Sudden Attack Download and Registration Guide

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How to Download and Register Sudden Attack

Download and Redistration Link

English Version

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Author TechnoMIML ( ago)
Its JSA.

Author TechnoMIML ( ago)
Captain obvious!

Author Yhung Wong ( ago)
== damn english version dun hav free 5 rifles and points

Author Splatcolour ( ago)
the song DJ GO !!! DJ GO DJ!!!! GO GO GO !! song name is : DJ
Steviev-Running on empty

Author SilverZPro ( ago)
this sudden attack so easy to download stupid people also know how to
download :D

Author Ryan88640 ( ago)
Theres is no "Big Red Button"

Author ChoppMuzicAnime ( ago)

Author SuperArelee ( ago)
i got problem with the captcha

Author SuperArelee ( ago)
dude i still cant register it

Author SuperArelee ( ago)
dude i still cant register it

Author Jack Black ( ago)
error code = = what's wrong?

Author HollowedLife ( ago)
dont waste ur time with sudden attack NA its srsly filled with hackers.

Author GarenaSex ( ago)
can't use my own email

Author tirukaka013 ( ago)
does the 2ne1 characters are here?

Author Immortal ­Hunter ( ago)
music fail, video quality fail, at least slow down got damit.

Author fpsisfun ( ago)
i registered and made a SA acc and it say status is active but when i try
to log in game it keep saying error code (61)(4) and i looked in error code
guide and it say tht mean my acc is inactive wat do i do

Author Thanh.D.Nguyen ( ago)

Author operation626 ( ago)
need help its says wrong id

Author Lee Kowen ( ago)
erm. i downloaded it but I can't seem to play the game. I'm from Singapore.
Is the Singapore connection unable to connect to the Japan's?

Author Jotaato ( ago)
music ?

Author iseeinwidescreen ( ago)
i accidentally made a gamehi account so now i have to wait two weeks to get
a new account for asiasoft

Author roxixon619 ( ago)
so gow to register please tell me...

Author TimeWishNocturne ( ago)
register at SuddenAttackSEA

Author Elizabeth Lim ( ago)
6:12 i clicked it nth happened help

Author Elizabeth Lim ( ago)
nid national id help

Author amel143mia ( ago)
mas maganda pa Blackshot at Operation 7

Author renzgambit21 ( ago)
ganda ng laro ano

Author amel143mia ( ago)
hey does this game works in Philippines???

Author Ismail Waseem ( ago)
why does it say i have to wait 2 days for it to download finish omg

Author caspaas ( ago)
Whats the name of the first song???

Author TheBeast ( ago)
y we need our ssn?

Author Ferrr Nandooo ( ago)
exually it's 460

Author Eeloy ( ago)
how to register in american sudden att ack : Please Check UserID : tell
when i klick register me

Author jpmont11 (225 years ago)
dude but now it needs our SSN.

Author cerneapatric19 ( ago)
How many minutes or hours I have to wait? I don't want to wait a hour or 2.
If is just 30 minutes is ok XD

Author jung bro391 ( ago)
wow 8min not tat long.... -_-

Author Foued Cahri ( ago)
bloody hell took me to dowload 12 hours

Author Awrythm ZWicked ( ago)
Yeah that's a long download. Took me 8minutes =(

Author FrietjeM ( ago)
woooow, what is the name of the music!! :O

Author Captain Nick ( ago)
i cant even go to the main menu and the whole screen the white and grey

Author Pikarya ( ago)
Please take note. If you are interested in Sudden Attack. And have Japanese
friends on the JP Client. You CANNOT play with them from the NA/AsiaSoft
client. Just a heads up.

Author Hazwan Jumpen ( ago)
wad does it mean by package?? i can even play the fucking game after i
download it..

Author mageasone ( ago)
it won't send me my email :(

Author iPlayRSi ( ago)
how the hell i play i downloaded no icon no fking game start on the english

Author sonypower159 ( ago)
i keep getting error

Author antolir002 ( ago)
it took me 3 mins LOL

Author Brukyvk ( ago)
you dont need to do this anymore, the sudden attack english version has
been released ^^ just go to the link at the video descrition.

Author kevinta123 ( ago)
wat the hell i cant login i made a acc and verified it

Author Brukyvk ( ago)
Sudden Attack English version! site at the video descrition!

Author Klorasourox ( ago)
lol 400 MB is small stupid ass

Author IlikeHotGirls45 ( ago)
dang thats a long ass download

Author TailGrind25 ( ago)
hey after pressing "gamestart" and loading up after the pictures when it
says connecting to server, then goes to a black screen and says ERROR CODE
-10000 and its been doing it for over a week now do u know y?? help????

Author SleepyBoiBoi ( ago)
i cant for my email

Author Brukyvk ( ago)
where is dinheiro written? Oo

Author Tako Pako ( ago)
dinheiro ? tath means money in portuguese

Author DummyBunBun ( ago)
asiasoft have the english ver ^^ btw, this game rocks !

Author 민준 홍 (1087 years ago)
i downloaded the SuddenAttackv3.00 somethin, and it came in a compressed
folder like 460mb and it came out to be error. how the hell can i fix this?

Author Brukyvk ( ago)
eheh nice :D

Author Brukyvk ( ago)
just follow the tutorial mate, I haven't got any viruses... its a pretty
nice game to play :)

Author Flalien ( ago)
It worked! All I did wrong was use Firefox! Now I think I shall go install
the damn patches.

Author Brukyvk ( ago)
It works man! I made this tutorial because there was one that I watch that
wasn't so good, so I gave it a try xD Thanks for rating! Cheers

Author Flalien ( ago)
I used to play this with my Korean friend, but he went back to Korea so I
couldn't play. I tried Combat Arms, which I like, but I am now going to
play this again! Thanks a lot, even if it doesn't work! 5 stars from me!

Author mopdop50 ( ago)
Go on to mopdop50 to find out how to doawnload combat arms and english
suddden attack safe and fast!!!!

Author mopdop50 ( ago)
wats error code 10000 i live in nz but it keeps coming up

Author X9SOLDIER ( ago)
is it really fun

Author GodSlappedMe ( ago)
Is this the japeanese version? reply, pls, its no use watching this video,
if its japanese, most people on youtube are english. if not, this is

Author Brukyvk ( ago)
I do not play this game anymore, so for this reason I advise you guys to
give a look at Combat Arms, its a pretty awesome game to play, where you
can modify your weapons and much more..

Author ironfist36 ( ago)
how to run on vista?? i keep pop up a error message.... help!!!!

Author HansCabrera (518 years ago)
u need an AsiaSoft passport and u have 2 make an Sudden Attack account on
AsiaSoft. hopfully that helps i register on the Singapore site because it
gives you AsiaSoft in english

Author Unrealdude101 ( ago)
yea i downloaded the english version yes it is out in english but i get
some werid error code saying it cant find the sudden attack.msi plz help

Author bremner006 ( ago)
this is the Japanese Version

Author Justin S ArrivalOfDusk ( ago)
The sing is Running On Empty - DJ Steviev

Author Lizarrdo (199 years ago)
Korean, not Japanese.

Author T0M4T4D4S (1530 years ago)
thx subscribed!

Author JMpinoyz ( ago)
nice vid thanks

Author dubbabc ( ago)
great video thanks how ever when i click the game start nothing happens
does anyone have a solution to that

Author qwertyarchex ( ago)
Hey I had the same problem as herosarc11k. When i click on the suddenattack
icon it brings me to a website and i logged in but it somehow do not allow
me to log in and forced me to logout.

Author frosty321123 ( ago)
i get to play sudden attack man this is awsome i though i cant play other
country games

Author Brukyvk ( ago)
tried my best to fixed that problem xD so that everyone could understand it

Author herosarc11k ( ago)
umm. I got a problem after I registered. Cause when I logged in. It came up
with a mesage in japanese that said that my account logged out to protect
my personal info. Do you know how I can fix this?

Author Jason Loh (1088 years ago)
the english version is for asiasoft coming out on 7jan09

Author Brukyvk ( ago)
but its a nice game :D hope this tutorial helped ;)

Author Brukyvk ( ago)
yes, but when i downloaded the game it was on a xp pc.

Author Brukyvk ( ago)
yes warrock has some hackers, but when SA has his English version, than
there will be lots of hacker there to.. but anyway its a nice game :D

Author flashhacker328 ( ago)
I play warrock and it is the worst game ever... There are hackers in EVERY
room. I have tried every game out there and Sudden Attack is funnest (if
that was a word) so I guess i just gotta hold out untill english version
comes out soon...

Author gaston23456789 ( ago)
does anybody know the english versions of sudden attack

Author Brukyvk ( ago)
I dont know any group "/ but if u want to play FPS Online game where you
can speak with the players.. well u have warrock, its a nice game and its
free to play :D

Author flashhacker328 ( ago)
Does anyone know of an english clan or some group of players that speak
english ingame? This game is fun but it annoying that you cant talk to

Author flashhacker328 ( ago)
I am not sure but i think that is you ingame ID that people see you as. I
dont know for sure though

Author flashhacker328 ( ago)
This is the Japanese version of game which doesn't require a residence code.

Author saengow64 ( ago)
**SOMEONE REPLY BACK** when i click game start... the box comes up... i let
it load.. then out on nowhere another pop up came up and said... Dis
program is not responding... close the program now or cehck online for
solutio and close the program.... anybody noe why that happens??

Author CoffeBuffed ( ago)
Do u have to be korean to play the game?

Author Brukyvk ( ago)
are you using Internet Explorer?

Author Ryan Triplett ( ago)
Im having problem When i press "Game start" It took me to this screen on IE
and i tried to download active x or whatever ....but then it froze and i
tried it again...but i dont know how to get it downloaded Please help! "(

Author Brukyvk ( ago)
x'DD Glad I could help you : ) Cheers mate (dont forget to subscribe : D)

Author muhammed al-mikhlafi ( ago)
man i love u sooo muc idk what i was will do without u i swear if i meet u
u will be my best friend EVER!!!

Author John Wilson ( ago)
Im stuck on where you enter the lobby then all of a sudden they say to type
something to play the game????? What do you type in the blank??????

Author Oscar Sanchez ( ago)
LoL i am little good in SA but i SUCK LIKE HELL i warrock xD!!! i always
got killed too fast! =P but is k ^^

Author Brukyvk ( ago)
ahah x'DD Well this game is a bit different xPp maiby ur better on this one
^^ I suck at SA LOL x'DD

Author Oscar Sanchez ( ago)
NO!!!i dont like warrock :(!!! i suck at that game XD!!!!

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