The Cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Plays 'Guess the Guardian'

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  • Chris Pratt, Kurt Russell, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista and Michael Rooker may work together every day on set of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but we wanted to see how well they really knew each other. So we put their friendship to the test in a new game show called 'Guess the Guardian.'

    Guillermo in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

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    The Cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Plays 'Guess the Guardian'
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  • Miguel Casper
    Miguel Casper 1 day ago

    Dave would've won also, they skipped him a bag of ice by accident in the beginning

  • Jazmyn Ovaille
    Jazmyn Ovaille 1 day ago

    " I was that stupid." - Kurt😂

  • Antonio Lorenzo
    Antonio Lorenzo 1 day ago

    When Zoe sniffed after the stink bomb fact (2:30) was said, I was like "nooo way, she did it?" Then they revealed the fact was on her lmaooo, she's a savage

  • Roving Punster
    Roving Punster 1 day ago

    Feh. I coulda topped every one of those stories, including the brick incident. Boring !

    In middle school back in the late 1970's (I think it was the same year Star Wars came out) I kidnapped my science teachers goldfish, flew it in a model rocket with a clear plastic payload tube holding water, and landed it by parachute in the middle of a sunday football scrimmage (down with jocks ... NERDS RULE !) ... recovered my rocket and the fish, and returned it to the science classroom acquarium tank.


  • Nik L
    Nik L 2 days ago

    Pratts German is amazing

  • Simon'sHereForYa
    Simon'sHereForYa 2 days ago

    This is so stupid to watch for fans... Ego actor Kurt and Yondu actor are not guardians

  • Ireneus Yanuar
    Ireneus Yanuar 2 days ago

    Reaally best movieеe. I fooound it hereeee =>

  • Anna F
    Anna F 3 days ago

    Chris Pratts German is pretty good!

  • JoAnn Taylor
    JoAnn Taylor 4 days ago

    Zoe lools like Jada Pinket Smith

  • Rinaldo Mareto
    Rinaldo Mareto 4 days ago

    MМy gf reeally loоooves this film. We found full movie hеrе =>

  • Holly Davis
    Holly Davis 5 days ago

    "I won a bag of ice!!!!!!... wait why am I excited? " that was great

  • Melissa Borrego
    Melissa Borrego 5 days ago

    She was in high school at the age of 12

  • Koda Veru
    Koda Veru 5 days ago

    Came here to see Zoe not green.

  • Frosty Fingers
    Frosty Fingers 6 days ago

    I didn't know Chris could speak German. That's so funny!

  • Jacob PL
    Jacob PL 6 days ago

    Wait, the shortcut of "Guardians of the Galaxy" is "GotG" not "GtG"...

  • SkyrimPrincess
    SkyrimPrincess 6 days ago

    I love how everyone is suspecting Rooker for anything bad-ish XD

  • Mate Šutalo
    Mate Šutalo 7 days ago


  • grimreaper 935
    grimreaper 935 7 days ago

    ТТhis mоvie is nоw ааааvaailаbleеe tо watсh hеrе =>

  • Samuel Hur
    Samuel Hur 8 days ago

    o lord... Zoe is beautiful...drool

  • Jaqueline Jahn
    Jaqueline Jahn 8 days ago

    Chris Pratt is the man. I'm German and his German is really good.

  • Jenny_from_the_cock_block

    I see Batista is doing well for himself

  • PBM
    PBM 9 days ago

    Can't you disable the subtitles

  • Gummi Bear bear
    Gummi Bear bear 9 days ago


  • Janine Berryhill
    Janine Berryhill 10 days ago

    Never heard such a large man collect lunch boxes

  • Rovetown Corp.
    Rovetown Corp. 11 days ago

    Chris Pratt is the German boy

  • FreshGirl 3000
    FreshGirl 3000 11 days ago

    Na wer ist Deutsch und hat sich auch so über Chris' süße Entschuldigung😉😄

  • Jeremy Fuellas
    Jeremy Fuellas 11 days ago

    5:55 notch

  • melvin matos
    melvin matos 12 days ago

    12 at high school hmmmm

  • Jason Brown
    Jason Brown 12 days ago

    What about Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel

  • Olivia Hanson
    Olivia Hanson 12 days ago

    Good Movie

  • ShelmaTGG
    ShelmaTGG 12 days ago

    Zoe Writes on Her left hand

  • William Louis
    William Louis 12 days ago


  • Jacques
    Jacques 12 days ago

    Er kann ein bischen Deutsch

  • Askandier
    Askandier 13 days ago

    I am from Germany and Chris's German is amazing

  • tumbleweed 4
    tumbleweed 4 13 days ago

    Kinda sad that youndu died in the movie

    LLCAPTAIN M 13 days ago

    They should track down Chris is teacher that would be hella funny

  • MacKenzie Edwards
    MacKenzie Edwards 13 days ago

    Guillermo didn't pass the bags of ice out right. He skipped everyone but Zoe one round

  • Yetizombie 2
    Yetizombie 2 13 days ago


  • DangTristen 10Neufville

    Guillermo trying to give Zoe the ice 😂

  • Karla Torres
    Karla Torres 14 days ago

    Chris German pronunciation is the same as mine lmao

  • DarkSkyT3 0
    DarkSkyT3 0 14 days ago


  • Cary
    Cary 14 days ago

    Didnt know that Chris speaks german, really cool.

  • Thomas L
    Thomas L 14 days ago

    Thought Jimmy was going to say, "For our studio audience, everyone gets a bag of ice!"

  • Bard Mane
    Bard Mane 14 days ago

    i thought he said "Gas the guardian"

  • nightwishin
    nightwishin 15 days ago

    I love Chris speaking German. It´s perfect :D

  • willevans
    willevans 15 days ago

    wait....Batista has two bags of ice....

  • Dylan Di Blasio
    Dylan Di Blasio 15 days ago

    Kurt your awesome as one of the bad guys your awesome but Chris, Zoe, Dave and Michel

  • Benjamin Brown
    Benjamin Brown 15 days ago


  • Alex Gilden
    Alex Gilden 15 days ago

    Notice he zooms in on the person that the question is about.......

  • Jasmine Derriman
    Jasmine Derriman 16 days ago

    for those people complaining dave had the same points as zoe, he didnt.. if you watch back zoe had 3 points because she got the question right about micheal rooker but she never got given the bag, dave however did not get the question right, leaving him on 2 points and zoe on 3. therefore zoe is the only one to get 4 points by the end
    For some reason he got given a second bag early, but if you look back at what he got right, he only got 2

  • Will Turner
    Will Turner 16 days ago

    When I was in Hawaii I saw Dave and his kids

  • Will Turner
    Will Turner 16 days ago

    Where's vin diesel

  • Daniel Diaz
    Daniel Diaz 16 days ago

    Poor Dave. From 7:40 to the end, you can see him looking at everyones ice bag realizing that he tied. He had two ice bags on his lap and won the last round.

  • Fluffy Sparkles
    Fluffy Sparkles 16 days ago

    this video is made in my sister's birthday! yaya

  • rishawn98
    rishawn98 16 days ago

    How was she 12 in highschool?

  • Pixeldoge gaming
    Pixeldoge gaming 16 days ago

    Either I'm deaf or Zoe said she was 12 in high school

  • Duckerz99
    Duckerz99 16 days ago

    I'm Mary Poppins Y'all

  • daniel allen
    daniel allen 17 days ago

    5:50 was here name brandy and was she a fine girl

  • Wolf Pack
    Wolf Pack 17 days ago

    Chris "Rooker?" lmao

  • ethan sanchez
    ethan sanchez 17 days ago

    lmao when I first saw this I was question where groot and rocket were...if only..

  • Treg Wignard
    Treg Wignard 17 days ago

    Marvel has mentioned the number 12 in all their ,vies in the first on star lord says you've said I am groom like 12 times and he also says it twelve times

  • Cantu958
    Cantu958 17 days ago

    No vin diesel??

  • memes -
    memes - 17 days ago

    Doesn't Dave sorta look like Batista from WWE

  • Lucas Porpiglia
    Lucas Porpiglia 17 days ago

    12 years old and in high school wth

  • Ella Powell
    Ella Powell 18 days ago

    I love that Chris for the 1st one wrote Dave B. you know, not to confuse him with the their Dave.

  • Kouve Jr
    Kouve Jr 18 days ago

    I can't take them seriously as Guardians if Groot isn't in there

  • SmoothHat
    SmoothHat 18 days ago

    Es tut mir sehr leid Frau Novak

  • starla22g
    starla22g 18 days ago

    This is #Hilariousness

  • Ghost
    Ghost 18 days ago

    Dave got 2

  • Chloe Smith
    Chloe Smith 19 days ago


  • winchesters.and. co
    winchesters.and. co 19 days ago

    NOVAK :) #Supernatural

  • Deathdoes WWE
    Deathdoes WWE 19 days ago

    I'm only watching for Batista because he is coll

  • Slimez _TV
    Slimez _TV 19 days ago

    lol Chris Pratt Mann Deutsch😛

    • Slimez _TV
      Slimez _TV 19 days ago

      in English its: lol chris Pratt can speak german

  • Jeff Long
    Jeff Long 19 days ago

    I wish I was famous/rich enough to have ice...

    Wait... what?

  • Daniel Ortiz
    Daniel Ortiz 19 days ago

    im pretty sure they all had 2 bags of ice by the final tie breaker -_-

  • Luna Bazzi
    Luna Bazzi 19 days ago

    Did you notice Chris and zoey always sit by each other AWWWWWWWW

  • IAteFire
    IAteFire 20 days ago

    lmao kurt actually reminded guillermo he won a bag of ice too

  • DJ Paul Ripoll
    DJ Paul Ripoll 20 days ago

    I wanted to see pom Vin and Bradley

  • EthanYan
    EthanYan 20 days ago

    This movie had me tears

  • TheRadiantNarwhal
    TheRadiantNarwhal 20 days ago

    On ththe last one I thought "rooker the hooker"

  • Suzy S
    Suzy S 20 days ago

    this is where my life is going, I'm watching celebrities enjoy and have fun when I should be more concerned about other things. LOL! I wonder if she's actually going to keep the wheelbarrow or it's just a joke...

  • Diane Bunn
    Diane Bunn 20 days ago

    Zoe is a lefty! Yeaaah!

  • shawn digeronimo
    shawn digeronimo 21 day ago

    zoe was 12 in high school im going ton high school and im 14

  • susan nguyen
    susan nguyen 21 day ago

    Where is vin diesel

  • therealsketch
    therealsketch 21 day ago


  • The Golden Gamer
    The Golden Gamer 21 day ago

    CDC. 👾

  • #superbookgirl someone

    "I was that stupid"

  • BudderLion
    BudderLion 22 days ago


  • Maggie Jensen
    Maggie Jensen 22 days ago

    Me too!!! Okay my life blows!!

  • Sam Zheng
    Sam Zheng 22 days ago

    does anyone remember Kurt Russel from Sky High?

  • Mary Mitchell
    Mary Mitchell 22 days ago

    I like that movie I loved the girl that's Green she's cute

  • Paragon
    Paragon 22 days ago

    German is great but it's more confusing than English sometimes

  • Doc Huynh
    Doc Huynh 23 days ago

    ich wusste ja gar nicht dass chris Deutsch kann 😂

  • Marcus
    Marcus 23 days ago

    I'm Mary Poppins ya'll!

  • Tania R.
    Tania R. 23 days ago

    They are squad goals :)

  • Brainiac
    Brainiac 23 days ago

    Zoe might need the extra ice with the cotton mouth ( extremely glassy eyes )

  • Mari Duchannes
    Mari Duchannes 23 days ago

    hola bbs

  • Tammi w
    Tammi w 23 days ago

    I loved this film

  • under taker
    under taker 24 days ago

    on the last question I would have wrote I am groot

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