Indy 500 recap: Dixon's crash, Sato's big win

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  • Fedor Amuricano
    Fedor Amuricano 27 days ago

    Give me the Japanese commentators anytime .. hahahaha Hilarious !

    • Fedor Amuricano
      Fedor Amuricano 26 days ago

      Hahahahahaha... cool !!!
      he is a very passionate supporter of Takuma .

    • 福原直成
      福原直成 26 days ago

      Takumi lined up with Eliot
      Line with Elliott
      Takuma came in front
      Takuma came in front
      I am watching awesome things, now
      Final lap
      Final Lap, Come on
      Hey,Everyone, are you watching?
      He came.
      He came!
      Now, at this moment (afterwards, inaudible)
      Takuma Sato
      Japanese driver, Indie 500 (afterwards, inaudible)

      It is amazing.
      Ah ah

    • James Wormsley
      James Wormsley 26 days ago

      unbelievable stuff lol--great race with a great victory for takuma sato kudos!!!

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