bangla islamic songs


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Author mitu sohag ( ago)

Author Badsha Khan ( ago)
mas alla mas alla
islamik daru 1Ta song

Author Tursın Erasıl ( ago)
I did not understand the song, but felt her heart! Great! Feel better at
heart !!

Author ma hadi (948 years ago)

Author KHADEMUL ISLAM20 (1558 years ago)

Author Salina Akter ( ago)
mashallah she sings so nice

Author Fazly Rabbi ( ago)

Author hassan shirin ( ago)

Author tanvir ahmed ( ago)

Author Igor herasima ( ago)
Зик Хайль Ислам

Author SM ROY ( ago)
good song

Author golam mostofa khan ( ago)
very very nice.

Author MD Mazed ( ago)
বর্তমান বাংলাদেশ সরকার সম্পুর্ন ইসলাম বীরূধি সরকার ।তাই আমরা এই সরকারের পতন
কামনা করছি।আল্লাহ তুমি আমাদেরকে তোমার রাস্তায় জিহাদ করার মত হিম্মত দাও, শেষ
রক্তবিন্দু শরিরে থাকা পর্য ন্ত ইসলামের শত্রদেরকে প্রতিহত করার মতো তৌফিক
দাও ।আমিন

Author Andries RC ( ago)
can any1 tell me the song on this video?
/watch?v=ntHzDW3YHMk&bpctr=1379351576 it starts at 1:59 thanks :)

Author Md. Uddin ( ago)
Nice song girl ur great at singing

Author Abul Kalam Azad ( ago)

Author shihab almahmud ( ago)
nic song

Author Shadia Nahar ( ago)

Author Kalam Mridha ( ago)
hi allah amdar ja ni ki hoba.....

Author Akmol Husain ( ago)
very nice

Author jannatul rupa ( ago)
very very very nice i like and i love :p

Author tanvir ali mhatab ( ago)
Very nice

Author harun rashid ( ago)

Author Ariful Islam ( ago)

Author md mannan ( ago)
ya allah amader k maf koro allah amader k 5 wakto namaj porar tawpik dan
koro ya allah sobaike hidaet koro allah gona maf na koira moron diona allah
shothik muslim na baniye moron diona .. ameen

Author Roushana Begum ( ago)
Masha Allah tumi amar paro jon

Author Roushana Begum ( ago)
Look this is talking about they was human and they alos was a country and a
beauitful land......Oh of cause this a Nicest video dude

Author shumona74 ( ago)
Masha Allah!!"

Author Jahidul Islam ( ago)
Masa Allah

Author Zahara Zaveem ( ago)
ammmm r u going to say journy to the center of the earth

Author alifbatah ( ago)

Author mohsenaltyar ( ago)
sorry indian or bengali

Author mohsenaltyar ( ago)
its either ordo or persian

Author Samim Khan ( ago)

Author rotna begum ( ago)
i really love it

Author SuperFatma19 ( ago)
@Kally Gomez This .. Was .. Bengali ...

Author JO YO ( ago)

Author joynalahamed ( ago)

Author Kallysta Gomez ( ago)
I believe this is Hebrew cause of the appreanc of the phonetics. Or is it


Author Mahmuda Ahmed ( ago)
love this excellent

Author Md Islam ( ago)
how dare you speak like to our beutiful prophet and our culture

Author mohamed husain mohamed siddique ( ago)
MashaAllah it is a very BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! voice. The girl is very
beautiful with hijab.

Author Alex Carranza ( ago)

Author Abu Shale Ujjol ( ago)

Author Hasib Meah ( ago)
cause my dad and mom is from bangladish

Author Hasib Meah ( ago)
i speack bangla!

Author afzal hussain ( ago)
mashallha very good.its tru.

Author shah alam ( ago)
very nice song

Author Sadia Ahmed ( ago)
masha allah

Author A123632 ( ago)
Beautiful Song. Love it. Who is this ignorant bigot miladmeah? William

Author Saurav Chatterjee ( ago)
Nice effort by her.. এত ছট বেলায় হিজাব...

Author coltsuperocean10 ( ago)
wanipa14 has shown on this video how caring and peaceful islam and muslims
are on this video with his hate filled, retarded comments! If he is a true
muslim, then he has proved how evil and hate filled islam is!! I rest my
case, on why I think islam is a hate filled religion with evidence from
wanipa14. Surely the most retarded muslim in history?

Author coltsuperocean10 ( ago)
....hahahaha no, I doubt that. Still, keep on dancing to my tune now, I own
you and I will tell you when to stop! Keep dancing sonny!! I make you look
like a retarded cunt, and you still think I believe in a god??? HHmmm now
who is the stupid one?? Keep dancing mother fucker!! hahahaha

Author afjalpronoy ( ago)
i fuck thowsend times to the fuckin bed commenter .

Author coltsuperocean10 ( ago) prove my point exactly as to how fucking stupid you inbred
brainwashed dirty muslim wife beating child abusing bastards are!! What
makes you think I am a christian? I do not believe in a god. I can think
for myself, unlike you religious sheep!! Islam is a religion of hate, just
like your comment has proved!! How fucking stupid are you?

Author rozman73 ( ago)

Author rozman73 ( ago)

Author coltsuperocean10 ( ago)
...why are Muslims so hell bent on killing non believers? Why are muslims
so hell bent on death? Why are muslims so hell bent on sex and mutilation
of childrens genitals? Why do muslims think it is good to beat their wives?
Why do evil muslims worship a peadophile Mohammed? Why are muslims so
fuckin stupid, retarded, backward and so evil, and full of hate? Why??

Author Hibino Tsubaki ( ago)
Are you fucking kidding me? ._."

Author MsFreestuffz ( ago)
I meant: One of my favorite nasheeds. :P

Author MsFreestuffz ( ago)
One of my favorite n

Author Suma Islam ( ago)
@R0J0ni yo she is worth more than u eff off ii bet she is smarter then u

Author TheBaconeaterz ( ago)
@superDramaqueen66 LOL @hijab

Author abdul aziz ( ago)
i like this song

nice i like it

Author Mohi Uddin ( ago)
mohiuddin tangail bangladesh

Author Fahim hossain sifat ( ago)
@TheSickestdan thanks for ur compiment, May ALLAH bless u.

Author Dan Krisna ( ago)
fucking song..........

Author aksarjahan ( ago)

Author Akhlas ur Rahman ( ago)
do not worry for your (temporary) home of this world insted worry for your
permanent home (grave )

Author Akhlas ur Rahman ( ago)
allahu akbar

Author joe teo ( ago)
Whole fucking muslim go and and suck your fucking allah small god

Author joe teo ( ago)
Fuckbubby allah

Author beensolongg ( ago)
she's sing well

Author Hamad Hazazi ( ago)
Islam is not a disservice to not offend him that were not granted

Author hatemegnoob (1197 years ago)
You should seriously be shot in the fucking head. You Islamic fuckhead
fartface, go fuck yourself.

Author Nemo Infinity ( ago)
beautiful nasheed ..........i love it....... the girl look very beautiful
with hijab ......:)

Author Ali Abdulla Al-Siddiqi ( ago)
Well Done

Author John walsh ( ago)
@EnglishProjectVideo ok please tell me what makes you want to dress up like
a mobile tent? Is it the old chestnut that if a man sees your skin he is
likely to rape you?hmmm,hardly,so what is the reason?We as humans all have
one defining feature that keeps us all individual,thats called a face,so
why do you have to cover yourself?

Author mohammadmoktadir ( ago)
মুক্তাদির। শিকারপুর, কসবা। বিবারিয়া

Author Mohamed Hassan ( ago)
Beautiful song.Sister put more songs

Author mojibul hoque ( ago)

Author mojibul hoque ( ago)

Author pweetyAli Sham ( ago)
@PoetNadr may the all curses befall yu and yu rot in Hell n may yu suffer
till your death plus all your successors n siblings and ofsprings till yu
repent for wat yu said abt Allah..may yu never see happiness and joy in
your entire life n may your everything crumble down......RABBANA TAQABBAL

Author pweetyAli Sham ( ago)
@88UTUBENAZI88 if yu think ISLAM is a failure..ask yourself y your family
is de way it otherwords if your looking for failures your family is
a good example to begin with...yu better join islam n yu will see yourself
n yo family upgrading

Author pweetyAli Sham ( ago)
@MrFannyfarts and @Tequeensrychez am wondering y only de non believers a
de ones that a commenting the most de may Allah bless yu in this holy month
maybe one day yu will know de truth but i will only beg yu for one
favor..DO NOT INSULT ISLAM reason y am calm is cz its de holy month short
of dat a wudnt have used calm words so plz take yo hate n ignorance else
where,...yu can go n comment on beyonce's music she enjoys comments from
puppets like yu....,

Author omar ait haddou ( ago)
You are ignorant my freind . it is at the early age that a boy or a girle
neeeds education .and islam is religion of light pity for you who does not
really understand the values of Islam an the goal of life itself . we are
here here to worchip Allah the lord of the universe . you said let her
free. do you want her naked as we see women today in the west . it s a
shame . we v seen girles half naked in front of thier parents at the
streets and they are happy with them . this is dacadence .

Author TheBetrayerZ (123 years ago)
@rose3913 lol

Author rosebuds ( ago)
@TheBetrayerZ Meeeeeeeee!

Author Ahmad Elbliety ( ago)
Wat is she saying

Author noorkaida1 ( ago)
but i understand what she saying

Author Amanda Ploof ( ago)
i dont understand what she saying but pretty

Author noorkaida1 ( ago)
very nice very nice very nice very nice very nice very nice very nice very
nice very nice very nice very nice very nice very nice very nice very nice
very nice very nice very nice very nice very nice very nice very nice very
nice very nice very nice very nice very nice very nicevery nice very nice
very nice very nice very nice very nice very nice very nice very nice very
nice very nice very nice islam

Author TheBetrayerZ ( ago)
Lol who else is Bengali.

Author TheBetrayerZ ( ago)
@PoetNadr Your cool.

Author noorkaida1 ( ago)
i like it

Author PoetNadr ( ago)

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