A visit to the mythical village mentioned in the books Weird US, Weird Pennsylvania, and Weird Maryland, and Eerie Pennsylvania magazine. Midgetville does exist. But there are no midgets there.
New soundtrack: Walk In A Wheel (Moll Flanders)

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Author angela tolomeo ( ago)
This is not nj this is in Chester heights my friends just went there the
other day

Author Galdino,Mary Martinez ( ago)
i think alot of you ppla re ignorant ..hey tell me do you livein
ignorantville let me go to ur house and make fun of you.what the hell makes
you idiots think you have the right omake fun of ppl just b ecause of their
heights??you much be living in slutsville and small wonder(penis)ville
because only insecure ignorant ppl poke fun of others

Author theycallmestarlord ( ago)
but whats the story behind it 

Author crashreboot ( ago)
It's in someone's front yard in Springfield, PA (Delaware County). The
thing's staring out at an ordinary leafy street down the road from a Home
Depot and a Red Lobster on Baltimore Pike. 

Author theycallmestarlord ( ago)
what the story on the statue on the front of the book wierd pa

Author al bundy ( ago)
can someone please give me an address or a strret name and zip code please.
i would love to visit this place.

Author ECWnWWF (1100 years ago)
is this the "midgetville" near Taylor Hospital in Ridley Park/Leedom?

Author TheJenise302 ( ago)
What is this song ? Its so good! 

Author Denis Lara ( ago)
I heard it was torn down in 2008

Author XLR8DaMUSTANG ( ago)
So apparently one of the "Midgetvilles" in Pennsylvania had two big fires
not too long ago. The first was in October 2011 and the second in February
2012. It made the "big story" on one of the local Philly news shows. I'm
almost positive it's one of the ones shown in this video. And SPOILER
ALERT... ..... ......... ............. ........ .... .. It's actually a
religious camp meeting that's used mostly during the summer, hence the
"summer home" rumors.

Author dbzlover27 ( ago)
haha, little people... the world's biggest joke is oooh so little ;) ;)

Author Angelo Jeffries ( ago)
Also one in NC

Author xxmightyonexx ( ago)
Well, that is just no fun at all. What the heck, CA? Open it up! :D

Author vegan ( ago)
how far is this from Erie pa? what city is this?

Author stibombo ( ago)
There is a midget village in California in cathedral city in the back of
the cove by the wash but its gated and there is security patrol

Author googles1515 ( ago)
Where or how could I get a copy of that book?

Author Guilmon470 ( ago)
You got a few of the facts about the whole Shade Gap incident incorrect.

Author mrhappyguy1980 (523 years ago)
@mrhappyguy1980 I then headed to Chilton Hospital in NJ to have the bites
looked at. I have not been back since!

Author mrhappyguy1980 (1735 years ago)
Its in NJ. We drove there late on a Friday night about 11:30 or so. We
stopped just to take a look. All small houses. I shook my hand in disgust
as this seemed to be a waste of time. All of the sudden a chinese or korean
midge jumped on my leg and started biting me. I kept beating her over the
head with my fist until she finally let go. Then I started chase and saw a
bunch of things moving in the woods it was a bunch of midgets dancing naked
around a bonfire. I ran back to the car.

Author Pieman2496 ( ago)
Me and my friends rode back there with our bikes...NO FUCKING MIDGETS 

Author Penny Bates ( ago)
I grew up near the one they claim to be in Maryland - we used to take
people down there and had them believing they saw midgets, but they were
actually only little changing rooms for a public beach that they sat in
front of. As far as I know, midgets never lived in the ones in Maryland.
They are gone now, tore them down in the 70's to build million dollar beach
front homes

Author anthony haley ( ago)
I've been to midgetville, it's on mill road I believe? I was chased out by
a man in a dark blue pickup truck, so I have no idea if it's safe or not.
It's next to rancocas fields.

Author Anna Trpis ( ago)
my sister lived in NJ and has been chased off the road by albinos in albino
village by a white truck, fucking scary

Author bigbadboris ( ago)

Author Xerato2 ( ago)
I find that a fucking repugnant depraved behaviour of people leaving out
their old houses to rot on the face of the earth WHAT THE FUCK? fucking
life-disrespecting mentality..fuck that shit!

Author Paige Raab ( ago)
is this place abandoned or do people live there?

Author Null Void ( ago)
why would anyone want to travel to the armpit of the world? New Jersey?

Author hellcattiff87 ( ago)
ive been to the one in ky ogalville or something like that it was pretty
cool im 5'5" and could touch the roofs

Author metersocket00 ( ago)
Mental midgets... RUN !!!!!!!!!!

Author happilyMourning ( ago)
this is real i've been there its right near a hospital on chester pike it
really freaked me out!!

Author jaimeheidijames ( ago)
Whoa Hobbits live there!

Author Livey Idc ( ago)
sooo no one lives in these houses? like whats so weird about it? haha i
dont kno what a midgetvill is... can sumone tell me please ?

Author KNRE_BOW_DOWN_SON_ ( ago)
i think this is bs because i no ppl wh live there:( 

Author Abbey marchioni ( ago)
is this the one in nj?? is it safe to go their??

Author Umbra Deus ( ago)
ok so do people live there? what was the point of building it small was it
a real midget settlement thing or what? whats the history on it?

Author IVANGROZNEY ( ago)
Where are the Midgets? I heard you are supposed to show up at midnight with
a car full of you friends, flashing your lights, honking your horn,
pounding on the side of the car, yelling "Come out Midgets!" The papers
report that if you do this the locals will box in your vehical with their
cars, brandish guns and call the police. You can't believe what you read in
the papers.

Author crashreboot ( ago)
@WattsDanny I wrote that book, and's real. As in, it's really
there. But as I said in the book, there aren't any midgets there.

Author HardRock2Day ( ago)
@kd4adv yeah, there is a Midgetville in NJ

Author ricky right ( ago)
all of the stories r bs ...

Author memo0586 ( ago)
where is it located? me and my friends looked for it but couldn't find it!!

Author crashreboot ( ago)
Actually, there are Midgetvilles in many states in the union. Like the one
in northern VA, the one in Chadds Ford, PA, is actually a summer camp.

Author crashreboot ( ago)
These two are actually in Pennsylvania. There are Midgetvilles, TinyTowns,
and Munchkinburgs all over the States, though the NJ one gets most of the

Author Jason Esdale ( ago)
was there like two nights ago the houses are so tiny

Author tehcarpet ( ago)
No because you don't buy the rights of the song, you just buy a copy for
home use. This is technically distributing material which you have no right
to distribute but you are legally allowed to use 10% of a song i.e. 6
seconds of a song per it's amount of time in minutes

Author tehcarpet ( ago)
New Jersey, USA

Author Chris McDonald ( ago)

Author freespiritmik ( ago)
couldnt this just be for kids?

Author crashreboot ( ago)
I agree. It originally had "Short People" by Randy Newman, but the record
company objected to my using copyrighted material without permission. I
subbed in something I had permission to use that had the right title
("Small Town")...but the wrong mood. People--if you can think of a good
song that fits, let me know!

Author smartbunny ( ago)
Looks like summer bungalows.

Author Dennis Ward ( ago)
how did i know you were gunna play this song haha

Author The little big planet 3 gamer ( ago)
lmaoo ive been there i heard them midget throw things at your car becouse u
only go there to see them lmaoo its in the book wierd nj

Author ffairlane57 ( ago)
The students from nearby Wayne have been arrested for shooting residents
with a paintball gun. Do yourself a favor and stay out of trouble.

Author Julie.S ( ago)
my dad has been to this place befor

Author Mach1isaac ( ago)
theres one near me in Long Beach, Ca.

Author crashreboot ( ago)
Where's that?

Author Marcos Carvallo ( ago)
i heard that they will shoot u with a gun if u mess with them no joke

Author D Po ( ago)
what is the deal with all the trees growing through houses?

Author pook ( ago)
There's an actual midgetville in Palm Springs, California.

Author termikesmike ( ago)
wild, never heard of this place ...gotta investigate. There's a house in
Norfolk, Va (known as the Doll House), on Granby by Northside Jr
High....very strange cos all the other houses are regular size...5ftstud
rather than 7ft

Author jillraydave ( ago)
is there like 1 big room or are the rooms in the houses?

Author crashreboot ( ago)
Short People by Randy Newman

Author retrovirus61 ( ago)
what song is that

Author crashreboot ( ago)
Well, I have to say that Midgetville is kind of a letdown that way. No
midgets, and the houses, though small, are well within normal parameters.
Zoobieville, the Midgetville on the Delaware border with all the trees
growing out of them, is another thing altogether!

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