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  • Experiment at Home
    Experiment at Home 6 months ago

    Thank you guys for all the support!
    Love you :o)

  • KingRitos FRANK
    KingRitos FRANK 4 hours ago

    blazers that will blow your mind !! *literally*

  • InfernoPhoenixFX
    InfernoPhoenixFX 9 hours ago

    Why 3:00 reminds of pink Floyd

  • Minecrafterjoey44
    Minecrafterjoey44 13 hours ago

    can u put your hand in front of the red and green ones

  • Xalid Quliyev
    Xalid Quliyev 17 hours ago

    It's very interesting.👍😊

  • Nicola Coppola
    Nicola Coppola 19 hours ago

    wath a fuk

  • Tanner Schnieder
    Tanner Schnieder 22 hours ago

    This is how you get -1 degree burns

  • Raahym Rehan
    Raahym Rehan 1 day ago

    that was surprisingly not clickbait. GJ

  • Meer Tanvir
    Meer Tanvir 1 day ago

    points it up at a air plane

  • Shehraam Türk
    Shehraam Türk 1 day ago

    melt ice with this lasers

  • Average Alien
    Average Alien 1 day ago

    trash music

  • Văn Sơn Bùi
    Văn Sơn Bùi 2 days ago

    1Like=1Laser Receive

  • Christopher Salazar

    What science experiment? Seriously. Product placement, nothing more.

  • Mague Rmz
    Mague Rmz 3 days ago


  • eeY
    eeY 3 days ago

    2:54 Tape everything together in a frame and you will have Kylo Ren's lightsaber.

  • Kreeper427
    Kreeper427 3 days ago


    Now your thinking with lazers.

  • moorbish
    moorbish 3 days ago

    1:49 Two petrified Mcdonalds french fries

  • Emin Bozkurt
    Emin Bozkurt 3 days ago

    my eyes gg :(

  • Ruslan Umarov
    Ruslan Umarov 3 days ago

    my mind is blown, what to do next?

  • ANice Gamr
    ANice Gamr 4 days ago

    am I the only one like wait this wasnt click bait

  • andrea orozco
    andrea orozco 5 days ago

    i want the laser so bad😎😎😎😎

  • JJ 71919
    JJ 71919 5 days ago

    Can u buy one of these

  • Frist boold adam
    Frist boold adam 6 days ago


  • Michael Robinson
    Michael Robinson 6 days ago

    can you give me a laser and I want the blue one

    • E drop
      E drop 2 days ago

      Maybe if you asked when the video came out.

      I doubt he's still giving them out...

  • Clavin gaming
    Clavin gaming 7 days ago

    hope your'e friend r ok any dangerous pranks lmao

  • sarke012
    sarke012 7 days ago

    yo, I think it might also ask

  • SKYWINd 34
    SKYWINd 34 8 days ago

    windfall by the fat rat

  • Samvel Tumanyan
    Samvel Tumanyan 8 days ago

    не плохо

  • unlokia
    unlokia 8 days ago

    *NOTHING* here _"blew my mind"_ because I am not 7 years old, a chimpanzee or a cat. You have all this INCREDIBLE technology at your disposal, and yet the most that the average person will EVER do with it is light matches or pop balloons like a goof.

  • Iwona Ciuchta
    Iwona Ciuchta 8 days ago

    Can you cut your fingers with the laser

  • My Duyen
    My Duyen 9 days ago

    anh oi sao anh lam dc vay

  • Hoa Hong
    Hoa Hong 9 days ago

    bao nhiêu vậy

  • Lamont Glover Jr.
    Lamont Glover Jr. 9 days ago

    I like it

  • Vortex River
    Vortex River 9 days ago

    Don't you love how all of these people commenting are trying to show that he or she is intelligent by using authoretical words?

  • Sophia. you
    Sophia. you 9 days ago

    # #Board #FlooringFlooringForMy

  • Aiman Hafiz
    Aiman Hafiz 10 days ago

    cerita macam taik

  • Repper EX
    Repper EX 10 days ago

    can someone give me the link for the lasers

  • Hack For Life
    Hack For Life 10 days ago

    subscribe me because you will like the my DIY simple hacks video !!😋😉

  • misha kudukhashvili
    misha kudukhashvili 10 days ago

    I have a red one

  • Waleed Rehman
    Waleed Rehman 10 days ago

    i want that lasers

  • tunblr LG
    tunblr LG 10 days ago

    Ainda eu axo um leizer

    V GROUP 10 days ago

    and there variants and capacity

    V GROUP 10 days ago

    which company laser light you used and their variants.

  • Alex Boy
    Alex Boy 10 days ago

    wow udde did you see that 4:00

  • Viktor Motr
    Viktor Motr 10 days ago

    Бля, где мне взять такой лазер?????

  • Burim Asani
    Burim Asani 10 days ago


  • huynhphuong nhi
    huynhphuong nhi 11 days ago


  • Nick G
    Nick G 11 days ago

    stupid, none of these are experiments in any way

  • My random Channel
    My random Channel 11 days ago

    So lightsabers?

  • Sivming Houeng
    Sivming Houeng 11 days ago

    OMG the second and fourth is soooooooooo cool

  • Trentin 132 Hendrix
    Trentin 132 Hendrix 11 days ago

    liquid metal bath

  • André Jaf
    André Jaf 11 days ago

    fresnel lens can boost power laser pointers?

  • ElMiTaDaRo
    ElMiTaDaRo 11 days ago

    It was so cool!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Deadpool17207 1
    Deadpool17207 1 11 days ago

    This looks so fake but I know it's real

  • James Felan
    James Felan 11 days ago

    That was so epic

  • Jeppe Sorensen
    Jeppe Sorensen 11 days ago

    were do you buy the lasers

  • Potato 999
    Potato 999 11 days ago

    I thought lasers are illegal

  • Donransi Faustin
    Donransi Faustin 12 days ago

    hai my name is ransi he is in good for minecraft pokep 👍👍😍😊😁🙂

  • de game destructor
    de game destructor 12 days ago

    That purper beam is a licht saber

    AHMETYXA ! 12 days ago

    2:40 how can i find that cube

  • Nomoreidsleft
    Nomoreidsleft 12 days ago

    So the laser will not ignite the lighter fluid, but the candle will?

  • Hæmmer _
    Hæmmer _ 12 days ago


  • Corey Wilson
    Corey Wilson 12 days ago

    hey it's says I like turtle's on the Ceiling

  • Marek Giczala
    Marek Giczala 12 days ago

    lol the thumbnail actualy didint lie

  • BomBamGamerTv
    BomBamGamerTv 13 days ago

    that is small size lightsaber

  • Jean Mahmoud Ventilateur

    0:06 newton experiment...
    How famous is that ?

  • Caleb Barnett
    Caleb Barnett 13 days ago

    what is the song called that was used?

  • Tay Huynh
    Tay Huynh 13 days ago

    bao nhiêu money

  • C Mr
    C Mr 13 days ago


  • C Mr
    C Mr 13 days ago


  • Elder Dioico
    Elder Dioico 13 days ago

    Imagina mirar isso aí no olho de alguém kkkk

  • Funkdocta G
    Funkdocta G 13 days ago

    Horrible music

  • Malcolm Nguyen
    Malcolm Nguyen 13 days ago

    Is it so bright it can burn?

  • nijad dubayssi
    nijad dubayssi 13 days ago

    how much is the power rating

  • NishaNt Thengre
    NishaNt Thengre 13 days ago

    how i got this type of laser light

  • Gusztáv Mahler
    Gusztáv Mahler 13 days ago

    Fatrat song

    THE MUSIC 14 days ago

    um desses custa quanto?

  • Alex Freders
    Alex Freders 14 days ago

    wher fo you get those

  • Oliver Marks
    Oliver Marks 14 days ago

    my mind was not blown

  • Eevee Playz
    Eevee Playz 14 days ago


  • Joyce Gad
    Joyce Gad 14 days ago

    Wait r these real laser that r actually dangerous?

  • Lutcia Zdanis
    Lutcia Zdanis 14 days ago

    Do water

  • Kevin Tuesday
    Kevin Tuesday 14 days ago


  • Abdul Moaned
    Abdul Moaned 14 days ago

    I love lasers

  • Felichal Digiglio
    Felichal Digiglio 14 days ago

    porque no escribís en español

  • Lisa Knowles
    Lisa Knowles 14 days ago

    I want that thing in the vid with Lazer

    CRAZY STICKBOTS 14 days ago

    2:56 FARANCE

  • Master Krinkark
    Master Krinkark 14 days ago

    Want one this laser

  • Roro Gil
    Roro Gil 14 days ago

    c'est du fake les lasers qui coupe les allumettes. :O

  • Jam Ward
    Jam Ward 14 days ago

    My fucking Shrink played that music in her Office... like WTF lady,, its happy music, she said, I said makes my horny and I would like to bend you over that desk and.......... she fanatically pulls her chair up to her desk and BAM 2 security guys runs in..... I get a letter a week later saying she can no longer treat me!!!!!!!! do you see a Shrink too?

  • huy trần
    huy trần 14 days ago


  • RadXpertthief62
    RadXpertthief62 15 days ago

    I did subscribe

  • Ramasamy Pattuselvam

    okiam subscibed

  • peterawesomeness1
    peterawesomeness1 15 days ago

    I'm so happy that wasn't a clickbait thumbnail. So rad.

    MEMOLİ KAŞ 15 days ago

    resme bakıp gelenler

  • chox2001
    chox2001 15 days ago

    what is the tune called is it free to use or does it belong to somebody

  • Justin Kreuzer
    Justin Kreuzer 16 days ago

    what is in the blue ballon? (need this for the

  • Ata M.yanuarta
    Ata M.yanuarta 16 days ago

    Proof that star wars is real

  • i don't wan't to die

    someone help my eyes

  • Hoovy hoovy
    Hoovy hoovy 16 days ago


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