Why Can’t There Be a Black Stormtrooper?

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  • Hrivnak Films
    Hrivnak Films 4 minutes ago

    It's not his daughter

  • Banana Man
    Banana Man 14 hours ago

    its called plot armor

  • MTT The Official YouTube channel

    lol it is a good idea to in a sense "update" storm troopers with newer genetics

  • iPaleo
    iPaleo 1 day ago

    Finn is a First Order Stormtrooper, not Imperial.
    Pretty much every Stormtrooper in the movies is faceless, so there is no way to tell a trooper's race
    Why are you using real world guns for a star wars video?

  • bitspot
    bitspot 1 day ago

    actually the empire used normal people instead of clones because they were afraid the one of the many factions would create a bio bomb only working on the clones dna

  • Nathan Buxton
    Nathan Buxton 1 day ago

    Are those bundeswehr stahlhelms?

  • Toastea .T
    Toastea .T 5 days ago

    In a galaxy far far away scar-h's. Exist somehow

  • Kristie Krypton
    Kristie Krypton 7 days ago

    What about Gary the Stormtrooper from Robot Chicken?

  • Danny Love
    Danny Love 7 days ago

    The Empire started to stop using clones, and the First Order trains regular people for their whole lives.

  • Bobthecableguy
    Bobthecableguy 10 days ago

    Did anyone notice that they were using airsoft scar l's and pasgt helmets

  • Summer Heat Paintball

    storm troopers aren't clones...

  • RED M3RC
    RED M3RC 10 days ago

    "Oh god he hit me! I guess he's not a stormtrooper." Think about that for a bit.

  • Robbie Moemac
    Robbie Moemac 10 days ago

    After the empire was formed they stopped the cloning and began a civillian army. Yes, It's dumb, Ik.

  • nerd adventures
    nerd adventures 15 days ago

    Wait how did him shooting pat prove he wasn't a storm trooper

  • Din Mor
    Din Mor 16 days ago

    There is

  • Fallout Theories
    Fallout Theories 16 days ago

    How did they get clips of the Star Wars movie the force awakens from 2015 and they are in 2014?

  • Monkey Boss
    Monkey Boss 16 days ago

    Wait I Know I'm Two years late but come on. The Clone troopers were used by the emperor during the first few years of the Imperial Rule and The Rest were humans and This At Least 20-30 years after Return of the Jedi so there's no way that those are clone troopers because there fast growth

  • NationplayzYT - Gaming and More

    there is...

  • Archer_Trollfaceman
    Archer_Trollfaceman 17 days ago

    No wonder Mike killed Pat.

  • TheDemonicFool
    TheDemonicFool 18 days ago

    yet Temura Morrison is Maori .....so yeah .....

  • UsernameUser
    UsernameUser 19 days ago

    Wait, what is the difference between a clone trooper and a storm trooper anyway?

    Besides storm troopers being elite soldiers in the German army circa WWI

  • Pocket Animation
    Pocket Animation 20 days ago

    This is a funny comment

  • Andrew Ryan
    Andrew Ryan 21 day ago

    There can be a black storm trooper because by this point, the majority of the original clones have died and the majority of the storm troopers are recruits. That kind of stuff has been happening since a new hope. The empire always supplemented their clone army with regular recruits, and eventually replaced the majority of clones with them.

  • Logan Dulken
    Logan Dulken 21 day ago

    some imperial stormtroopers were leftover clones. first order troopers are a whole bunch of whackjobs

  • thejayscraft
    thejayscraft 24 days ago

    There is one

  • Bork The Swedish Chef

    for you milenials out there. when he hit him and he said "hu, guess he isent a stormtrooper" he ment that stormtroopers cant aim for shit^^ you are welcome

  • krisrains74
    krisrains74 28 days ago

    There was a Black Stormtrooper called the DEATH TROOPER

  • Ethan Michelsen
    Ethan Michelsen 28 days ago

    Actually storm troopers are not just clones of jango fett, the clone army was, but after the clone wars palpatene diversified his ranks by taking children from conquered planets

  • N1c0m4sa 99
    N1c0m4sa 99 29 days ago

    Reference to FF7 in the description

  • Black_Leg_Sanji
    Black_Leg_Sanji 1 month ago

    if Trump was in star wars

  • Fireball9136
    Fireball9136 1 month ago

    guys that Storm trooper looked like Fin from the force awakens and this was made Dec 12 2014

  • Leonard Erasmus
    Leonard Erasmus 1 month ago

    Storm troopers aren't clone troopers

  • Agam Jeet Padda
    Agam Jeet Padda 1 month ago

    death trooper duh

  • Hellish Fatman
    Hellish Fatman 1 month ago

    Trap didn't shoot the storm trooper. He shot Pat

  • scott mcindoe
    scott mcindoe 1 month ago

    clones were made into stormtroopers, but the empire abducted children to make into stormtroopers

  • drake kembitskey
    drake kembitskey 1 month ago

    *tHERE IS*

  • The silent Weirdo
    The silent Weirdo 1 month ago

    Is it weird I watched this right after the force awakens came out?

  • .
    . 1 month ago

    Star wars is just slowly turning into Star Trek and pandering to contemporary social fascism at the expense of its own lore.

  • Luna fan031
    Luna fan031 1 month ago

    omfg shut up about "oh nooo theres no black people"

  • Trosenses
    Trosenses 1 month ago

    Not relatable anymore lol

  • Doğa Akgün
    Doğa Akgün 1 month ago

    There is one now

  • Fry it and Try it
    Fry it and Try it 1 month ago

    finn disaproves

  • Kitty the Kat
    Kitty the Kat 1 month ago

    Little did they know....

  • æ
    æ 1 month ago

    Sclones degenerate extremely fast due to their rapid aging, so the empire started recruiting normal humans

  • LazyFrog
    LazyFrog 1 month ago

    wait.. StarWars 7 got teased in 2014-2015...??? Time is moving so fast ;-;

  • Mr Spring
    Mr Spring 1 month ago

    I feel like Disney saw this and thought "DEATH TROOPER NEEDS TO BE BLACK"

  • Josef Stalin
    Josef Stalin 1 month ago

    the craziest thing about this is that their using actual guns

  • The1Pancake
    The1Pancake 1 month ago

    He's not a clonetrooper nor a stormtrooper, FN2187 is a fucking first order trooper

  • PurplePhoenix HD
    PurplePhoenix HD 1 month ago

    stormtroopers arent clones.

  • Lukas Oswald
    Lukas Oswald 1 month ago

    But the clones were black.....and the clones are storm troopers.........this argument is Valid right?

  • wafflez giraffe
    wafflez giraffe 1 month ago

    stormtroopers cannot be black because they are clones of jango fett and jango was white, not black and cloning does not make clones with different races than you BUT the empire does not exist anymore its the first order so they may have different stormtroopers

  • Sky Berry
    Sky Berry 1 month ago


  • Taco Dog76
    Taco Dog76 1 month ago

    I remember this when this was just footage taken from the trailer.

  • Hank Hogan
    Hank Hogan 1 month ago

    stormtroopers aren't clones, the clone troopers were clones of jengo fett, but stormtroopers are soldiers that get trained from birth

  • MynJack
    MynJack 1 month ago

    You gotta be kidding me, continuing the stereotype that storm troopers cant aim.

  • Caleb Fant
    Caleb Fant 1 month ago


  • MDoorpsy
    MDoorpsy 1 month ago

    Having had time to think about it, is it really a good thing to portray the space nazis as being progressive on race?

  • Corinthian Gamer
    Corinthian Gamer 1 month ago

    As a star wars nerd, black stormtroopers make sense. They stopped making clones because there was an uprising on kamino (where they were cloned)

  • Medic 135
    Medic 135 1 month ago

    college humor and their hilarious sjw humor, so funny, totally​ great, ultra good comedy, not at all annoying

  • swand54388
    swand54388 1 month ago

    There are Black storm troopers

  • Isabella Forgues
    Isabella Forgues 1 month ago

    was there a trailer for rogue one in 2014? how did they get the footage?

  • MrLegaropex
    MrLegaropex 1 month ago

    The First Order's army was built secretly during the time of the Galactic Empire. They raided villages of poor planets, took the kids, gave them numbers and integrated them into their cadette army, where they were prepared to become stormtroopers in the future. So the First Order's army did not consist of clones from Jango Fatt's DNA.

  • SN1P3R_W0LF_2573
    SN1P3R_W0LF_2573 1 month ago

    See now, most of the stormtroopers were actually normal joes from around the galaxy, as the clones were usually killed off by age, genetic malfunction, or even punishment for treason depending on their actions during Order 66. Stormtroopers were more human than clones, however, they had the same exact control over their jobs as clones did, absolutely none. Despite their numbers, stormtroopers were pretty much at constant gunpoint to do what the higher ups said, which is an extreme version of what happens today with our military (except we brainwash them into thinking that they are actually protecting us, when in reality they are just attacking those who pose less than 25% chance of being a threat).

  • Elliot H
    Elliot H 1 month ago

    I don't know I have doubts since there's only what, 4 black guys in the whole galaxy and two of them died in the last movie

  • Mazieee
    Mazieee 1 month ago

    I thought this was new, and was about to comment, "stprmtroopers are not clones anymore!, didn't you see the film?"

    SABL3BLU3 1 month ago

    Only clone troopers were copies of Jango Fett, after Order 61/ 66 (whatever), all the clones (besides Vaders legion/ whetever) were eliminated. Stormtroopers were all regular humans, born and raised.

  • JustJoshingYa
    JustJoshingYa 1 month ago

    because the "black stormtrooper" they picked couldn't act. should've found someone better

  • Jascha Bull
    Jascha Bull 1 month ago

    "He hit me! I guess he wasn't a storm trooper."

    That made me laugh too hard.

  • UnkillableBest Youtube

    There have been black stormtroopers, skin and armor.

  • Martin Dew
    Martin Dew 2 months ago

    now they msde one.

  • Hoshimaru57
    Hoshimaru57 2 months ago

    So as it turns out there couldn't be a black stormtrooper.
    He turned good, and ended up being the best new character next to BB-8.

  • hyperkiller 43
    hyperkiller 43 2 months ago

    there has always been a black stormtrooper just sayin

    • hyperkiller 43
      hyperkiller 43 1 month ago

      +Mayeur000Donz no there litteraly called dark troopers or something like that or death troopers

    • Mayeur000Donz
      Mayeur000Donz 1 month ago


  • Puglous
    Puglous 2 months ago

    They should have had Captain Phasma show up next.

  • Macro SJ
    Macro SJ 2 months ago

    storm troopers are not cools they are stolen childern

  • Brent Yun
    Brent Yun 2 months ago

    ez way to debunk this, stormtroopers are recruited and conscripted

  • The Epic Maxgod
    The Epic Maxgod 2 months ago

    "The Empire updated it's military" That's fucking 30 years after the Empire ended. Jesus christ, do your homework CollegeHumor

    • Mayeur000Donz
      Mayeur000Donz 1 month ago

      I don't think people knew at this point that this was not the Empire.
      For all people knew, the Empire still lived in some form after the Battle of Endor.

  • Xxtoxicwolfie Xx
    Xxtoxicwolfie Xx 2 months ago

    there clones

  • 1Greninja WolfBossDeath

    Stormtroopers are humans not clones. just because he is aiming well those not make him not a stormtrooper.

  • sabfmbb
    sabfmbb 2 months ago

    Because star wars is institutional racist.

  • VerrucktMedic
    VerrucktMedic 2 months ago

    Mandalorian clones were put out of service shortly after Episode 3. The empire just recruited normal people after that. However the First Order just straight up steals people and then train them.

  • Crazy Lasagna
    Crazy Lasagna 2 months ago

    Wait, rebels had SCARs?

    I AM ROBOT 2 months ago

    ok im gonna piss of as many die hard star wars fans as i can right now.

    storm troopers are indeed clones developed on that one planet thats always fucking raining. BUT darth vader probably got complaints from HR so he started to clone black people this resulted in the development of starkillers being halted which is why we dont have a force unleashed 3

    another bullshit story i made up to piss off star wars fans is that becuase he's black thats why he disobeyed kylo cos there was a mistake in the cloning process resulting in skin change and mindset change. i realise while typing this i hypothetically just called black people deffective and oh shit i am so dead

  • CaptainUnicorn666
    CaptainUnicorn666 2 months ago

    actually modern stormtroopers are not jango clones the emperor demanded that the imperial army have more than one dna set for their entire army and kamino rebelled against the empire with a mini clone army of their own which made the emperor paranoid with fett clones besides wouldn't blacks make better stormtroopers think about it

    1. everyone is afraid of them
    2. flexed muscles nba and nfl how many blacks in America compared to whites Asians and Hispanics however they make up most of the sport
    3.they shoot better literally anything is better than what they have now
    4.they know how to handle sharp turns when driving/piloting something
    5.they can take a blaster hit and not get pushed back 10 feet
    6. they seem smart enough to realize that plastic armor makes things worse remember in ep.6 leia gets shot by a stormtrooper don't worry its fine stormtrooper blasted back at least a couple of feet instant death + they get tiny pieces of ewok shit thrown right at at them despite wearing future armor and they still die and with that they are wearing that stupid with the only advantage being temporarily breathing in space
    7.tell me more by hitting that reply button seeya

  • DaFierceDragon
    DaFierceDragon 2 months ago

    Shows them force awakens

  • dark pikacha
    dark pikacha 2 months ago

    Two years later finally a black stromtrooper

  • Ian Graham
    Ian Graham 2 months ago

    I don't get the end...

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 2 months ago

    They said the Empire but its not its the first order. they got this so wrong.

  • Declan O'Hare
    Declan O'Hare 2 months ago

    how do they have footage from the force awakens when they uploaded this in 2014?

  • Jeremiah
    Jeremiah 2 months ago

    Lol there is a black storm trooper now

  • robin 00765
    robin 00765 2 months ago

    There already black stormtroopers

  • Ryan Bosch
    Ryan Bosch 3 months ago

    Storm troopers aren't clone troopers, their loyalties were used to betray the empire

  • Joshua G
    Joshua G 3 months ago

    "Oh he hit me... not a storm trooper" 😂😂

  • Kevin Rider
    Kevin Rider 3 months ago

    they haven't been making clones since the end of the clone wars. the Empire destroyed the facilities. they where kidnapping children ever since

  • BreakABrick
    BreakABrick 3 months ago


  • Furno Guns and Games
    Furno Guns and Games 3 months ago

    *NERD VOICE ACTIVATE* actually my friend, as it clearly states in the forty seventh line by kermin malcill in the fourth star wars, storm troopers aren't clones, that why they aren't still CLONEtroopers.

    This all fake kermin malcill isn't real

  • Hollotom 02
    Hollotom 02 3 months ago

    Why do these Rebels have Scar-H's

  • Kierann Temlar
    Kierann Temlar 3 months ago

    stormtroopers are often recruited from prisoners who are given the options army or prison. then they're brainwashed to follow the empire's orders

  • Tiku 1
    Tiku 1 3 months ago

    yea only clone troopers are clones but stormtroopers arent

  • Charlie Price
    Charlie Price 3 months ago

    Wrong the imperial and first order didn't use clones

  • Tobito TV
    Tobito TV 3 months ago

    Well. It's definitly funny but wrong. Stormtroopers can aim and hit stuff with there blasters. In episode 4 they weren't allowed to kill Luke, Han and the others because they put a tracker on the falcon to find out where the rebel base is. In the hoth battle the snowtroopers anihilated the rebels. And on Bespin Vader said he wanted Luke to get trapped in carbonite so no harming there either. On Endor they again killed many Ewoks and rebels and just lost because of the Ewok traps destroying the AT-STs. First Order Stormtroopers do have good aim and combat training. I mean Finn is a Stormtrooper who can aim. A Stormtrooper shot Chewies arm. TR-8R was abke to defend himself against a lightsaber and Finn could weild one. The only reason Luke and the bunch were still alive was because the force had everything planned out.

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