How to SUPER CLEAN Your Car (Best Clean Possible)

Learn How to wash your car properly. In this video I go over everything you need to know to Super Clean your car and make the paint go from old, dirty, and dull, to clean, glossy and bright! I cover touchless foam wash, touch wash, clay bar, drying, paint correction, and using sealer or wax.

Here are all the products I used:
Pressure Washer:
Foam Cannon:
Foam Gun (hose):
Grit Guard:
Grit Wash Board:
Sealant Wax:
Clay Bar:
Wash Mit:
Car Soap (wont strip wax):
Drying Towels:
Detailing Brush:
3000 grit sandpaper:
5000 grit sandpaper:
Soapy Wooder: Not Available ;)

Top 10 Car Cleaning Mistakes:
How to Super Clean your Windshield:
How to Super Flush your Cooling System:
How to Remove Scratches:
How to Clean Your Tires:

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Author ChrisFix ( ago)
Thanks for watching and I hope you learned some new tricks.
All the products I use are *linked in the description* just in case you want to try something (I try to make it easy).
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Author itssherz 111 ( ago)
who here thinks a car can look badass with a touch of dirt

Author Jason Moyle ( ago)
what is soapy wooder?

Author Tarek Taher ( ago)
what do u use for your soapy woody water?

Author DrFeelgood ( ago)
Thanks for this helpfull video!! Will you be doing a video about a convertible/cabriolet?

Author Nuck Chorris ( ago)
Your videos are clear and concise. Will definitely be using the knowledge gained on my vehicle. Thanks!

Author Jesse Turner ( ago)
I used a pasta strainer instead of a grit guard, it was only 3 compared to 30 xD

Author Mine Owen ( ago)
Bird shits on it 2 minutes after doing this whole process

Author Izzy Marz ( ago)

Author selena toro ( ago)
ChrisFix hey Chris I'm a huge fan of your channel and love cars and detailing them and yes I'm a girl lol! Well I live in Texas and right now it's lovebug season and that means there's over a 100 bugs being splattered all over everyone's car especially mine! Well they can be very difficult to get off sometimes and there is a remedy going around saying dryer sheets remove the bugs easily, it works I tried it on my moms older car but too scared to try it on my car. So what do you think should I try the dryer sheets or is there something else? And yes I've tried clay barring, it works somewhat but takes forever.

Author Neato Electro ( ago)
I did this and now I can't keep my hands off the paint! It's sooooooo Smooth it's crazy! It took me like six hours without paint corrections!

Author MyFlipper ( ago)
Since soapy wooder is not available I will make it. One quart for ten dollars. Will post where you all can order soon.

Author Christian Chavez ( ago)
I can't find the soapy wooder anywhere D: my friend said they sell it wherever they sell headlight fluid but I can't find that either. Lol, but on a serious note. I hope you'll see this Chris, I had a question. I've seen touch up pens and paint kits for when I get scratches on my car. Would you ever recommend those? Or just do the method you did in the video for getting rid of scratches? Thanks and love your vids!

Author Simply Steve ( ago)
Why am I watching this I don't even have a car

Author Useful stuff ( ago)
thanks for this! im going to clean my dads 69 mustang for fathers day!

Author Scar Face ( ago)
wait a minute, i don't have a car.

Author Donut S ( ago)
I like donuts

Author Yousif Ali ( ago)

Author SpeedBoy ( ago)
should i use any type of clay (kids clay) or specific type of clay ?

Author Stuff And things ( ago)
you should do a video about fixing clear coat peeling :D

Author matterpedematterpede ( ago)
I'm going to wash my car tomorrow. I don't need to clay bar the car or do paint correction or any of that. I'm just going to wash it with 'turtle wash and wax (zip)' then dry it with a microfiber towel.

Shall I still do the touchless wash first? Or is that only necessary when doing the clay bar and paint correction?

Author Amos W. ( ago)
i dont have a car

Author Vince Aldo ( ago)
hey chris, can i change the sandpaper with compound ?

Author Arlyn Serrano ( ago)
this was just so informative and extremely helpful. very well put together! thank you :)

Author Diamond Dashound ( ago)
6:37 I can't get to the top the car because it's a Land Rover but I will still use this method

Author Ernesto Ramirez ( ago)
Why he didn't use any Compound? Just a clay bar, polish and wax?

Author AatakFearless ( ago)
how would u remove the white residue on the black plastic

Author Garrett Bailey ( ago)
How often would you say you have to polish a vehicle under normal circumstances?

Author Jesus Peralta ( ago)
I spent 4 hrs washing, clay barring, polishing, and waxing my truck, 24 hrs later...its covered in dust. Vat can I doo?

Author aldo2k6 ( ago)
ur getting played

Author André Dias ( ago)
Been watching many of your videos today. I thought I knew about cars, but I knew nothing about how to mantain it. You have a new subscriber, mate, keep the awesome work

Author Reid Conat ( ago)
Make a car bay/ engine clean please

Author diego ramos ( ago)
so my car has little black bumpy part in the frout bumper wiyh the clay bar help that

Author -DukI- ( ago)
make a video how to super clean your interior

Author Dean Walker ( ago)
Great video, really well put together, nice one! :)

Author Chill Doc ( ago)
You most really love cars man. I love it! +1 sub. Keep it up!

Author Robert Sýkora ( ago)
Great video!!! But I couldn't stop wondering. Wouldn't it be cheaper to just take it into a car wash? I mean, if you add up the price of all those washing soaps and oils, it will be quite a number. Thanks for reply :)

Author MrBill1217 ( ago)
I would like to know what brand foam cannon you use. I have an electric pressure washer and I want to use your technique on my vehicles. I have picked up a ton of information from your site. Windows,etc. The foam cannon is the next step. Thanks

Author shaunnthfu5 raybould ( ago)
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Author Brian James ( ago)
What's your price

Author Ron-E 2550 ( ago)
Oh... my... god... How could anyone have time for that! 😂 Nice video tho

Author David Parreira ( ago)
Hello chris I wanted to thank you for this video (and all of the others) because it made me like washing cars and realized that i was doing everything wrong. However I have some questions:

1- I wanted to know when you use dish soap to clean the car. Is it only when u do not clean the car for some time (lets say 1month)? For the "daily" wash you use car soap?

2- On the foam gun do you use only dish soap or soapy water?

3- About polishing. I never washed my car like this (using clay, polish and wax), and wondered if there is a problem with polishing the car completely?

4- Finally, how long do I have to wait to wash the car again this way? With clay, polish and wax? Or, how often do I need to use clay or polish or wax?

Thanks !

Author Wee Wii ( ago)
what kind of car is that red one

Author DanaWhite ( ago)
Headaches? try some soapy water.. Wife left you? try some soapy water.. Got Aids? try some soapy water...

Author Daniel Hincapie ( ago)
hey chris.. i have a question.. when you said soapywather.. is it car shampoo whit wather or there is something else?

Author Dennis Dowd ( ago)
You're a miracle worker! Thanks!

Author Justin Negara ( ago)

Author Daniel Felipe Hincapie ( ago)
will be nice to see a clean engine video!

Author Mr Samahmed200 ( ago)
Chrisfix I bought a new truck should i super clean it and seal it

Author justas drigotas ( ago)
lol I don't even own a car..... but at least I will be informed for the future :D

Author Mpokerdonk ( ago)
would dish soap be better for cleaning rims since it will decrease and clean? would you also was rims?

Author naanmana ( ago)
Nice. No bamboozle

Author kyle velasquez ( ago)
do you have a car shop?

Author TheHamadanners ( ago)
i tried to super clean my mustang. she basicly laughed and then spit on me. - __-

Author Hunter Paladio ( ago)
12:02 thats a nice material can I buy some of dat?

Author Kemised ( ago)
Even more motivated to wash my car tomorrow.

Author Rein Lang ( ago)
Sweet, this is like manual labor photoshopping your car with your hands :D

Author Tomás Brito Limpo ( ago)
hi chris ! hello there, greetings from Portugal, i am a huge fan of you and your amazing videos on youtube about washing cars. Thank you a lot your advices and recomendations. I have a doubt , i think you can help me. i bought a new car in November, how can I wash and maintain properly?...

Author Hieu Hoang ( ago)
Hi ChrisFix, since I don't to wax my car and instead ONLY wash, can I replace dish soap with car soap when using the foam gun?

Author jason parry ( ago)
great video mate. just most part of cleaning process can do more damage than correction

Author P37 KL200 ( ago)
Chrisfix how do you clen a car engen

Author limlin yhing ( ago)

Author BakriGaming ( ago)
fix my ride xD

Author Hamisutca Sehanyszam ( ago)
That vette paint is looks soo good. Seriously i think it looks better than a brand new car

Author Taylor Guill ( ago)
Question? the touch wash did you use actual car wash or did you use the dish soap again?

Author limlin yhing ( ago)
hi how to make soapy wooder?

Author ponyboycurtis007 ( ago)
Your info is so on point.. DO NOT use polish every Sunday because its tough on paint.. thank you for making a point of saying that. I have personally had good success with 1/4 painters tape on seams up until wax coat.

Author Phillip Phillips ( ago)
Great video Chris. I really enjoy the other videos you have. I just have to start applying the techniques you share to my vehicles. I'm sure I can get them in showroom condition.

Author Carolina Cowboys ( ago)
Nice job!

Author Steven C. ( ago)
I jus subscribed...This is awesome info. Omg

Author Chemical Guys ( ago)
Great vid!

Author Callum Rowley ( ago)
Would this work well on silver cars?

Author Yok Eng Lim ( ago)
You should put the soapy wooder in a phone canon then you can spare the whole car and you can clay bar your car as you say : you are you gonna clay bar the whole car then you say and put soapy wooder when we use a clay bar so put in a phone canon

Author jason ichigo ( ago)
thanks for the knowledge

Author joacobmx95 ( ago)
Should do a video restoring the headlights

Author Tarek Taher ( ago)
if theres no need for paint correction we can jump to seal and wax correct?

Author Ben G ( ago)
I followed the directions in this video step by step (only I used a regular water hose instead of a power washer) and dear God did it work. Two full days of work and I got most of the scratches out and the paint has a deep gloss shine. I just stare at it now. Thanks Chris!

Author Dario Espinoza ( ago)
Hey Chris, can you make a video for engine bay cleaning?

Author Randomest TV ( ago)
wax it

Author Redsand ( ago)
does this work if it's not my car?

Author Martin Benes ( ago)
How about the scratches on plastic painted parts like back bumper. Can I use the same method or will I damage the bumper ?

Author Nick McGowan ( ago)
What soap do u use in your soppy water

Author Taylor Petty ( ago)
Dude, Chris, this literally blew my mind when I saw the before and after at the end. Saving this for when I have a nice car and not a beater. Lol

Author G SeaoteeteeOin ( ago)
how did I even get to this shitty car wash video

Author G SeaoteeteeOin ( ago)
that's why there is clear coat on some manufacters miss the clear step and go with a one coat "wonder" and wonder why the paint gets scratched easily

Author Sith Grin ( ago)
Is this consider detailing the car I'm considering starting a small detailing business

Author TROY HENRY ( ago)
Chris, awesome video, you go over all things needed to clean your car. I needed this as I'm getting ready to do exactly this. My 2010 Black Accord is in desperate need of a deep clean just like this. I noticed you didn't use a DA buffer polisher tool. Do you ever use one ? I was going to be buying me one soon from Amazon , I believe the Porter Cable model 7424XP.
question: After you use your drying towels, polishing pads, buffing pads, etc, what do you do with them afterwards? Do you wash them separately in the washing machine then dry? What is your cleaning method to be able to use them again?

Author Paolo Dibello ( ago)
your videos are fantastic. Clear, concise, and actually helpful. Can you make a video on detailing the engine bay? It'd be nice to see some tips and tricks on how to make an engine look nice.

Author Compatible ( ago)
liquid wax or paste wax?

Author nathan t ( ago)
Would you say I can do the mild paint correction with Meg's ScratchX 2.0?

Author archballz ( ago)
Chris how do i make my own soapy water?

Author Over the Line Entertainment ( ago)
when you were polishing the vehicle it was to get rid of the scratches but you also used sandpaper to get rid of clearcoat scratches too. If it's a black car with a lot of circular scratches should I just polish the whole vehicle where the scratch are or would I have to use sandpaper on the whole car.

Author James Foley ( ago)
When using polish, would you recommend using an aerosol clear coat to replace the clear coat you removed?

Author archballz ( ago)
Is the clay bar also good for removing bugs and tar?

Author Longfinger7 ( ago)
Just washed my sisters Mini using this method and it looks great. I didnt even know about the clay trick! And ya took me 4 hours also, but I didnt have a hose or powerwasher, was making trips to the carwash, which was not ideal.

Author Cilary Hlinton ( ago)
About how often should you do this type of clean?

Author leyla ( ago)
how he says water lol

Author arseniclullaby87 ( ago)
sealant is the same as wax right?

Author Konner Darden ( ago)

Author Mike Champigny ( ago)
Great tutorial! but when washing the car with the mitt is it dish soap or car wash soap? And what is the ratio of soap to water in your soapy wooder mix?

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