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Author Mr. Fluffle (1 year)
megaupload is now banned. Why still use them? Change the damn links you

Author JearlousA00kmo (1 year)
Diden't worked! These are old links!

Author Elizah Scott (1 year)
the page doesent even load and i even watid a

Author qxcTube 0.5k (Battle For The Trillion Object Show Official Channel) (1 year)
I'll tell you it doesn't work. You know how they say there's no internet
censorship in the US? Megaupload is censored.

Author simransingh105 (3 years)
thanks it worked

Author biteapple1999 (3 years)
Is this the download of the full version, or is it the full version of the

Author Munchiee (2 years)
the link doesnt work:( I know megauploads got shut down ages ago

Author Pally Trainer (3 years)
@Giblam1 lol that was what i was going 2 say then i saw this

Author Kitteh Amaziing (3 years)
Hell yea... first link works... thx bro

Author israel magana (2 years)
i tryed it and u have to do surveys

Author TheFuzzyCast (2 years)
no links work :(

Author Sophie Carmichael (2 years)

Author AssassinThunder (3 years)
EVERYONE If you want to download plantsVszomvies, then go to my channel
since i can't put the link in here. Its the full version one i been having
last year.

Author theharveyzz2 (3 years)
fucking sopa

Author Shaden-Is-Beast (3 years)
IT FINALLY WORKS! download first link to winrar and load plantsvszombie,
when u exit the game it will pop up with a note click continue

Author Jansen Widjaya (3 years)
First link on megaupload works.. Thanks.. =)

Author joze bonilla (3 years)
nice i ffinaly got the game ty

Author Alex Johnson (3 years)
megaupload is blocked by Government

Author kensvideos21 (3 years)
guys i have a working game go to this site /watch?v=srWwyh2UFFQ

Author Smoking Crop (3 years)
of course it doesn't work, megaupload has been closed down

Author mystshadow (3 years)
o.o wow this actually worked... *is amazed*

Author thecheater887 (2 years)
Want PvZ halloween? In video search, type in PvZ easter mod. I know this
sounds wierd, BUT, the video lets you download PvZ Easter, GOTY, Halloween,
and Xmas modes free without surveys. The video is by Thecheater887 so as if
not to get confused...

Author EariosRandomness (1 year)
Surveys don't even work for me when downloading something due to my
piece-of-shit computer...

Author Ish Danish (3 years)
@1234THESTIG same here Dr zombos wasnt that hard though

Author skitgubbe33 (3 years)
iam sorry but not a single link workt

Author NEW CHANNEL (2 years)
help me it says Access Denied This option is not available in your country
and cannot be viewed at this time. Please try again later.

Author nickofigo96 (3 years)
funziona orca troiia era ora

Author Zeneeba Pyra (2 years)
No...Megaupload doesn't work because the makers were arrest for essentially
"sellin content that wasn't theirs."

Author David Hammac (2 years)
I don't have Winrar. I have Bandizip.

Author Sir Snout (3 years)
@TheAzndramafangirl Liar NO FUCKING WAY you got it MEGAUPLOAD IS CLOSED

Author Saki Ho (2 years)
Its because Megaupload has been destroyed. By Anonymous. :P so megaupload
no longer works.

Author Dominickisonline (2 years)
Mega Upload I Guess was baned by the U.S Court I do not know why but we
need a need download links

Author naruto bleacher (2 years)
just download from

Author KashukoProductions (3 years)
I'm having a giveaway of this game. If anyone wants a free copy check out
my plants vs zombie vid. Also you guys should do searches to see who is
giving the game away etc. It may help increase your chances of getting the
game n stuff : 3

Author Hedgy134117 (2 years)

Author Alif (3 years)
Get the free trial...... -_- jeez

Author Le Jerome Fly (3 years)
so is this the FULL version or the free one?

Author xXxFBhackerzxXx (3 years)
doesnt` work bro it s notice

Author dominator5528 (3 years)

Author champsquire2 (2 years)
R.I.P megaupload, not really though.

Author Tommsy64 (1 year)
None of the mega upload links work!

Author Ernafortress2Extreme (1 year)
doest work

Author whitelightnin108 (3 years)
go to mediafire and download it

Author Awesomer Coolness (2 years)
i tried all but it dont work [iminent=W2mWdAgUWfOB] _____________ I have
just posted a cool Emoticon!

Author Levi Kirby (3 years)

Author Stealweller (3 years)
a notice says i can not do it ;[

Author TheMusicMan20011 (2 years)

Author SUPDKash (3 years)
@putanginakogago16 Doesn't work....

Author 34philson (3 years)
thank you i have the full version now

Author Grace Jackson (3 years)
i finished the game

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