Sudden Attack Download and Registration Guide

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How to Download and Register Sudden Attack

Download and Redistration Link

English Version

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Author TechnoMIML ( ago)
Its JSA.

Author TechnoMIML ( ago)
Captain obvious!

Author Yhung Wong (Sid) ( ago)
== damn english version dun hav free 5 rifles and points 

Author SilverZPro ( ago)
this sudden attack so easy to download stupid people also know how to
download :D

Author SuperArelee ( ago)
i got problem with the captcha

Author SuperArelee ( ago)
dude i still cant register it 

Author SuperArelee ( ago)
dude i still cant register it 

Author Jack Black ( ago)
error code = = what's wrong?

Author HollowedLife ( ago)
dont waste ur time with sudden attack NA its srsly filled with hackers.

Author Thanh.D.Nguyen ( ago)

Author operation626 ( ago)
need help its says wrong id

Author Lee Kowen ( ago)
erm. i downloaded it but I can't seem to play the game. I'm from Singapore.
Is the Singapore connection unable to connect to the Japan's?

Author iseeinwidescreen ( ago)
i accidentally made a gamehi account so now i have to wait two weeks to get
a new account for asiasoft

Author Elizabeth Lim ( ago)
6:12 i clicked it nth happened help

Author Elizabeth Lim ( ago)
nid national id help

Author Ismail Waseem ( ago)
why does it say i have to wait 2 days for it to download finish omg

Author caspaas ( ago)
Whats the name of the first song???

Author TheBeast ( ago)
y we need our ssn?

Author Ferrr Nandooo ( ago)
exually it's 460

Author Eeloy ( ago)
how to register in american sudden att ack : Please Check UserID : tell
when i klick register me

Author jung bro391 ( ago)
wow 8min not tat long.... -_-

Author Foued Cahri ( ago)
bloody hell took me to dowload 12 hours

Author Awrythm ZWicked ( ago)
Yeah that's a long download. Took me 8minutes =(

Author FrietjeM ( ago)
woooow, what is the name of the music!! :O

Author Captain Nick ( ago)
i cant even go to the main menu and the whole screen the white and grey

Author Pikarya ( ago)
Please take note. If you are interested in Sudden Attack. And have Japanese
friends on the JP Client. You CANNOT play with them from the NA/AsiaSoft
client. Just a heads up.

Author Hazwan Jumpen ( ago)
wad does it mean by package?? i can even play the fucking game after i
download it..

Author antolir002 ( ago)
it took me 3 mins LOL

Author kevinta123 ( ago)
wat the hell i cant login i made a acc and verified it

Author Tako Pako ( ago)
dinheiro ? tath means money in portuguese

Author 민준홍 (1087 years ago)
i downloaded the SuddenAttackv3.00 somethin, and it came in a compressed
folder like 460mb and it came out to be error. how the hell can i fix this?

Author GodSlappedMe ( ago)
Is this the japeanese version? reply, pls, its no use watching this video,
if its japanese, most people on youtube are english. if not, this is

Author Justin S ArrivalOfDusk ( ago)
The sing is Running On Empty - DJ Steviev

Author dubbabc ( ago)
great video thanks how ever when i click the game start nothing happens
does anyone have a solution to that

Author qwertyarchex ( ago)
Hey I had the same problem as herosarc11k. When i click on the suddenattack
icon it brings me to a website and i logged in but it somehow do not allow
me to log in and forced me to logout.

Author frosty321123 ( ago)
i get to play sudden attack man this is awsome i though i cant play other
country games

Author herosarc11k ( ago)
umm. I got a problem after I registered. Cause when I logged in. It came up
with a mesage in japanese that said that my account logged out to protect
my personal info. Do you know how I can fix this?

Author Jason Loh (1088 years ago)
the english version is for asiasoft coming out on 7jan09

Author Ryan Triplett ( ago)
Im having problem When i press "Game start" It took me to this screen on IE
and i tried to download active x or whatever ....but then it froze and i
tried it again...but i dont know how to get it downloaded Please help! "(

Author muhammed al-mikhlafi ( ago)
man i love u sooo muc idk what i was will do without u i swear if i meet u
u will be my best friend EVER!!!

Author John Wilson ( ago)
Im stuck on where you enter the lobby then all of a sudden they say to type
something to play the game????? What do you type in the blank??????

Author Oscar Sanchez ( ago)
LoL i am little good in SA but i SUCK LIKE HELL i warrock xD!!! i always
got killed too fast! =P but is k ^^

Author Oscar Sanchez ( ago)
NO!!!i dont like warrock :(!!! i suck at that game XD!!!!

Author Oscar Sanchez ( ago)
do you still playing??? i wana play with someone who speak english xD
wathever everione add me : 0oOSkar

Author Oscar Sanchez ( ago)
dont worry i find the problem ^^ Thanks you aniway ^^

Author Oscar Sanchez ( ago)
that happens to me too u know what to do?!!!!!!

Author HD Videos ( ago)
thanks alot =]

Author ianRuiz2004 ( ago)
Thanks man what you posted is better than i watched the old registration
guide. Ill give this vid a rating a 5/5

Author voodoorap ( ago)
I downloaded it, and regisered, but still dont know how to play. Because of
the japanese language on the page :S:S hten it says i need to install a
active-x or something, but when i try, whole the thing get frozen...i dont
know what to do now, please help!

Author BoobLover9999 ( ago)

Author TheMan ( ago)
This game is interesting

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