasan Jamil (1 year)
Al hamdulillah

Author Md Sujan (1 year)

Author Mohammed Rahman (1 year)
who are those 3 people i wish i knew thats a whole family

Author jihan mollah (1 year)

Author ab kashem chy (1 year)
I like ir

Author jammu siltavuorinen (1 year)

Author nahid didar (1 year)

Author Md. Babu Khan (1 year)

Author sohag kazi (1 year)

Author saiful noakhali.bangladesh (1 year)
this is troo

Author wahid ali (2 years)

Author Mohamed Hassan (3 years)
Beautiful song.Sister put more songs

Author Igor herasima (1 year)
Зик Хайль Ислам

Author Hamad Hazazi (3 years)
Islam is not a disservice to not offend him that were not granted

Author amna masood (4 years)
@mojikashti the HOLY PROPHET'S (S.A.W) mission was to promote islam he went
place to place for this but the people didnt allow him to preach so it was
necessary for him to conquer those places and he always said to the people
before fight that you have three choices 1. accept islam and live here
happily 2. give us jaziah and 3. fight with us and the rest ghuzwas were in

Author Pist0ns (4 years)
@miladmeah A circle is a dinner plate, a sphere is a basketball

Author mohamed husain mohamed siddique (2 years)
MashaAllah it is a very BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! voice. The girl is very
beautiful with hijab.

Author ryan kall (4 years)
@miladmeah JUST THINK RETARD! WOW. You are sad. Who are you to say they are
misguided? Stopppppp. Islam is a way fo life. Who is going to say it's a
country? Are you retarded? This is an Islamic song. Why are you bringing up
nonsense?! You need a life.

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