Flash Dreambox Without Serial Cable - Using FTP & Telnet Tutorial - DM500

In this tutorial we show you how to flash your DM500 without a serial cable using FTP & Telnet.

cd /tmp && eraseall /dev/mtd/3 && cp image.img /dev/mtd/3 && reboot

You can download the required files from CardShare.TV
You can also Buy a Dreambox from SatStore.TV

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Added: 4 years
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Author dali colonel (10 months)
how can i have the flash image that i uplaud in my dreambox?

Author Gareth Beale (11 months)
thanks for tutorial have helped me out alot

Author DARKUSSJ (7 months)
i have a problem what if the password isn't the default one how i can reset
it to the default one also the dreambox keeps rebooting which mean i can't
do nothing from the dreambox i hope you can help with this problem and
thanks in advance

Author laith shadid (10 months)
thank to u u have deleted my dream box
and it will never work again 

Author Acks2000 (1 year)
can you undo the flashing?

Author zoobert schnubert (1 year)
Thank You Helped a bunch

Author Bobby Gill (1 year)

Author Bilal TUPAC (1 year)
merci et a bientot sur

Author Ali Faraz (4 years)
Excellent stuff mate. You Rock

Author Paul Mccabe (2 years)
Thanks mate worked a treat

Author vicwac1975 (2 years)
Guess what, I went to buy a USB-to-serial cable hoping to flash it after
your horrendous tutorial bricked it, but now my box has a permanent green
light and can't be flashed, thanks for nothing.

Author sidimomo manti (2 years)
je cherche gemini 3.60 svp

Author Scott Herring (3 years)
@GioDuvie Did you resolve this problem? I have the same thing

Author Patriot Zeqiri (4 years)
@lilmikme No it can not be fixed its broke i ask everybody..

Author Bradford Digital Ltd (4 years)
green light comes and the box doesnt turn on anymore doing something wrong?

Author stones far (1 year)
what image file and how do i get it thanks

Author GioDuvie (3 years)
Hello, I have followed exactly your guide and now my dreambox is
unresponsive with only a green light... I dont get any response and I cant
connect to it anymore.. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME OUT AS I RAN OUT OF

Author Edd White (2 years)
Worked with no probs! Now running PLI Jade. Many Thanks!

Author m0nsteramy (2 years)
can i use this step if my dreambox has failed

Author Skander Ave (1 year)
I lost my password please tell what to do ? :(

Author Omar Charfi (3 years)
Thanks A lot :D

Author lilmikme (4 years)
@kastriot69 have you fixed it because im having the same problem?

Author beprot ling (2 years)
Thanks for bricking my box bro!

Author babatunne (3 years)
hi GloDuvie, your dreambox will never work again with this method, it
happened to me also and I have to go and get a null serial cable and
connect it to dream UP. This is the only method that you can use to flash
your dreambox and I am not sure how this video works.

Author babatunne (3 years)
Hi, I have followed this video before reading the comment and my dreambox
is not working again. anybody have a solution to ths?

Author sparki I (2 years)
this might be a stupid question but what image

Author Wasim Ashraf (3 years)
This is not safe method! Use serial cable instead of this....

Author Vericenteret (1 year)
Is it possible to use xbmc on dreambox?!

Author vicwac1975 (2 years)
Happened to me too, i just flashed it and now my box is dead, it deleted
the current image but couldn't copy the new one over. Don't post up
tutorials that are unsafe, or at least warn people that there's a high
chance of bricking your dreambox!

Author Henrik Swennergren (1 year)
Thanks for the vid.. But when I run the command: cd /tmp && eraseall
/dev/mtd/3 && cp image.img /dev/mtd/3 && reboot I get : -sh: eraseall: not
found Any ideas?

Author MRWHITE3535 (1 year)
Do not do!!!! I just done this on my DM 500 exactly as described everything
went the same as the picture, but the box does not boot up! Thanks mate for
FUCKING my box up!

Author Patriot Zeqiri (4 years)
i follow your instructions now my dreambox doesnt work anymore i see online
the greenlight from power i cant turn it of and it don't give signal to my
tv can you help me ?

Author Aymane Ammi (2 years)
GOOGE IS UR FRIEND BRO ; ) STARTIMES ( besssst website but hes in arabic
but just search theres some english files )

Author tosiuk (3 years)
right can someone help me out crack my root password i am unable to log in
to dreambox cos i dont know the root password also this tuxbox is not
available on my box whih is DM500, is there a way i can crack it somehow I
am using linux OS i am desperate to get into my box thanks.

Author diablo007uk (2 years)
try this user: root password: (leave blank)

Author Chuck Norris (1 year)
i can't connect WHYYYYY?

Author Nani (2 years)
I visited your video more than 20 times just to copy this lol cd /tmp &&
eraseall /dev/mtd/3 && cp image.img /dev/mtd/3 && reboot thanks :)

Author vicwac1975 (2 years)
You should take down this video immediately, I appreciate that you're
trying to help people but this one is just irresponsible.

Author GFormica1 (1 year)
Hello. Thanks for the great video, I am new to Dreambox but have tons of
experience with FTA receivers, can you recommend the easiest IMAGE to work.

Author Gold Desk (3 years)
thanks a lot the exact thing i needed.

Author KamaludinH (4 years)
great vid mate i have a small problem in putty i cant enter my passord
after username

Author Dejan Stefkovic (2 years)

Author estqwerty (2 years)
BRAVO - good video - 100% worked for me ! flashed openpli

Author Ozkan B (2 years)
Where can I find a *.img file for my 500 HD clone?

Author stones far (1 year)
what and how do i get it thank you

Author Pockerbally (1 year)
why can i put a password in

Author RED .DEVIL (2 years)
worked a treat,thanks alot m8

Author Tony Ak (2 years)
hi babatunn, i have the same problem...i get a null serial cable but i
couldnt connect it to dreamup...any idea??

Author istaler (3 years)
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