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21 Savage and Joe La Puma go sneaker shopping at Stadium Goods in New York City and talk about his dream Air Jordan collaboration, hustling for sneakers back in the day, and Drake sending him sneakers.

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Author Zane ( ago)
He rich as fuck.

Author Connor Buckley ( ago)
why 21 look like bart simpson lol

Author Lexuss Correa ( ago)
Yo I would definitely buy those Jordan's with Jason on the side

Author Lily Taylor ( ago)
Now a days all are getting fame on youtube just by taking advantages from the site *(AUTHENTIC HITS DOT COM)*

Author james colt ( ago)
Joe looks scared af 😂

Author Matthew Conde ( ago)
bruh them 5s gonna be ugly

Author For that reason Im out ( ago)
Cashier ig? Come on internet

Author Malle ( ago)
He is like the opposite of designer

Author Chapped CC ( ago)
He sound bored as hell

Author Nathaniel Rios ( ago)
"These ugly as hell," he really is a savage.

Author chayohombre ( ago)
Jordan x M&M's

Author Jeremiah Gonzalez ( ago)
at 2:22 21 said the Space Jam 5's were ugly but he still wore them in his Red Opps music video

Author john ( ago)
sneaker shopping with xxxtentacion please

Author Mohamed Sultan ( ago)
"now how would your own car look like?"

"a knife...just a giant knife...."

Author Cameron Alston ( ago)
he drilled that cashier after he copped the kicks.

Author Misho Amoli ( ago)
21 issa knife reseller! #RamboGvng

Author Derrin Toshiro ( ago)
1:02 'lemm

Author Александр Сариев ( ago)
intro song?

Author Ben ( ago)
he look like a shy kid

Author Lisandro Martinez ( ago)
They look like some sour patches or some shit😂😂😂

Author Dylan Schultze ( ago)
Did he just call a 4 a 3?

Author Divotic ( ago)
21! 21!

Author meech wright ( ago)
issa knife

Author Jay Red ( ago)
0:32 21 savage you ungrateful piece of shit

Author xxNavySniper7xx 。 ( ago)
He said the 13s are ugly. He better not be the one wearing them 15s

Author Rahmir Crowley ( ago)
Nigga said them space jam 5s was ugg but was wearing them in his Red Opps video

Author Aa_ron Beast ( ago)
I like how 21 savage is a rapper and a good father

Author Davion Bennett ( ago)
dem 5's wold be hard af

Author EJ Holmes ( ago)
savage take care of his kids respect

Author Lioness ☆CSGO☆ ( ago)
Issa knife

Author Divrsty ( ago)
21 seems bout chill af

Author Raybanman Life after death ( ago)
I now see this guys personality blows the roof off them other freshman

Author donald trump ( ago)
Issa sneaker

Author Eduardo Gallegos ( ago)
yo am i the only who think the cash register hot af?

Author Braydan Reames ( ago)
issa knife

Author mach10 ( ago)
"oh eminem the rapper?"

Author mach10 ( ago)
wait wtf, 21 savage got kids?!

Author Cravel ( ago)
21 Savage loves knifes

Author Yb Eassy ( ago)
when he said " 11 " i thought he said " atlanta " 😂😭😂😂😂

Author Tommy Le ( ago)
Intro beat goes hard

Author slay Cruz ( ago)
"It Look Gangsta"

Author Omar Kroos ( ago)
Wat kind of glasses is he wearing

Author Omar Kroos ( ago)
Wat kind of glasses is he wearing

Author Omar Kroos ( ago)
Wat kind of glasses is he wearing ?

Author KAhrrob PLAYZ ( ago)
what store this?

Author Khalil Pankey ( ago)
he scare me every time I see him

Author jeffrey.shoddy ( ago)

Author Ron Miller ( ago)
As crazy as he is, he's pretty smart with his money

Author day rays ( ago)
lowkey the cashier remind me of sasha obama😍

Author Ballsinmythroat Ballsinmythroat ( ago)
If this dude made something. He'd put a knife on it with Jason and of course, slaughter gang. Boi he would put a knife on a sword. He don't care

Author sw00shsneakers ( ago)
I was scared the whole video.

Author Rick Rizq ( ago)
Lmao how you go from reminiscing about how your mom bought you some kicks to calling them "ugly as hell"?

Author Elijah Farquharson ( ago)
Presented by McDonalds

Author Gregory J. Mansfield ( ago)
@ the 5:51 mark
-the realest answer of all time, exactly how we ALL shop!

Author Erikthejoker ( ago)
He would put a knife logo on a knife

Author ReseTv ( ago)
You can cross out that thought of the slaughter gang jordans Jordan not doing that gang affiliation shit 😭😭

Author Norberto Diaz ( ago)
nigga ain't no shoe fanatic he a guppy don't like low tops n shhh..fuck this fake ass rapper dumb ass nigga ...21 Savage wtf..faggot ass nigga..picking up trash n lying about his life haha dumbass

Author Joe Patching ( ago)
Moving to ATL in summer, New to YouTube, about to start vlogging my retirement from swimming. Would love some early subscribers!

Author Supreme Man ( ago)
Gang shit bitch

Author Frank Townsend ( ago)
What a excellent guy!

Author Frazer aaa ( ago)
a lamb

Author paolomiguel31 ( ago)
This episode has the exact opposite feeling of Desiigner's. lmao

Author Donald Trump ( ago)
Issa knife.

Author Jesus Bucio ( ago)
Now that i know his son like playstation.....a tad bit more respect came out for him

Author Ikjot Lally ( ago)
No the candy mandm

Author Abbyeydan Sanz ( ago)
it was funny when he said this ugly as hell

Author Gonzo R ( ago)
he making trash now days

Author Amir Musleh ( ago)
Fucking love 21

Author Unknown Lor ( ago)
Complex is gay! Aint they to old to shop by themself

Author Chiquisha Ford ( ago)
he said thanks beautiful . that's nice

Author Chiquisha Ford ( ago)
Issa knife

Author Vassar Harvey ( ago)
when he pulled out the hundred dollar bills i was dead

Author Delilah Styles ( ago)
where is that store located ?

Author nathan Sagasser ( ago)
What's the name of the beat in the beginning? Text me @ 2292915714

Author crazyjs2131 ( ago)
this nigga got me dead 💀

Author Mathew Thompson ( ago)
21 sav has kids lmao

Author Dex ( ago)
dawm all gansters wear glasses

Author Iziah Alvarado ( ago)
dis nigga ugly

Author Quiksta ( ago)
21 savage said the spacejams were ugly but he was wearing them in his red opps video

Author ahmed alameddine ( ago)
like a big niyff

Author Gustavo Gutierrez ( ago)
Those glasses are nice. Anyone know what they are?

Author Jackson Henderson ( ago)
"Deez uglah as hell" 😂😂

Author RedaMyBoy ( ago)
I feel like if I only say hi to him he'd shoot me

Author Sinned ( ago)
Those 5's he called ugly wasn't he wearing those in the red opps video?

Author Jeffrey Morales ( ago)
issa knife

Author Ktb Keepthebeat ( ago)
I was elem 😂😂😂

Author Raymond Rodriguez ( ago)
Why this nigga always taking about knifes

Author Some King ( ago)
6:18 lmao ,6:42

Author Shane O'Brien ( ago)
What are the glasses that he wearin?

Author Marth ( ago)
"Gang shit bitch"

*walks out*

Author Eliot Taylor ( ago)
I respect the fact he went and bought some for his kids

Author Kayla ( ago)
this nigga stabbed somebody before

Author Firewolf 277 ( ago)
It was funny when he said "I don't like these fives they look like sour patch" but in red ops he wears them

Author Kara Preece ( ago)
I love his glasses

Author Gilly Baby ( ago)
How this dude funny asf without trying 😂😂

Author Alex Almendares ( ago)
6:40 "I only make 14/hr" ..... like drop me some big tip money 21

Author Kendrick Keener ( ago)
Please do a better job of talking out all the cursing! How can I show these to my students with all the dang cursing? Thank you.

Author Sengül Özenc ( ago)
"Thanks Beautiful" awww

Author Tough Cube ( ago)
he just pulled out like $100,000 out of his purse.

Author Vikon ( ago)
It would be a big knife

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