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Author La Fiebrua (4 years)
Nice moves

Author valleck simmons (4 years)
@ShiZi999 You are welcmoe.

Author hiwamedia (5 years)
کێرم به‌ هه‌موو‌ عه‌ ره‌ ب

Author kt1963 (6 years)
i want to marry her

Author bishoopowers (5 years)
oooofftttt. nice nice

Author amirshiny (2 years)
OH my GOD Very Nice

Author tilburg69 (6 years)

Author tshapour (5 years)
I supose american soldier have a good time over there in Iraq ,kuwait
,saudi arabia , Bahrain, Qatqr, and

Author 1970Peaches (5 years)
It was a joke u dumbass!!!! LOL

Author ronald suric (5 years)
id like to tap that arab ass

Author mohamed A. kady (5 years)
who ever that girl is in that video ill put it where she dudu at make her
booty fat..!!

Author Erick Castillo (6 years)

Author Princess Sahar (3 years)
She's a normal dancer not a "stripper" you idiots ,this is what most Saudi
women dance at weddings ,parties etc.. And I thought that Foreign men are
open minded but actually they're worst than Wahhabi men!!

Author mohamed alhammadi (5 years)
is that a thong? :)

Author Zia ur Rahman (2 years)
plz tell me songs lyrics that i can find easily thnx

Author 1970Peaches (5 years)
Get the BIG BLACK DRESS quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before men
lose it>>Plzz cover up from head to toe NOW! This is very very naughty!

Author sevket oezcan (6 years)
nice beutyfull hot booooooha mslh

Author CEYBAT (5 years)
good dancer

Author 3edcvfr43edcvfr4 (6 years)
ماشاء الله شو حلوة و جميلة..يتهنى فيها اللي رح يوخدها و رد على إخوان اللي
شتمو البنت, البنت ممكن متصورة في بيتها و لروحها و محتمل حدا نشرها من دون
معرفتها. فما تسيؤ الظن بأحد

Author Princess Sahar (3 years)
This girl is a Saudi dancer, her video spread first in Saudi Arabia by
Bluetooth cellphones then on u tube,even the song is for a saudi singer
"حبه حبه ياحبيبي" ".watch?v=dQX_NmlLmz8

Author luandanorte (6 years)
good fuck all day

Author maloktrebado (5 years)
.... delicious....

Author TheDragonkhs (1 year)
i found this song after a continues search for 2 years

Author Speed King (6 years)

Author yemenzangel (6 years)
seriously, beautiful dance, bas still 7aram shame in u.

Author jhonibroo (5 years)
mind braking yar.. its nt mind blooind. its mind braa.....aaaa...king.

Author Jazrawi909 (6 years)
Hahahahahaha hob 7ilwa wala shiyata Itha tibonha itkoon 7ilwa goololha la
tirgi9 chi

Author Omar Coston (5 years)
Absolute grace and beauty... does anyone know the name of that song or band

Author TseTse2498 (4 years)
wow i wanna be skinny like her, shes perfect))

Author LordhansN (5 years)
Where can i download that song?? Plz help!

Author lewisner (5 years)

Author Saeed Bashehab (6 years)
نصيحة من أخ يحب لكم الخير نشر الصور والمقاطع السيئة يعتبر سيئه جارية وإثم
من شاهدها أو نشرها في صحيفة اعمالكم إذا لم تتوبو إلى الله بماذا ستجيبو ربكم
عندما يسألكم عن نشر الصور والافلام المحرمة يوم القيامة؟ امسحوا الفيديو
وسيقبل الله توبتكم أسال الله أن يهدي الجميع

Author will6655 (5 years)
she is so HOT

Author ihatbs (6 years)
You can find worse then than in KSA, Pakistan or even Iran

Author wannita1988 (6 years)
Woooow. so nice!!

Author pking1100 (5 years)
DaMMMMM lol u were born sexy baby.

Author NORTHWOLF501 (6 years)
i dont think so cuz the room tell u

Author Abdellah Naqir (3 years)
beautiful dance

Author yemeni7ub (6 years)
dammmmmmmmmm she hella hot

Author Sara J (5 years)

Author Ashfaq Khan (5 years)
she seems expert, i wonder which song is in back ground !!!??

Author ibtissamfadil (4 years)
thats not arabic dancing..shes just shaking her booty...idiot

Author ShamsanUSA (5 years)
i like...very nice..she got the BODDDDD

Author arabian11knight (6 years)
Thanx so much, pretty good song... i would be more than happy if u
introduce me to such good music and more

Author xxstarkissedxx (6 years)
لطيف جدا الرقص!!

Author Anniee Ahmed (5 years)
Wow Ur Wicked !

Author Rawan Shattah (4 years)
shoo esm 2l o3'nyeh 7ada e7kele!!!!?/????

Author Charles Seel (5 years)
Have you been to a club in America lately?

Author Princess Sahar (4 years)
@mmunassar Shes a Saudi girl -__-

Author lovelygreebo (6 years)
I wanna tap dat ass!!!!

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