3 Real-Life Creepy Cases Of Ancient Aliens

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  • Were our ancestors visited by extraterrestrials?

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    Dogon Village, Mali, West Africa
    Space flying saucer
    World map vector
    Star Map
    Hulton Archive /Getty Images
    Grave Naiskos of an Enthroned Woman with an Attendant
    Unknown/Getty Images
    Dancers wearing Kananga masks perform at the Dama celebration in Tireli, Ma
    Peter Langer/Getty Images
    AIZAR RALDES/Getty Images
    ELVIS BARUKCIC /Getty Images
    Weird And Wonderful Artefacts Are Part Of Bonhams Annual Gentleman's Library Sale
    Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images
    MLADEN ANTONOV/Getty Images
    English Heritage Launch Stonehenge Hot Air Balloon Competition
    Matt Cardy /Getty Images
    JOSEPH EID /Getty Images
    YE AUNG THU/Getty Images
    FREDERIC J. BROWN/Getty Images
    PHILIPPE HUGUEN/Getty Images
    The Sun Gate, Pre-Colombian Archeological Site Of Tiwanaku In Bolivia -
    Veronique DURRUTY/Getty Images
    Bolivia. Tiwanaku. Archaeological Site
    AGF/Getty Images
    Tiwanaku Wall 2
    JTB Photo /Getty Images
    Tiwanaku Wall
    JTB Photo /Getty Images
    Tiwanaku Head on wall
    JTB Photo/Getty Images
    Illustration of ancient Egyptians
    Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images
    Planets of the solar system
    Albert Klein/Getty Images
    The Pyramid Of Chephren
    Nick Brundle Photography/Getty Images
    Illustration of Great Pyramid
    Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images
    The Pyramids Of Giza, Egypt
    Nick Brundle Photography/Getty Images
    UFO / Flying Saucer
    Coneyl Jay/Getty Images
    Woman admires Sego Canyon
    milehightraveler/Getty Images
    Built Structure
    Enrique Monterrubio / EyeEm/Getty Images
    Ad Deir At Petra
    Stephan Harnau/Getty Images
    Archeological rock painting
    Friedrich Schmidt/Getty Images
    A nommo figure
    Werner Forman/Getty Images
    The Monolith of the Frail
    G. DAGLI ORTI/Getty Images
    Temple of Kalasasaya
    M. SEEMULLER /Getty Images
    Carl Sagan
    Terry Ashe /Getty Images
    Marcel Griaule
    Harlingue/Getty Images
    African Safari background
    Xrisca30/Getty Images
    Monolith Ponce
    florentina georgescu photography/Getty Images
    Gate of the Sun, front
    florentina georgescu photography/Getty Images
    Marble Quarry
    viti/Getty Images
    Indian skull
    G. DAGLI ORTI/Getty Images
    Earth from space
    NOAA/NASA/Getty Images
    Puma Punku
    florentina georgescu photography/Getty Images
    AIZAR RALDES /Getty Images
    Speed's Map Of Europe
    Hulton Archive/Getty Images
    Dogon Alter Object
    Werner Forman/Getty Images
    Gate of the Sun, back
    florentina georgescu photography/Getty Images

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    Flicker CC 2.0: Cave paintings / Ian Cochrane Egyptian hieroglyphics / reibai Petroglyphs at kachina bridge / Nicholas Jones
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  • иєнα иιlσfєя
    иєнα иιlσfєя 18 hours ago

    I know why aliens are not coming to the earth because we already have enough technology for almost everything or maybe because they think we will catch them and study about them

  • nicole scott
    nicole scott 1 day ago

    why didnt you guys talk about stone henge or the easter island heads?

  • Lana Hodgson
    Lana Hodgson 1 day ago

    Shane takes everything so literal oml

  • Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano

    the pyramids are made by Israelite slaves, actually.

  • Odessa Rebaya
    Odessa Rebaya 1 day ago

    "Hmmm...Looks like a job for C.C. Tinsley"

  • Carlos Oliveira
    Carlos Oliveira 2 days ago

    This is the weakest unsolved mysteries episode tbh.

  • jacksepticeye 2
    jacksepticeye 2 2 days ago

    the ramp would've taken longer to build than the pyramid itself

  • Andrew Affleck
    Andrew Affleck 2 days ago

    Uhh people that grow over 100 years old have elongated skulls, this is the explanation of the "homo sapiens" skulls, they are humans over 100. There are many cases of people older that that in the bible.

  • shogun678
    shogun678 2 days ago

    Very entertaining

  • Florence Orchard
    Florence Orchard 2 days ago


  • Stella D
    Stella D 2 days ago

    Sirius B... all I thought was Sirius Black

  • red scout
    red scout 3 days ago

    the truth: "there's no way those Black people that aren't us made such amazing architecture, c'mon you guys they had help from aliens"

  • DeSlothAct
    DeSlothAct 3 days ago

    6:26 that skull seems that of an alien. but the bump looks like a telepathic communication form

  • Taylor Alexandra
    Taylor Alexandra 4 days ago

    Wait, I'm confused... This isn't hate, just an observation. Shane is clearly a man of science and reason (doesn't believe in ghosts, open minded to Bigfoot), yet he's skeptical about the existence of aliens? He confuses me a little 😂

  • Shamira Qureshi
    Shamira Qureshi 4 days ago

    Tim buck twoooooooooooo

  • Davis Herrick
    Davis Herrick 4 days ago

    There was a story from 5,000 years ago a man with a space suite on remember that's 5,000 years ago time travel?

  • Terrence Lowe
    Terrence Lowe 5 days ago

    I think that it is incredibly arrogant to say that past civilizations did not have knowledge of math and astronomy. I don't believe that aliens had anything to do with these incredible engineering marvels. People are smart, past and present. I think people today greatly underestimate people of the past!!! I believe in aliens but I don't think they and anything to do with any of this.

  • MyNameIsBeck *
    MyNameIsBeck * 6 days ago

    So what's the deal with Stone Hedge?

  • SelfZin
    SelfZin 6 days ago

    Out of everyone in the comments Im the only one who uses evidence to back my theory up

  • Emma Haas
    Emma Haas 6 days ago

    The universe is so big it's kinda selfish of us to believe that Earth is the only planet with life. It's very plausible that aliens exist. Not saying they've ever visited us, but they are definitely out there somewhere. After all, our universe is trillions of years old. There could be several alien races.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 6 days ago

    Emityvill Horror

  • TheRedPanda coz I love red pandas

    I am half alien. My mom fucked one because they have huge dicks.

  • Rainbow in The dark

    3 cheeked Ryan!

  • Katie Ramirez
    Katie Ramirez 7 days ago

    but like maybe humans that fall into black holes or get lost in space begin to time travel and land back in time ╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚

  • Moxie
    Moxie 7 days ago

    I've watched a couple of episodes at night, in the dark, in my bed and during the day at the car dealership, waiting for them to fix my car and during the night I'm Ryan, totally scared and during the day I'm Shane just laughing at every turn :D

  • ashley rodrguez
    ashley rodrguez 7 days ago

    This video is the only one that doesn't creep me out 😂😂

  • Fluffy ARMY
    Fluffy ARMY 7 days ago

    Honestly though humans that don't believe in aliens are selfish. Do you really believe that you are the only intelligent species in this huge universe?

  • Nishh
    Nishh 8 days ago

    why are you laughing without any reason , good vedio but don't force humour

  • Nishh
    Nishh 8 days ago

    why are you laughing without any reason , good vedio but don't force humour

  • Fancy Bubble
    Fancy Bubble 8 days ago

    what if they were just really smart?

  • Ana Almeida
    Ana Almeida 8 days ago

    I usually agree with Ryan but in this case I just have to agree with Shane, some of these theories are really disrespectful. I do believe in aliens to an extent but all of these are backed up only by a very ethnocentric view of the world that suggests that since our western civilisation took a certain amount of time to make some discoveries, all of the others couldn't have possibly have figured any of it out before us, because "these things are too advanced for them". I mean, seriously? you honestly think it's that impossible that egipcians understood mathematics? that it's​ impossible for that tribe to have a mythology that closely resembled the universe as it is? also, the thing about ancient people not being "able to appreciate art" sounds so bad too. like no one could be as we are today, no other civilisation could be even a little more advanced than us in any little tiny aspect cause we're the best or something. "of course they couldn't be that smart, it had to be aliens"
    like, present your theories, discuss them, but at least stop to think about how your view of the world is really disrespectful. idk

  • Jesus Aispuro
    Jesus Aispuro 8 days ago

    who else thought Mario Maker when Carl Sagan came up

  • Jarrah Lim
    Jarrah Lim 9 days ago

    10000% with Shane when he says he's with Carl Sagan.

  • Linda's Life
    Linda's Life 9 days ago

    The helicopters could have been Atlantis if its real since the story said they are advanced in technology more then us to this day

  • Storm Walker
    Storm Walker 9 days ago

    I don't believe in aliens but I believe in very simple organisms.

  • Harjas Singh
    Harjas Singh 9 days ago


  • rαyvιє
    rαyvιє 10 days ago


  • Aaron Jett
    Aaron Jett 10 days ago

    Didn't we already solve the mystery of the Great Pyramid? They poured water on the sand and I made it easier for the Egyptians to move the stones.

  • Existing Gamer
    Existing Gamer 10 days ago

    The Egyptians had slaves that worked 24/7

  • Arianna Xu
    Arianna Xu 10 days ago


  • Barbara Jacques
    Barbara Jacques 11 days ago

    "That being said..." is an unnecessary space filler. (not unlike this comment) Stop saying it.

  • rossaIi
    rossaIi 11 days ago

    tbh i think its foolish to think that we are the only intelligent life in the universe considering how massive it is..

  • YelloRobloxGamer
    YelloRobloxGamer 11 days ago

    There's a man in black in the backround

  • Walker Stradley
    Walker Stradley 11 days ago

    I feel like some of the things about the pyramids are just coincidences and if so Ryan's spirit would be crushed so I kinda didn't want them to be

  • That Gucci
    That Gucci 11 days ago

    *acts smart and pretends to understand, then have a two hour argument with mom without making any sense*

  • Moggie Mum
    Moggie Mum 11 days ago

    That roman one is just flat box or tray with lid probably for jewellery or other precious items. And I'm with Shane on the baskets. Multiple cultures carry stuff in baskets on the heads!

  • Lux is Dead
    Lux is Dead 11 days ago

    tbh, most Ancient Aliens theories are just people not being able to believe that non-europeans can have advanced technology.

  • Gielyn Merza
    Gielyn Merza 11 days ago

    shane's level of sassyness is so high no one will ever reach hahahaha

  • Kosoma Yong
    Kosoma Yong 11 days ago

    How did Cambodians build Ankor Wat though? I'm still wondering

  • Konstantina Georgeson

    no one can prove how was acropolis builded which is much older than those pyramids. Maths which can assist with the making of these buildings have been given by Greeks, thousands years ago.

  • Geek Space
    Geek Space 12 days ago

    Hello guys i have recomendation about other places, Roswell NM or Área 51, for Alien stories

  • Ivkyych Doroti
    Ivkyych Doroti 12 days ago

    the man in black in the beginning 😂

  • alexandralbusd
    alexandralbusd 13 days ago

    HISTORY CLASS IS USED FOR ONCE!!!! Those skulls were that of the Mayans. They believed that birds w ere their gods. So, they tried to look like birds. At birth, they would place two pieces of wood, connected by a clamp and elongate babbies heads. They would also sharpen and blacken teeth and have dozens of piercings on their bodies.

  • ProCrit1c
    ProCrit1c 13 days ago

    "How on earth did they get all those bricks laid and create things that would have been devastating labor?"

    idk, maybe you guys have heard of the time the Egyptians enslaved the entire race of Hebrews? Maybe that was it.

  • DaKermitFrog
    DaKermitFrog 13 days ago

    I've seen a video of a guy moving massive like 20 ton stones by himself using gravity and like stacking wood. It couldn't have been anti gravity ,__,

  • juju june
    juju june 13 days ago

    you should fly to another country and visit their most haunted place

  • Leslie Grimaldo
    Leslie Grimaldo 13 days ago

    "The only home we've ever known"

  • miltonio
    miltonio 13 days ago

    You guys are Fucking Hilarious............. Love It...!!!

  • Regina Phalange
    Regina Phalange 14 days ago

    ''Jupiter has 4 moons'' Uh excuse me, but Jupiter has 53 moons.

  • A YouTube Channel
    A YouTube Channel 14 days ago

    If you watch transformers revenge of the fallen you would find out that the great pyramid had a star harvester in it made by transformers 😂

  • A YouTube Channel
    A YouTube Channel 14 days ago

    What next? The flat earth theory?

  • marcjon000
    marcjon000 14 days ago

    Those cave paintings were obviously the engineers...duh

  • A Funny Joke
    A Funny Joke 15 days ago


  • DarlingDarkness
    DarlingDarkness 15 days ago

    That is the weirdest outline of Germany I have ever seen!! Wtf, Ryan!! You couldn't have tried a bit harder?

  • dramaprincess0119
    dramaprincess0119 15 days ago

    Well I don't know about a lot of these theories but I do think it's wrong to say people during that time weren't advanced enough to do these admittedly amazing feats. I mean we even have evidence of ancient people, such as the Egyptians, Babylonians, and Mesopotamians, performing advanced medical procedures such as brain surgeries. So to say they couldn't figure out how to make some large buildings using the technology they had available to them, I think, is a bit of a stretch.

  • _the_ chosen_one
    _the_ chosen_one 15 days ago

    Thumbnail talk: That pyramid on the thumbnail is chichen itza, ( the main one ) and the skull is something they would do as a child, they would shape there heads with wood as a sign of beauty. Not aliens, Mayans.

  • Bella Adler
    Bella Adler 15 days ago


  • Emi Holo
    Emi Holo 15 days ago

    I agree with Shane , the pyramids of Giza myth is bull crap. I studied ancient Egypt and they did have simple machines such as pulleys

  • Bella Cruz
    Bella Cruz 16 days ago

    I am with Shane here, its disrespectful to just include
    aliens and not think that ancient people know Math. Of course they know how to compute things, maybe they dont call it math then but there are educated astronomers and mathematicians in those times.

  • Vianney Perez Hernandez

    I didn't want to watch this because pictures of what people think to be aliens creep me out

  • Drink Mercury
    Drink Mercury 16 days ago

    Dear aliens,
    Earth isn't really a great place to visit

  • Maddy Redican
    Maddy Redican 16 days ago

    they had some good evidence until the pyramids

  • Sozuya
    Sozuya 16 days ago

    0:32, that is not ... what germany looks like. Some editor fcked up :'D

  • kpop stan
    kpop stan 16 days ago

    we are not the only planet, there are alot of planets and places that we dont know about apart from earth it is not necessary that all aliens look like weird creatures they could be as good looking or even better if aliens exist which i believe do and they knew about us they would think of us as aliens.Now these planets arent just for decorations are they ,everything is there for a reason these planets are there for others{aliens}to use and to live there now people cant definitely say that aliens dont exist because how can you be so sure when you dont even have full knowledge about you're own planet-a person who loves aliens {kim soo hyun }

  • kpop stan
    kpop stan 16 days ago

    when i hear the word alien i think of kim soo hyun

  • Coralie Packmans
    Coralie Packmans 17 days ago

    is annabelle really a posessed doll? I would love to see a episode with you visiting the Warren's house

  • Marco Rodriguez - De La Rosa

    So great African and Native American indigenous people who built great civilizations had to have been helped by aliens from outer space..... Their probably thinking "how could these savages have built these temples and pyramids? They must have had help. Maybe Aliens from outer space helped them! That makes sense!"

  • Clara Rechner
    Clara Rechner 17 days ago

    i wish they'd start a podcast

  • Miri Ach
    Miri Ach 17 days ago

    I believe there are aliens but they haven't visited earth. Considering we're just a speck of dust in the whole universe there's probably another earth somewhere

  • Jas Jol
    Jas Jol 17 days ago

    The "alien" heads in tiwanaku look like the olmecan heads from the ancient mexican tribe olmecas and they aren't aliens it's just the way that they saw the people who ruled them

  • Aro
    Aro 17 days ago

    so...... these guys watch ancient aliens?

  • Aeman Khan
    Aeman Khan 17 days ago

    0:11 like........why? a man with a green face in the background

  • Totally_not_Sydney
    Totally_not_Sydney 17 days ago

    Why didn't they talk about the crystal pyramids???

  • Eduardo Córdova
    Eduardo Córdova 17 days ago

    humans were making real progress in mathematics and geometry, but then, enter romans and christianism... we're all ushered into darkness and ignorance. I totally agree with Shane when he says its disrespectful to say that humans of that period were not capable of such complex and advanced knowledge.

  • Nanimitzuki90970
    Nanimitzuki90970 17 days ago

    Jesus Christ the pyramid theories anger me so much. The Egyptians were known as incredible astronomers and mathematicians, they weren't fucking barbarians. They were an advanced society.

  • Alexleo Lok
    Alexleo Lok 17 days ago

    They have no wifi
    Is it photoshop

    DAT GURL 17 days ago

    And that was when the doge meme was born c:

  • insert name
    insert name 17 days ago


  • Dustin Harris
    Dustin Harris 18 days ago

    thumbs up for "he's Carl fuckin Sagan"

  • xMooshix
    xMooshix 18 days ago

    Tbh, the paintings from australia are probably dreamtime spirits

  • Mohammed Saleh
    Mohammed Saleh 18 days ago

    yo who else got scared when they zoomed it on Shane and their was that manican looking thing in the back

  • ØG Spøøky
    ØG Spøøky 18 days ago

    I find Ryan Weirdly adorable thats in my opinion

  • arcademai
    arcademai 18 days ago

    0:34 wtf you guys that's not what germany looks like ??? not even close 😂

  • Elizabeth Lagattuta
    Elizabeth Lagattuta 18 days ago


  • Jenna
    Jenna 18 days ago

    Man if aliens were here on earth then flipping left us how rude!

    Maybe we are the aliens ...

  • Anona Miss
    Anona Miss 19 days ago

    6:37 is verry verry funny lol

  • Anona Miss
    Anona Miss 19 days ago

    I also like how he said I dont give a crap he's Carl Sagan

  • Anona Miss
    Anona Miss 19 days ago

    I like how Shane just said I dont care he's Carl freeking Sagan

  • Shashwat Bajracharya

    Of course extra terrestrial life exists. Billions of planet and earth is the only planet with life in it? Come on

  • Marie Rose
    Marie Rose 20 days ago

    For some reason the pictures of people with blocked out faces really freaks me out

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