Angelina Jolie on divorce, film and Cambodia- BBC News

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  • White lightening
    White lightening 1 day ago

    I think shes a poser she goes around putting on a show but when it comes down to it she wouldnt even help people in her own family more a seductive tr

  • karin's gang
    karin's gang 5 days ago

    Yes you came to a country and fell in love with ITS PEOPLE THESE PEOPLE and your whole life changed, balblah. Talk about romanticizing and exoticizing an entire culture. She really annoys me. You adopted a kid from a country that wasn't your own. You are helping a cause in ways that you can. You aren't saving the world.

    • karin's gang
      karin's gang 5 days ago

      Edit: I really like Angelina Jolie but this world changing phase, martyr phase she's in is really really annoying. I prefer when she was okay with just being weird and self absorbed.

  • nonahsimba
    nonahsimba 8 days ago

    I love her

  • Sahar
    Sahar 8 days ago

    Brad and Angelina got separated, but ''Brangelina'' will remain in the history forever.

  • Tharuniah subramaniam

    Great inspiration to women 💐

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    Shalu Koshwal 13 days ago

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  • Mohammed shawkat
    Mohammed shawkat 13 days ago

    Sorry my sister ✍🏻🇺🇸💳

  • HaveYourWay 1984
    HaveYourWay 1984 13 days ago

    These two dirty shanks got their well deserved karma.

  • George williams
    George williams 14 days ago

    Angelina used to look so hot when she was younger, and now, well, just look at her. But she's smart and talented, so she doesn't need to fall back on her looks

  • Carmen Dee
    Carmen Dee 14 days ago

    I just like Angelina. I wish I could sit with her & talk to her.

  • Drew Findlay
    Drew Findlay 14 days ago

    Angelina Jolie has so much wisdom

  • Tato Honey
    Tato Honey 15 days ago

    I love you Angelina

  • alexispresso
    alexispresso 16 days ago

    i want angelina jolie to adopt me

  • Liv Burkhard
    Liv Burkhard 17 days ago

    It's crazy how she hardly ever looks away from the interviewer. She seems so rooted and confident

  • jamrs pancurak
    jamrs pancurak 17 days ago

    She hit the wall and washed up would like to see how much money she gets from this

  • jamrs pancurak
    jamrs pancurak 17 days ago

    This is why u go mgtow men going ur own way she's pressings him for child support she's broke and using his money

  • Summer Lare
    Summer Lare 20 days ago

    Oh dear god she was in mu dream last night. I love her 😍❤️

  • I Am Mr. Nice Guy
    I Am Mr. Nice Guy 20 days ago

    Angelina is too good for foothill Brad. congrats on seeing that. all he's ever about is alcohol and probably racist rants against that ugly Cambodian idiot. but Angelina is a sophisticated world ambassador.

  • AndyH
    AndyH 21 day ago

    Fugly and spent and useless.

  • Bears/66
    Bears/66 21 day ago

    Happy birthday Angelina Jolie your a wonderful person I'm a huge fan of yours the greatest actress i ever have seen .Down to earth person so sweet and kind

  • Bojan Anastasov
    Bojan Anastasov 22 days ago


  • Bojan Anastasov
    Bojan Anastasov 22 days ago


  • Bojan Anastasov
    Bojan Anastasov 22 days ago


  • Bojan Anastasov
    Bojan Anastasov 22 days ago


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    Bojan Anastasov 22 days ago


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    Bojan Anastasov 22 days ago


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    Bojan Anastasov 22 days ago

    Boja kurvo ALEXANDER KURVO.

  • Bojan Anastasov
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  • Rachel Casserly
    Rachel Casserly 23 days ago

    Angelina Jolie for president!❤❤❤❤

    MANSUR KARIRIN 26 days ago

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  • Samantha Stark
    Samantha Stark 26 days ago

    Angelina is beautiful inside and out!

  • violeta gika
    violeta gika 1 month ago

    I love both angie and brad.. stay strong both of you..

  • greencase
    greencase 1 month ago

    the is some eat love pray shit

  • T S
    T S 1 month ago

    she is getting more and more beautiful over the years.. I'm so amazed of this woman

  • ali n
    ali n 1 month ago

    damn she's beautiful

  • Angela Sparks
    Angela Sparks 1 month ago

    You are my queen...

  • John Ferrer
    John Ferrer 1 month ago

    Honest, intelligent, and spiritual. Angelina Jolie.

  • Phil Dawson
    Phil Dawson 1 month ago

    leave em to it all the comments on here are futile jive turkey bullshit

    CMLAFLAMME 1 month ago

    I'm reading all these comments about "I don't understand why everyone hates her".. but I haven't read one comment hating on her.

    Then I read all these comments about how people are blaming Brad Pitt for their problems, but all I have seen Brad Pitt do is take responsibility, and saying his drinking caused their issues.

    I guess what I'm saying is.. I know it's Hollywood, and Hollywood is always looking to paint a dramatic picture, but not every story has a villain.

  • Diego Thau
    Diego Thau 1 month ago

    on of the fewest time it's really worth it to go on full screen !!! she's so gorgeous !!!

  • merumo3o
    merumo3o 1 month ago

    Populism means "support for the concerns of ordinary people" (as written in the Oxford Dictionaries). The middle class is dying all over the West, but we ordinary people are demonized as soon as we start noticing there's something wrong with this system. Angelina is an elitist. She wants open borders, but she's got walled fortresses and bodyguards. ENOUGH!

  • Elton
    Elton 1 month ago

    She has the Waterworld map on her back.

  • focking Papadopulos
    focking Papadopulos 1 month ago

    I think Angelina is underrated, generally... as an artist and as a human...I have so much respect for her.
    i dont know i just love her.

  • steve kno
    steve kno 1 month ago

    Damn, time gets everyone!

  • Christian Solaris
    Christian Solaris 1 month ago

    è mata ari schizzofenia è apparsa in divisa ed è tutta plastica schizzofrenia

  • El random Mc Typo
    El random Mc Typo 1 month ago

    We'll they entertained. That's there job. They made great movies. As far as relying on actors and the social elite to bring healthy well adjusted people into the world I would walk past throwing a ball into that roulette table.

  • komal thompson
    komal thompson 1 month ago

    That back😚😚😚😚

  • Katie Campbell
    Katie Campbell 1 month ago

    She's such a liar saying she's 42. Why lie like that?

    • Ywana 999
      Ywana 999 1 month ago

      Katie Campbell...She is 42, born in 1975... Why would she lie about her age, anyway?

  • TheJessbeck
    TheJessbeck 1 month ago

    Fuck she wanna eat a burger, has that rotten veiny look, same as Madonna. Jennifer Anistin went like that when she was Married to Pitt. Not saying its pitts fault. Alot of celeb women look like this. I rather fuck a pig. Serious. Curvy women all day long.

  • kanyallhearmenow
    kanyallhearmenow 1 month ago

    Anyone can change their stripes, when she was young, she was a crazy nutjob, but she seems very different now, reminds me of lady Di actually

  • Marina Obregon
    Marina Obregon 1 month ago

    Oh no!! I can noticed her botox and fillers!😢she shouldn't have, once your beautiful your always are. Embrace aging😣


    fix the inside first then if there's still time, try to fix the outside... buddha.

  • Hibo Hassan
    Hibo Hassan 1 month ago

    i like her

  • rottweilerman69
    rottweilerman69 1 month ago


  • All Mighty
    All Mighty 1 month ago

    I feel like she needs a burger

  • lucinda415
    lucinda415 1 month ago

    she looks healthier! i want brad and jolie back together.... So badly

  • sochuiwon khapai
    sochuiwon khapai 1 month ago

    love all the way from manipur India.. we love you Angie stay beautiful and strong

  • Ana Kuma
    Ana Kuma 1 month ago

    Most gorgeous woman in the world, she is an angel! I wish her and her family health and happiness!

  • Peach Plastic
    Peach Plastic 1 month ago

    It's difficult to see her now. So deathly thin. And she's been through so much.
    I hope she pulls through and finds happiness again. I love her. She was so brave and strong all her life.

  • Honey Colonna Covers

    She's a beautiful spirtual pure soul, much like Micheal jackson was , i love you angie, big support from Israel

  • Huana Leg
    Huana Leg 1 month ago

    She sits with her back straight! Compared to the interviewer

  • No Stromo
    No Stromo 1 month ago

    Her legs look like she's shooting for Miss Auschwitz Birkenau. I refuse to believe she doesn't know such bodyweight is dangerous.

  • 50hellkat2
    50hellkat2 1 month ago

    Brad and angie need to be responsible adults to their children that they chose to have. No child wants their parents to split, they want them to work it out and stay together. I truly hope she can apply her international tolerance to her own marriage and keep her family together once Brad gets sober.

  • Sahar Sousou
    Sahar Sousou 1 month ago

    Angelina you are beautiful and the most beautiful your soul .. I ask God to heal you from every disease and all of them ... Do not influence the words of people ridiculous on your body, it is really love you should love the soul and not the body .. The disease is an affliction and the wisdom behind patience. I do not mastered English so I just used the translation .. I hope the message is clear

  • liran yatom
    liran yatom 1 month ago

    .I love you so much the humanity in you. you not only a beautiful woman from the outside is even more beautiful inside
    .I love you so much not as an angelina Joli I love you Because of who you are. We live in a world that has so many forms so .
    .many forms but only one truth only one truth
    .Your heart is so sweet you r so sweet
    So much love. So much love
    I bless you with all the good things in the world. I bless you with my love

  • roxiechan1
    roxiechan1 1 month ago

    I feel so bad for her:( she's on the verge of tears.

  • mary
    mary 1 month ago

    she's so beautiful

  • gypsytwigg glitter
    gypsytwigg glitter 1 month ago

    she looks like shit here

  • Deiasara Torres
    Deiasara Torres 1 month ago

    Did BBC News put the reporter just look like Jennifer to put Angelina in risk? that's stupid.

  • Octavia Dingss
    Octavia Dingss 1 month ago

    No Matter what you have gone through, you can be stronger than very hard difficult time and overcome it.
    Impermanence. Nothing last in this life, everything keep changing. We need to be more kind to eachother..
    I hope you stay strong. Thanks for being a big part of helping this world. Stay strong!

    Octavia Dingss

  • angelina delila
    angelina delila 1 month ago

    my gosh....Angelina expressions is so hard as her veins pops up on her forhead....really aged!

  • Michelle Monteiro
    Michelle Monteiro 1 month ago

    There's so much love and soul power in her that I always have tears in my eyes when I'm watching her. Angelina é um anjo de amor nesse mundo 💖

  • salar zarieh
    salar zarieh 1 month ago


  • wiktoris a
    wiktoris a 1 month ago

    n^^; b

  • lisa heaney
    lisa heaney 1 month ago

    Isn't it wrong to cheat with a married man??? Stop preaching...

  • foevachanster
    foevachanster 1 month ago

    😍love her!!!! She's such an inspiration!

  • Rachel Maxwell
    Rachel Maxwell 1 month ago

    Why are her cheeks so puffy? I hope she's not injecting her face. 😳😩

  • The Conrad
    The Conrad 1 month ago

    i get this very negative vibe about Angie when i look at her. i don't know what it is but she is looking scary as hell and rough

  • Bunleap_cambo
    Bunleap_cambo 1 month ago

    I'm Cambodian and I feel very proud of my country for Angelina Jolie come to my country🙂🙂

  • Starla Muldrow
    Starla Muldrow 1 month ago

    she seems as if she is in alot of pain

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 1 month ago


  • Anya
    Anya 1 month ago

    I love her so much

  • David De La Peña Gaspariño

    I have the feeling that they will comeback together in the future.

  • WhatWas ThatNoise?
    WhatWas ThatNoise? 1 month ago

    Plastic surgery is making her uglier.

  • ion Bismut
    ion Bismut 1 month ago

    this lady look tired hope will not hear bad news in the future..

  • Lily Belle
    Lily Belle 1 month ago

    she has always been my role model. she's strong, beautiful, and independent woman who went through so much. I just love her soul. please live long and be happy angelina!

  • dmac Tyler
    dmac Tyler 1 month ago

    Isn't interesting than her talk is all about her children and how they get through this difficult time and her partner is talking about himself and his issues. I guess this is the reason she has the custody.

  • Dani
    Dani 1 month ago

    she's totally lifted and botoxed all over the place...

  • H. Teeter Woman Wife and Mommy

    I am actually impressed with Angelina as a mother, she protected them so gracefully <3

  • fame links
    fame links 1 month ago

    I love Angelina, a Woman doing her best to survive and live as happy she can. I'm glad she adopted maddox, without him she won't live happy as well. when she adopt maddox and being single mom. she become stronger woman. and that's how Brad Pitt realized and saw the beauty relationship of this two and Brad join in and he knows the love of this two is too strong and he wants to be part of this family. he knew, the boy need a father, and the woman need a husband. and that's how Brad did he's best to win her heart by express and play to Maddox. I hope someday work things out for this family. God blessed. love fans.

  • xo xo
    xo xo 1 month ago

    I admire her.

  • Rahul Brahmin
    Rahul Brahmin 1 month ago

    Worlds most beautiful girl???

    I still cant ever get over the lie !

    She is a wonderful person and was tremendously attractive once upon a time yes...

    But most beautiful>??? seriously!

  • noezwayout76
    noezwayout76 2 months ago

    She is very well spoken. I'm impressed.

    CHHEARNG DARO 2 months ago


  • EnigmaticMustard
    EnigmaticMustard 2 months ago

    I love her 😍

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