Angelina Jolie on divorce, film and Cambodia- BBC News

Angelina Jolie on her new film First They Killed My Father - based on the genocide in Cambodia - politics and her family. She was speaking in an exclusive interview with the BBC's Yalda Hakim.

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Author Maryam Hamid ( ago)
Love love her

Author Adnezal ( ago)
She did a very horrible job, a disservice and chose an unjust, biased approach when she decided to tell the story or war in my country. She got the sympathy vote for using "war" as the tear jerking theme, but she disrespected and took the voice away from many women and men, on all sides, who experienced a loss she could never relate to. Hopefully she did better with this one.

Author ngbaby0303 ( ago)
Gosh, I respect this lady!

Author sound of hope صوت الأمل ( ago)
Please I need help

Author JenMisha VP GypsyJen ( ago)
Im on the fence with Angie🎭Dont know What's Fact or False? Sometimes my instincts tell me she is being as genuine as "they" will allow her to be and other times I know for certain it's for the cameras. But that's the price you pay being in Hellywood💁. There are so many lost souls all over this world most definitely and even more so and Hollywood. They promote duality make you change your name put you through certain classes that can confuse the heck out of you then you're given a Handler who is usually allowed to abused you mentally emotionally physically and sexually and if you don't play by their rules you can get knocked off ... all and all is it really worth it?? I think as a lot of these actresses get older they realize like Joan Rivers realized before it was too late that they were coming after her but she went out with the truth or as most agree JOAN WAS DEAD SERIOUS in the video clip here on YouTube when she leaked about Michelle Obama being transgender. I know Joan is a comic but she was dead on dead serious. Anyone who knows Joan watch that video and no she is not joking at all it's like she knew it was coming so she wanted to go out with some kind of Truth and InStyle and I say.. good for you Joan Hallelujah amen for the truth. she just got to a point where she got sick of the lies period but they came after her and she knew they eventually were especially in the interviews with the private talks with her and Melissa her daughter. I don't know if he can still find them here on YouTube a lot of them were deleted but she had talked with her daughter saying he'll what a crazy business it is and how it's not worth it and she said everything is being left to you Melissa and guaranteeing her daughter that when they take her out she is going to be just fine referring to her daughter and to not worry about me meaning Rivers and that she had a good life. It was a very sincere and tearful video clip with the two of them at home it wasn't anything you can see on TV it was something that someone close to them record it and post it on YouTube a few years ago right before she died and then it was taken off quickly you can try to Google Melissa and Joan Rivers conversation video before she died but I've tried to find it and I can't find it anymore since she had that so-called emergency throat surgery. What a fiasco and a bunch of b******* and lies. My prayers go up for June and all those who have been taken out by Hollywood handlers way too early like especially Robin Williams River Phoenix Philip Seymour Hoffman Aaliyah Brittany Murphy and many others. Hollywood is diabolical. It would be nice really nice if the world could make a radical move and just stopped going to the movies for just one day and watching TV for one day 24 hours... But we just can't seem to do it can we? yeah if we could stop the media watching for one full day no movies no TV no news no internet nothing do you know how much control the people would have? I'm ready to jump on that bandwagon and I've tried to get other people but we need the whole world to stop for one full day period it would change things immensely period but we keep putting praise and worship on these Stars that do not deserve it. Yes they may work hard as an actress but the average everyday person works even harder just to make ends meet while they put in a few hours a day and live like kings and queens. anyway got to go eat my rice and beans lol scraping pennies over here but I'm happier than a pig in s*** because of my faith. that's what keeps me going and I wouldn't have it any other way. God bless everyone peace love and happiness to all :-)

Author lilfayfay ( ago)
I feel so bad for the children who are going through this divorce.

Author Yana Petran ( ago)
beautiful woman

Author xc5647321 xc5647321 ( ago)
Nobody cares...

Author P wow Cwow ( ago)
absolutely fake

Author Sara N ( ago)
I'm seriously in love with this woman. She's a true rolemodel. After all she's been through and now she is here. I salute her.

Author Goldfish Girl ( ago)
I love you Anjelina <3

Author Alexandra Tembi Robertshaw ( ago)
"we know that an incident occured that lead to you separation". what was the incident???

Author Marlene Holley ( ago)
She is beautiful!!!! Kind spirit 🌹

Author Stephanie Beattie ( ago)
Terrible actress who is an example of nepotism gone wrong. She ruined her face with nose jobs and fillers and botox and she is too old for that dark long hair. She cant hold a candle to Laura Derns talent.

Author sunshine day ( ago)
love angie forever ❤❤❤❤❤

Author Exchange Light ( ago)
Oriental means second hands by white poeple that's why they fancy my light instead of blue moon.

Author It's Always Then Other Guy ( ago)
She is "acting" nice. She really is a stuck up bitch!

Author ivan Testycle ( ago)

Author Jess Northway ( ago)
Having made so much tattoos one can distinctly state that she has substantial issues with her mind... But I do feel sorry for her...

Author Claudia Mendez ( ago)
she's always been a very complex person...some people just like simple,am one of those,no drama for me☺

Author L12 Al ( ago)
wow! shes more often known for her beauty but damn.. this woman is wise! what she said regarding racism and diversity was magnificent!

Author kim miller ( ago)
shes ugly! i wander if brad looks at jennifer now and says what was i thinking

这些人士好像每天都睡在她的床底下而且睡足四十二年了! 可悲作为女生而不能理解离婚女的心...小眼不希望世界有好事.

Author Claudia Tovar Zapata ( ago)
Te amo 💖

Author Piznoc Tsauo ( ago)
Once an Ice Queen and The Most Beautiful Woman in The World; now an ageing, down-to-earth, warm-hearted momma.

Author Maria Petrak Promotions ( ago)
Such a beautiful, wise and inspiring woman. Many politicians can learn a lot from her. I have deep respect for you Angelina Jolie... I thought you were such a beautiful and strong woman and actress, but now I think a world of you!!

Author lex t ( ago)
What incident???

Author Daragus Maria ( ago)
man leave because of many reasons,and its not always the other persons falt they just want a new and younger version,we have a saying im chainging my 50 year old wife whit to 25 😆

Author Be L Em ( ago)
she looks older and ugly now.

Author Jerry Vincent ( ago)
Angelina you're best love you stay 💪

Author Tim Jack ( ago)
Go around the world ? Seriously lady alot of people don't have money like you do and your ex husband, get a grip .. booking a flight from sydney to london is $????

Author De tr ( ago)
Her cheeks look strange. I think she had cosmetic surgery on her face.

Author forty nine ( ago)
She's been in like 2 watchable movies, and it's not like she stood out in either of them. The rest were pretty dire. Brad Pitt is a fair actor at most, but she's got nothing whatsoever.

Author Tiger Cub ( ago)
Angelina, maybe Brad caught you French Kissing your adopted son just like you FRENCH KISSED YOUR FULL BROTHER on a Red Carpet interview! Or did he catch you doing drugs, drinking and using a syringe to withdraw blood to then place in lil glass vials to wear on a necklace? Like you did with Billy Bob Thornton. Did your son shit on Brad, the way you shit on your father?
Jolie has a lifetime of playing professional victim, then slut. As for our awesome President Trump, it's not a crime to protect our country from people who have said publicly, their plan is to fake being victim's to get into USA. Breed to overpopulate then wreck havoc on America, destroy American lives, values and political system.
We all can't live in gated communities or move into an ultra wealthy area, to escape Sharia and the filthy noisy area's infested with illegals.
America is about living freely but following the rule of law! All illegals are illegal. We need extreme vetting, to keep our people safe. It's not a Muslim Ban! It's about safety!
Being forced to not wear red, white and blue because it's offensive to illegals and Muslims is insane!
Angelina is a manipulative lady.
She doesn't speak out against the dog meat & cat meat trade torture & killing by being beaten (to tenderize) hung up by one foot, skinned alive then boiled or fried while alive and screaming to death. This is going on in Asia, Korea, China, Singapore etc! Until she opens her fat yap about millions of sweet animal's, crammed in group's into cages as they are raised then transported to festivals like Yulin Festival, she may go to hell!
Boycott Summer Olympics, in South Korea. The land of Dog, Cat, Turtle and other creature's tortured and murdered by the savages she so adores!
Thank you Jon Voight for supporting President Trump. The President supporting law, order, police, border patrol, military, vet's and struggling Americans of all race's sexual orientation and income level's. Hollywood & media lies have a false narative! It's Hillary, Obama and Dems that hated gays, until Ellen promised to rally donations and support for Obama & Clinton.
Jolie needs to move gang member's in to her many large gated estates or the mansion on a vineyard she and Brad built in France.
Don't pick the sweet lil babies Angie. Take in the women beating child rapists the rest of the non rich world get to deal with.

Author It's Always Then Other Guy ( ago)

Author globalcitizenn ( ago)
I hope to watch this film. I read about the Khmer Rouge in Reader's digest when I was growing up and I was horrified.

Author Will Trill TV ( ago)
type in Will Trill- Angelina jolie on youtube my new song...

Author C3gee ( ago)
That look at 4:18 killed me, she's suffering a great deal, I appreciate that she doesn't try to hide that, like so many do. She's a great person, I wish her happiness soon :(

Author Kyle Lucien ( ago)
I want to say sorry to you, but no, you are rich and lucky enough that any form of apologies are not for you.

Author ouyangqiguai ( ago)
Strange, I see young brad pitt in her...

Author Widya Mazel ( ago)
beautiful woman

Author Madame Evie ( ago)
Angelina for president! Imagine how much she could impact the 🌎 world! I love her big heart and I see so much pain in her eye...

Author Laura Newton ( ago)
Just do acting.

Author Meredith Myers ( ago)
I'm just here for the comments. anyone who thinks another person is the reason you leave or cheat, has never been married or in a seriously deep relationship. stay woke!

Author princess sofia ( ago)
wow bbc you suck big time messing with the camera lighting for angie. but she's still as beautiful as ever.

Author sarah green ( ago)
I feel like the interviewer did an amazing job here. She was able to ask the questions in a delicate way, whilst still getting am answer.

Author TheCasimir94 ( ago)
that divorce question was really hard to watch, you really saw it hit jolie hard

Author social networking spy ( ago)
I found a video of Angelina Jolie on youtube. It has her talking about pain sex and killing snakes. I believe Angelina Jolie could be into devil worship and should not be hanging round kids. I believe she is fake and is using children for her own image.

Author Славик Бурков ( ago)
She is 100% sincere, such an amazing woman!

Author Sanju Bhandari ( ago)
she is just 42 but she look older...

Author CiscoChannel ( ago)
I don't know if it's the most beautiful the journalist or Angelina Jolie.

Author Ta Sam ( ago)
2:51 Equaly? Do you know how much misery and fight you brought bitween Serbs and Bosnians by making movie about only Serbs being a bad guys, do you even know how that war started? It is a shame to say that movie was based on real facts without any historical facts in it. You never felt war, you shouldn't make movies about war...You simply don't have soul for that.

Author Giedre Rakauskaite ( ago)
she speaks so much and says nothing.

Author Luxe Crystal ( ago)
Wonderful woman. Definitely does not fit in with the Hollywood hype and glitz. So sincere.

Author Amina El Barakeh ( ago)

Author Loqui Pepo ( ago)
regardless of the comments about she is a vampire I have to say that Brad Pitt is guilty of cheating on his ex Jennifer Anniston because Angelina was at that time just temptation that can appear in a daily basis marriage but it is no her fault because she didn't have to respect any marriage but if she knew Brad was married she shouldn't mess with him at any cause what am trynna to say is she should respect herself and not mess with married guys and Brad has the fault because he was the one who was engaged. he own more respect to his marriage than Angelina to her persona at the end of the day that relationship is over know so sad for those kids

Author Oliver Galgana ( ago)
She is an inspiration <3

Author A ( ago)
Love her work. I am a little shocked by how thin she looks. Worrisome.

Author Hamlet32 ( ago)
Yes please make more shitty movies as a means to cope through your 'difficult' time.

Author Discipline Wontleaveme ( ago)
it makes me so happy to see the comments that they feel love for angelina jolie. Genuine love becomes so rare these days that we cherish it even more as soon as we know someone that truly loves. Isn't it what we wanna give and get? So let's be more kind and more genuine to each other to become a nice person as Angelina Jolie one day! <3

Author Inna Sokolova ( ago)
Это же надо так много говорить, но так ничего и не сказать

Author grace brook ( ago)
Look up Michael Barnett, Angelina.!

Author Teddy Bear ( ago)
I love Angelina
how she express love ♥♡♡♥♥

Author veridian roots ( ago)
she's right - we need to stick together. there are politicians and others that want to divide us based on our religion, color or country of birth - please don't let them. we don't need more wars, hatred, anger or fear. celebrate both our similarities and our differences and be kind to one another even when we don't agree on everything

Author Alluring Bliss ( ago)
Maybe she is the only woman who has Brad Pitt in the palm of her hands. Some men prefer the hot wild seductress who would break their heart.

Author Jo Ban ( ago)
Give her time to heal💕

Author TSETSI :: Leech Therapy :: Medical Leeches :: Hirudo Medicinalis :: Medicinal Live Leech ( ago)
can you say Silicone Cheeks?

Author Michelle Hembury ( ago)
Fell in love with her just now.

Author Fouloul ( ago)
Sorry but she can't be any more fake! A very bad actress how can people be fooled?! Especially when she's trying so hard to be dramatic over her split! who would want to destroy a family and get revenge over their partner by taking his kids from him?! bad acting. Period.

Author NM G ( ago)
I noticed she said 'MY' children, then corrected herself and said 'OUR' children. As a child of a terrible and painful divorce all I can say is that PARENTAL ALIENATION is the biggest crime against humanity.

Author Coconut ( ago)
"we are a family" No you're not, you are divorcing, remember? You're not married soon anyomre.Beside, I hear you try to take kids away from their father, so stop saying lies. You are ripping them apart.

Author lovefromabove1214 ( ago)
I am actually a little worried about her... after all the surgeries, the stress of divorce, pushing for humanitarian work nonstop despite the turmoil... she's such a strong woman but sometimes being strong all the time means our bodies can crumble faster..

Author Timbo Quintus ( ago)
She's one stupid drama queen and I do not care how much you ladies love her

Author Hamad Oman ( ago)
I hate it when I see hypocritical stars who pretend they care about human beings in order to achieve their political goals.

Author PureSparkles22 ( ago)
An incident clearly did happen on the plane

Author sameerboy123456 ( ago)
Fake woman

Author Fetch Walker ( ago)
Poor Angelina, you can see her pain

Author Ni Ro ( ago)
Angelina, you are a special person! You are not like the rest, there is something about you that makes you a SPECIAL WOMAN, intelligent, caring, beautiful, down to earth, open minded.

Author Maryam Ebrahimi ( ago)
Haters can fuk offffffff

Author Tamara Brown ( ago)
i love her new tattoos on her back

Author TicketAirline ( ago)
she is beautiful and a legend.

Author Pokemontas ( ago)
<3 Angelina! Beautiful inside and out.

Author Hello World ( ago)
I hope I could be that gorgeous even in my 40s. But nah. Still be a potato I guess.

Author adad ( ago)
She should marry a Cambodian and give him a passport if she is so much in love with the country. Or maybe a Refugee from Syria since she loves them so much.

Author Thepomafame ( ago)
Brad is lucky to dump her. He was stupid when he left Jenn she is the correct and real woman!

Author Huxxy ( ago)
I can see why Brad left her...that body is gross

Author pinkSoysoz ( ago)
Intelligent woman !
Big ❤️
Beautiful inside / outside 🌺

Author Andy Patterson ( ago)
Where the Khmer Rouge would enter a village and kill the teacher for being infected with Western thinking the Salvadoran soldiers would enter a village and kill the teacher as he would know how to read and would be influenced by Marx.  I taught thee refugees who were classified illegal as the government was financing and training the military of Latin America that were killing their own people.  As so many were behind in their eeduation, I developed techniques to teach them three years in one and they were called "the best trained" everywhere.  Coming from Latin America where the police and military were so corrupt, they had a hard time to believe the same of the police in /America were to protect.  I helped to change that.  They taught me more than I taught them.

Author kareena dela fuente ( ago)
Such hypocrite. Alas, she fooled so many. How can you care about humanity when you want to deprive your very own children of their father? Oh yeah, I remember it's all a masquerade.

Author kareena dela fuente ( ago)
Oh boy! She officially just look like a Tranny with those cheek implants. There is nothing attractive about her anymore. She's a manipulative bitch but at least before she had a beautiful face but now even that is gone.

Author acechandlerac ( ago)

Author JaY Cee ( ago)
I love her .... Never anyone so beautiful ... so brave ... I love her

Author Dee C ( ago)
She would be hell to live with and someone you can't just crack jokes with ( Brad came to his senses! Huge hypocrite!

Author Stephanie Brennan ( ago)
Right on Angelina. Well said.

Author Oski Haddad ( ago)
I feel so sorry for her may God bless her

Author MaevaBM ( ago)
Such an incredible amazing woman !

Author Sips of Hell ( ago)

Author yash sandhu ( ago)
she is js super gold .

Author Shelley Faulkner ( ago)
Dear BBC News maybe please consider disabling comments in the future?

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