李国煌 Mark Lee - Shao Nian Ying Xiong


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Author JimmyLeong (4 years)
@0000caicai yes I am and I'm proud of it :)

Author ninojun1990 (5 years)
Wat Ah beng.. don anyhow say an or not .. Mark Lee looks absolutely like an
upright Singaporean now well as a lovey father.. haha Gottta catch
Money not enough 2 b' cos got Mark Lee.

Author MrLolx2u (4 years)
@supercyber Name is shao nian ying xiong

Author chew_jkj (3 years)
Singaporean hokkien rock song!!!

Author flamingsinex (5 years)
man.. i love this song.

Author Loh Wan Loong (6 years)
an ma sary sia

Author benyapcy (5 years)
i like this song very much oh !

Author bob bober (5 years)

Author Kai Xiang (6 years)
nice song

Author BreakingHit (3 years)
This show was already 10 years old .. almost 11

Author mxgirl918 (3 years)
LOL I swear I couldn't recognize him when he first came out!

Author vsneagaa (2 years)
I walk on this narrow path. In search of someone I can trust. I know that
the road leads to doom. Yet I still choose this path of no return. Please
do not reason me with the truth. Or expect to change me|with your words of
kindness. I can't offer an explanation for my life. Many say it's because
of the|Brotherhood.

Author luvfann4ever (5 years)
ah beng

Author Lizi_Xin (6 years)
lim be ji hahahaha

Author z0911099398 (4 years)

Author MasonMask (2 years)
better than original !

Author MyWorldNewsNetwork (2 years)
Can i hv the full show?

Author Willson Tan (6 years)
wah!he last time no tattoo one seh!

Author TheOnePoty (3 years)
@BakaToushirou 台語 = 福建話 不過比較標準,比較好聽。

Author Kai Xiang (6 years)
Mark lee look more like ganster now, last time look very funny

Author purplepolkapants (5 years)
anyone has the MV for this?

Author caisengye (5 years)
good song

Author JimmyLeong (4 years)
@0000caicai what do you mean ??

Author timothyngim (5 years)
Mix with the "We will rock you" theme abit

Author devilissobad (6 years)
haha... rock song, sissy dance...

Author 方 阿悟 (2 years)

Author lolols321 (2 years)
His way of Singing is better LOL.

Author sim weilong (10 months)

Author s9917912j (1 year)
你家的父母谁来养means: who will take care of you parents at home?

Author s9917912j (1 year)
no, 少年你按怎中内伤means: young man, how did you get an internal injury

Author vsneagaa (1 year)
hmm is that so

Author Kyle Macdonald (3 years)
Mark Lee last time 24glh 1

Author vsneagaa (2 years)
Please do not reason me with|the truth. Or expect to change me|with your
words of kindness I can't offer an explanation for|my life. Many say it's
because of the|Brotherhood. Your gang calls you brother In the name of
brotherhood, you would even risk your life. If something ever happens to
you. Where can your parents find their sons?

Author sasukebboy (6 years)
OLD!!!nice nice

Author sim weilong (10 months)
Where can i download this

Author joeseng3322 (6 years)
mark lee dancing like the ah gua la!!^^

Author vsneagaa (2 years)
Young man, why are you always in pain? Is it because you want to play God?
Why are you still so foolish? When you know this path|leads nowhere. Your
gang calls you brother In the name of Brotherhood, you would even risk your
life. If something ever happens to you Where can your parents find their

Author GoldZombie (6 years)
sorry , my last no very!

Author keroro1993 (6 years)

Author akusherwin luh (3 years)
mark lee is so funny and his face u lai liao! LOL!

Author calvinlojl (6 years)
veyr beng... but it's good.. cool song

Author HebeLOL (2 years)
A very meaningful song

Author vsneagaa (2 years)
ahhhh im crying dammit

Author zaiibovv (5 years)
marklee u rox ! xiexie! LOL

Author NoWay2Go (6 years)
this songs like gangster song..but they dance like ah gua.. haiz spoil it

Author BakaToushirou (3 years)
@z0911099398 對我們而言,那不是台語,是福建話。

Author davidcaishen (3 years)
wa mark lee potential paikia he is a funny person i like him^^

Author M. Lim (5 years)
seh tis song nice leh

Author GodLovesMe666 (5 years)
Ah Gua Beng

Author AnjoCaido Konishi (4 years)
when is this video show??

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