Relaxing Celtic Music: Fantasy Music, Flute Music, Harp Music, Beautiful Music, Relaxing Music ★91

Relaxing Celtic music (called "Dance of Life") by Soothing Relaxation. I produce relaxing music, meditation music, fantasy music, flute music, harp music, sleep music, soothing music, beautiful music and more.
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I am a composer from Norway and I started this channel with a simple vision: to create a place that you can visit in order to chill out & relax. I compose music that can be labeled as for example: sleep music, calm music, yoga music, study music, peaceful music, beautiful music and relaxing music. I love to compose music and I put a lot of work into it.

Thank you very much for listening and for leaving feedback. Have a wonderful day or evening!

~Peder B. Helland

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Author Soothing Relaxation ( ago)
I think it's really fascinating that people from all around the world is listening to my music, and it would have been great to make a list with your names and the locations you're watching this from. Feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you very much for watching! :)

Author Marcos Jose da Silva ( ago)
great music
i am from Brasil

Author Christine Sinclair ( ago)
I'm in a suburb just outside Johannesburg in South Africa...but I'm originally from England....

Author Christine Sinclair ( ago)
Absolutely one of the most stunning pieces I have me goosebumps every time I listen to it....keeps my 6 month old Grand daughter sleeping longer...I see her little hands open and her whole body relaxing....amazing...THANK YOU...
Gods grace and love to you.....

Author Susan Beatrice ( ago)

Author Lua Exotica ( ago)
Lindo! No silencio da noite é perfeito :)

Author Soplexus ( ago)
Hello ^^ I'm from Switzerland and love this kind of music beause i feel like i've been in a forest and there are fantasy creatures and other stuff :D Can you tell me with what program and plugins you make it? :)

Author parsleybrain ( ago)
I think this is one of my favorites. How do you define Celtic Music? Because of the instruments used? Is this something which can be explained or described?

Author Peggy Clarkin Harkness ( ago)
Thanks to God for the creation of such wonderful sounds! Blessings from Ottawa Canada

Author Sherry Lynn ( ago)
Thank you so much for your peaceful healing music dear soul.
When the day becomes overwhelming your music is like medicine for the spirit.
Blessings my friend.

Author Dóri Mészáros ( ago)
My high five is from Budapest < Hungary > :3 this piece of peace helps me to reduce my stress level and sink into learning! Thank you for this magic! <3

Author Alison Jones ( ago)
Dublin- Ireland. 😍👌🏻 I love this, is there anywhere to find the music for it?

Author Uwe Stiller ( ago)
Ich bin aus Biebertal-Fellingshausen

Author David Wilcox ( ago)
great for reading

Author Patricia Rankin ( ago)
I'm listening to it from Philadelphia.

Author Jeannot Jeanbaptise ( ago)
sooooooooooo beautiful,touches the deep places of my soul

Author Jeannot Jeanbaptise ( ago)
thanks to you and your wonderful gift to us of your music. May your God bless you.

Author i'll swallow your soul ( ago)
Los Angeles, California. Just what I needed.

Author Sandra & Marn Vancouver Pet Reiki ( ago)
Vancouver, Canada

Author Steffi Hamida ( ago)
I'm from Germany. Thank you for this beautiful music... 🤗

Author Laurel Theron ( ago)
I am from Warner Beach Durban South Africa

Author Syed ashrafi ( ago)
I'm from India
thanks you so 🙏
hard touching music

Author Syed ashrafi ( ago)
wonderful music and sceneries, thanks you so much

Author Becky Anderson ( ago)
Love it! Fosston, MN

Author April Drake Mason ( ago)
I live in Portland Oregon :) I get up almost every morning @ 4am and start my day working on my art with your music playing. Honestly this music moves me in a way that there are no exquisitely beautiful does not even do it justice...Puts me in the zone when i am working on my mosaic art ...Namaste

Author Angie Mulham ( ago)
Listening from Koh lanta . Thailand

Author Lora Swink ( ago)
Kings Mountain, NC Thank you !

Author sandwichman008 ( ago)
I am fully present in the now, I am the universe, so greetings from the universe

Author Candan Korkmaz Sönmez ( ago)
Büyüleyici bir müzik.Celtic.Keltler.😍

Author MisterRedBlueBlur ( ago)
Wow, this is really a beautiful and also relaxing track, thank you so much for sharing this. :-)

Author Johan Haagsma ( ago)
I'm from Enkhuizen, The Netherlands :)

Thanks for uploading, its beautiful

Author OAMstyle ( ago)
from Algeria

Author OAMstyle ( ago)
best relaxing music ever thank u

Author Gislaine Thony B. ( ago)
Gislaine Thony B. from Port au Prince, Haiti

Author Gislaine Thony B. ( ago)
I am Gislaine Thony B. from Port au Prince, Haiti.

Author Rainbow Wang ( ago)
This has probably got to be one of the best relaxation music I've ever heard. The tune is so beautiful and it makes me want to create a fantasy story and imagine places set in the fantasy world. I love it!!!

Author GC Pov San ( ago)
The images are nice and the music is very soothing. I love it.

Author Black Cats & Babybats ( ago)
this music hits me so hard. so so beautiful

Author Виктория Шибанова ( ago)
невероятно красиво.

Author Ambiental sounds Meditation music ( ago)
nice relaxing music! keep up the good work.

Author Jeanne-Marie Aerts ( ago)
Beautiful. I'm a healer practicing in London. A great way to start the day and listen to throughout the day.
I will play this at the group I'm leading tomorrow evening.. 🌅

Author LEVY PAUYA ( ago)
I love the serenity and peace this music brings to me. Thank you. Love from the Philippines

Author showringclassifieds ( ago)
Im from Perth Western Australia - Love this music!!

Author showringclassifieds ( ago)
Im from Perth Western Australia - Love this music!!

Author Ruth Winchester ( ago)
dream.... on and on and on

Author Michelle Dunn ( ago)

Author TheVenator ( ago)
why dont people make music like this anymore? all music doesnt have to be loud and obnoxious and about sex and drugs and alchohol, believe it or not!

Author julian heß ( ago)
pure heart music♡

Author Dani Hope ( ago)
Listening at work from Campbell, CA. Thank you!

Author Christian Johnson ( ago)
i love being part celtic :)

Author Pajas ( ago)
Awesome music, i very fucking like it! i feel that

Author Yunashay Vardlokkur ( ago)
I am very mentally ill and can not live a normal everyday life anymore. But I keep to my Celtic faith and their music helps me after so many attacks of my psyche. Thank you!

Author Yolanda Apagyi ( ago)
Thank you, darling! I am from Budapest, Hungary! I enjoy the music, it gives my Soul harmony, which I lack so much in my everyday life!!! I think harmony and love will give back dignity to humans! With love, your soul-mate: Yolanda!:) Have sunshiny days and much harmony in your personal life! Hail Scotland for ever! and God bless Hungary!

Author Hilary Karas ( ago)
Haifa, Israel

Author Catherine Demorand ( ago)
Your music is truly positive. I've been listening to it for the past four hours in Fontenay sous Bois France. I wish they would play this on huge speakers in the streets; hey, that's a good idea!

Author Judith Weigel ( ago)
Thank you for this peaceful music.

Author Isabelle Millet ( ago)
magnifique tout simplement grandiose

Author John Romein ( ago)
Perfect music for meditation (a Buddhist from Amsterdam,Netherlands)

Author graciela speroni ( ago)
musica para el alma pura celestial me eleva en un hermoso viaje

Author Worldraven .Nevar ( ago)
Glory to God, the author of all that is good and all that we love.

Author luis revert lozano ( ago)
es precioso muy relajante

Author Jin B. ( ago)
@2:53 haunting, rising sound from the flute awakens whatever spirit I have left 😍

Author MERCKA ( ago)
Brian Medina from "the road"

Author Joan RAMILISON ( ago)
I'm Joan from Madagascar. What a beautiful sound. Thank you for sharing it with us! <3

Author Adri Carstens ( ago)
I'm from South Africsa. Thank you for this lovely and beautiful music

Author Игорь Жданов ( ago)
Thank you, Friend! Greetings from Ukraine! Waiting for you with the concerts in our country!

Author MagiGwen18/9 ( ago)
Coast of Maine 🌬❄️🌊

Author Sonia Lessard ( ago)

Author Dawn Parker ( ago)
Dawn South Wales UK

Author IRIS GR ( ago)
Its a great music for the soul and the mind, like nectar for the antient gods of my country!

Author Kathy Kearns ( ago)
10:45 PM -still enraptured. Got my 'chores' done - life is good! Thank you again for the beauty!

Author Kathy Kearns ( ago)
OMG! Thank you for the beauty! Needed this tonite!

Author MARCOS KALZONE ( ago)
Excellent musical work!

Author Kathy Many Horses ( ago)
Oh my lord, where am I? This is a beautiful place =)

Author clairepeterson15 ( ago)
this helps SO much

Author glennw56401 ( ago)
Glenn, Brainerd, Minnesota, USA

Author Coco Dentinger ( ago)
I'm from Paris, FRANCE

Author adrenaline434 ( ago)
terrebonne quebec

Author Frances Tiller ( ago)
Thank you for this beautiful music. Frances, East Sussex, UK

Author lisa russell ( ago)
Thankyou for up loading this music is very comforting from DOWN AND MY BEST FRIEND MY NANA WAS IRISH,her Father Born County Cork,Her Mothers Muma born Limerick, her Grandparent's Caven,My Pop,s Greatgreat Pop was a15 yr old convict transport to Australia in 1839 from the harbour of Country Down I love everythink Irish this music smooths my Soul thankyou again.

Author Irena Domanska ( ago)
Wspaniała, piękna, cudowna muzyka. Ćwiczę przy niej jogę i medytuję. Thank you from Poland 💟

Author Line Christiansen ( ago)
So beautiful sounds 🌸 the best relaxing music on the net 🌸 Thank you 💛💜💚
i'm listening from Nordjylland, the north of Denmark 🌸🌸

Author Cousin Gains ( ago)
getting orgasms from my granny.....

Author jclutchman17 ( ago)
I am Kenny and I live in TX right now Dallas to be more exact and you have put together one heck of a spread here I found Celtic music when I got to visit as I was stationed in Germany I have always and I do mean always have been in love with the medieval history and times and these songs take me there I don't know how to describe it I listen to all music Jazz is my first love as I stated I listen to all music but I hear this kind of music if that makes any sense I truly drift away when I listen I actually see the fairies and the knights and dragons and as a 6ft 220lbs male I have to say and mind you I am very proud of this fact my favorite of all that I see in my mind's eye my Unicorns how I love them thank you very much

Author Edward ( ago)
Pretty, and it has the lick in it. That's musical genius right there.

Author Chad Houser ( ago)
Lincolnton, North Carolina. USA Love it!

Author Claus Dieter Walter ( ago)

Author Conner Goudy ( ago)
THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Author KEMAL KARAÖZ ( ago)
Süper Müzik.Harika bir parça olmuş.

Author Carol Gianarelli ( ago)
Absolutely beautiful

Author Cielo Quintero ( ago)

Author jso1946 ( ago)
The most soothing music... great collection. A gift to all of us who need to slow down... go within ourselves for peace... and turn off the TV & the loud noises of 2017. I drift back in time imagining my great grandfather leaving Ireland for America in 1840. Thank you for this incredible gift! Listener in Wisc, USA.

Author Lauren Wallace ( ago)

Author Ruslana S ( ago)
Thank you for putting it together, helps to get through the day

Author Bob Rigby ( ago)
Very soothing and beautiful.

Author Madré Roothman ( ago)
I'm from Cape Town, South Africa. This has seriously just made my day 100% better.

Author Taeao RTKC ( ago)
"fill my ears with music
my sight only of green
trees and pastures, a deep Valley
where faeries dance unseen.
make in me a will
as light as clouds are high
and cool as the breeze
spell me to forever dance
amongst the falling leaves
and be my laughter merry
for my soul is finally free
only when the winter comes
shall my movements freeze
but once the river thaws
and buds return to dead bodies
I will slowly start to move
a pace as lively as Spring
to live eternal in the change
from season to season
no two the same
and may your wishes be granted
as they deemed mine to be
speak with purpose and whimsy
to those faeries unseen
for only they that can trust
while they question
what is heard, smelled and felt
will be afforded an audience
in the kingdom's citadel
If you want, I can lead you there
please keep up, and please don't share
this encounter so sacred
for one this rare
should be a treasure in your heart
as the music is to my ears."

Author Juraj Chmelik ( ago)
Juraj Queensland Australia Beautiful music thank you

Author Amy Mantooth ( ago)
Enjoying and listening from the United States, Knoxville, Tennessee.

Author Talina Venegas ( ago)
Best meditation Mexico City

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