Meek Mill Ft. Big Sean & A$AP Ferg - B Boy

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  • Redhulk9188
    Redhulk9188 1 day ago

    Bruh this used to be my shit

  • Designer Gaming
    Designer Gaming 1 day ago

    I got comma on comma on comma and I not talking about no run on sentence

  • Tokey Jaccines
    Tokey Jaccines 2 days ago

    whoooooooo i put everything in motion like ING! BARS!ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • klonkis2JZ
    klonkis2JZ 8 days ago

    ft klonkis

  • PETTY GOD Darkwing Cuck

    Meek came in with an AK, Big Sean came in with a Street Sweeper, and Fergenstein done came in with a goddamn minigun

  • -og thotlord-
    -og thotlord- 15 days ago

    I had to rewind it i thought ferg said I fuck yo girl and yo nigga

  • Donte Hitner
    Donte Hitner 16 days ago

    "I'm like Madoff but I made off" Dope line that went right over most peoples heads

  • Ruben Ioba
    Ruben Ioba 17 days ago


  • Lee Laws
    Lee Laws 19 days ago

    ferg is the best on this track my opinion

  • Jay W.
    Jay W. 21 day ago

    meek 4ever a beast

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson 22 days ago

    Meek verse - 🔥🔥(okay)
    Sean verse - 🔥🔥🔥(fire)
    Ferg verse - 🔥(cool)

    PHXNTXM 22 days ago

    2 years later, and Big Sean still undoubtedly has the best fucking verse on the whole goddamn track! 💯

  • antwon Williams
    antwon Williams 22 days ago

    Big sean spazzzzzzed

  • grumpy grandpa
    grumpy grandpa 22 days ago

    meek mill is one ugly ass foo..

    • grumpy grandpa
      grumpy grandpa 21 day ago

      doesnt change the fact that he still one ugly ass foo

    • YungSkeezy
      YungSkeezy 21 day ago

      grumpy grandpa nigga he dated Nicki Minaj

  • Marcus TMC
    Marcus TMC 25 days ago

    dj akademiks made me come back here

  • Mychael Myce
    Mychael Myce 26 days ago

    bless up😥

  • Mychael Myce
    Mychael Myce 26 days ago

    bless up😥

  • Adrian Lopez
    Adrian Lopez 28 days ago

    so we just going to act like asap ferg didnt say some suspect shit at the end

  • Cheese Please
    Cheese Please 1 month ago


  • dan sznた
    dan sznた 1 month ago

    2015 was definetely the best year for rap in my opinion

  • Jared Rice
    Jared Rice 1 month ago

    Meek murdered this hoe.... I mean they all did but meek... Damn

  • radhame_00
    radhame_00 1 month ago

    Still 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jewlez B
    Jewlez B 1 month ago

    Straight Banger........

  • Shinsao Itachii
    Shinsao Itachii 1 month ago

    ASAP :...."We Ballin hard like the Lakers, You Ballin naw you a faker you prolly catchin the paper, ME : walkin the street wit yo bitch, them we prolly gon take'er start the process again that's how we got haters!

    say this all in one breath, then tell me what you think.

  • Manuel Sanchez Perez


  • James Beuthling
    James Beuthling 1 month ago

    All the way up !!

  • Aaron Sohl
    Aaron Sohl 1 month ago

    "Put my P on her head like that bitch is repping Philly and then I wheelie in that pussy my nigga Meek Milly" haha Sean bodied this shit

  • newboy cash
    newboy cash 1 month ago

    nice trip buro 🎤👊

  • Thelmon_1k
    Thelmon_1k 1 month ago

    pause at 3:37

  • Thelmon_1k
    Thelmon_1k 1 month ago

    pause at 3:38

  • NJOverclocked
    NJOverclocked 1 month ago

    Me me B Boy

  • Ace Smoke LOR
    Ace Smoke LOR 1 month ago

    How Meek gon have the shortest verse on his track

  • raikwan minter
    raikwan minter 1 month ago

    meek tryna bounce back 😂😂. Big Sean always killing it

  • DeShyron Grady
    DeShyron Grady 1 month ago

    My nigga Big Sean is underrated

  • Deveon Mcmahon
    Deveon Mcmahon 2 months ago

    what if Sean and meek made a collab tape

  • Bryson Holley
    Bryson Holley 2 months ago

    That ing line burned my house down

  • killa pop
    killa pop 2 months ago

    BIG RAP GANGSTAR 2017.................... AND BIG FLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MEEK MILL AND BIG SEAN KILLING SON

  • Lil Cracka
    Lil Cracka 2 months ago


  • Diamond Broaden
    Diamond Broaden 2 months ago

    Big Sean KILT ..... period 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Wayne Staples
    Wayne Staples 2 months ago

    I'm one who believes. Life's good. Let's get paid.

  • Wayne Staples
    Wayne Staples 2 months ago

    I got money bags under my eyes ho cause I don't sleep...

  • SaucSauco is Boy 74
    SaucSauco is Boy 74 2 months ago

    this the medicine to the streets

  • Tim Atkin
    Tim Atkin 2 months ago

    Why everybody sleeping on big sean

  • Curtis James
    Curtis James 2 months ago

    ferg acted out

  • Scarlett G.
    Scarlett G. 2 months ago

    she just put heart eyes unda my pic💗

  • Ballin like Nash nlmb
    Ballin like Nash nlmb 2 months ago

    Big sean..yes that just,never gets old

  • Kunle Thomas
    Kunle Thomas 2 months ago

    Big Sean verse was fire B. Sheesh.

  • Nahs H
    Nahs H 2 months ago

    Big sean just makes the track what it is....the realest!

  • Carlos Jackson
    Carlos Jackson 2 months ago

    i see why Hov Gave Sean the chain ,shoulda been had ir

  • 08bourquem
    08bourquem 2 months ago

    pre L holding era

  • Rotcrawler
    Rotcrawler 2 months ago

    Accidentally clicked this thinking it was actually b-boying. Boy was i wrong. At least big sean was in it.

  • Zonnie Hoffer
    Zonnie Hoffer 3 months ago

    Did Anybody Come Here Because Of Vernon?

  • Jalal Khidri
    Jalal Khidri 3 months ago

    you know what's mean bboy???

  • Javan Mariano
    Javan Mariano 3 months ago


  • sumomad
    sumomad 3 months ago

    Moment of silence for this beat Big Sean just bodied. Good god

  • Matthew Ball
    Matthew Ball 3 months ago

    sick beat !!!

  • Bond
    Bond 3 months ago

    this year

  • James k
    James k 3 months ago

    am I the only one who thinks A$AP Ferg is wack? he ruined the song very bad

  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson 3 months ago

    that shit is on fire

  • P dT
    P dT 3 months ago

    " I fucked your girl and your nigga" talk about being a bisexual rapper there ey!! ROFLMAO
    Well thumbs up to him for being open about it.

    • P dT
      P dT 3 months ago

      well then he fucked the neigghour... and is unable to say neighbor.
      very positive song... they promote using condoms.

    • Romeo Del'La'Quawn
      Romeo Del'La'Quawn 3 months ago

      P dT he said neighbor.

  • sebo641
    sebo641 3 months ago

    costume designer has a mask fetish for sure

  • Paul Millar
    Paul Millar 3 months ago

    Well what I tune but asap farg rounes it👽👽🤘🤘🤘

  • Jose Marcos
    Jose Marcos 3 months ago

    asap needs less autotune.

  • Shem The Kyd
    Shem The Kyd 3 months ago

    So we not gonna talk but that blue coat meek wear twice 😂

  • ChrisAnthony
    ChrisAnthony 3 months ago

    WTF was ASAP Ferg talking about on his verse LMAOO.. that nigga was on drugs.. Big Sean and Meek Mill went hard

  • Roy Berg
    Roy Berg 3 months ago

    big sean certainly ain't a certified g

  • Vegan Movement
    Vegan Movement 3 months ago

    the last dude ass

  • ElectricIce2000
    ElectricIce2000 3 months ago

    When Sean's verse ends and Ferg's jibberish starts I feel negative emotions

  • HWK
    HWK 4 months ago

    "All these carrots (karats) like I'm trying to lure in a rabbit" - Meek
    This is why the fuck he lost to Drake. Stupid shit like this

  • kye whitley
    kye whitley 4 months ago

    Big Sean fucked this bitch RAW

  • Remmy Henry
    Remmy Henry 4 months ago

    pls did anyone notice that ass? I'm 27 a virgin but that shit would probably make me loose my virginity that I've been keeping 4my future Wife.....ya dig?

  • Safiyah Adenopo
    Safiyah Adenopo 4 months ago

    Anyone else come from seventeen's vernon?

  • Azaan Barlas
    Azaan Barlas 4 months ago

    I had to stop mid-workout and facepalm when Meek said "ver-searchy, hold on I meant Versace" Really?

  • Adrian Garcia aka preach

    cant believe it has 14 milion views either. everything in this video is completely irrelevant. ferg a genius though and u already know this shit is just a cover up because the vibe is just wtf.

  • Adrian Garcia aka preach

    barely hearing this song or evenn the fucking title of it . intro sucks.

  • Blaze Mega
    Blaze Mega 4 months ago

    Sean set this track on fire bro!!! Meek going hard as usual and Ferg....well....

  • Steel Bite
    Steel Bite 4 months ago

    3:26 tml

  • SlugHatchet
    SlugHatchet 4 months ago

    big Sean is a beast underrated like a mofo

  • Mason Winner
    Mason Winner 4 months ago

    Hel Diss Big Sean , an take another L

  • meamverysmart
    meamverysmart 4 months ago

    this song is good cause of big sean im not even really a fan but he killed it

  • Kenneth Munyua
    Kenneth Munyua 4 months ago

    that pretty bitch at 3:12 on not nice PND video

  • Gregory Pride
    Gregory Pride 4 months ago

    ur ryte eblaze 1 43

  • Grandy Millaofficial
    Grandy Millaofficial 4 months ago

    big sean is on fire

  • Bryson YCK
    Bryson YCK 4 months ago

    Damn somebody fix Meek Mill's teeth

  • vanusaneto
    vanusaneto 4 months ago

    Sean's top verses right there.

  • Star Fox
    Star Fox 4 months ago

    Just because his delivery was goofy as fuck doesnt mean Ferg didnt have bars

    I'm like Madoff but I made off, scheming on niggas' payoff
    I never take a day off, your stash is short like Adolf, Hitler
    You should lay off on the gangsta talk cause you're fake, dog
    You never pushed no yay, dawg, ain't see no keys like Ray Charles
    Me and Meek in the Maybach, we get Wale and take off
    We got your bitch in a big house, she walk in hype like "Hey, Ross, how you doing?"
    Get with a dreamchaser, we ballin' hard like the Lakers
    You ballin' out, you a faker, you prolly catchin' the vapors
    I'm at your house on the hill, I fucked your girl and your neighbor
    You thinkin' Khloe don't know me, I'm in the car dashin' haters
    I'm in the Kardashian, get it? I'm lyin', can't I pretend?
    They say fake it 'til you make it, well, let the fakin' begin
    I got a bitch with fake titties, fake ass, she all in the Benz
    Them titties'll prolly fall like a ball when she bend
    My niggas from Harlem and Philly all get it in
    Your bitch come around then we fuckin' her and her friends
    Come get with a dreamchaser, we ballin' hard like the Lakers
    You ballin' out, you a faker, you prolly catchin' the vapors
    Come get with a dreamchaser, we ballin' hard like the Lakers
    You ballin' out, you a faker, you prolly catchin' the vapors
    I'm at your house on the hill, I fucked your girl and your neighbor
    I'm at your house on the hill, I fucked your girl and your neighbor
    I'm at your house on the hill, I fucked your girl and your neighbor
    I'm at your house on the hill, I fucked your girl and your neighbor, damn!

    If it didnt sound so goofy tbh he wouldve porbably had best verse.

    • The MobLord
      The MobLord 4 months ago

      Star Fox it was the best verse tbh

  • Gods Prodigy
    Gods Prodigy 4 months ago

    come support Gods Prodigy

  • Vasquez 87
    Vasquez 87 4 months ago


  • nickaragua_the_savage
    nickaragua_the_savage 4 months ago

    when your epilepsy acts up but you try to play it cool because your friends around 3:36

  • Eman the Heartbreak
    Eman the Heartbreak 4 months ago


  • johnskiiit
    johnskiiit 4 months ago

    ferg is fucking shit

  • Daniel Dotson
    Daniel Dotson 4 months ago

    gotta say that was one of the worst ASAP Ferg verses ever

  • E.B.
    E.B. 4 months ago

    asap ferg sucks so hard

  • Slim Weezus #Chiraq #3Hunna #50Savage

    2017 year 😈😈😈

  • Lamar Young
    Lamar Young 4 months ago

    this track slept on #boxspring

  • Aaron Rodrigues
    Aaron Rodrigues 4 months ago

    Meeks beats are always nice🔥

  • Khaos
    Khaos 4 months ago

    exactly two years and 1 day damn old

  • keanu claeys
    keanu claeys 4 months ago

    Ferg screwed this song up, what an annoying voice

  • Jason x Thomas
    Jason x Thomas 4 months ago


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