Alien: Covenant - Movie Review

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  • Proxximo Amandil
    Proxximo Amandil 1 hour ago

    Glad to hear at least one other Human loves this Movie.

  • TheTrenchface
    TheTrenchface 3 hours ago

    as an alien fanboy with and xeno tattooed on my leg lol, covenant has a special place in my heart

  • MiŁeR's
    MiŁeR's 4 hours ago

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  • ClassyMonster
    ClassyMonster 1 day ago

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  • dereksbooks
    dereksbooks 1 day ago

    A flawed and predictable but still entertaining movie. More flawed and formulaic than Prometheus but also a lot more enjoyable.

  • Tramaine Mason
    Tramaine Mason 1 day ago

    Where the heck is ripley??? This film needed Ripley and at least 1000 more xenomorphs and a bad ass platoon of soldiers who had character and grew on the viewer like in the 1987 Aliens film. I gave this movie a C minus. No one wanted to see two boring androids playing a freaking flute. Are they serious with this? A flute? Half way across the galaxy and two androids, one evil one good and their playing a picalo or flute etc. lol and smh. I'll just sit and wait on Neil's edition to the Alien Franchise and pray that he gets it right and make it alot more entertaining than Alien Covenant

  • hoplite669
    hoplite669 1 day ago

    Interesting Review!

  • Jake Scott
    Jake Scott 2 days ago

    you don't point out the most important things; you just tell about minor things of the movie. That's why this review is poor IMHO. They go to an unknown planet with no suits. You don't even mention it. I guess chldrem form kindergarten wouldn't even do it let alone crew members. This is a crazy bad flaw.

  • Totally_ Rad
    Totally_ Rad 2 days ago

    what a bunch of bullshit. how is that a review

  • Kevin Campbell
    Kevin Campbell 2 days ago

    Prometheus was shit!

    Covenant was shittier!!!


  • tech limbo
    tech limbo 3 days ago

    no i dont like alien,but i do interest with engineers part.

  • supermariofan03
    supermariofan03 4 days ago

    Is it wrong for me to say this is my second favorite Alien film behind Alien?

  • Tony Piza
    Tony Piza 5 days ago

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  • T300wdy Haddad
    T300wdy Haddad 5 days ago

    I give the movie a D-

  • MadCap Productions
    MadCap Productions 5 days ago

    Go play Alien: Isolation instead.

  • jamie kendall
    jamie kendall 5 days ago

    You know that blood-slipping scene everybody hates? I laughed too. It didn't ruin the scene at all. How come there aren't more people who suspect we were maybe supposed to laugh? It was a nice little moment of humorous subversion in the midst of an otherwise pretty dark scene.

    Also, two people can slip on the same patch of wetness on the floor. I have seen it happen at work, although it wasn't blood; however, nor were those two people in a life-or-death panic.

  • Artifice Prey
    Artifice Prey 5 days ago

    *Shakes head ashamedly...

  • Tristin127
    Tristin127 6 days ago

    glad i didnt put money into watching it,movie is trash plain and simple.

  • Beatles2010100
    Beatles2010100 6 days ago

    Do we really need two or three more prequels!? Make one to replace Alien 3 with Ripley, Newt, Hicks, and Bishop. Their freezers broke so they aged and movie

  • dakotab291
    dakotab291 6 days ago

    Jesus, are me and Chris the only people who liked this movie despite it's flaws?

  • s Yasuo
    s Yasuo 6 days ago

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  • Gamer Phantom
    Gamer Phantom 7 days ago

    i felt a sleep watching this boring movie

  • Amanda Condon
    Amanda Condon 7 days ago

    Where do I get your T-shirt, Chris??! Literally a perfect shirt.

  • Zatzzo
    Zatzzo 7 days ago

    "you can pretty much always tell when someone's about to bite the dust"

    what about brett, dallas, parker and lambert in alien? all super predictable deaths. even hudson's death in aliens was predictable, and that scene is legendary. burke's death is also super predictable.

  • DUFMAN123
    DUFMAN123 7 days ago

    This film was abysmal, outside of the a handful of scenes where the Fassbender clones are talking and learning from each other.

  • Yanto Heryanto
    Yanto Heryanto 8 days ago

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  • Peter
    Peter 8 days ago

    I deny this movie in my personal movie universe as it completely takes the wrong route and messes up the origin of the Xenomorph.

  • Aivar Andressoo
    Aivar Andressoo 9 days ago

    I like "Alien"(1979) and "Aliens"(1986)!!! All other Alien films are bad and stupid. Including this one.

  • Terrific Troll
    Terrific Troll 9 days ago

    movies are so bad to average these days that these reviewers have really nothing to say about them but how "gorgeous" they look...cgi..soundtrack..special effects..its so artificial..its like the new cool fad..sorry but this movie SUCKED

  • Marissa Perez
    Marissa Perez 9 days ago

    Michael Fassbender plays my two favorite characters in this film. The other characters are just so disposable.

  • K. M.
    K. M. 9 days ago

    I was disappointed with the cgi on the alien. But loved everything else. Unfortunate box office on with this movie, I hope they are able to fully realize Scott's vision for the rest of the franchise.

  • Hanno
    Hanno 10 days ago

    SPOILER: What the? I don't get it really... I mean Prometheus gets better everytime you See it. BUT convenant has the absolute same problem. The protagonists are dumb as Fuck. "Oh we just arrived at a new planet. Aight let's smoke some!" the Fuck? The leader? Oh The android just created the xenomorph y why not follow him in the dark beneath. The rest was good as you Said but the fact that characters are as same dumb as they were in prometheus killed it for me.. even that in the end evil fassbander was on board was so fcking obvious.. seriously

  • Homri Anis
    Homri Anis 11 days ago

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  • Jorge Barros
    Jorge Barros 11 days ago

    Beautiful movie with an awful script. Even Fassbender cant save it.

  • Nav Sohanpaul
    Nav Sohanpaul 11 days ago

    *This movie has the exact same plot as Pitch Black* . Honestly, they are the same movie, except in Alien Covenant, it is implied they are screwed after they escape and in Pitch Black, it is implied they go on with their lives.

  • happybois
    happybois 11 days ago

    I hate how these movies are mostly herd thinning. It would have been an excellent opportunity to show that xenomorphs are more than just killing machines.

    Honestly David wrecking the engineers was the best part though it was highly unbelievable.

  • Jackson Wilburn
    Jackson Wilburn 11 days ago

    Blade runner is more flawless than alien. Alien is almost as flawless

    REBRAND PT 11 days ago

    3rd best Alien Movie ?? Are you trying to loose subscribers ?? It's a Ridley Scott movie ... he can't drop the ball like this.

    REBRAND PT 11 days ago

    Nan...I Liked prometheus. But the covenant story is flat. No engineers, no Shaw. It's all around David. There's no hero, like before with Riplay. I wanted to see they arriving to the planet. I wanted to see David creating the creatures. And they jumped straight to the end result. Nan.... bad story.

  • Killer0fTheSun
    Killer0fTheSun 12 days ago

    Called it 3 months ago, and was right on the money that this film would absolutely suck. Thank goodness i wasnt born in this generation....most things suck now, from sports to films.

  • Gordon Tims
    Gordon Tims 12 days ago

    oh please review Blade Runner, please

  • Jose Angel Hernandez

    I hope their is a director's cut for bluray.

  • Johnny Skinwalker
    Johnny Skinwalker 13 days ago

    I don't think there was one good thing about this movie. Bland characters, bland acting, no suspense, no imagination, nothing.

  • Tony Johansson
    Tony Johansson 13 days ago

    I think I hate myself for not enjoying this movie. I liked the movie alot when I saw it at the cinema. But my big issue with myself is that I cant stand people chewing on ther snacks and all that. Fuck I really wanted to enjoy it but...yeah

  • Appreciate the shit out of iKON

    i hate this movie sm. I regret using $10 for this

  • Zatzzo
    Zatzzo 14 days ago

    Awesome movie

  • Moravian Lion
    Moravian Lion 14 days ago

    I was hoping you will make me go to the cinema to see this. But if you find Prometheus ok, I think I gonna pass this one :) Prometheus disappointed me a lot. Even though it was really beautiful!

  • Brayden GTA5guy
    Brayden GTA5guy 15 days ago

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  • Josue Roberto
    Josue Roberto 15 days ago

    Well I must be the only one who actually likes this...

  • Doug Tennyson
    Doug Tennyson 15 days ago

    What?...what? Your completely wrong Fuckface! This movie was not in the least bit interesting. Horribly bad science fiction. It sucked diseased monkey balls!!!!!!!!

  • Chun-Bonn Tang
    Chun-Bonn Tang 15 days ago

    usually, your reviews are very critical and hits the nail. but for Alien Covenant I must say i was very surprised that you gave a B despite the characterization of almost evey character in this movie except of David / Walter, Oram, Tennessee and (what was the lead characters name?) were totally throw away characters. the way the treated the engineers etc. are too short. aliens in this movie are not scary at all plus the CGI of the so-called new chest burster and the alien in the ship looked not good for a block buster movie.
    this movie centers too much about David and his creations, not really much about what the engineers were doing and the marketing was also bad by leaking too many scenes with the alien.

  • hahaumad
    hahaumad 15 days ago

    This movie sucked It didn't follow up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw this on bootleg and I was still mad 😂

  • Nitti21
    Nitti21 15 days ago

    It sucked.

  • Bush is a Tryhard
    Bush is a Tryhard 15 days ago

    Fuck this Movie, I would rather watch Alien: Resurrection 8 times then watching alien covenant

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 16 days ago

    I can't say this film is disappointing, since every Alien movie since Aliens has been awful. This is just more of the same. Apart from a solar sail and some holograms, the future-tech is utterly unimaginative (an iPad in 2104? Really?) The crew never imagined there might be anything dangerous, such as toxic plant spores on an alien planet? Give me a fucking break. Didn't the queen alien lay eggs, so what the hell even is this spore business?? Who cooked that nonsense up? Have the writers of this movie even seen the original two films???? Like I said - not disappointing, just...more of what should have been put to rest four films ago.

  • Wonsuck Choi
    Wonsuck Choi 16 days ago

    Prometheus was a million times better than this weak-ass sequel.

  • Micilo 419
    Micilo 419 16 days ago

    I personally loved the movie if you enjoyed promethius and the alien films you will like it too

  • jose pida
    jose pida 16 days ago

    Prometheus & Alien Covenant are Beautiful ... How can it be the 4th in Alien movies?? You must be are comparing Ridley Scott with James Cameron...that comparison is like Ferran Adriá's Bulli (Ridley Scott) & Mc Donald's (James Cameron).
    @ Chris it's way much harder to create and do it, than just destroy and criticize.

  • Bozhidar Yordanov
    Bozhidar Yordanov 16 days ago

    I watched the movie today at the local cinema. I had some high expectations. On few occasions I was almost sure I'm watching a comedy. The aliens are funny as hell. The baby aliens scenes are SO BAD. The gay stuff were so unnecessary as well. The plot is 6/10. The movie as whole is really bad next to all 4 original movies.

  • Peyton Hall
    Peyton Hall 16 days ago

    I literally hated this movie so much

  • HarisUsame- حارث اسامه

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  • Devan Hale
    Devan Hale 17 days ago

    you're fucking retarded. 3rd or 4th BEST?! no, just no.

  • Cyrus Eli
    Cyrus Eli 17 days ago

    I can't believe you, or anyone, liked this or Prometheus. They are prequels-level bad.

  • Härskar Alex
    Härskar Alex 18 days ago

    This is the worst alien movie yet, Its about really dumb pepole on a ship that do do stupid things. And worst of all it was really boring and not scary or intense at all.

  • McQueenPress
    McQueenPress 18 days ago

    I liked Covenant more than Prometheus. The captain following a twitchy, shady android alone down a dark passageway. The David/Walter story was fascinating. But my question is whether Origae is the planet that Ripley's crew will find in Alien, that becomes LV-426.

  • alex doucet
    alex doucet 18 days ago

    Support rlm. They give more in depth reviews and are not hacks.

  • Joey Ortiz
    Joey Ortiz 18 days ago

    While I haven't seen all of the comments, all I have seen so for is how everybody seems to overlook Weyland Co. Weyland Yutany and later in the series Earth's Government's collective intelligence and in every film in the series no one sees "The Company's" motives until its too late. In Alien Covenant Weyland Yutani's involment in the events of AC aren't all that clear until the end when David demonstrates that he still has Company over clearance over Mother on the Covenant. He also Walter's clearances and the idea of David could have somehow taken those clearances from Walter in the final unseen conflict of the two is far fetched for the lack of time in the scene to do so. I surmised that Walter was created in the image of David with his own protocols for the purpose of extracting David and his creations off of Planet 4 in the first place. While we can see that David now has a mind of his own we can't negate the fact the he is a Company Android with programming the he cannot override by virtue of his own will.
    1)The Company records everything that happens on every mission that they deploy so everything that happened on the Prometheus mission up until the destruction of the ship Prometheus was recorded and sent back to the Company and it only would have taken one year for the Company to receive the full transmission. The final transmission of the Prometheus mission sent by Dr. Elizabeth Shaw however was not sent by any company technology being that the ship Prometheus was totally destroyed. So how did Dr. Shaw send her final transmission? Obviously from the Hammerhead ship the She and David commandeered at the end of Prometheus. Ergo Engineer technology is not flawed, if anything Engineer technology is way more advance than that of Humans. Engineers technology we learn in Prometheus is not beyond David's understanding as we can see how quickly David is able to understand and operate them. So we can presume that David just like Shaw is capable of communicating with the Company on Earth by way of Engineers technology.
    2) The Covenant mission was a rouse from the beginning. If David can maintain communication with the Company and tell them about his pet project than it is a safe bet that like always the Company wants that life form for means to study it and use it for bio-weapons.
    3) The path to Origae 6 led the the Covenant to directly intersect with Planet 4 with an unexplained event that haults them at threshold of Planet 4. Now if Planet 4 is a more habitable Planet than Origae 6 that was closer to Earth and on the path to Origae 6 the Company knew about and kept that knowledge off of there records, Especially if they have communication with David about his Project on Planet 4, a project they they would ruthlessly do anything to attain. "Building better Worlds" may be Weyland Co's public slogan but we all know that "Crew Expendable" has always been their secret motto.
    4) The Nutrino blast was not a random natural occurance. The Covenant's new Captain wanted to investigate the the blast but Walter convinced him that it was a natural blast that could not have been forseen or avoided and so the Captain let it go and continued on. Nobody is aware of the Engineers or the very power of their advanced technologies here so it not without reason that their technology can simulate a Nutrino blast that only mames The Covenant ship, haulting it and only bringing its system down by 30%. Again David know much to well how to use that technology and probably saw the Covenant ship coming as he was expecting it to come.
    5) The plan from the start was for David to continue his research and The Company gave him more than precisely what he needed to do that. 2,000 sleeping colonists, hundreds of human ebrios, an infirior twin android and a still very active security clearance with company protocols. David demonstrated at the end of the film that his own security clearance with Mother is just the same if not higher than Walter's and when he does use Walter security clearance it is only to assume his identity as Walter by means of making transmissions to make everything seem as if everything is okay. Walter explained to David that people back on Earth knew about some of the grim activities on the Prometheus mission and David's involvement in all that. There were a certain amount of people who were afraid what David is capable of and so the corrected those issues in the later model Davids. Mind you, by the time this conversation between the two happens David had already cut his hair to look exactly like Walter, waiting for the opportunity to remove him and covertly take his place but David needed to know what exactly Walter looked like and how he behaved in order to put up a convincing act which is why David interacted and toyed with Walter for a while before he ultimately put him down and took his place.
    The only questions that remains on my mind is... "Is there really an Origae 6? And why if David is proven to be a dangerous robot would he maintain clearance with the company if not to further their agenda by helping David with his own?

  • Viktor Koska
    Viktor Koska 18 days ago

    Wow, this guy sucks as movie reviewer. This movie sucks on so many levels, that the only thing I can conclude about this clip that it is paid advert.

    • Movie Addict 101
      Movie Addict 101 7 days ago

      Viktor Koska how many movie reviews have you seen from Chris stuckmann

  • Green Leader
    Green Leader 18 days ago

    I enjoyed it ,I knew what I was getting and I also enjoyed Prometheus before it . Fassbender is Awesome as David and Walter !

  • David Higgins
    David Higgins 19 days ago

    Michael Fassbender carried the entire movie. He was the best part for me.

  • Michael Bardeleben
    Michael Bardeleben 19 days ago

    This is rumour control: here are the facts - Those faithful to the genre of Alien movies will realize soon if not now how good this movie is. It has all the classic and new elements of a great Alien sci -fi thriller. PLus a new female character heroine in the same mould as Ripley, played by a superb Katherine Waterston. The sets are amazingly realistic due to their amazing art and size and the highlight for me is the two android characters acted magnificantly by one of the best actors in the world in Michael Fassbender, worthy of an academy award for sure. Well done Ridley Scott. You have done it again sir, respect because not only have you furthered the mysterious adventure , you have raised the bar once more. Bring on the finale!

  • Woogie Wagnoski
    Woogie Wagnoski 19 days ago

    Lets pray for directors cut extended, so disappointed with Alien Covenant. Prometheus was amazing.

  • Mamoona Sadia
    Mamoona Sadia 19 days ago

    I watссcchеd Alien full mоviе hereе

  • caleb scott
    caleb scott 19 days ago

    I watched it just cause me and my bros were high and didn't know what to do lol I was just like wtf the whole entire movie

  • K Comm
    K Comm 19 days ago

    The best part of Alien....was that WE KNEW NOTHING about the origin....

  • Gastón Porte
    Gastón Porte 19 days ago

    I think you might want to watch it again.

  • Whatt Every
    Whatt Every 19 days ago

    VHS boxes make nice background, IMVVVHO! :)

  • Matthew Laurence
    Matthew Laurence 19 days ago

    Cool deal with the shout-outs to RL people that approached you!

    What do you think about the prologues not making the movie's final cut? Oddly enough, I've been binging Alien content and avoiding spoilers but never saw the extended scenes that were released by Fox before the movie. I really felt that these would have added some depth to the characters had I seen the clips before watching the theatrical cut.

  • Hurry Before it's deleted

    I thing the Alien franchise needs to END.

  • TheUpwardbound1
    TheUpwardbound1 19 days ago

    I wish the would had stuck Prometheus! I wanted to know more about the engineers. this movie was terrible. I have never seen a crew do some of the most dumb things i have ever seen.

  • marklola12
    marklola12 19 days ago

    the movie was horrid and tbh I'm glad its flopping and doubt the studio will greenlight his next one

    Also I don't think that many people are overly bothered about alien movies anymore

  • Raging Wampa
    Raging Wampa 20 days ago

    I got really dissapointed by the Xenomorph, it was really heavy on the CGI in some scenes, especially when it was running away

  • Zothanzuala Chhangte

    Chris a B?? really??? How did you miss all the stupid stuff in this movie? 😂

  • Fawk Yu
    Fawk Yu 20 days ago

    To be fair the movie wasn't bad, it's just pretty fucking far from good. In terms of explaining the origins of the Engineers and Xenomorphs, this movie really doesn't add anything new to the Alien universe. Why Ridley Scott went for the cliche rogue artificial intelligence rising up against their creators is beyond me. The only logical explanation is that the old bastard has finally lost his mind and Alzheimer's is setting in.

  • Matthew Savoy
    Matthew Savoy 20 days ago

    I loved Prometheus.....LOVE LOVE LOVE ...

    i hate this movie .......

  • Ege Kazkayası
    Ege Kazkayası 20 days ago

    this movie was pretty good specially because of david

  • Amiga Wolf
    Amiga Wolf 20 days ago

    It was a shit movie, it was awful, he (Ridley Scott) destroys mythology of the Aliens, and acting was NOT top notch, all the people were morons in this movie.

    And all his newer movies are bad, sorry but he is now a bad director.

  • MatthewLedZepfan
    MatthewLedZepfan 20 days ago

    Chris completely misused the word pseudo

  • Genome Soldat
    Genome Soldat 20 days ago

    This movie is just plain bad. It tried to do too many things and really did not excell at any of them. Its terrible as a continuation of Prometheus. The whole David plot belongs in Blade Runner or another robots hating humans sci-fi universe. The Alien/Xenomorph lore beautifully established in Alien & surpassed in my opinion by Aliens is destroyed by a horrible Hideo Kojima level retcon. We could've gotten the Aliens sequel many of us wanted, but instead we got this. Ridley Scott has officially George Lucased Alien. Fox, please, either stop making these movies or toss the prequels & greenlight Neil Blompkemp's movie.

  • Jarod Penaia
    Jarod Penaia 20 days ago

    do a break down of blade runner

  • flap jacks
    flap jacks 20 days ago

    u gave it a B?? man fuck outta here shit deserves an F+! chris u slippn and got too mainstream boy

  • galvincaine
    galvincaine 20 days ago

    the whole movie was about davied fucking everyone over.😐

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 20 days ago

    I still don't know whether this was a good or a bad movie. It was somewhere in between.

  • clock655321
    clock655321 21 day ago

    James Franco was Amazing here!

  • Christie Greenwood
    Christie Greenwood 21 day ago

    I loved Prometheus, too. You're not the only one.

  • Mornin Corp.
    Mornin Corp. 21 day ago

    This and Prometheus were two of the worst films created by a legitimately talented director. Super dissapointing, it had a lot of promise. At the beginning I thought they were gonna go for something like the origninal Alien film, a close quarters horror film. Instead, it ends up being a silly mess that completely muddled the origin of the Xenomorphs. And the CGI and aliens looked stupid.

  • I Ekberg
    I Ekberg 21 day ago

    I watched this movie in the third row of an IMAX and I almost DIED!

  • Shane C
    Shane C 21 day ago

    I hated it

  • MU FC
    MU FC 21 day ago

    I agree Chris. I also loved Prometheus!

  • Quasipants
    Quasipants 21 day ago

    I thought this was a really good sci fi movie. It wasn't a great Alien movie, but man, if prometheus and this movie just didn't related to the Aliens franchise at all, and were their own separate entity, I think people would be a lot more into them.

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