Sean Spicer White House Press Briefing 3/20/17

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and not SNL's Melissa McCarthy rebuked ABC’s Jonathan Karl at Monday’s press briefing after he interrupted Julie Pace of the Associated Press. Pace had asked about General Michael Flynn‘s role in Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign, in light of FBI Director James Comey‘s revelation that his agency was investigating campaign officials’ possible ties to Russia. Spicer emphasized that “General Flynn was a volunteer of the campaign. And then, obviously, there’s been discussion of Paul Manafort, who played a very limited role for a very limited amount of time.” Karl interrupted before Spicer could complete his answer, which provoked the fury of the White House flack: “Hey, Jonathan, hold on. Can you stop interrupting other people’s questions?”During today’s White House press briefing — which was occurring while the House Intelligence Committee was holding a hearing on Russhefenan election interference — White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked about President Donald Trump’s tweet this morning seemingly accusing Hillary Clinton of having ties..
“Is he under the impression that the Clinton campaign had inappropriate contact with Russhhhfa during the election?” One America News’ Trey Yingst asked.
After answering Yingst’s first question about Trump slamming the DNC for not being forthright with the FBI regarding the hacks of their servers, Spicer then went onto the Clinton issue.
“There is a whole second set of concerns here in terms of what was Hillary Clinton’s role,” the press sec exclaimed. “When you look at the Obama history — the Obama Administration and the Clinton — the Clinton’ involvement with Rua in terms of donations that the Clinton received from Rushenan entities, the idea that they sold off tremendous amount of the uranium '

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Author Himself Lee ( ago)
Don't these reporters know how ridiculous they look gesticulating with their hands.

Author DJ ( ago)
why is a reporter so interested in obozo getting an apology? Fucking scum

Author Theresa Lockwood ( ago)
The investigation by the FBI and Obama of Russia and Trump is a DISTRACTION because there was evidence that the democrats hacked the election in favor for popular vote of Hillary Clinton. This is being ignored. Obama used lies to distract from them being investigated (which the FBI/Comey) were in co-operation of. There is no evidence with Russia affecting Trumps election. It was made up as Obama and Clinton often scapegoated Trump and accused him for everything that they themselves were accused of. Comey is biasedly targeting Trump and investigating (OR NOT INVESTIGATING) AS A DISTRACTION to avoid investigating and bringing a case against the Democrats Clinton and Obama. Comey SPOKE AGAINST HIMSELF!!! He claimed there is NO evidence of Trumps wiretapping/surveillance. Which is a L!E! (He never investigated it as he told the DOJ not to) Yet! there is NO evidence of Putin/government interfering with elections....yet he is going to do an investigation as he is claiming...WHY? Because its a DISTRACTION from their own corruption.

Author T. E. H. ( ago)
Spicer is finished. He cannot keep defending the undefendable Trump. Say Goodbye. The worst WH press secretary ever.

Author AMFM ( ago)
All these comments supporting Trump must be similar to those who supported Mussolini in 1922.

Author Frank DeFelice ( ago)
Poor Spicer ... good material for SNL.

Author elcgmail ( ago)
These brief lying sessions at the white house have gotten beyond ridiculous. You can't believe anything this administration says. It's beyond comprehension how this man can stand there dsy after day and refuse to simply tell the truth. Watch the fbi director testify... spicer just takes things out if context & LIES LIES LIES They should all go to jail for the shame & humiliation they bring to their once great country. its just so sad.

Author typhooonn ( ago)
Sean Spicer doing his best to lie for Trump ..................
Don't worry Spicer the FBI will find away to look at Trump's taxes, then impeached time !!!!

Author syd Hastings ( ago)
it's pathetic how many people let these idiots do all their thinking for them! must be a maximum IQ requirement for the white house press corps! I've watched ALL the briefings so far and have only heard one single intelligent question! most of these peons asked the same questions as the six before them

Author Charlie T. ( ago)
One thing we can always depend on when Spicy take the podium is a ton of bullshit will be forthcoming.

Author Colerain Fan ( ago)
Spicer has no integrity, no courage, no morality, to keep coming out there and running interference for Trump. Talk about fake news. Like his boss, the man has no credibility whatsoever.

Author Cathy Penna ( ago)
MSM are really this moronic or is it intentional?

Author Kim Barnet ( ago)
It was clear from Comey's briefing the Trump camp was being spied ,because they were under investigation for the fabricated "Russian" collusion.

Author Lee Brooke-Pearce ( ago)
How you use the game of golf is different - I've heard it all now

Author Lee Brooke-Pearce ( ago)
Hilarious - we wonder why facts are so difficult to establish when both sides of the debate are so partisan. You hear what you want to hear and the debate will rage on until we all die of exhaustion or boredom

Author LaPeach717 ( ago)
Spicer needs a speech coach. He can barely talk....assertation is not a word.

Author Eb no need ( ago)
u mother's are crazy as hell no wonder y'all about to loose ya healthcare rights an dignity fuck credibility y'all have none

Author Jo Jo ( ago)
I am already proud of Trump - he has been in office 2 months and reduced the debt by 200 billion dollars.............what? that is amazing!

Author Tom Montgomery ( ago)
Why is it ok to continue to on with the wire tapping issue when everyone says there is no evidence. Sean says there is more to come. Why does this not apply to the search for collusion with the Russians??

Author MsSaudm ( ago)
Remember OBAMA did NOT need a an order to wire tap. He could by law order it without any other agency approval. Obama and others have been spying on the Trump via >>>>>>>>> NSA PROJECT DRAGNET Since 2004

Author Genda Minoru ( ago)
Don't let that asshole Karl get away with his false premise and narrative that Trump owes Obama an apology.  That is bullshit.  Everyone knows that Comey won't talk about any findings while this is alive and he has been dragging his feet, just like during the campaign.  Media desperately hanging on to Russian collusion with Trump Campaign and banging away at that drum with NO EVIDENCE!!!  so STFU already.  There are very important things going on in the world compared to you November loss driven derangement syndrome.

Author MsSaudm ( ago)
What moron is asking about Trump golfing? TRUMP has done more in 3 months than Obama did in 8 years !

Author Bk S ( ago)
they're retarded.. comey is shady, he wont speak to regards to if the obama was briefed, again a mixed answer like with hillary. Now he's just made more of a media circus that is further dividing our country. Don't we expect your head of the fbi, to be proactive and ready to answer questions. Perhaps gain permission from Obama to go on record in regards to any briefings? Honestly, american people should now hammer obama to come on record about this question. they would do it to trump anyday.

Author Chris Kiefer ( ago)
Golf? Who the fuck cares about golf? Fuck these assholes! Kids are being raped, Obama is dealing coke and they talk about golf?

Author Robby Chajkow ( ago)
gates is a Globalist who speaks strongly on genaciding the population are you nuts

Author Donna Keizer ( ago)
We need new blood journalists, what about JOBS, ✝

Author shane gil ( ago)
nyt & wp had horrible day at comey trail..why?

Author William Maurer ( ago)
Why can't Spicer finish his sentences?

Author RVM Coates ( ago)
I love Spicer he treats the press like kindergartners.

Author marinegirl ( ago)
Sean please let me decide who stays and who goes.  Its very frustrating for us to listen to their stupid questions when they know clearly how asinine they are.

Author marinegirl ( ago)
Just to add, is it a prerequisite for some reporters to not remember what they ask everyday?  Maybe the all have memory lapse.  Some could use a shave that

Author Shawn Whinnery ( ago)
Why the fuck can't we get some officials who can pronounce Nuclear?!?! Is that so much to ask?

Author marinegirl ( ago)
Why do these stupid reporters insist on saying there is no evidence for surveillance when the investigation has just started. The more reporters that say this crap, the more I will not read their writings.. Its pitiful that they continue to be jerks about it.. This jonathan character should stop interrupting.  I think that fellow Johnathan thinks he is funny.. Sean, jjust keep the man out until he can stop asking stupid questions.

Author Shawn Whinnery ( ago)
11:39 Spicy AF!

Author William Maurer ( ago)
Make America Great Again Tour = Tax breaks for the rich, cut backs for meals on wheels, and more golf weekends for Don the Con.

Author Daniel Roig ( ago)
Investigate the DNC stealing the primaries from Bernie Sanders.

Author James Ryzlot ( ago)
Gates HATES Trump - and Windows STILL doesn't work either


Author d maxt ( ago)
Sean Spicer. As we sit here in the Northern Hem. Listening to what you have to say we understand you clearly and we speak a totally different language. But these dumb asses sitting in that self inflicted hostile environment are either not educated or need English refresher course because the way they attempt keep sitting on Mr. Whippy questions twist and turn the questions is exhaustive, deplorable and so predictible.

Author Boogiewoogie ( ago)
How does he seriously think it's acceptable to state that the investigation will draw the same conclusions he is offering up here whilst that investigation is still ongoing?

Author James Ryzlot ( ago)
Entitlement programs MUST be cut and balanced by making jobs available.


Author Frank Hodges ( ago)

Author Bill Kittle ( ago)
Looks like Trump was Laundering large sums of cash for Putins buddies.

Author James Ryzlot ( ago)
Podesta got $35 MILLION from that Uranium sale. He sold shares in the company


Author Celtic Caveman ( ago)
Chemtrails are real they are spraying the west coast skys everyday!!!!! Bill Gates is involved promoting depopulation heavy investments in Monsanto GMO's. Trump please HELP HELP#HELP #HELP us!!!! S.O.S. we are under attack!!!!--

Author Matthew Blum ( ago)
Typical Trump White House Propaganda Conference🤡

Author Kt Carroll ( ago)
The Dems get a lot of donations from the Gates Foundation and now it's shame on Pres Trump You cupcakes need to wake up

Author romanmel1 ( ago)
Gates foundation...vaccines of the poor eliminate poverty by eliminating the poor???

Author James Ryzlot ( ago)
Health funding is NOT possible until the delivery costs are addressed. $750 for a visit to ER, 100,000 for relatively minor surgery and $5,000 a DAY for a basic hospital stay PER DAY These costs need to be reduced or there is no insurance scheme that will cover them


Author Rita Patricia ( ago)
Schumer is adopting a strategy that says, 'weaken America to strengthen the Democrats', and that's what he is doing." WONDER WHO LEAKED TRUMPS TAXES? LOOK TO THE DEMOCRATS! TRUMP PUT IN HIS PROPOSAL FOR POST OFFICE HE GAVE 10 YRS TAX RETURNS

Author Nancy Smith ( ago)

Author Daisy Amos ( ago)
There should be penalties for MSM spreading fake news! Why are the hostile media people allowed to get away with it? And why are they being allowed to put the Trump team on a defensive? Still seems like political correctness...being overly "nice."

Author james zeigler ( ago)
I listen too these reporters and the one conclusion that I Have come to, is they don't have the ability to hear. They want their too be a Trump, Russia connection. They these journalist the ones who keep asking the same Russian questions, are not journalist. They are propagandist that can't draw a true conclusion from the answers Sean Spicer is giving them. The journalist Listen to them reaching for straws, anything. And their is nothing their, but They give Hillary Clinton and Obama a pass and they don't care that we the people can see it. These journalist are hypocrites they let Hillary and Obama go, do and say whatever they want. most of these reporters are empty suits, empty heads and blind to a Left wing ideology. I have no respect for emptied headed reporters who keep asking the same question after it has been answered not once or twice but several times. Listen to the female black reporter ask a stupid question about President Trump being wired tap and Comey saying it didn't happen, then her response is did the President lie. They have no proof of President Trump involvement with Russia and yet these empty headed, empty suits called journalist keep asking about Russia. Very few reporters in That room are actual journalist. But these reporters will keep pushing the Russian message to try and damage President Trump who is repealing Obamacare and defeated Hillary Clinton the two people they loved so much. Listen to them ask the same question over an over. Idiots, this is how the American people with brains see these reporters, they are idiots. And they the reporters should be ashame of themselves. Listen to this guy, he's stupid an idiot. He has been given a head line about the Obama's, Clinton's and pizza gate and these idiots don't care.

Author just observation ( ago)
now they run ot of valid qs. qs about his golfing and travel to his own house. looser reporters

Author rggwst ( ago)
The investigation is no are you saying "there is no evidence..."?

Author Filomena Geoghegan ( ago)

Author AutoTechTeacher ( ago)
Gates is a piece of shit. Shame on you Trump.

Author Pune Saloon ( ago)
Seems Donna Brazile is the only one allowed to try to collude rig and interfere in our elections.....

Author Pune Saloon ( ago)
THEY SAID 'TRANSCRIPTS' that means WIRE TAPPING SYSTEMS., How else id they investigate!

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