Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #1 Review MAJOR SPOILERS

  • Added:  8 days ago
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  • Runtime: 3:13
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Comments: 132

  • Jack Williams
    Jack Williams 3 days ago

    Armin, did you even actually read this? Your description about things towards the middle is a bit off....

  • Andrew Clayterman
    Andrew Clayterman 5 days ago

    0:45 so now spiderman is queer too? wtf marvel.. seriously... WHAT THA FUCK?

  • King Jaylen
    King Jaylen 5 days ago

    The art is fantastic

  • Connor Willingham
    Connor Willingham 5 days ago

    Wait, what happened before this where he left? Why wasn't he in New York?

  • LucielZ1
    LucielZ1 5 days ago

    Peter Parker's sister?.. just what we needed, another spider girl. ¬___¬

    Just bring back Mary Jane plz.

  • Djem Pashov
    Djem Pashov 6 days ago

    Does anyone know hoe to get this online for free

    NO PUNISHER 6 days ago


  • AkilTheAwesome
    AkilTheAwesome 6 days ago

    They probably sabotaged the artwork by choosing this artist so it won't detract from Dan Slots ASM like renew your vows does. I think slott has the kind of influence. No way they would allow Art like this on a SPIDER MAN book unless there is something fishing going on.

  • gurtej sekhon
    gurtej sekhon 7 days ago

    What's the time difference between this book and Amazing Spider-Man? Is peter younger in this or older?

  • brandon baerga
    brandon baerga 7 days ago

    does this connect to the amazing Spider-Man series that's going on

  • Steven Mazey
    Steven Mazey 7 days ago

    Disliked the comic, I like the amazing Spider-Man comic better. Spider-Man was at his best in the 90s.

  • Geek forlife
    Geek forlife 7 days ago

    Yikes ! That artwork !

  • Carlos Devanand
    Carlos Devanand 7 days ago

    why is the first part of the comic reversed

  • Mugg Men
    Mugg Men 7 days ago

    damn it can we get a Spider-Man costume that doesn't have the red part on his legs going up to his thighs

  • Extreme Gamer
    Extreme Gamer 7 days ago

    Is this a part of ANAD? How old is Peter?

  • Sebastian Arzola
    Sebastian Arzola 7 days ago

    Very good

  • jWaveA8
    jWaveA8 7 days ago

    Can you discuss the Joss Whedon Wonder Woman script controversy?

  • Joseph Ansari
    Joseph Ansari 8 days ago

    Art is absolute aidsssss...

  • Mark Guerrero
    Mark Guerrero 8 days ago

    With Marvel Legacy coming up Marvel should do with Spiderman what DC did with Superman in DC Rebirth, and replace the current timeline version of Spiderman with The Amazing Spiderman Renew Your Vows version, including Annie May Parker, and have him married to MJ again. Renew Your Vows is the only Marvel book I am interested in at the moment. DC is pushing a lot of their characters in the next stage of their lives as well as bringing back the old, Superman is married again and has a son, Batman had proposed to Cat Woman, Aquaman and Mera are getting married, The Flash is back with Iris, Green Arrow and Black Canary are back together. Its time for Marvel to undo the worst decision they ever made with Spiderman, because the new Superboy and Damien Wayne prove that you can give a hero a kid, have the hero be married and still tell good and interesting stories

    • Naz Abdus-Salaam
      Naz Abdus-Salaam 5 days ago

      y'know why its like that its cause most of the top guys at Marvel grew up in the time where Peter was young and single and cause of that they believe that that's how he should be despite that he's a grown man and by the time they broke him and MJ up he'd been married more than single. But Marvel still likes to claim that the marriage didn't work and didn't make sense for Spider-Man despite how well Renew Your Vows did and Slott's bull of making him Tony Stark. Now cause of all this Marvel won't let Peter and MJ back together so we'll have to wait for Slott and a lot of top Marvel guys to leave before we get even a slight chance of it happening

  • Mark Guerrero
    Mark Guerrero 8 days ago

    Im just going to wait for Marvel Legacy to start before I start buying marvel comics, im a DC guy but I didn't start reading comics on a regular basis until the new 52, it was a good jumping on point, and im continuing with rebirth, it great to see more classic heroes back in continuity. For Marvel I was hoping the original marvel now would give me a good jumping on point but evey time they do this stuff they just kept changing things over and over again, im fine with changes happening, I like Jim Gordon as batman and when Dick Grayson was batman, but when I start I would like to be able to start with the main version.

  • mobile games with ivan

    tom holland tweeted on the interview about the spiderverse and M.C.U crossing over

  • kyro db
    kyro db 8 days ago

    Anyone defending this art is delusional. It's extremely juvenile, and unrefined. The sketches might not have even been that terrible but the inking and colouring (especially the colouring) are awful. This has been my biggest issue with a lot of recent marvel comics, the art is pretty sub-par.

  • BE Malefic
    BE Malefic 8 days ago

    I can see it's 616 but is it before or after secret wars.can someone clarify this for a comic noob.

  • TinyAwkward Gaming
    TinyAwkward Gaming 8 days ago

    Only people that love marvel and think it's SOOOO much better than DC can like this

  • TheAtomicScythe
    TheAtomicScythe 8 days ago

    Can someone explain to me? I'm kinda lost. Is this after secret empire?

  • Gargoyle Senior
    Gargoyle Senior 8 days ago

    is this earth 616? Art style looks like a combination of old and new

    • Noah Cg3
      Noah Cg3 8 days ago

      Gargoyle Senior Yeah, it is actually.

  • The Sometimes Short Show

    So this means family business is canon

  • Steven Wang
    Steven Wang 8 days ago

    Armin's "of course" count: 3

    • Steven Wang
      Steven Wang 8 days ago

      lol I do each word, it was 0 in this particular video
      lately he's been using "of course" more often

    • Hodor
      Hodor 8 days ago

      Steven Wang Now try counting when we he says "obviously" In each video.

  • No name
    No name 8 days ago

    Dan Slott needs to be booted off Spider-Man.

    • No name
      No name 7 days ago

      But this looks decent.

    • No name
      No name 7 days ago

      The Boss Not The amazing Spider-Man which is supposed to be the flagship title and is the book that most affects Spidey.

    • The Boss
      The Boss 7 days ago

      No name Dan Slott is not a writer on this series

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 8 days ago

    Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon >the Russo Brothers

    • blackCAUCASIAN
      blackCAUCASIAN 3 days ago

      k faget.

    • Clorox Bleach
      Clorox Bleach 4 days ago

      Let the butthurt flow through you Marvel fags we have worldclass while you have SJWs

  • Paul Chambers
    Paul Chambers 8 days ago

    Is there a difference between the spectacular spider-man and the amazing spider-man

    • puppington3
      puppington3 8 days ago

      Paul Chambers it's the same continuity as Amazing, just a different book and writer

    • Paul Chambers
      Paul Chambers 8 days ago

      Jesse Day are the villain's like ultimate Spider-Man or amazing

    • Jesse Day
      Jesse Day 8 days ago

      Paul Chambers Yeah, Spectacular and Amazing are two different titles published by Marvel.

  • vampire beauty
    vampire beauty 8 days ago

    the comic is pretty good.

  • jonathan santana
    jonathan santana 8 days ago

    Doesn't this come out on Wednesday? How did you get your hands on it already?

    • Nerwrax15
      Nerwrax15 8 days ago

      Came in a marvel loot crate

  • Web-Slinger Productions

    What happened to the part they released in free comic book day? Where MJ and Peter were having a lunch and etc?

    • Nerwrax15
      Nerwrax15 8 days ago

      Free comic book day comics are their own issue, they aren't part of another issue.

  • Web-Slinger Productions

    Story looks good doesn't :/

  • Marshall Miles
    Marshall Miles 8 days ago

    Wish the show will come back

  • Arachnido Reborn
    Arachnido Reborn 8 days ago

    They chose a horrible art style for a first issue.

    • Arachnido Reborn
      Arachnido Reborn 7 days ago

      +Noah Cg3 Well yea but the old comics always had more detail put into the characters regardless of what they look like.

    • Noah Cg3
      Noah Cg3 8 days ago

      Arachnido Reborn I like it, it reminds me of the old comics.

  • Arachnido Reborn
    Arachnido Reborn 8 days ago

    They chose a horrible art style for a first issue.

  • Spider-ball
    Spider-ball 8 days ago

    The art is regular, why everyone complains

  • BadMrBox
    BadMrBox 8 days ago

    Eh, is that Family Business canon?

  • daniel dragotti
    daniel dragotti 8 days ago

    So is Family business cannon now? I really hope this ends well.

  • Glitch
    Glitch 8 days ago

    The art is horrible...but the cover looks so good makes this look like trash.

  • Quantum-Kakarotto
    Quantum-Kakarotto 8 days ago

    YES!! Teresa Parker is back! Does finally mean Family Business is canon, cant wait to see what they do with her

  • total cliche
    total cliche 8 days ago

    the art 😫😷

    • launchpad4
      launchpad4 4 days ago

      total cliche the art is great. Lol, I'm sure you can do better😂

    • Kydex productions
      Kydex productions 8 days ago

      total cliche no art is good

  • Rynyx
    Rynyx 8 days ago

    Oh hey I didn't think we'd see Teresa again. I didn't think anyone cared about the Family Business graphic novel.

  • Sebastian Simonsson

    whait Peters sister is no canon da fuck

    • Sebastian Simonsson
      Sebastian Simonsson 8 days ago

      total cliche i know i just thought it was not canon

    • total cliche
      total cliche 8 days ago

      Sebastian Simonsson she appeared in a graphic novel

  • TheBeastlyBoy02
    TheBeastlyBoy02 8 days ago

    The art is trash

    • TheBeastlyBoy02
      TheBeastlyBoy02 7 days ago

      DanV900 100% agreed.

    • DanV900
      DanV900 7 days ago

      Djem Pashov That is always a lame thing for anyone to say when someone criticizes something. "Could you play QB in the NFL?" "Could you draw better?" No, I can't. However, people know when something isn't good or up to par. I wouldn't say the art is trash, just not very good where it's incredibly bland. It doesn't pop off the page and is just generic.

    • TheBeastlyBoy02
      TheBeastlyBoy02 7 days ago


    • Djem Pashov
      Djem Pashov 7 days ago

      Could you do better.

  • TriniKidNYC
    TriniKidNYC 8 days ago

    Is this SPider-Man's version of Detective Comics/Action Comics?

    • Nerwrax15
      Nerwrax15 8 days ago

      Amazing focus on his Global adventures while Spectacular focuses on his New York activities.

  • André
    André 8 days ago

    Sayyy whatt ? peter has a sister !!?

    • Carlos Ruiz
      Carlos Ruiz 8 days ago

      spider bat she appeared before in a graphic novel "family matters" I won't spoil the whole story, just check it out and see it for yourselves!

    • spider bat
      spider bat 8 days ago

      André I HAVE A SISTER? i think she's a clone

  • Higher Up's
    Higher Up's 8 days ago

    Marvel is so trash

    • Edward West-Summers
      Edward West-Summers 7 days ago

      This might actually be a GOOD Spiderman comic since Dan Slott isn't working on it. although I heard his Renew your vows comic is really good.

    • Edward West-Summers
      Edward West-Summers 7 days ago

      well which is it Tayyab? is dc trash or not? cause first you write that they are and then say they aren't.

    • Tayyab Baig
      Tayyab Baig 7 days ago

      DC is also not trash!!!

    • Edward West-Summers
      Edward West-Summers 7 days ago

      Marvel writers think they can attract the sjw crowd when all they're doing is catering to a crowd that won't pick up the comics and alienating the people that do pick up their comics. haven't heard much about secret empire to be honest. I want Marvel Legacy to fix everything but marvel won't get there heads out of their asses long enough to actually fix what's wrong with their comics. if marvel legacy is good, that's great, but enough damage has been done to these characters that they better think of a pretty big reason as to why these characters have been abolished.

    • Tayyab Baig
      Tayyab Baig 7 days ago

      Marvel is not trash what about Secret Empire

  • Hero Zero
    Hero Zero 8 days ago

    man when is dc rebirths doomsday clock comic out?!?

  • Spider-Man
    Spider-Man 8 days ago

    Teresa Parker isn't new. She appeared in the graphic novel "Spider-Man: Family Business." It's written by Mark Waid and I recommend you give it a read.

    Also, if you guys are confused as to why we are getting a review of a comic that comes out this Wednesday it's because Marvel Collector Corps are shipping their Spider-Man Homecoming boxes and this is the included comic.

    • Spider-Man
      Spider-Man 7 days ago

      Aitor animations How Spider-Verse? She don't got Spider-powers.

    • Aitor animations
      Aitor animations 8 days ago

      Spider-Man so happy that someone knows Teresa Parker and also find it weird that she didn't appear in the spider verse event!

    • xXAngel_torresXx
      xXAngel_torresXx 8 days ago

      oh thank god someone knew about her

  • Mr. Spider336
    Mr. Spider336 8 days ago

    EWWWWW this art is blinding me get it away!!!!!!!!

  • Chilltrillgangtx
    Chilltrillgangtx 8 days ago

    Peter has a sister?! Now I need to read issue 2!

  • David Anato
    David Anato 8 days ago

    man it's been forever since I remember reading about Teresa. one appearance in one comic and was never heard from again. Also how'd you get the comic before it's release?

  • Luis Mercado
    Luis Mercado 8 days ago

    Spideyfit fit Hell no I'm first

  • killerizza
    killerizza 8 days ago

    Thank be the gods dan slot isn't on this

  • Chilltrillgangtx
    Chilltrillgangtx 8 days ago

    Is the Human Torch an android

  • spiderace11
    spiderace11 8 days ago

    what ever happened to the review of Spider-Man Renew your vows comic?

  • Gavin Griffith Films

    I thought this comes out later this week

  • Greninja 1
    Greninja 1 8 days ago

    rip Marvel

    • launchpad4
      launchpad4 4 days ago

      Greninja 1 how so? This was a good issue. W.M.D was also good and Secret Empire is great

    • Naz Abdus-Salaam
      Naz Abdus-Salaam 5 days ago

      Ronicko Keith
      it's understandable as Slott has basically changed Peter almost completely and its one thing if there were subtle change but Marvel doesn't know how to do that with Spider-Man thus we get shit like One More Day or most of Slott's run

    • Noah Cg3
      Noah Cg3 7 days ago

      +Ronicko Keith It's not that Slott couldn't make some good stories. But over time he made the character lose his character (literally in superior).

    • Ronicko Keith
      Ronicko Keith 8 days ago

      Noah Cg3 Superior was a great story. Truly don't understand some fans so resistant to change. Who wants to read the same ole thing OVER and over? Apparently a lot of people.

  • Luis Mercado
    Luis Mercado 8 days ago

    The First comment

  • Spideyfit fit
    Spideyfit fit 8 days ago


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