A visit to the mythical village mentioned in the books Weird US, Weird Pennsylvania, and Weird Maryland, and Eerie Pennsylvania magazine. Midgetville does exist. But there are no midgets there.
New soundtrack: Walk In A Wheel (Moll Flanders)

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Author hgcx (7 years)
there are midgets my friend matt and i went hes 19 and his truck was
bambarded by rocks.We drove out as fast as we could and one midget flipped
us off.We went to a cop and told him but he said they had all authorty
because we were trespassing.

Author Mach1isaac (6 years)
theres one near me in Long Beach, Ca.

Author Martinofredwall100 (5 years)

Author Paige Raab (4 years)
is this place abandoned or do people live there?

Author shady1293 (4 years)
This place is for rookie free runners =)

Author OhManqueso (4 years)
hahahaha me and my friends were laughin about this 2day reading wierd us
can believ its real

Author Umbra Deus (4 years)
ok so do people live there? what was the point of building it small was it
a real midget settlement thing or what? whats the history on it?

Author theycallmestarlord (1 year)
what the story on the statue on the front of the book wierd pa

Author iamjay922 (6 years)
Where is Cali?

Author fukeweup (6 years)
dude i dont know the 2nd half of this but the first part is definitely
midgetville under that parkway spur in NJ right? its like a half circle
road with a shit ton of signs before you enter, im pretty sure i saw that
red pick up there as well unless this is somewhere completely different

Author googles1515 (3 years)
Where or how could I get a copy of that book?

Author Xerato2 (3 years)
I find that a fucking repugnant depraved behaviour of people leaving out
their old houses to rot on the face of the earth WHAT THE FUCK? fucking
life-disrespecting mentality..fuck that shit!

Author IVANGROZNEY (5 years)
Where are the Midgets? I heard you are supposed to show up at midnight with
a car full of you friends, flashing your lights, honking your horn,
pounding on the side of the car, yelling "Come out Midgets!" The papers
report that if you do this the locals will box in your vehical with their
cars, brandish guns and call the police. You can't believe what you read in
the papers.

Author ALR4Ts (6 years)
Id like to see one of them lil goblins try throwin a rock at my car!!!!!haha

Author smartbunny (6 years)
Looks like summer bungalows.

Author jrv60 (6 years)
also in weird nj

Author Angelo Jeffries (2 years)
Also one in NC

Author oros123456 (6 years)
The music does not match the mood.

Author dbzlover27 (2 years)
haha, little people... the world's biggest joke is oooh so little ;) ;)

Author ricky right (5 years)
all of the stories r bs ...

Author Anna Trpis (3 years)
my sister lived in NJ and has been chased off the road by albinos in albino
village by a white truck, fucking scary

Author xxmightyonexx (2 years)
Well, that is just no fun at all. What the heck, CA? Open it up! :D

Author njlacrosse9 (4 years)
@crashreboot did you write weird maryland too? my parents got in for me
when i moved from jersey to annapolis. me and a couple friends are planning
on going to go to the midgetville in maryland, do you if that one is real
or not?

Author crashreboot (5 years)
These two are actually in Pennsylvania. There are Midgetvilles, TinyTowns,
and Munchkinburgs all over the States, though the NJ one gets most of the

Author anthony haley (3 years)
I've been to midgetville, it's on mill road I believe? I was chased out by
a man in a dark blue pickup truck, so I have no idea if it's safe or not.
It's next to rancocas fields.

Author mrcool411 (6 years)
whats in the houses?

Author hellcattiff87 (4 years)
ive been to the one in ky ogalville or something like that it was pretty
cool im 5'5" and could touch the roofs

Author WarriorOfChrist777 (7 years)
there's on in South Gate, California and another in Downey, California

Author ffairlane57 (6 years)
The students from nearby Wayne have been arrested for shooting residents
with a paintball gun. Do yourself a favor and stay out of trouble.

Author crashreboot (5 years)
Actually, there are Midgetvilles in many states in the union. Like the one
in northern VA, the one in Chadds Ford, PA, is actually a summer camp.

Author Marcos Carvallo (6 years)
i heard that they will shoot u with a gun if u mess with them no joke

Author KNRE_BOW_DOWN_SON_ (4 years)
i think this is bs because i no ppl wh live there:(

Author freespiritmik (6 years)
couldnt this just be for kids?

Author ECWnWWF (2 years)
is this the "midgetville" near Taylor Hospital in Ridley Park/Leedom?

Author mikeb2898 (4 years)
i read this in weird NJ ??? wtf

Author XLR8DaMUSTANG (2 years)
So apparently one of the "Midgetvilles" in Pennsylvania had two big fires
not too long ago. The first was in October 2011 and the second in February
2012. It made the "big story" on one of the local Philly news shows. I'm
almost positive it's one of the ones shown in this video. And SPOILER
ALERT... ..... ......... ............. ........ .... .. It's actually a
religious camp meeting that's used mostly during the summer, hence the
"summer home" rumors.

Author crashreboot (6 years)
Where's that?

Author crashreboot (5 years)
@WattsDanny I wrote that book, and's real. As in, it's really
there. But as I said in the book, there aren't any midgets there.

Author crashreboot (1 year)
It's in someone's front yard in Springfield, PA (Delaware County). The
thing's staring out at an ordinary leafy street down the road from a Home
Depot and a Red Lobster on Baltimore Pike.

Author Pieman2496 (3 years)
Me and my friends rode back there with our bikes...NO FUCKING MIDGETS

Author skateordie8392 (7 years)
lol we just went up there yesterday ( across the street from Taylor
hospital ) and the lady called the cops... it was disapointing becuase only
acouple houses had small doors and windows, i was expecting a lot more

Author Livey Idc (4 years)
sooo no one lives in these houses? like whats so weird about it? haha i
dont kno what a midgetvill is... can sumone tell me please ?

Author TheJenise302 (2 years)
What is this song ? Its so good!

Author JawsJaws (7 years)
What is the name of the city? I seen houses like that near New Wilmington
and Butler.

Author metersocket00 (4 years)
Mental midgets... RUN !!!!!!!!!!

Author D Po (7 years)
what is the deal with all the trees growing through houses?

Author Jason Esdale (5 years)
was there like two nights ago the houses are so tiny

Author moonshine72 (8 years)
wow those houses with the tress in them is awsome, and when you showed the
man standing next to the house was weird for sure. besides those to parts
the video was kind of slow.. but still entertaining.

Author sugarbear5456 (6 years)
i live in maryland and bought the weird maryland book a few years ago but
have heard of this place before that, where is it located because ive
really been wanting to go, not to disturb anyone just to visit and know
that it exists

Author heavydroma (6 years)
lol its in new jersey i was there a few months ago its not even scary it
was just wierd

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