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Author Syeda Ratal Zehra (23 days)

Author Malikah mirza (2 months)
Zainab lipat ke roie abbas ke alam se 2
Saidaniya thi mustar 2
Chere the zard gham se1
Zainab lipat ke roie abbas ke alam se 2
Lipti huie alam se Kheti thi bilte zehra2
Is waqt bekasi me 2
Abbas bhichere hamse2
Zainab lipat ke roie abbas ke alam se 2
Abbas mar gayen hai Sunkar khabar yeh She se2
Taswer o yaso hasrat2
Har bibi thi alam se 1
Zainab lipat ke roie abbas ke alam se 2
Aale aba ka gham se joh hal bhi ho kam hai2
Darya pe la ke mara2
Dharak thi jiske dam se1
Zainab lipat ke roie abbas ke alam se 2
Bachi ne ma se pucha Kyun itna rorahi ho2
Ammu nahi milenge akhir na ake hamse
Zainab lipat ke roie abbas ke alam se 2
Baba chacha kahan hai laye ho kyun alam ko2
Yeh puchti thi bacchi 2
Lipti huie gham se
Zainab lipat ke roie abbas ke alam se 2
Ulfat ki aur wafa ki zinda missal bankar2
Mashke sakina abbhi 2
Hai munsalik alam se
Zainab lipat ke roie abbas ke alam se 2

Author John Mehdi (7 months)
Mashaallah bhut accha

Author Imran Hussain (1 year)
Can any one please share the complete lyrics of this noha

Author Fatema Hussain (1 year)

Author zeba kazmi (1 year)
what a voice mashallah

Author duah97 (1 year)
does anybody know the words?

Author UmmeLaiIa (2 years)
I have just sent it to your inbox, as the whole thing won't fit here. If
you did not receive it, I will then paste it here in two parts, thanks. :)

Author Yazidpelanat (5 years)
what a top noha read by a wonderful noha khawan. geo mashallah

Author wing wingin (1 year)
jazakallah bro.. keep uploading.... m requesting to oll plss upload azdari
stuff.. this the best way use to net....YaHussain a.s. Ya mazlum.

Author Sheru Jee (4 years)
mashallah nice noha geo

Author shahraza333 (3 years)
can some buddy please load a Noha by Nasir Zaidi " Umme Laila Nay kaha
Tashna lub Kuch tuo Kaho " ?? or share me a link here

Author NaqviA786 (4 years)
wasalam, thanks but its ok i dont need the english translation but does
anyone know where i can find the noha writeup/words to this?

Author haz110 (6 years)
MashAllah Nice recitation of noha..very good poetry..

Author arysignout (5 years)
Karbala walon per maray ma baap qurban..meri olad qurban...

Author ALI HASHIM (4 years)
Thank`s For Uploading Really..............sorry man i have no words to say
the beauity of this.?

Author UmmeLaiIa (4 years)
Heart-rendering...may Allah bless our nohakhwan

Author Khuzema Anwar (3 years)

Author Gohar Abbas (4 years)

Author UmmeLaiIa (3 years)
@milange2010 I've sent it to your inbox :)

Author UmmeLaiIa (3 years)
@NaqviA786 Zainab lipatkay roeen Abbas ke alam se Saydanian thi muztar,
chehray thay zard gham se Lipti hui alam se kehti theen binte Zehra Iss
waqt baykasi me, Abbas bichray hamse Bachi ne Maa se poocha, kyun itna
rorahi ho Amoo nahi milaingay kya phir na aakay hamse Baba chacha kahan
hain, laey ho kyun alam ko, Ye poochti thi bachi, lipti Shahe Umam se Abbas
margaye hain, sunkar khabar ye Sheh se Tasweer-e-yaas-o-hasrat, har bibi
thi alam se (can't fit the last line!)

Author Asif Insyniat (5 years)
biggest fraud of the history of the the bukharee and his
hadith. both are fucking drama. all the taliban and al-quida is the
followers of bukharee not a islam. they are the followers of bukharee haram
zada and his shit book hadith. 100% followers of Hadith but in a different
way. Sunni are also 100% hadith followers. look at your own shoulders. Come
back to Quran ,,,,,before it is another 1200 years. we have spent 1200
years of fraud hadith already.

Author abbaskazmi1985 (7 years)
ya Ali madad Subhanallah

Author swaroncupid (2 years)
to know the first version in different tarz subscribe to mezain100 and
watch the juloos video

Author Asma Iqbal (5 years)
Hussainiat Zindabad , Yazidiat Murdabad. Lanat bar Banuomya and their

Author Sohail Raza (5 years)
Excellent Noha. Mashallah

Author Aliza Hassan (4 years)
do you know where i can find the wordings to this amazing noha? it has been
my favourite ever since i was young.... i dont know how to read urdu .. so
if anyone can send me the english writeups?

Author ShiaAzadarGirl (5 years)

Author Ali Faia (5 years)
salam. can any body tell me where i get old noha,ABBAS JALD AAO MAR JAEGI

Author bobo2119 (2 years)
Hi can you please send it to me, the whole noha? I would really appreciate
it, thank you

Author ali raza (5 years)
mashallah. hussainiat zindabad

Author shiaeali110 (6 years)
Great, keep posting!

Author szabbas2 (5 years)
A great noha. MashaAllah.

Author hasansyedali (4 years)
join "ALI LODGE" on facebook

Author Wali3agles (5 years)
Mashallah the best nauha ever.........makes me cry when ever i listen to

Author abbaskazmi1985 (7 years)
plz send me. abbas_kazmi18athotmaildotcom

Author UmmeLaiIa (4 years)
@NaqviA786 Salaam, I can send you the english translation if you like.

Author hotboysumer (3 years)
i feel like the new nohays sound more like songs. the lyrics may be
powerful but the emotion is not there. old nohays like this are gold.

Author Meraj Hydary (3 years)
@UmmeLaiIa - can you send it to me please

Author NaqviA786 (4 years)
salam, do you know where i can find the words to this noha?

Author bobo2119 (3 years)
Can anyone please send me an English write-up for this noha? I would really
appreciate it!!!! Thank you :)

Author sanaabegum (4 years)
@n1o2s3h4 Can you pls. send me one also? But, how can you send through

Author TheEngrAsad (3 years)
@GhulamePanjatan please give link to all public.

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