Simply Nailogical Makes Custom Nail Polish and Dies on the Inside

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  • Comment below what colour you would make... this is a test.

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  • Simply Nailogical
    Simply Nailogical 10 days ago

    Hope you are all enjoying my (mis)adventures in making custom nail polish! After I filmed this video I came across the story behind the creator of the custom nail polish kit and learned that she is 20 years old and was a teenager when she first developed this kit!!! My opinions on the product aside I think her story is really inspiring and I highly recommend you guys watch her video she posted last year on being a teen entrepreneur: To me this is AMAZING and I'm so happy to learn of her story and see her success - she started developing the idea at 16 and now she's selling her product on Amazon!! I hope her story inspires some of you who may be young girls looking to start a business or develop a product - YAS BOSS LADIES!

    • Sofia-Rose Gionomo
      Sofia-Rose Gionomo 12 hours ago

      Simply Nailogical You had the opportunity to call the mermaid one sea sick and you didn't take it, I'm disappointed in you

    • Shiane Carroll
      Shiane Carroll 1 day ago

      Simply Nailogical take each on of your nail pilissh and make it one colar

    • roxy rose
      roxy rose 1 day ago

      why don't you paint you room with holo nail Polish

    • milk honey
      milk honey 1 day ago

      Simply Nailogical i

  • Breana Parsley
    Breana Parsley 23 minutes ago

    Was she really on BuzzFeed

  • phlabadoodles
    phlabadoodles 29 minutes ago

    My cat is watching, she obviously knows you're a cat person

  • Fauziah Mwanza
    Fauziah Mwanza 1 hour ago

    Cristina the Holo queen 💅

  • Aquafying 11
    Aquafying 11 1 hour ago

    anyone else thinks christine looks like katniss everdeen

  • Gaming with Firefox

    This is what happens when u left Christine at home, alone

  • Artimis Moon
    Artimis Moon 2 hours ago


  • Mini Moo Moo Money
    Mini Moo Moo Money 3 hours ago

    3 great things- holo, Cristine, and Cristine making matrix jokes😂❤️

  • Lacey Leigh Lovell
    Lacey Leigh Lovell 3 hours ago

    wtf is Ben talking about? Is he joking?

  • Sophie Vanderbilt
    Sophie Vanderbilt 4 hours ago

    I thought the mervom polish was pretty before you put 10lbs of holo chunks in it. It would have looked nice w just a holo topcoat. 😕

  • Corky B. Roll
    Corky B. Roll 5 hours ago

    I am so turned on

  • Jazzmine Escobar
    Jazzmine Escobar 5 hours ago

    You should get the Holo Glitter Spray

  • MagdalenaMalice
    MagdalenaMalice 6 hours ago

    Fellow h💿l💿sexuals I am sad. My volleyball coach wants me to cut my nails. 😩 R.I.P

  • Miruna Marin
    Miruna Marin 6 hours ago

    Cristine should do bts inspired nails 😍

  • Kookitart
    Kookitart 7 hours ago

    I thought those colors were pretty

  • theonecreepygir l
    theonecreepygir l 8 hours ago

    Well there are the things that don't get to Canada- and then there's Mexico xD

  • Olivia Gauthier
    Olivia Gauthier 8 hours ago


  • Total DC Trash
    Total DC Trash 8 hours ago

    "Because you only live once,and then you die"

  • Aidan L
    Aidan L 8 hours ago

    When Ben chimed in I'm just like "I don't get what you're saying, sir!"😂

  • Julia J
    Julia J 8 hours ago

    omg Christine should actually make a video of her putting a holo taco on herself! like this so she can see

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    Miabella ._. 9 hours ago


  • Ryan Moret
    Ryan Moret 9 hours ago

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    Vaping Fox 9 hours ago

    I'm feeling a little triggered by all the poor holo brothers fallen onto the bench. #RIP Holo ❤️

  • 〖ςคŁŦ〗Ŧᗴᗰpᒪє

    I'm a holophobic and I'm I very agenda by this much holo porn and holo in general jk I love ur vids

  • Alejandra Mattade
    Alejandra Mattade 10 hours ago

    Holo saved us

  • anime is awesome
    anime is awesome 10 hours ago

    i think you forgot to give the black a name

  • Casey Thornburg
    Casey Thornburg 11 hours ago

    At 5:15 you remind me of a 3 year old 😂

  • Suga Baby
    Suga Baby 11 hours ago

    Cristine is probably the most savage Canadian I've ever seen. Btw love you❤️❤️

  • Its LeMonster
    Its LeMonster 12 hours ago


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    ugh 12 hours ago


  • Josey's page
    Josey's page 13 hours ago

    Win for long nails

  • Angel Reese
    Angel Reese 13 hours ago

    I love the blue!!

  • Em Dog
    Em Dog 13 hours ago

    I love painting my nails, but the hospital I work at doesn't allow it.. ☹️

  • Mel Bel
    Mel Bel 13 hours ago

    Christines logic: Isn't it amazing that wish just a dash of holo things and life can be made better *pours in a gallon of holo into each nail polish*

  • Leah James
    Leah James 13 hours ago

    i made nail polish today too!! (it's holo galaxy, ones a purpley blueish color, the other is hideously beautiful)

  • Hailey Calkins
    Hailey Calkins 13 hours ago

    all people toooootally hate us canadians

  • Princess Starfire
    Princess Starfire 14 hours ago

    yass ui requested dis on twitter

  • Tahlia Santos
    Tahlia Santos 14 hours ago

    Black holo witch bitch

  • LeslieU1999
    LeslieU1999 14 hours ago

    She must have so much glitter littered around her house 😂😂

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    Lindsey Pierson 14 hours ago


  • Natalia Morris
    Natalia Morris 15 hours ago

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  • Deep Breath
    Deep Breath 16 hours ago

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  • Amanda Randall
    Amanda Randall 17 hours ago

    Does anybody else want her to find a way to cover her self in hollo? Lmao

  • Heidi L.
    Heidi L. 17 hours ago

    Hhahahahaha the company is probably so mad at her😂😂😂

  • Angelisa D.
    Angelisa D. 18 hours ago

    in the part where she says she doesn't want to waste it then she does anyway i thought of the scene in Grown Ups where the 4 year old is yelling "your wasting it" to his mom when she sprays "booby milk" everywhere

  • Girly Vlogs
    Girly Vlogs 18 hours ago

    the blue is my favorite

  • Lexi Stef
    Lexi Stef 18 hours ago

    Omg simply... NAIL... logical is back!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Abigail Savage
    Abigail Savage 18 hours ago

    Ok we all knew she was going to NAIL it! 😉😉

  • Faded123 Melissa
    Faded123 Melissa 19 hours ago

    I broke my middle finger nail before watching this 😢

  • izzy frodsham
    izzy frodsham 19 hours ago

    The nail polish is all lumpy ewww lol love the videos you do please subscribe to my channel mainly for kids but you don't have to watch the vids just sub

  • Emma Star
    Emma Star 19 hours ago

    I wonder how turned on Ben gets by peel porn

  • Rainbow Fart me
    Rainbow Fart me 20 hours ago

    My little sister hears me say h💿l💿 taco a lot so when she was eating her 🌮 she asked

    Is this my H📀L📀 taco?

    Omfg I'm dying

  • Meme Qween
    Meme Qween 20 hours ago

    I got a condom commercial before your video...

  • Large Dog
    Large Dog 21 hour ago

    don't use black to darken your colors! you'll wind up with muddy colors instead. try to use small amounts of the complimentary color instead

  • Puggle W.
    Puggle W. 21 hour ago

    Doesn't need holo! Who are you

  • Aero Nalex
    Aero Nalex 22 hours ago

    Everything is blooo

  • Mer Feraine
    Mer Feraine 22 hours ago

    I can already feel lawsuit coming...

  • wolfy xox
    wolfy xox 22 hours ago

    I look much better with holo

  • Liza And zela
    Liza And zela 22 hours ago

    Who thinks that she should test all that new shit on ben and pray for her nails

  • Mehar Ahuja
    Mehar Ahuja 22 hours ago

    she should name her channel simply holo sexual.........👍if u agree

  • Flynn Moore
    Flynn Moore 22 hours ago

    I was like this is such a dull video AND THEN HOLO HAPPENED IN A BIG WAY

  • Dezirae Torres
    Dezirae Torres 23 hours ago

    I think you should paint the nail whit first and then add that on top

  • Ag _Gymnastics
    Ag _Gymnastics 23 hours ago

    8:37 What doesn't need holo??

  • Ag _Gymnastics
    Ag _Gymnastics 23 hours ago


  • Candace Cozine
    Candace Cozine 23 hours ago


  • Clarissa Oxelo
    Clarissa Oxelo 1 day ago

    Paint your nails at 3am

  • Samantha Hatt
    Samantha Hatt 1 day ago

    Whatever it is we are sorry hahahahahhahs #socanadian

  • Thomas En Tiny Tol

    much better with holo

  • Hope BunnyAJ
    Hope BunnyAJ 1 day ago

    Yea what did us Canadians do?

  • Caitlin Pittkin
    Caitlin Pittkin 1 day ago

    I actually really liked the pink 😋

  • Madison Salzwimmer

    I didn't know that she was canadian

  • Erinn Teeter
    Erinn Teeter 1 day ago

    I like your eyeshadow. It looks all fiery.

  • rolando agil
    rolando agil 1 day ago


  • Mahra Alketbi
    Mahra Alketbi 1 day ago

    "they're not vibrant" maybe MAYBE it's because you wasted half of the pill by spilling the pigments all over your table 😂

  • Victoria Whitney
    Victoria Whitney 1 day ago

    you should sell nail polish kits as well but make sure it's holo....just saying

  • Nina Thorén
    Nina Thorén 1 day ago

    Make your own line of nailpolish - Simply Nailpolish

  • Stephanie Beaubrun

    what was so political about the pills?

  • LaaLaaLauren
    LaaLaaLauren 1 day ago

    I hope she does the aquarium nails that everyones been posting about now (the ones that have water and glitter inside of them)

  • Janet Hay
    Janet Hay 1 day ago

    When Ben starts telling you all this history about the Red & Blue pill that one fan be like "Ben...Shut the fck up"

  • betty kuykendall
    betty kuykendall 1 day ago

    Funny Girl. LOL Yes I enjoyed it, but it's easier just to buy an already mixed color than to Go thru all that crap.

  • GalxayGirl117Gaming

    you need some HOLO therapy

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    Lana Owens 1 day ago

    I think the holo saved the black but killed the mermaid color... don't kill me holosexuals

  • Fox Westley
    Fox Westley 1 day ago

    Please Continue The Trend Of Not Actually Making A Legitimate Nail Art Tutorial & Do A House Tour. I'm Being Serious.

  • Wonderlandian123
    Wonderlandian123 1 day ago

    Black holo witch, bitch!!

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    Humuhumu 12 1 day ago

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    Lily Shoap 1 day ago

    I should do the 3 am challenge

  • Jenni M
    Jenni M 1 day ago

    It makes me so uncomfortable that holo is being wasted ;-;

  • Lana Dutton
    Lana Dutton 1 day ago

    Make more makeup videos please

  • Tues Sunshine
    Tues Sunshine 1 day ago

    I think the final look looks good

  • Alicia Kate Longland

    I'm starting to think your just mixing eye shadow with clear nail polish.

  • holly73rienne
    holly73rienne 1 day ago

    lol can't believe she just said pink in the stink

  • daughterofthewyld

    I love all of your videos and I've seen a lot of them! GO HOLO GO!!!!

  • Francesco A.J. Anderson

    I asked if they had Holo at the NAIL STORE and they said "what's that?" and I walked out and just was so like shocked and then cured myself with Christine 😇

    CAILYN'S CHANNEL 1 day ago

    I love mervom

  • Scarlett K
    Scarlett K 1 day ago

    Everyone like if you're a holoholic.

  • irreplaceable Jules

    what is the point if there is no HOLO #ILoveHolo

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    Eliza Wood 1 day ago

    Ben explaining things is my absolute favorite

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    wasabi frog 1 day ago

    yes Canadians r a thing America is not the only place.

  • the Potter sguod
    the Potter sguod 1 day ago

    I love you simply NwalogicalNwalogical<3:D

  • Nezumi777
    Nezumi777 1 day ago

    "Why is it so thick!?"
    You said it yourself, you put a ton of glitter in it! XD

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