How To Make Fire With A LEMON.

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  • In this video I show you how to make fire with a lemon. This is an awesome survival tip that you don´t want to miss.


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  • Pinky Mixology
    Pinky Mixology 11 hours ago

    Combustible lemons!

    SKRT YAM 20 hours ago

    there is a better version of u called crazy Russian hacker

  • Nonde Menai
    Nonde Menai 20 hours ago

    I power my whole house with a lemon tree!

  • zachary nash
    zachary nash 23 hours ago

    Russian hacker?

  • Tyler Em
    Tyler Em 2 days ago

    "I'll get my engineers to design a COMBUSTIBLE LEMON that will BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN!" *coughing*

  • Yarnoshke
    Yarnoshke 2 days ago

    Could you start a 12v battery for a motorcycle with 3 lemons?

  • Yarnoshke
    Yarnoshke 2 days ago

    has anyone tried it?

  • Paul B
    Paul B 4 days ago

    This is fake

  • Lolitron456
    Lolitron456 4 days ago

    Rip off

  • Arnault Gondri
    Arnault Gondri 4 days ago


  • nic farrow
    nic farrow 5 days ago

    exposed as a lie.

  • Kelvin McGill
    Kelvin McGill 5 days ago

    but can it charge my phone

  • bigraviolees
    bigraviolees 6 days ago

    lemon hand grenades won the first world war for us

  • Jake Steampson
    Jake Steampson 6 days ago

    You look much younger today, Taras!

  • Garrick Pearson
    Garrick Pearson 6 days ago

    by by

  • Tamlin Nicholl
    Tamlin Nicholl 6 days ago

    In soviet russia lemon squeezes YOU

  • carl tong
    carl tong 6 days ago

    Kids in Africa could've eaten that lemon, but i like it...

  • Tyler McCormick
    Tyler McCormick 6 days ago

    Lemon try!

  • Sofia E
    Sofia E 7 days ago

    yesss to science! you rock, NorthSurvival

  • Max Kosiba
    Max Kosiba 7 days ago

    FAKE! FAKE!!! FAKE!!!!!!!

  • Alastair Waters
    Alastair Waters 7 days ago

    U S and A

  • peopleR2stupid
    peopleR2stupid 8 days ago

    2 things: (1) PEOPLE ARE STUPID (2) THIS IS FAKE.. He has a battery hidden inside the lemon people.. Wake the hell up !

  • Ellviera Wedding
    Ellviera Wedding 8 days ago

    bruh.. live hard.. :'D

  • Arnoldmichael Arnolsmichael

    how volt limon battrey

  • Lance Mcbiggerstab
    Lance Mcbiggerstab 8 days ago

    "It's easier to use a match" "who is going to have all that"? No shit you dumb fucks, it is still neat. The more I read Youtube comments the more I realize we need to weed out the human population. What a bunch of useless dickheads

  • Tyler Watts
    Tyler Watts 8 days ago

    o hell no you are copying crazyrusenhacker

  • Christine J
    Christine J 8 days ago

    Interesting 🤔

  • Emerald M
    Emerald M 8 days ago

    For those complaining. He has the accent probably because he is Russian.
    And everyone wants to know how to make a fire with a lemon.

  • SuperTNT2005
    SuperTNT2005 9 days ago

    i'm cave jhonson and you know ho i am? i'm the man that's going to burn your house down with the lemons.

  • Robert Sullivan
    Robert Sullivan 9 days ago

    Cave Johnson would be proud!

  • Search4Truth
    Search4Truth 10 days ago

    I enyoid the video very much. 🙂

  • G/Funk
    G/Funk 10 days ago

    Impressive, but it's not a survival tip. Who the hell would have all that on them when it counts??
    P.S. Put the mask back on

  • Flo Telip
    Flo Telip 10 days ago

    The lemon gives 5 Volts so you can charge you phone with it !

  • jack squatt
    jack squatt 10 days ago

    You can do the same thing with a piece of steel wool and a 9 volt battery.

  • Emran Nekasade
    Emran Nekasade 11 days ago

    When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade - MAKE LIFE take THOSE LEMONS BACK! get MAD!!

  • Sunshine Girl
    Sunshine Girl 11 days ago


  • .
    . 11 days ago


  • .
    . 11 days ago


  • .
    . 11 days ago

    Good luck finding a lemon in the snowy woods...

  • Perle Andrieux
    Perle Andrieux 11 days ago

    The times i get lost in the forest with a lemon and nails.
    This video is just the ticket

  • Francisco Oliveira
    Francisco Oliveira 12 days ago

    1:49 of the video, my internet the youtube just shut down, the video stop and i was forced to reload, did this happened with anyone else, was it just my internet? or is this kind of a virus or something??? that was weird...

  • NarutoBaruto Trend
    NarutoBaruto Trend 12 days ago

    i use lemon juice my house is on fire..

    BUSH WACKER 12 days ago

    Wow Crazyrushinhacker has a twin

  • Don Cornwall
    Don Cornwall 13 days ago

    Lemons are more money then lighters

  • victorpr01
    victorpr01 13 days ago


  • Srycko
    Srycko 13 days ago

    Prenez vos citron, clous et fils, moi je prend le briquet

  • Dom
    Dom 14 days ago

    Thanks! I lit up my house with 1327 of those! No electricity bill!

  • Evaristo
    Evaristo 14 days ago

    so cringy watching this when he is trying so hard to be crazyrussianhacker

  • MacArthur Piper
    MacArthur Piper 14 days ago

    Just got to remember to take your lemon, nails, pins, steel wool and wire with you every where you go, or you can take your lighter! lol

  • storedpack5029
    storedpack5029 14 days ago

    your a copy of crazy rushin hacker

  • rionegrindio
    rionegrindio 14 days ago

    Excelent muy friend!! tanks for ShareThis!!! Best Regards from Patagonia Argentina!!!

  • slasher1113
    slasher1113 15 days ago

    I’ve been thinking. When life gives you lemons? Don’t make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don’t want your damn lemons! What am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life’s manager! Make life rue the day it thought is could give me lemons! Do you know who I am? I’m the man who’s going to burn your house down! With the lemons! I’m going to get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!

  • John King
    John King 15 days ago

    whats up with all these kids trying to act Russian like FPS russia

  • Hot Rod
    Hot Rod 15 days ago

    why is your intro CrazyRussianHacker's intro, QUIT COPYING

  • Tretown Tret
    Tretown Tret 15 days ago


    ✡ CSGO ALFA 15 days ago

    You can't find lemons in the forest tho+

  • Veaceslav Soloviov
    Veaceslav Soloviov 16 days ago

    hahahahaha kak v zkazki kascha iz topora :D

  • jeff smith
    jeff smith 16 days ago

    Crazy russian hacker?

  • Robert Guzzi
    Robert Guzzi 16 days ago

    This video is fake......... another you tube scam, and by the way.... the accent is just as phony

  • B. Alvn
    B. Alvn 16 days ago


  • anthony rivera
    anthony rivera 16 days ago

    copies the crazy russian hacjer

  • lord narwhal
    lord narwhal 16 days ago

    Make a combustible lemon that BURNS YOUR HOUSE DOWN

  • Churm Rincewind
    Churm Rincewind 16 days ago

    Give this man some money so he can buy more lemons!

  • Som1 Likes Sodium Hypochlorite

    wheres the shaky camera

  • Nathan Meyer
    Nathan Meyer 17 days ago

    Copycat to Russian hacker, nothing is original

  • Martín Monteiro
    Martín Monteiro 18 days ago


  • Cassano Enterprises
    Cassano Enterprises 18 days ago

    "Welcome to my laboratory where safety is number one priority" belongs to CrazyRussianHacker, dude !! Shame on you.

  • sluda ron sluda
    sluda ron sluda 18 days ago

    When life give's you lemons YOU MAKE A BIG ASS BONFIRE.

  • Hacker0_o
    Hacker0_o 18 days ago

    Safety is #1 priority, hahah so original I'm laughing so hard... are you fucking serious

  • محمد العراقي

    كلب بن كلب. سويت سوه ماصار.

  • Jordy H
    Jordy H 18 days ago

    And you need toilet paper 😑

  • Brian Martin
    Brian Martin 18 days ago


  • Kevin Bransky
    Kevin Bransky 18 days ago

    Too bad lemons don't grow in areas with snow.

  • The Artful Dodger
    The Artful Dodger 18 days ago

    In America, we use a Bic lighter.

  • Rory Derbyshire
    Rory Derbyshire 19 days ago

    Finally, a simple solution where I can just reach into my back pocket and make a fire!

  • SammerHammer 360
    SammerHammer 360 19 days ago

    Safety is number one priority, fucking ripoff

  • andy kirkness
    andy kirkness 19 days ago

    neat, but when will that ever be useful?

  • M0M0 PLAYS
    M0M0 PLAYS 19 days ago

    omg the thick accent though

  • PooManchoo2
    PooManchoo2 19 days ago

    Wow.. A fucking lemon!

  • YUR
    YUR 19 days ago

    So fake. battery inside lemon. watch the exposed version instead

  • Chad Martfeld
    Chad Martfeld 19 days ago

    nice fake accent douchebag

  • KerbalSpacePhysics
    KerbalSpacePhysics 20 days ago

    When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade. Make life regret the day it gave you lemons. Go talk with life's manager! You know what I'M gonna do? I'm gonna BURN life's house down, WITH THE LEMON!

  • Ishaan Gupta
    Ishaan Gupta 20 days ago

    just copying the Crazy russian hacker. not even original. man u r shit

  • V. A. Popov
    V. A. Popov 20 days ago

    Instructions unclear. Ended up nailed up.

  • baconology
    baconology 20 days ago

    way hotter than the fake american guy

  • J. I.
    J. I. 20 days ago

    Poor lemon

  • Sang Thang
    Sang Thang 20 days ago

    Yo yo yo stop stop ✋ we know that you are trying to steal from @crazyrussianhacker

  • boerboel313
    boerboel313 20 days ago

    Nice fake accent. Not consistent at all. Try not talking and just show us. I muted you.

  • Omar Gamil
    Omar Gamil 20 days ago

    i hope you enyoy it hahahha

  • opollo
    opollo 21 day ago

    I am out in the woods an lost, so why would I carry all that when I can take a lighter?

  • Zach attack 187
    Zach attack 187 21 day ago

    Through the whole video I kept wondering what is a sink nail then I realized he was saying a zinc nail

  • The Gaming Husky
    The Gaming Husky 22 days ago


  • C D
    C D 22 days ago

    Wrong and fake

  • NATIVE Gaming
    NATIVE Gaming 22 days ago

    is this guy a crazy russian hacker impersonator???

  • The Party
    The Party 23 days ago

    MacGyver in the wild.

  • lucy jamanika
    lucy jamanika 23 days ago


  • TheDeathtrapON
    TheDeathtrapON 23 days ago

    thank you chemestry class , now i can understand why this works ...

  • Fritz Payne
    Fritz Payne 23 days ago


  • Ники Ники
    Ники Ники 23 days ago

    There will not be 5 volts there

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