How to SUPER CLEAN Your Car (Best Clean Possible)

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  • Learn How to wash your car properly. In this video I go over everything you need to know to Super Clean your car and make the paint go from old, dirty, and dull, to clean, glossy and bright! I cover touchless foam wash, touch wash, clay bar, drying, paint correction, and using sealer or wax.

    Here are all the products I used:
    Pressure Washer:
    Foam Cannon:
    Foam Gun (hose):
    Grit Guard:
    Grit Wash Board:
    Sealant Wax:
    Clay Bar:
    Wash Mit:
    Car Soap (wont strip wax):
    Drying Towels:
    Detailing Brush:
    3000 grit sandpaper:
    5000 grit sandpaper:
    Soapy Wooder: Not Available ;)

    Top 10 Car Cleaning Mistakes:
    How to Super Clean your Windshield:
    How to Super Flush your Cooling System:
    How to Remove Scratches:
    How to Clean Your Tires:

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  • ChrisFix
    ChrisFix 13 hours ago

    I am currently working on "How to SuperClean your Engine Bay (without causing DAMAGE)" and that is the next video on my channel! Lots of awesome info coming your way!!!

    • Mitch Lewis
      Mitch Lewis 3 hours ago

      ChrisFix Could anyone tell me what's in soapy wooder?

    • TomTom Tom
      TomTom Tom 5 hours ago

      David Franklin- how does one apply the steam?

    • David Franklin
      David Franklin 9 hours ago

      Steam is by far the best for engine bay, you gotta try it. I do it at work on graders and dozers and it's like performing a miracle. Also undercarriage on light vehicles.

  • Aimbot Hack
    Aimbot Hack 2 hours ago

    Very big help for me. Love your videos. 👍

  • Alfonso
    Alfonso 3 hours ago

    This is what u call "doing to much"

  • horses4555
    horses4555 5 hours ago

    Your cars are all ugly.

  • Lmenzol
    Lmenzol 5 hours ago

    wow, you da man!

  • Sunny shah
    Sunny shah 6 hours ago

    Car isn't clean enough
    do it again

  • Sunny shah
    Sunny shah 6 hours ago

    I'm scared to touch this dude's car.
    i don't know how he might react

  • zKeanuOG
    zKeanuOG 6 hours ago

    I'm sure this process does an amazing job at cleaning the car, but the after pics were obviously color corrected to make the car look more red, you can tell by the background..

  • Michael Boerio
    Michael Boerio 7 hours ago

    Good job, Chris. Everything about this video was well done.

  • Ryan Shields
    Ryan Shields 8 hours ago

    I love how you used a polarizing filter on the after photos to make it look even better....

  • David Franklin
    David Franklin 9 hours ago

    I've watched a shitton of clean+wax videos. This is the best, no bullshit video I've seen. My only complaint is, I think synthetic wax is easier to use and has the same results as carnuba.

  • Joseph Boyer
    Joseph Boyer 10 hours ago

    Did you super clean the background too?

  • Ben samura
    Ben samura 10 hours ago

    tags don't scratch your car lol

  • mychunkypup
    mychunkypup 11 hours ago

    Daaaaaammmmmnnn! I need to do this to my BRZ!!!!

  • Layla Is the slay queen

    He really cares about his car

  • Mike Ringo
    Mike Ringo 14 hours ago

    Your videos are super in depth and informative. After watching this video I feel like I can make my 94' Mitsubishi Expo shine like NEW!!!! You the man.

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix 14 hours ago

      Thanks a lot! Be sure to get some before and after pics and share them with me on instagram!

  • Posidace's Gaming
    Posidace's Gaming 14 hours ago

    I had a dream that one day I will clean my car on my own, but after this video Im considering taking it to the car wash. god damn dude why can't we just throw a bar of soap threw it and rinse it why does everything have to be so complicated.

    • Posidace's Gaming
      Posidace's Gaming 13 hours ago

      But I just want to say thanks for answering me your probably the only youtuber who has ever answered me before lol I left comments on millions of video and I had never gotten a reply back from the actual channel or youtuber so thanks for that I just subscribe just because you left a comment :)

    • Posidace's Gaming
      Posidace's Gaming 13 hours ago

      I know man I was just commenting just to comment lol I actually take the time to clean my car especially the interior I loved the video.

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix 14 hours ago

      It isnt complicated. Once you superclean it you protect the cars paint and make it easier to clean later with just soap and water.

  • IgnacioSeveriens
    IgnacioSeveriens 17 hours ago

    Great video, but I've got two questions: 1. How do you clean your microfibers after you clean your car? 2. How long did it take this process? Thanks!

  • Rocky Sharma
    Rocky Sharma 19 hours ago

    why am i even watching this,i don't even own a car

    • Rocky Sharma
      Rocky Sharma 18 hours ago

      ChrisFix Well said 👍

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix 18 hours ago

      +Rocky Sharma doesn't mean you can't learn to fix one!

  • popcorn-615
    popcorn-615 19 hours ago

    Hey Chris, whats in the "soapy wooder"

  • Screaming-Muffin
    Screaming-Muffin 19 hours ago

    so much care went in to that care, props to that

  • Lisette Reeves
    Lisette Reeves 21 hour ago

    This is better than any facial at the most expensive spa! 😂

  • Grease lover
    Grease lover 1 day ago

    I have a wax is on the black trim. And now is not going off..
    Any solutions?

    • Grease lover
      Grease lover 20 hours ago

      ChrisFix thanks for ur reply
      let me try.

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix 21 hour ago

      Pencil eraser works well!

  • Scott Atkins
    Scott Atkins 1 day ago

    Cracking video. Just cleaned my 11 year old car and it looks awesome. Thanks Chris.

  • Juan Trevizo
    Juan Trevizo 1 day ago

    Its my first time watching his videos and I was thinking what the hell is wooder? Then I heard his accent. haha

  • David Main
    David Main 1 day ago

    Great video. I just bought a car and needed to know how to clean and maintain it, this videos helps a lot. And thanks for ok linking all the products you use

  • Ray 〈3
    Ray 〈3 1 day ago

    Would you only have to do this once? If not, how often should you do this? Sorry just about to buy my first car and I want to own it right and with pride.

  • Dennis Prokott
    Dennis Prokott 1 day ago

    This guy does a really good job with his videos.

  • David Perez
    David Perez 1 day ago

    This guy sounds like the dude that sells doors in Rick and Morty. Nice vid tho!

  • asq 97
    asq 97 1 day ago

    Does this only work on mustangs?

  • daveebuoy
    daveebuoy 1 day ago

    How much for you to clean my car?

  • Jackson Carman
    Jackson Carman 1 day ago

    This may be the most well put together instructional video I've ever seen on YouTube.

  • Rafael Santana
    Rafael Santana 1 day ago

    Damn, this is a $100 wash job! Too much work, I'll just drop my wheels off and let you have at it Chris!

    DJ TOXXIC 1 day ago

    heck it cleaned my car so hard that the paint job came off👌👍

  • Josh Finney
    Josh Finney 1 day ago

    OMG!! Amazing 👍👍👍

  • Amaryah Combs
    Amaryah Combs 1 day ago

    I love his voice, I just watched to hear him talk and learned some new tricks haha

  • ed rage
    ed rage 1 day ago

    why am i watching this ? i dont have a car

  • Wassim AbouAlfa
    Wassim AbouAlfa 1 day ago

    is the clay bar play doh ??

  • Jonathan Ramirez
    Jonathan Ramirez 1 day ago

    This is a project a car wash is good enough

  • kaihtheloner
    kaihtheloner 1 day ago

    I got teary eyed watching this. Finally, someone who actually gives good advice on detailing cars on YouTube. I've detailed my car a few months back, took me about 12 hours but worth it. My back wouldn't stop aching for weeks after that but it was worth it

  • Haris Tahir
    Haris Tahir 1 day ago

    i was thinking that brush can put scratches on the car maybe

    however you cleaned that car very nicely 👍👍👍

  • Champ JJ
    Champ JJ 1 day ago

    You're like a professional car wash guru! You gained another subscriber

  • sycomike01
    sycomike01 1 day ago

    What was the ratio of water to soap you used in the foam cannon?

  • Mike W
    Mike W 1 day ago

    Don't forget that acid for getting all of the rust spots off of the wheels quickly and easily!

  • Monde Scott
    Monde Scott 2 days ago

    How can i wash my car when my car is invisible? I dont even know if that have any scratches

  • Arjay Martin
    Arjay Martin 2 days ago

    is a clay bar the same as play doh?

  • Elisapeta Fiaola
    Elisapeta Fiaola 2 days ago

    I don't even take this good care of myself.

    WANDERLUST FOX 2 days ago

    8 and a half hours later.. You now have a immaculately clean car for 3 days!

  • Robin Choy
    Robin Choy 2 days ago

    I had an exam today and it wouldve determined if I was gonna get into a school in Germany or not
    I forgot everything and I watched the required videos from your channel to jog my memory
    I even learned a few things... And I passed
    So I am forever embedded to you and I owe you all of my success
    Thank you for everything Chris!!

  • Leonard Harrison
    Leonard Harrison 2 days ago

    Excellently informative

  • Mohammad
    Mohammad 2 days ago

    What do you think of pressured air drying the the panel gaps & similar areas as you dry with towel?

  • Spingami
    Spingami 2 days ago

    Where´s the contract to buy it ? xD

  • Micah Tuck
    Micah Tuck 2 days ago

    orrrrr do it for 5bucks at a car wash because of laziness

  • Kelly Howell
    Kelly Howell 2 days ago

    What do you suggest doing for cars where the clear coat is missing in spots and where it is peeling / cracking?

    • Kelly Howell
      Kelly Howell 2 days ago

      I can supply a 1996 Buick Century haha

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix 2 days ago

      +Kelly Howell I want to do a video on fixing that. I need to find a car like that!

  • hammbone852
    hammbone852 2 days ago

    Do you have a link to a specific buffing towel you use?

    • hammbone852
      hammbone852 2 days ago

      ChrisFix Thank you

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix 2 days ago

      +hammbone852 I like a thick twill towel.

  • Mitch Lewis
    Mitch Lewis 2 days ago

    Porn,this is my car porn.

  • Stuart Rodriguez
    Stuart Rodriguez 2 days ago

    So would I have to do this all over again when it rains? Or how often should i do this?

  • Rivin2e
    Rivin2e 2 days ago

    I would assume you recommend not doing this in direct sunlight or on very hot days, correct?

  • spencer britt
    spencer britt 2 days ago

    Did anyone notice the background change in the before and after shots

  • MrPenguin
    MrPenguin 2 days ago

    you are black

  • FR0ST13
    FR0ST13 2 days ago

    So sick..

  • Legend 27
    Legend 27 2 days ago

    I remember watching this vid about a year ago and here I am again watching it 😁

  • Knezicdex
    Knezicdex 3 days ago

    This guy showers at least one hour.

  • Ramon Bibriesca jr
    Ramon Bibriesca jr 3 days ago

    Top of the morning Chris . Love the videos. Would it be possible in the future to make a video on how to check/change exhaust manifold for a mustang ? Thanks bro

  • Martincito
    Martincito 3 days ago


  • Pedro Juarez
    Pedro Juarez 3 days ago

    I don't have soapy spray bottle to clay bar the car what can I use? to clay bar my car with out using a wax bottle

  • Lewis Housley
    Lewis Housley 3 days ago

    i use reverse osmosis water system and a pump and a hose at the end because the water doesn't leave water marks as the TDS TDS= Total dissolved solids in the water are 0.0 compared to normal tap water that is around 250+TDS. so you don't have to dry the car you can just rinse and let it drip :) i know its expensive for a reverses osmosis system i only have one because i clean windows xD

  • Ryan Doherty
    Ryan Doherty 3 days ago

    To super clean your car, use hydrochloric acid

  • Orphen080
    Orphen080 3 days ago

    What kind of soap are you using in your Soapy Wooder? Is it dish soap or car wash soap?

  • CamouflagedWar
    CamouflagedWar 3 days ago

    So, if the top coat of your paint is peeling, is that a good use for polish, or will it not do anything since the top coat is already gone?

  • doesnt matter i made this account for Youtube

    You flooded the street!

  • mikeatnocompany
    mikeatnocompany 3 days ago

    I didn't even know I wanted to watch this.

  • Danieled91
    Danieled91 3 days ago

    Any Spray is a -2$ from your wallet WTF

  • Danieled91
    Danieled91 3 days ago

    Product Placement 2.0 - From Tv to YouTube!

  • Satadal Ray
    Satadal Ray 4 days ago

    1:49 This cleaning is so effective it not only cleans your car but your surroundings.

  • Banboss Gaming
    Banboss Gaming 4 days ago

    Soapy wooder DID not fix my marriage. wouldnt recommend

  • Mario Madrigal
    Mario Madrigal 4 days ago

    do recommend anything to remove water spots?

  • Katie Quinn
    Katie Quinn 4 days ago

    Anyone have tips on using this method on a bigger car are truck ex. Lifted Jeep Wrangler

  • Chris Dixon
    Chris Dixon 4 days ago

    I honestly don't understand why someone would give this video a thumbs down. I can't wait to give this a shot on my 2008 F250.

  • Why are you lying?
    Why are you lying? 4 days ago

    If you don't have a water source you can you use a coin car wash place and wash there.bring your own tool and soap because the brush at the building can scratch your paint! Many coin car wash don't allow bucket so do it when there less or no people waiting in line and do the rest of of this video have fun!

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix 4 days ago

      +Why are you lying? Great idea.

  • AtOmIc NeRd
    AtOmIc NeRd 4 days ago

    4:57 Santa's car

  • Teodoro Armenteros
    Teodoro Armenteros 4 days ago

    @ChrisFix what if I only have access to a Cash Coin Bay and do have a yard to do all that work. Any tips for us city folks to keep your cars superclean?

  • Sydnee Bankston
    Sydnee Bankston 5 days ago

    It's 4 am and I'm watching someone wash their car. I don't even wash my own car...

  • me.vesko
    me.vesko 5 days ago

    I don't even have a car

  • Anthony Williams
    Anthony Williams 5 days ago

    hey Chris

  • Kongmeng Xiong
    Kongmeng Xiong 5 days ago

    Started from the bottom now you here Chris, I'm going to be super cleaning my mom's black car tomorrow and came back to review your steps. I remember watching this when you had under 500k subs. Congratulations on the growth, your channel deserves it!

  • Yongkui Wang
    Yongkui Wang 5 days ago

    What's in that Soapy Wooder? You don't need to rinse the car off with clean water again after paint correction?

  • AmanOU2be
    AmanOU2be 5 days ago

    Though this may be illegal in certain states, I recommend wringing out the mitt over the ground or in a 3rd bucket before rinsing it. The fewer particulates in the 1st two buckets, the better.

  • 340rps
    340rps 5 days ago

    Awesome tips, How long does it take to do this whole process? I use to Blue Coral my car and that took quite a while. but well worth it.

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix 5 days ago

      +340rps it takes 2-4hrs depending on how large and dirty the car is.

  • Jezreel Barican
    Jezreel Barican 5 days ago

    can you make video on how to clean engine bay

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix 5 days ago

      +Jezreel Barican yes that is the next video!

  • Jose Carranza
    Jose Carranza 5 days ago

    add a polarizing lens with the last shot lol

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix 5 days ago

      +Jose Carranza I wish I had one. That would make the car look awesome.

  • Reed Thomas
    Reed Thomas 5 days ago

    do a face reveal

  • Seow Chee Hoon
    Seow Chee Hoon 5 days ago

    Hi how to remove dent, deep scratch
    i have no idea need help TT

  • Marek Łuszczykiewicz

    Chris u are great! Collecting money to buy my first car, which will be Mercedes w200something. Hope I will take care of it nicely!

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix 5 days ago

      Awesome! That is exciting!

  • Nathaniel Howe
    Nathaniel Howe 5 days ago

    Do you have a dog

  • Nathaniel Howe
    Nathaniel Howe 5 days ago

    Do you have a dog

  • WTC7WasPulled
    WTC7WasPulled 6 days ago

    Nice Stang.

  • ___ GlyndaSon
    ___ GlyndaSon 6 days ago

    whats the name of the power washer

  • Peter Selie
    Peter Selie 6 days ago

    love people who do things properly. Watched your whole channel haha :)

  • Micah Van
    Micah Van 6 days ago

    hell yeah

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