Magnet HHO Cell #3

My newest magnet cell design

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Author helmut5230 ( ago)
What do you get out by interfere magnetic Field Lines with electrical Field
Lines ? Did you have any advantage out of it ?
Do you realize there is a magnetic channel between the positive and the
negative pole ?

Author Prima Tekno Nusantara ( ago)
drycell or wetcell design?

Author Rogya Rugto ( ago)
You can find thousands of HHO Generators for home use made in China on the
internet dude. Like you, this people would never sell theories or
illusions. It's not good feng shui my friend. Go, and by yourself one and
swallow your crap boy.

Author RonaldBlair ( ago)
stainless has some Nickle in it- so it would be a little magnetic

Author Infini tum ( ago)
Hi Larry, With 11 plates 2 pos and 1 neg 8 x 8 in dry cell using 5 v dc pc
power supply i can adjust the current draw by installing two magnetron ring
magnets at the lower side of the neg terminal from zero up to 8 amps
depending on the location usually on the bolts 3 tbspn naoh and tap water

Author ke4uyp ( ago)
There it is absolutely no scientific evidence that these devices work as
advertised. If this technology truly worked you would see them installed in
millions of cars in China. Think About It

Author Infini tum ( ago)
Thanks for the info my test same as dreamyear set up 4 ring magnets center
pos 1/2" ss bolt, 3cm h by 1x1 cm ss mesh screen around magnet ring 12 v
batt baking soda 3tsp 2 liters tap water 100 ml 70%alcohol for 1 hour
plastic container full with rotating slow fine bubbles pos inside neg
outside cw direction warm solution(light green ) ss bolt and mesh screen
black in color Placed in ss container low reaction My battery charge
drained will change to pc power supply cheers totoalas

Author HHOPWR ( ago)
@imtotob I was using EPDM gasket material.

Author Infini tum ( ago)
Hi Larry what kind of seal u are using I used belt from roller conveyor 2
mm thick dont know if it will leak

Author Infini tum ( ago)
HI Larry Great your back again nice vid I have berilliu oxide ring magnets
from microwave oven lots of the I am following your set up but from an
econoical point of view with -N+ set up may I know the orientation please
of the magnets>>> I used Bakingsoda plus 5 tspoon of 30% alcoholin tap
water and the blue oxide ate up the negative washer and terminal so i will
go for NaOh distilled water h any suggestion is highly appreciated cheers
from Macau imtotob m

Author hhotechnology ( ago)

Author HHOPWR ( ago)
@d3adp001 Sorry D3, Sometimes beer does that to you. Larry

Author d3adp001 ( ago)
@HHOPWR you had to go there, didnt you. Sicko :)

Author HHOPWR ( ago)
@d3adp001 D3, It is not so bad. Yes it is slightly uglyier than it was but
I have stained much uglier things back in High School. I shudder to think
what I did then. Hormones are an awful thing :) I would do all over again.

Author d3adp001 ( ago)
@HHOPWR huh wierd, nice job wrecking that beautiful "stainless" counter,
leave it to u to stain, stainless steel, :P hehehehe

Author HHOPWR ( ago)
@d3adp001 D3, The cell was leaking some. There would be a very small amount
of electrolite on the table after a few days. I kept playing with the cell.
The only answer I can come up with is that when running the device the
pulsating field must have caused electrolosys on the table and high heat.
That is the only answer I can come up with. Larry

Author HHOPWR ( ago)
@1TEKTRON1 I have recently found out more. You are correct. A strong magnet
field will indeed make hho when passed by a electrolitic plate in
electrolite. More to come. Larry

Author 1TEKTRON1 ( ago)
strong H3PO4 or weak H Cl will eat the nickel out of the stainless, leaving
an exact looking "etch" stain. Maybe it is a "crop circle" like message
from beyond... LOL I love your work with magnetic HHO. I think you are onto
somthing. Some years ago I noticed that a strong mag field passed by the
plates affected the gas output but I never did any quantitative tests. Keep
up the good work.

Author d3adp001 ( ago)
@HHOPWR hmm what a mystery. i wonder if going back in the videos and seeing
the first one before it was there is possible? Anyway back to the cell,
damn those are some big magnets

Author merlinspower ( ago)
using electolizers are like having something POWDER coated. That is what
likely happened. to your table

Author insAneTunA ( ago)
@HHOPWR I suppose so, a big place with almost no people around to ask
difficult questions. I have no idea what caused the black spot. All I can
find is that stainless doesn't handle chalk remover so well, but that's
corrosive and turns the stainless into a dark gray color. Maybe arcing or
sparks? Those magnetic fields that you are playing with, combined with
lot's of power and certain elements can do crazy stuff.

Author HHOPWR ( ago)
@d3adp001 No, No wire ever hit the table. They are firmly bolted on the
cell. The power never was on until the wires were firmley bolted in place.
I agree it is a mystery but the black marks are there and have been
scrubbed with everything I can think of. If they are stains then I am at a
complete loss. By the way I am not using a battery. I am using the
transformer power supply hooked to the cheap chinese variac that is
protected by a 20 amp fuse. Larry

Author d3adp001 ( ago)
@HHOPWR HUH, induction on that scale? no matter what, short or induction,
there may have been a lot of wasted power. You never had a wrie
accidentally hit the counter while still on the battery? Hmmmm, it is an
interesting mystery.

Author HHOPWR ( ago)
@PiezPiedPy Thanks. Larry

Author HHOPWR ( ago)
@gemrough No Not Teflon. Just 1/2" HDPE. In total $78.00 worth of plastic.
My credit card is safe. But you know how much 20 of those magnets cost with
shipping. Now add Alaska shipping! OUCH. Larry

Author HHOPWR ( ago)
@d3adp001 No tourch and no short circut. Remember the video's, All hoses
were making gas. If there was a short circut then one or more hoses would
not make gas. Those black spots were mabe when the cell was running. I am
thinking eddy currents and heat. That is the only answer I can come up
with. If that is true how much power was being wasted? Larry

Author d3adp001 ( ago)
@HHOPWR could the corner of a cell could have short circuited? somehow?
thats weird. Or were you testing a torch?:)

Author gemrough ( ago)
Looks great Larry. Those Shims/Spacers/Endplates (??) look like teflon.?. I
would hate to see your credit card statment.... ouch.... Shane

Author HHOPWR ( ago)
@insAneTunA Thanks IT, There are alot of things in Alaska that no one is
supposed to know about. Larry

Author insAneTunA ( ago)
Again an amazing setup. This makes the experiments a whole lot easier. No
more worries about leaking cells, and you can try anything that you like
almost instantaneous, brilliant. You can even try to hit it with some
serious radio waves hahaha.... I heard that there seems to be a powerful
radio station in Alaska....or am I reveling classified

Author PiezPiedPy ( ago)
good luck fella ;)

Author HHOPWR ( ago)
@llewgnal I will start with straight DC. It pulses like crazy for some
reason. Then I will add a PWM if needed. Larry

Author HHOPWR ( ago)
@reeseht No Jim, I usually go too far. Then when it does not work I just
get pissed off. The truth said I should have only bought 4 magnets instead
of 20 and should be only testing one stack but I hate to wait that long for
a liter of gas. Larry

Author reeseht ( ago)
Hello Larry - When you decide to do something there's no holding back, is
there??? That's going to be some cell - I expect your TV will go haywire
with the magnetic field once the cell's running... ha ha ha! Good to see
you back at it again. Jim

Author llewgnal ( ago)
Nice Larry. Couple of questions ? Will you be pulsing the current with a
PWM or just a little 555 timer running a mosfet, might do something ? Or
try running coils in series with the plates while pulsing the coil and
recapturing the spike from the coil with a diode ? This is one of the most
interesting setup you have dreamed up so far I think, maybe be some new
potential. Been watching Dr. Stifflers diodes generating hho with
milivolts, pretty interesting. Gary

Author uawwildbob ( ago)
as usual I'll be waiting for this interesting experiment to reveal its
results . good post dude

Author HHOPWR ( ago)
@sylvanenergy I have a huge advantage over most. Here in Alaska there is
lots and lots of stainless used. There a couple of big outlets that sell
stainless and fittings. The demand is huge because of the oil companies
operating in extreme conditions on the north slope. The short answer is I
just go to the store and buy them. Larry

Author Sylvan Energy Solutions ( ago)
Really great to see you Larry, where on earth did you find those 316
fittings? I have looked high and low around here. I got my hands on a bunch
of old 316 water air pressure fire extinguishers, they make awesome
reservoirs and bubblers.

Author HHOPWR ( ago)
@toolmaker11 No, The exposed plate surface is only 3" wide by 5" tall. The
magnets will actually sit on 1/2" of the gasket at each end. Since the
magnets are very rigid and cannot bent then all the pressure from the pull
force will be on the gasket. Larry

Author toolmaker11 ( ago)
Will the magnets force cause your plates to bow enough to make contact with
each other ? Those are very powerful. Excellent job!!!

Author Mike Powers ( ago)
Larry. your pushing again. Pushing this tech exactly in the direction that
I have been saying for over a year. You are going to love this cell. I
don't have a clue as to how much extra electricity your going to get from
the coils, they are totally different than the coils I'm testing, and your
set up is different as well. When you get it done, test it for SEC as well.
It might just have some spacial energy coherence properties. That could be
why you have that mark on your table. Peace. Mike.

Author HHOPWR ( ago)
@Rawbush Yes I can build it out of stainless. So far I have done both.
Nickel has many advantages because it is a magnetic metal. Yes those are
monster magnets. I have 20 of them. They are scary to mess with. They will
break fingers. I still am unsure just how I am going to get them on and
even more unsure how I will get them back off. Larry Larry

Author Rawbush ( ago)
Dam those are some magnets. Are you able to build the same cell in ss for
testing purposes? Can't wait to see whats picked up by the coils. Peace

Author HHOPWR ( ago)
@d3adp001 From what I can tell it is a burn. There was nothing on the table
that has not been there 1000 times before. Larry

Author d3adp001 ( ago)
when is 316 not 316? when its made in ching chow land Holy COW those are
some magnets!!!! watch your figures man those will pop em right off The
black mark looks like a short maybe, but its hard to tell from the video,
is it a burn, or chemical dye on the surface or the ss.

Author d3adp001 ( ago)
first :P

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