21 Savage Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

21 Savage and Joe La Puma go sneaker shopping at Stadium Goods in New York City and talk about his dream Air Jordan collaboration, hustling for sneakers back in the day, and Drake sending him sneakers.

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Author The Lone Wanderer 111 ( ago)
Why so much knives?

Author Twisted Soul ( ago)
This guy want knives on everything I wonder if he use knife to put on his sneakers

Author Hannes Mårland ( ago)
Issa najf😂😂

Author 47 Goon ( ago)
i was in school watching this when he said thanks beautiful in that voice i bust out laughing lmaoo

Author Aidan Villanueva ( ago)

Author Cho Mc ( ago)
Jason with a knife and slaughter gang on the other shoe holy fk I'd buy that sht and if it was red

Author aidan conley ( ago)
did anyone notice he called them 5's ugly when he wore them in red opps

Author blitz5055 ( ago)
You can say anything about 21 Savage but he treat his kids

Author Vanté Bombé ( ago)
Rico Recklezz wasn't lying about 21, this nigga act tough 24/7 lighten up nigga.

Author xXmelonie_vlogsXx ( ago)
just me or am I the only girl who would get his shoes if they made them?

Author Kareem Lawson ( ago)
He cool man shame he grew up fucked up

Author Lennarty Late ( ago)
I want them SG Js

Author Shakhgusein Nasirov ( ago)
He keeps patience tho

Author s3rv4k ( ago)
lmaooo he whooped out 10 stacks easy

Author s3rv4k ( ago)
lmfao knives

Author Andrew Miller69000 ( ago)
How does he change from 15s to 4s wtf

Author Stephen Clark ( ago)
What's the beat at the start of the video

Author Skull kid is da boss ( ago)
Go shoe shopping with lil yatchy

Author \ HappyMcPe / ( ago)
what's the name of the shoes that 21 wear on this vid?

Author Kamryon Thompson ( ago)
But liiiike, can I meet the girl?

Author bu56 ( ago)
ovo aint 220 now

Author abner yanes ( ago)
"If you did a collab with adidas, what would the shoe look like?"
-Prolly sum'n like dees right'er but with a big knife sticking out

Author KANG LINO ( ago)
If 21 savage were to be on wwe his theme song would start with "Issa knife" from Atlanta Georgia 120 lbs 21...SAVAAAGE lol

Author Ammaar Sheikh ( ago)
Waiter : 21 savage what do you want to order?
21 savage : Got some knives ??

Author Justin Vaca ( ago)
This man scary 😂'

Author SaZk FaXy ( ago)
Swear..If he made those Jordan 5's there would be a 5 mile line..

Author Jonte Chance ( ago)
Issa knife

Author Stolo ( ago)
youre total is 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21

Author MaraAlbrecht ( ago)
interviewer: how you doing?
21 Savage: just flexin on my ex bitch

Author cupids arrow ( ago)
I like his rapping

Author cupids arrow ( ago)
when he said eleven I thought he said a lamp

Author Trillz x God ( ago)
AT 6:33 she got WET 😂

Author Turtle Dude ( ago)
elemvem 1:00

Author Attzero ( ago)
What's the name of those glasses someone let me know, thanks.

Author QTheGawd 26 ( ago)
I would buy the slaughter gang 5's

Author Silly Goose ( ago)
I never even knew he had children till this video.

Author yb n ( ago)
I'm sleep he said flames on the 5s

Author Joshua Arredondo ( ago)
issa knife

Author Carlos Ortiz ( ago)
"Gang Shit Bitch" 😂💀

Author Tropical Gal ( ago)
This video is so funny to me😂 His personality is hilarious

Author Nate Edwards ( ago)
I got Jordan 15 13 5 1 2 3 14 11 12 9 4 6 7 8 9

Author William Dawson ( ago)
his shoe design sound like he coming at skimask the slump god

Author Mister Major ( ago)
i like how he says the the 5s are ugly because they look like like "sour patch kids", but yet they the same pair that he rockin in red opps video

Author Isaiah Eckel ( ago)
Girl: " I like your glasses btw"
21: "thanks beautiful "

Author Daniele ( ago)

Author Sophisticated Disciple ( ago)
he loves knifes😂😂

Author Mari Jones ( ago)
21 so cuuuute 😍

Author MultiWeirdthings ( ago)
issa shoe

Author Frank Viera ( ago)
savage just picked up a pair of jordans and said (theys ugly as hell)

Author Victor Fullen ( ago)
21 wears glasses

Author Young Bandana ( ago)
13's ugly as hell

Author Arthur Lopez ( ago)
This dude awkward as hell😂😂

Author Obito Uchiha ( ago)
"aw eminem the rapper "

Author C Fuggi ( ago)

Author Bama Reacts ( ago)

Author timgamingcoolboy kreeperkingx ( ago)
he gots kids

Author Charming Randomness ( ago)
the way he was talking to that cashier , i was like " damn , what happened to dreezy " 😂💀

Author Enzo Escobar ( ago)
LMAOOOO 21 Savage was so cringey at the end smiling and shit 😂😂😂

Author Naz Thrower ( ago)
he gowin to make Jason Jordans 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author Isaac Flores ( ago)
y he look awkward af in this

Author Demolition elm Elm ( ago)
I like Jason

Author Roo ( ago)
"Thanks Beautiful" LOL

Author Judith Tello ( ago)
do the weeknd

Author Hidden Lotus ( ago)
Jimmy Butler's brother.

Author Papa Snappa ( ago)
21-" I used to take out trash when I was Ellem" Joe- "you said you took out trash when you were eleven?" 21-" no when I was Ellem" I swear he retarded

Author Anthony Rodriguez ( ago)
"My first pair was these"
"Oh the 13's"
"yeah yeah"
"Now what do you think about all the different color ways"
"the 13's is ugly I would never wear the 13's"

Author ASAP Ollie ( ago)
21: "Oh you mean Eminem the rapper"
Nah nigga the fucking food lmao

Author Retro Icon ( ago)
Fr shit I got mad respect for 21 cuz most rappers are fake but fr 21 will kill your fucking ass lol

Author Game Life ( ago)
He said "thanks beautiful" at 3:54

Author bob jones ( ago)
"these ugly as hell" 😂😂😂😂

Author andy chimborzo ( ago)
that guy looked scared of 21 savage lol

Author maria carver ( ago)
these look gangsta

Author Tyrell Portier ( ago)
Nice glasses wanna fuck ??

Author Caleb Taylor ( ago)
he loves his knifes

Author Sapwood Landscape Management ( ago)
What do you eat your food with?
21: With a knife

Author ForeignProdigy ( ago)
making sure his babies eatin too salute

Author AnnoyingTV ( ago)
21 so real , he know he can afford every shoe in there it he came from humble beginnings and know it's not worth it

Author LukeTenh ( ago)
What's his obsession with knives

Author LukeTenh ( ago)
1:44 I'm done😂😂😂😂😂 he's so happy

Author Anonymous Anonymous ( ago)
they scammed him

Author D O G G O ( ago)
2:05 T H E Y L O O K G A N G S T A

Author Kermit Deh Frog ( ago)
he looks less menacing with those glasses

Author UndefinedSounds ( ago)
they look gaaaaaaaaaangsta

Author cosovic14 ( ago)
Meanwhile in Africa...

Author higashi miyagi ( ago)
"deez gangstuh“ 😂

Author Erorias ( ago)
What glasses is he wearing? They look sick

Author megabarf20 ( ago)
The perfect way to exit a conversation: "Gang shit bitch!"

Author Andrew Hanlan ( ago)
"How would it look?" "It'd have a knife"

Author raymart Galanto ( ago)
U can tell 21 savage is a savage and how he gets his name😂😂🤣

Author Stutta_Cuz ( ago)
"These ugly as hell" 😭😭

Author Gustavo I Milian ( ago)
do a sneaker shopping with the sneaker don

Author Caleb Liban ( ago)
Jeremy Scott's but with a knife instead of wings. I'm dead😂

Author LOCO ( ago)
This nigga look like a abused lizard

Author TooNoob4u ( ago)
5:09 21: Oh, Eminem the rapper.


Author Neymar Barcelona Fc ( ago)
Song at the beginning

Author Sebastian Wagner ( ago)
Why does he have to talk like that like talk normal learn some grammar

Author KaireeTheChildVEVO ( ago)
"A lemon"

Author Father of Peace ( ago)
Thirtygirl- I like your glasses by the way
21savege- Thanks beutiful

Author HP L1706 ( ago)
What's shoes he wearing as he leaves he shop at the end? Red and black

Author Joshua Ponga ( ago)
all the kids look up to 21 id make a shoe wit him if I owned Nike

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