Laco Flieger Swiss ETA 2824 Automatic Pilot Watch - Video review of the Laco Flieger watch with the swiss eta automatic movement.

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Author Nguyen thanh Phong ( ago)
nice pilot watch, german watch or japan watch???

Author Bentley Boyd ( ago)
The ordinal WW11 watches were a massive 55mm in diameter and had Aluminium
cases so they weren't too heavy.

Author KatiushaVN4 ( ago)

Author vincent liu ( ago)
What size is this? 36mm

Author Eric Solis ( ago)
You state in the video it can go to 400, so where could I find it for that

Author Eric Solis ( ago)
You state in the video it can go to 400, so where could I find it for that

Author Eric Solis ( ago)
I've been searching all over the internet for this model, could you please
post a link as to where I can purchase it.

Author dimman77 ( ago)
Ey-tah. Not E.T.A. You're welcome.

Author W sam ( ago)
China's website have the strap likes video showed

Author breitlingsource ( ago)
We have the same problem with customs here! Highway robbery!

Author W sam ( ago)
hi friend ,I got laco.but China customs is a robber. They let me pay RMB
1160.real bandit!

Author breitlingsource ( ago)
Both are great watches - I'd be happy with either!

Author W sam ( ago)
thanks.I've changed my mind. I To cancel the stowa. and get Reloj Laco
Pilot A 861746 Memmingen .mabe loca better.

Author chun hung hardy mung ( ago)
what you people are looking at is an old model type-A B-watch. I have one
type-B B-watch with Eta 2824-2 movement. And one type-A B-watch with Eta
2824-2 Geneva Strip movement. Unworn, never used, and want to sell them.
They are limited production and discontinued models.

Author breitlingsource ( ago)
Stowa does have long waits, but they make some great watches! 

Author W sam ( ago)
hello i really like your watch. I have already ordered Stowa flieger, but
have to wait three months can get it.

Author bgm84185 ( ago)
you forgot to mention Stowa as an original manufacturer

Author King Ho ( ago)
Hello, I visited Laco official website and couldn't find the strap that
showed on your video. Can you tell me where can I get it? Thanks

Author breitlingsource ( ago)
Nope, Swiss.

Author KnightMD ( ago)

Author fastcougar3200 ( ago)
Oh my!. Then sure, you only buy what you like, stupid me! You, sir, are a
man of heart after all. Congrats :)

Author breitlingsource ( ago)
LOL You really have a good sense of humour.. you think I get these for
free? I wish... I buy all these watches my self with my own money made from
my own blood, sweat and tears and shoot these videos in my own spare time.
I only buy watches that I like and enjoy, and most of them meet my
expectations so my reviews are generally good.

Author fastcougar3200 ( ago)
That makes sense, Stowa is a local competitor and almost in the same price
tag range, altough Stowa makes smaller fliegers (40 and 41mm) but yet more
stylish. BTW, do you always make positive reviews in return of receiving
and wearing all these watches? Lol

Author fastcougar3200 ( ago)
IWC for sure. Always forgotten.

Author breitlingsource ( ago)
We've had this discussion before.. and there does appear to be 5. Laco's
materials stated 4, but they apparently intentionally skipped one. Can't
remember which one it is now.

Author fastcougar3200 ( ago)
I belive there were 5 companies making flieger watches, not 4.

Author Drew Jones ( ago)
Did it come with the watch? Cuz I cant find it on their website

Author Drew Jones ( ago)
I just bought this watch and love it. But I like the strap shown in this
video better. I looked on the Laco website and cant find it. Where did you
get it? Or do you know where I can find it? Thanks

Author meyoumovie ( ago)
@mattamiller Sorry I did not notice, I will look around some more.

Author meyoumovie ( ago)
@mattamiller Laco Swiss Automatic Pilot Watch with Sapphire Crystal #861692
-Inside is the time tested Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic (self-winding)
movement. The hands and dial markers are treated with SuperLuminova C3.
Features a scratch resistant sapphire front crystal with an engraved steel
case back. Case: Solid stainless steel, sand blasted, 42mm diameter by 12mm
thick. Band: Brown leather strap, 20mm. Water Resistant: 50 meters
Warranty: 2 years - Island Watch Price: $589 

Author meyoumovie ( ago)
Will you pls tell me the model number of this watch, I can`t find the Laco
with the preview back. I have looked at Islandwatch, The watchmann and

Author tmc515 ( ago)
Do you have any pilots for sale?

Author Ceoz ( ago)
it's dented between 12 and 1

Author Stegmutt ( ago)
I wonder- when Hayek visited Swatch group production facilities, did he
feel like Charlie in the chocolate factory (minus the oompa loompas)? Btw,
thanks for this review- I just ordered the Miyota movement pilot b from
Laco's site. It's no ETA, but it's probably 80% of the watch for 40% of the
price. I apologize for the excessive use of percentages.

Author Stegmutt ( ago)
@breitlingsource Dear Breitlingsource, I feel pity for your watches wasting
away in the dark! If I had your collection I'd wear 6 watches on each arm
(and maybe leg). May I request a review? Any Seiko spring drive (oh moon
phase, how I dream of you). Those may be a bit too modern for you, so
failing that, how about Jaeger Lecoultre (reverso, I hope, altho it's
probably too dressy for you)?

Author Stegmutt ( ago)
Dear Bretilingsource, please let me know next time you leave on vacation-
I'd like to, umm, 'visit' your watch collection while you're gone.

Author Sasha T ( ago)
thanks for the Video. i love the Lugs and the Crown too. quite a Unique
Design. makes LACO Different from any other Pilot Watches... but i'm a huge
fan of IWC and Steinhart mainly because they are Larger. 46,2 for IWC and

Author 0ttoman ( ago)
@wenjilu yes they were it's allover the net "The five companies that were
assigned to build the watches were A.Lange & Sohne, International Watch
Company, Laco, Stowa and Wempe."

Author ccy2 ( ago)
I like the way you review watches...very practical. 

Author Vasily Leung ( ago)
@Feyrabendable Stowa was not one of the original four companies.

Author Niels Hahn-Petersen ( ago)

Author theownzer ( ago)
@DonQuixote1604 It is such a timeless look, B&R is my second favorite
company, next to audemars piguet that is ;)

Author RandallJonesey ( ago)
Interesting; thanks! It should have been the original FIVE though! Stowa is
the fifth. All these brands still stands; think it's much because of the
"Fliegers" when it comes to Laco and Stowa. Wempe is basically about
jewelry. I believe their major roll in the WW II was doing assembly work
for Laco as Laco itself didn't have the time for it.

Author ryanhayn ( ago)
Laco is actually pronounced "HOO-GIVS-A-FUK".

Author braggan ( ago)
great review as always.

Author honeythief98 ( ago)
nice bit of kit

Author theownzer ( ago)
well, I personally like B&R more for pilot watches, but that look is still
very un beatable

Author textthing ( ago)
Wempe is pronounced "Vempe"; the final e isn't silent.

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