arab dance at home

A7la dance & body in black

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Author TheDragonkhs ( ago)
i found this song after a continues search for 2 years

Author Hudeifi Dahir ( ago)
brother send me the song to me..

Author tommy m ( ago)
hips are hypnotic

Author abadi kenan ( ago)
,waw very sexy danec please add me for relation ship

Author adel goul ( ago)
ça c'est une dance...belle femme...a moins ke se serait pas un

Author amirshiny ( ago)
OH my GOD Very Nice

Author amirshiny ( ago)
very nice Dance.

Author Zia ur Rahman ( ago)
nice songs and music

Author Zia ur Rahman ( ago)
plz tell me songs lyrics that i can find easily thnx

Author RandomHero From Space ( ago)
take on your niqab woman! Or we will kill you and find your family/ From a

Author Saleh Gamil ( ago)

Author miraniii3 ( ago)
yes babe, hot

Author TheDragonkhs ( ago)
brother cuold u pplz plz send me this song plz

Author Miss Sahar ( ago)
She's a normal dancer not a "stripper" you idiots ,this is what most Saudi
women dance at weddings ,parties etc.. And I thought that Foreign men are
open minded but actually they're worst than Wahhabi men!!

Author Miss Sahar ( ago)
This girl is a Saudi dancer, her video spread first in Saudi Arabia by
Bluetooth cellphones then on u tube,even the song is for a saudi singer
"حبه حبه ياحبيبي" ".watch?v=dQX_NmlLmz8

Author Abdellah Naqir ( ago)
beautiful dance

Author amirshiny ( ago)
Very hot girl dancing beautifully. Thanks

Author badman su ( ago)
Shez a sexy bitch wah u on

Author La Fiebrua (752 years ago)
Nice moves

Author ZweZ ( ago)

Author Miss Sahar ( ago)
@mmunassar Shes a Saudi girl -__-

Author valleck simmons ( ago)
@ShiZi999 You are welcmoe.

Author ShiZi999 ( ago)
@muanakinshasa thank you!!!!!

Author Rain Goddess ( ago)
@mmunassar WTF r u sasying do u have eyes!! omg!!!!!! :S

Author fahmi munassar ( ago)
this is a man hes from soudia arabia well he was a man hes name is hesham
youtupe it

Author said2124 ( ago)
@88100princess it's called "galb wahed" by (haza3 al minhali) it
under هزاع المنهالي _ قلب واحد...good luck finding it..great tune

Author Lenz2010 ( ago)
it's great, lovin it

Author McBozzo ( ago)
uu soo sexyy bbeee omdz niceee fukin bodyyy im gone be in maracaan afta 1
moths 4 haliidaiiiii :D

Author TseTse2498 ( ago)
wow i wanna be skinny like her, shes perfect))

Author Rawan Shattah ( ago)
shoo esm 2l o3'nyeh 7ada e7kele!!!!?/????

Author Rawan Shattah ( ago)
woooooooooooooooowww btjneen!!!

Author Mamdouh Moursi ( ago)
i was in caza few years ago the marocaan ass is the best

Author ibtissamfadil ( ago)
thats not arabic dancing..shes just shaking her booty...idiot

Author Zylo ( ago)
You're very good! That looks like it would take a lot of practice. I wish
my girl could move like that!

Author Meshal Dsouza ( ago)
i love arab women

Author Ashfaq Khan ( ago)
she seems expert, i wonder which song is in back ground !!!??

Author mohamed A. kady ( ago)
who ever that girl is in that video ill put it where she dudu at make her
booty fat..!!

Author jhonibroo ( ago)
mind braking yar.. its nt mind blooind. its mind braa.....aaaa...king.

Author tshapour ( ago)
I supose american soldier have a good time over there in Iraq ,kuwait
,saudi arabia , Bahrain, Qatqr, and

Author romansoldierofhonor ( ago)
her body is amazing. she is an arabian godess.

Author darkisouli ( ago)
what is name of this song ??? Can you upload the full song ???

Author lewisner ( ago)

Author legendstatesman ( ago)

Author thenoobzors ( ago)

Author will6655 ( ago)
she is so HOT

Author Rustemcankiri ( ago)
Frenchement vous(les femmes arabes)vous ete magnefique

Author CEYBAT ( ago)
good dancer

Author lamroj ( ago)

Author snowy2050 ( ago)
what is the sooooooooong guys??? doz a1 no???????

Author Sara J ( ago)

Author Mamdouh Moursi ( ago)
no why?

Author Charles Seel ( ago)
Have you been to a club in America lately?

Author 1970Peaches ( ago)
It was a joke u dumbass!!!! LOL

Author fyro124 ( ago)

Author fyro124 ( ago)
Like the men in UK, of whom the majority said that it's due to women's
dress sense that rape occurs? GTFOH.

Author Lenz2010 ( ago)
this is a true muslim woman... I love muslim like her. Muslim men are
terrorist but muslim women are hoes... LOL

Author Jay D ( ago)
arab love asses alot .. thats why arab women shake their asses coz they
know we love it this way ..

Author Omar Coston ( ago)
Absolute grace and beauty... does anyone know the name of that song or band

Author pking1100 ( ago)
DaMMMMM lol u were born sexy baby.

Author bishoopowers ( ago)
oooofftttt. nice nice

Author osmankai ( ago)
u can move!!! keep on shaking it!! Nabeel

Author Tawfiq Abufarid ( ago)
dance! love life, don't love death! leave islam! burn ur qur'an!

Author caglar5 ( ago)
hes a man how comes u comment a man huh

Author maloktrebado ( ago)
.... delicious....

Author ZotMalakhov ( ago)
I to dance beautifully as you I can not, but I can play on a guitar, I
think to you the suite "Harem" is pleasant.

Author Bhurtonn ( ago)
xD?! naughty? Balla greatt stuff!

Author 1970Peaches ( ago)
Get the BIG BLACK DRESS quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before men
lose it>>Plzz cover up from head to toe NOW! This is very very naughty!

Author Anniee Ahmed ( ago)
Wow Ur Wicked !

Author badredhawk ( ago)
shake it baby shake it. what a nice Arab ass. i want to lick it and fuck it

Author zia sattar ( ago)
wow thts osssssssssm

Author njcroboy ja sam lud ( ago)
id like to tap that arab ass

Author mohamed alhammadi ( ago)
is that a thong? :)

Author LordhansN ( ago)
Where can i download that song?? Plz help!

Author Vince Gibbs ( ago)
Now that's a sexy girl who knows how to move.

Author ShamsanUSA ( ago)
i like...very nice..she got the BODDDDD

Author donofkohat ( ago)
you say true

Author valleck simmons ( ago)
it not good to kiss and tell bro

Author ArabianNight1989 ( ago)
This girl is not Arab, she is Iranian bitch who lives in Dubai, and I
fucked her many times, her name is Yelda and she is good in Arabian Dance.
Arab Women are good and not Bitches like Persians and others

Author hiwamedia ( ago)
کێرم به‌ هه‌موو‌ عه‌ ره‌ ب

Author Baddary Pie ( ago)
thats not arab dancing bitch

Author arabian11knight ( ago)
Thanx so much, pretty good song... i would be more than happy if u
introduce me to such good music and more

Author EevelMonkee ( ago)
Gelb Wahed by Hazaa'a Al Menhaly

Author HPWHEELS ( ago)
On the other hand, very nice dancing my dear.

Author HPWHEELS ( ago)
Money will not matter soon. When war comes between the peoples of this
earth the first to do will be in the middle-east. This is not a judgment,
simply a statement of obvious future development. Until then enjoy what
little money you have.

Author Najesta Engelhardt ( ago)
u racist

Author Smoqueed ( ago)
arabs u all suck and stink VIVA PALESTINE FUCK ALL OTHER ARABS

Author Erick Castillo ( ago)

Author arabian11knight ( ago)
whats this song please... any one knows?

Author sadey1216 ( ago)
i like the way you think :]

Author grace89ytube ( ago)
racist people.. dont hate on arabs.. thy got more money than any white
people haha

Author ALSHAWWAF ( ago)
how u know? u eat camel shit for breakfast huh ! lol

Author sadey1216 ( ago)
ARIEL18081, you are annoying and rude. fuck off

Author Radwan80 ( ago)
this is amazing!!! marry me

Author ARIEL18081 ( ago)
fuck you arabs you smell like camel shit hahaha

Author Wessam Roushdy ( ago)

Author mujjuman ( ago)
this bitch here is super sexy

Author sadey1216 ( ago)
i can't find the name of this song anywhere and i love it! :/

Author kt1963 ( ago)
i want to marry her

Author Ahmad Mahmoud ( ago)
PLZ what is the name of this song

Author Speed King ( ago)

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