21 Savage Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

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  • 21 Savage and Joe La Puma go sneaker shopping at Stadium Goods in New York City and talk about his dream Air Jordan collaboration, hustling for sneakers back in the day, and Drake sending him sneakers.

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  • Runtime: 7:22
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Comments: 11 658

  • Kesh The God
    Kesh The God 1 hour ago

    Lmao slaughter gang shit Issa knife

  • Barry Ward
    Barry Ward 1 hour ago

    it's funny how they censor "shit"" in this video but don't at the end of Marshawn Lynch's

  • Official _Jasell
    Official _Jasell 6 hours ago

    play boi carti

  • Tytheguy9
    Tytheguy9 8 hours ago

    He seems soft as hell

  • Dkd Forlife
    Dkd Forlife 9 hours ago

    I love how he treats money it's smart

  • Winnie the poo
    Winnie the poo 10 hours ago

    his idea with the Jordan collab looks dope would cop 10/10

  • Hex
    Hex 10 hours ago

    had 2 turn on captions for this dude

  • Jacquay  Bland Jr.
    Jacquay Bland Jr. 10 hours ago

    Cashier was finna risk it all when she saw that bag...

  • PeanutButter Gaming
    PeanutButter Gaming 11 hours ago

    "How old were then?"
    21 - "I was bout elem, twel"

  • Tristan Jefferson
    Tristan Jefferson 11 hours ago

    Keep 21 away from your knife cabinet 😂

    UNKNOWN PESO 14 hours ago

    "Thanks beautiful"￶😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    RΔDICΔL βΣΔST 15 hours ago

    21 savage is pretty chill

  • Gino Listo
    Gino Listo 15 hours ago

    Dude is anorexic 😂 he ain't fighting shit

  • boykunwastaken
    boykunwastaken 19 hours ago

    damn her hand looks huge

  • anthony m
    anthony m 20 hours ago

    he dont like 13s but he likes 5s tfff😂this why i xant fuxk w 21😂💯

  • pill popper
    pill popper 20 hours ago

    he said he didn't like the 5s that look like they have sour patches but he was wearing the same ones in his "red opps" video 🤔🤔

  • ExtremelyLongName Ehhh

    host: ''and what number would you do?''
    21: ''fahhhh''

  • MepsiCax
    MepsiCax 20 hours ago

    proof that even disabled people can be rich

  • 14WARD
    14WARD 20 hours ago

    he got his kids yeezys

  • Romain Anderson
    Romain Anderson 21 hour ago

    why have a name like slaughter gang this is the problem with these new Kats today promoting violence knowing damn well they wouldn't even hurt a fly

  • salvador 3221
    salvador 3221 22 hours ago

    the black bart simpson

  • Shadow Gaming
    Shadow Gaming 23 hours ago

    Exposed McDonalds likes 21Savage😮

  • Gas Gotti
    Gas Gotti 23 hours ago

    What a retarded idea for a shoe fr

  • Gas Gotti
    Gas Gotti 1 day ago

    How do you not fuck with the Xlll's?

  • Soul Leader
    Soul Leader 1 day ago

    Lol 21 savage and designer are a whole different vibe lol

  • Jose Rosales
    Jose Rosales 1 day ago

    everyone else paying with credit cards this dude be paying with stacks no wonder he's called Savage

  • Eli Willman
    Eli Willman 1 day ago

    21 has no emotion

  • cherese blessette

    Stadium goods is the truth

  • Butterball
    Butterball 1 day ago

    why is this nigga shy

  • Savage Quan
    Savage Quan 1 day ago

    Low-key I would buy those shoes if he made thrm

  • Eddie 42
    Eddie 42 1 day ago

    21 savage is a savage 😂

  • joshua c
    joshua c 1 day ago

    that fendi shirt is fresh.

  • TheZillaDude 123
    TheZillaDude 123 1 day ago

    0:02 McDonald's is taking everything over

  • RoyalMaster 714
    RoyalMaster 714 1 day ago

    Complex should do Kendrick Lamar next

  • Unicorn Beats
    Unicorn Beats 1 day ago

    21 savage should do asmr videos

  • Larry Wright Jr.
    Larry Wright Jr. 1 day ago

    My boy paid wit cash😂💪🏽

  • daniel  muñoz
    daniel muñoz 1 day ago

    that savage neckless is a good investment??? thats worth the weight in gold and gems lol all the craftmentship and branding you pay goes down the drain speccially sayin savedge, thoes eminems if u keep em dead stock its not a bad investment.

  • Carlos Soto
    Carlos Soto 1 day ago

    21 Savage looks dope with those glasses like if you agree

  • ThatSavage Kid
    ThatSavage Kid 1 day ago

    21 need a Fidget spinner

  • Harrison Kjos
    Harrison Kjos 2 days ago

    Why does he make me so uncomfortable

  • Hella
    Hella 2 days ago

    to add to the collab make 21 not 23

  • Garret Corbin
    Garret Corbin 2 days ago

    I'd buy 21's shoe

  • Eseptic G
    Eseptic G 2 days ago

    Do Rae sremmurd

  • Aidan Kh
    Aidan Kh 2 days ago

    I can't tell if this nigga Trollin w tha shoe colabs 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Connor McLaren
    Connor McLaren 2 days ago


  • eraserh
    eraserh 2 days ago

    21's OG man

  • The broad
    The broad 2 days ago

    Hes really low key smart tho

  • 힙합댓글싸움방지턱

    He skinny....so he good at cloud rap?

  • exposure
    exposure 2 days ago

    these ugly ass hell i aint never wear deezz LMAO IM DEAD !!!

  • Rocco Cardinal
    Rocco Cardinal 2 days ago

    Dis dude needs to be Ina Jason movie

  • Snnsndbdbdbdhdndnsns

    Why 21 got a small ass foot? He said a 6

  • 420God
    420God 2 days ago

    21 Savage is so fucking dumb

  • Marcuz Beatz
    Marcuz Beatz 2 days ago

    how he go call DA shoe ugly when he wore it in his video😭😭

  • Angela Median
    Angela Median 2 days ago

    he said the Cherry 13s are ugly

  • Gio CQB
    Gio CQB 2 days ago

    put lil pump on

  • Anthony Cordova
    Anthony Cordova 2 days ago

    He had 4's on when he was answering questions but he had 15's on when he was shopping?😑

  • NewDymensionZ
    NewDymensionZ 2 days ago

    Size 6 us. Damn 21

  • JxGamingx // Reactions And More

    Bro my jaw dropped when I saw that stack of cash!

  • Brandon San Agustin

    When 21 said knife a lot that that guy got scared a little bit

  • BaltazarSantiaqo
    BaltazarSantiaqo 2 days ago

    I cracked up at the part where he paid for the shoes
    "Okay .... Thats right, right? Thats what im posed to do"

  • Tyler Tracy
    Tyler Tracy 3 days ago

    Do Khalid

  • Kvńg 34
    Kvńg 34 3 days ago

    When u don't trust the bank 😂

  • nny sneakerhead
    nny sneakerhead 3 days ago

    he said the all star 5s are ugly but he was wearing them in red opps

  • KivilFX
    KivilFX 3 days ago

    Music 1:03 ???

  • Connor Nowe
    Connor Nowe 3 days ago

    flight club is so over priced

  • Cody Copeland
    Cody Copeland 3 days ago

    What is up with this dude and knifes?

  • Leo Zilkovski
    Leo Zilkovski 3 days ago

    When he said gang shit bitch at the end I was crying

  • KING_JR12 x
    KING_JR12 x 3 days ago

    That's my dad all the way hear ugly as hell in front of worker or somebody lol

  • nolimitdil
    nolimitdil 3 days ago

    fucking love 21 😭😭

  • Solsist Roblox
    Solsist Roblox 3 days ago

    "It'd be a knife"

  • San Antonio Skater
    San Antonio Skater 3 days ago

    Complex:what's shoes do you like
    21:Issa knife

  • Jaden S.
    Jaden S. 3 days ago

    Issa knife

  • Khalid Holmes
    Khalid Holmes 3 days ago

    Drake know not to tell this nigga no

  • Diego Barahona
    Diego Barahona 3 days ago

    You know it's expensive when 21 savage don't want it lmao

  • Monkeyz
    Monkeyz 3 days ago

    My mom wouldn't let me buy his shoes :(

  • Julian Williams
    Julian Williams 3 days ago

    that girl was trying to find a come up😂😂😂

  • Levi Mania-The Red Mushoom// LM SPRYTE

    What the music at the start called

  • alexmateos619
    alexmateos619 3 days ago

    yo whats the instrumental in the begining

  • вlυяяу ƒαçę

    I'd wear some slaughter gang 5s pew pew pew

  • I want to win Free stuff

    What shoes is 21 wearing in this?

  • Dzhkv
    Dzhkv 3 days ago

    Everything was mumbled, except KNIFE

  • Nik SODMG
    Nik SODMG 3 days ago

    2:26 calls the shoe ugly. But he wore them in the "Red Opps" Music Video

  • Pdrizzle party
    Pdrizzle party 3 days ago

    I wish I had money to get all them shoes

  • Clamp God
    Clamp God 3 days ago

    21 savage is to dope

  • KangOG
    KangOG 3 days ago

    21..2+1 =3, he as 3 kids. coincidence? I think not.

  • Imanol Laguans
    Imanol Laguans 3 days ago

    lmao he called the poison green 5's ugly when the was the shoe he was wearing in his red opps video???💀💀😭 explain???

  • LeFlop James
    LeFlop James 4 days ago

    You know you're a baller when you pay with cash

  • Marcus Partida
    Marcus Partida 4 days ago

    he said them 5s was ugly but he was wearing them in red opps😂

  • RaVe Rain
    RaVe Rain 4 days ago

    21 says the 5 was ugly but he had them on in his song red opps

  • Hey Web
    Hey Web 4 days ago

    such a good dad lol

  • J Jones
    J Jones 4 days ago

    man dat a lot of money then again he 21 savage

  • Ender boss
    Ender boss 4 days ago

    0:28 tho. they look gangsta

  • mansoor ahmed
    mansoor ahmed 4 days ago

    21 savage 😂is all bout knives on his fucking sneakers

  • iipolo xX
    iipolo xX 4 days ago

    lol it be a big knife hagging out the back

  • iipolo xX
    iipolo xX 4 days ago

    lol it have jason on it with a knife lol wut is he on

  • Bryson Smith
    Bryson Smith 4 days ago

    lol 21 savage always coursing on his videos

  • Basin
    Basin 4 days ago

    This boy stupid as fuck

  • juniordolo
    juniordolo 4 days ago

    I like how nobody is talking about the way the girl was flirting with him at the end and the face she made when he pulled out all that money lmao

  • MaulersGaming
    MaulersGaming 4 days ago

    i would be scared to he in the same room as this guy

  • YoItsCharlie !
    YoItsCharlie ! 4 days ago

    do nba youngboy

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