PROP HUNT IN SPACE! - Prey Gameplay Funny Moments

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  • Superpie Seeker
    Superpie Seeker 4 days ago

    8:12 You STOLE HIS LINE, NOGLA!!

  • primitive spongebob

    Daithi sounded like jack from resident evil 7

  • Kektus the Cactus
    Kektus the Cactus 9 days ago

    Nogla, if you want to make things easier, once you get the ability to scrap things, move a stack of whatever material to duplicate, split it, and you get more than you put in.

  • Oskillator
    Oskillator 13 days ago

    Your video complete with fucks and bitches and fuckin assholes... played in front of my 2.5 year old...the other day. Can you please to whatever you can to prevent this from being promoted during preschool kids programming? thanks.

  • Jadon Tan
    Jadon Tan 13 days ago

    Nogla seems surprisingly calm in this

  • Mad Panek
    Mad Panek 13 days ago


  • Don't Listen
    Don't Listen 14 days ago

    You make this game less creepy

  • Dr Pebbles
    Dr Pebbles 15 days ago

    gotta hit that 10 min mark :)

  • deltawolf1124
    deltawolf1124 16 days ago

    watching nogla trying to pick things up and then start yelling profanities had me in tears

  • Haou Shing Lee
    Haou Shing Lee 17 days ago

    lol Daithi de Interior Designer

  • YeahRyan
    YeahRyan 17 days ago

    So is this like space we happy few? I haven't looked into this game much

  • Bob The Crlispy Dill pickle

    PropHunt 2: When Props Fight Back

  • Zoe Bradford
    Zoe Bradford 17 days ago

    XD this is just a space thing of prop hunt

  • Ashley Martinez
    Ashley Martinez 17 days ago

    to think someone even cares enough to complain over a thumbnail. and to even say its shitty when really I don't see your art featured at all. daithi sees the potential in it, and it can hurt someone if you keep being negative.

  • Blood Rossie
    Blood Rossie 17 days ago

    this game really reminds me of bioshock and bioshock to who agrees

  • Jelly Beans Just Got Cool

    Daithi de Nogla is my fav YouTube:3

  • XxMrWhipsterxX
    XxMrWhipsterxX 17 days ago

    Don't pin me

  • gloppin boopin
    gloppin boopin 17 days ago

    is it just me or does this kinda look like half life. half life 3 confirmed

    • gloppin boopin
      gloppin boopin 17 days ago

      I mean the guns are literally the same just reskinned

  • KillerLavander
    KillerLavander 17 days ago

    Plz Pin me

  • MaxAero
    MaxAero 17 days ago

    They need a multiplayer for this, 1 team the seekers, the others are mimics

  • psload
    psload 17 days ago


  • JAVMAN928 b
    JAVMAN928 b 17 days ago

    Lol all I saw was prop hunt and got excited but it was prey

  • Dylan Haga
    Dylan Haga 17 days ago

    The comment that will never be pinned

  • ShootingStarAJM
    ShootingStarAJM 17 days ago

    Please tell me this game has multiplayer that basically works like prop hunt. If it doesn't, colossal wasted opportunity.

  • Ben Dover Son
    Ben Dover Son 17 days ago

    Wtf are these cringey fucking thumbnail art, it looks like absolute fucking shit.

    • Ashley Martinez
      Ashley Martinez 17 days ago

      JEFF THE KILLER Killian you know if you don't like it don't even worry, its not hurting you, nogla loves them so they're featured. not your concern.

  • xXSharkBeastXx
    xXSharkBeastXx 17 days ago

    Oh and good job diathi you got your own advertisement.

  • xXSharkBeastXx
    xXSharkBeastXx 17 days ago

    its ya boi big dick johnny back at you with another video

  • The Red Tree
    The Red Tree 17 days ago

    this game look fun

  • Homie Owl
    Homie Owl 17 days ago

    If you don't pinn this comment i will use my Powers and se them so that you can never get a goal in Golf With Friends anymore.

  • Blue Dragon
    Blue Dragon 17 days ago

    Does black clawer aliens look like a bit like the carbs from half life 2

  • AriochStarr
    AriochStarr 17 days ago

    Disappointed that it wasn't actually Prop Hunt. Curse you, misleading title!

  • Ursiwavemega
    Ursiwavemega 17 days ago

    R.I.P Monetization

  • FunWithDon
    FunWithDon 17 days ago

    one of my testicles fell off and now i only have 2

  • Izak Flower
    Izak Flower 18 days ago

    fuck u

  • 19 PewDiePie fan
    19 PewDiePie fan 18 days ago

    They look like head crabs from gmod

  • 19 PewDiePie fan
    19 PewDiePie fan 18 days ago

    They look like head crabs from gmod

  • OSN'S Hair
    OSN'S Hair 18 days ago

    Cool video

  • Mackenzie Welte
    Mackenzie Welte 18 days ago

    goodness Daithi you are amazing

  • Darly the Flattop
    Darly the Flattop 18 days ago

    In this video, I feel Nogla sounded both black and Irish. I feel like this is a great combination. I would like to meet a person with both of those nationalities or races.

  • HBI  Productions
    HBI Productions 18 days ago

    this is fukin destiny but with prop hunt

  • _ _
    _ _ 18 days ago

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    TITANLOVERGANES 18 days ago

    oh hayyyyyyyy

  • Brandi Zarbock
    Brandi Zarbock 18 days ago

    daithi your stupidity is fixed by joe's cuteness

    EMBEAM 18 days ago

    at least its a good game that sponsored you

  • Jamison Fawkes
    Jamison Fawkes 18 days ago

    Damn, nearly didn't get that 10:00 ad revenue, thank god for that sponsorship dude

    WARLORDop 18 days ago

    Who Else Thought This Was Gmod?

  • Bobbybg33k
    Bobbybg33k 18 days ago

    ....Am I the only one getting a Bioshock original feel for this? Minus the killer props.

    I probably am.

  • Mentally Disturbed
    Mentally Disturbed 18 days ago

    I like how you tried to be that 1 old space cowboy

  • Wot
    Wot 18 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks the thumbnail is adorable 😂

  • CrapperMcFlaggerNaggot

    Mmmm...Soft leather....


  • - KoreanJoker -
    - KoreanJoker - 18 days ago

    fuck you nogla

  • Franklin Jimenez
    Franklin Jimenez 18 days ago

    My name I'd frank

  • Faze Retard
    Faze Retard 18 days ago

    Lovin these solo game plays

  • Sassy Murloc
    Sassy Murloc 18 days ago

    Pin my comment you potatoe munching potatoe.

  • Puz The Puzzle
    Puz The Puzzle 18 days ago

    an edited nogla vid

  • bezerk gaming_CRU
    bezerk gaming_CRU 18 days ago

    give me a pin because I'm the UK in one!

  • Conor
    Conor 18 days ago

    What the hell the is going on with the thumbnails? They look like shit.

    • Ashley Martinez
      Ashley Martinez 17 days ago

      Conor they're not your concern, if daithi loves them don't even bother to care. its just a thumbnail.

  • theflipflop
    theflipflop 18 days ago

    I don't know what it is about Daithi, but I'm never sad/bored watching his videos. He makes me happy.

  • Guadalupe Calderon
    Guadalupe Calderon 18 days ago

    please make more of these videos

  • IronicGlitchingHD
    IronicGlitchingHD 18 days ago

    dathi da retard

  • Boi Nash
    Boi Nash 18 days ago

    Isn't it funny how Nogla is good in this prop hunt but sucks at Gmod Prop hunt XD

  • Ali Qassem
    Ali Qassem 18 days ago

    Sick doom playthrough

  • Shivam Meena
    Shivam Meena 18 days ago

    #letspray really that's the best they could do

  • Shocksin Shock
    Shocksin Shock 18 days ago

    This is more like prop hunt and dead space.

  • ThomaHawk Chop
    ThomaHawk Chop 18 days ago


  • Mist Builds
    Mist Builds 18 days ago

    I want my comment pinned!

  • TheFrozenFox
    TheFrozenFox 18 days ago


  • SyberZ
    SyberZ 18 days ago

    Is there even a clickbait video by Nogla?

  • tim pintaric
    tim pintaric 18 days ago

    hey pls play starcraft2 on pc and play whit me and I shal start my youtube chanel pls right me back😓😓😓😓

  • Drewwy
    Drewwy 18 days ago

    Why does Nogla sometimes turn into a Western cowboy when he's nervous ?

  • PsychedelicHamster17

    4:38 the Irish comes out...

  • Arctic Media
    Arctic Media 18 days ago

    10 minutes for that ad rev

  • CodeNameNoob ._.
    CodeNameNoob ._. 18 days ago

    "I'll be the first gamer on the moon!" *dies*

  • vlr
    vlr 18 days ago

    diagnosis: you´r deeeed xD

  • Vikas Patel
    Vikas Patel 18 days ago

    Nogla, I bet you $10 you wont pin this comment

  • Mr. Finest Dank Memes

    so much like half life

  • Geri Savage
    Geri Savage 18 days ago

    Pin me baby, PIN ME!!!!!!

  • Rishabh Jishnu
    Rishabh Jishnu 18 days ago

    Pin this fucking comment

  • J M
    J M 18 days ago

    pin this you irish fuck

  • tiggerpurrrz1
    tiggerpurrrz1 18 days ago

    Ranking with auto tune Justin:7%Chance:18%Lil Wayne:100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000:)

  • Milky Moo
    Milky Moo 18 days ago

    This is good, but nothing will ever beat original Prop Hunt.

  • Jose Camarena
    Jose Camarena 18 days ago


  • Maya Plz
    Maya Plz 18 days ago

    Reminds me of Dead Island.

  • timothy mccoy
    timothy mccoy 18 days ago

    play drawn to death on play station

  • Jeremy Jones
    Jeremy Jones 18 days ago

    "prop hunt" click bait, never thought youtubers would stoops so low... leave it to Daithi and probably Minilad next!

  • The minecraft dude!
    The minecraft dude! 18 days ago

    The don't turn into props they are shapeshifters

  • frsfthman
    frsfthman 18 days ago

    as i remember there was a game titled exactly same, ah yes this one

  • Arham Ali
    Arham Ali 18 days ago

    If nogla pins this I'll do something

  • Eris
    Eris 18 days ago

    Oooohhh! A pistol! AWW SON OF A BITCH!!

  • Zerobrine /anon
    Zerobrine /anon 18 days ago

    Whats with all the sponsored content

  • McBaconAndCheese
    McBaconAndCheese 18 days ago

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  • Kedunad Ethiarien
    Kedunad Ethiarien 18 days ago


  • James Patrick Durias

    daithis channel is GROWING and he is getting more n more sponsors gud job mate

  • lovethe nights
    lovethe nights 18 days ago

    im guessing you didint like this game. "better than hunting props"

  • Jack Rollercoaster
    Jack Rollercoaster 18 days ago

    it's supposed to be "Funny Moments"?

  • Mr LockinBoxin
    Mr LockinBoxin 18 days ago

    I found a Whisky in Asda with the Irish flag on it called You Won't Last Tree Pints

  • Scott Mathieson
    Scott Mathieson 18 days ago


  • PROGAMING -I only have FaceBook

    I didn't know you are that strong

  • adam aiqal
    adam aiqal 18 days ago

    ooii nogla remember Anton??

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