100% immunity to electronic harassment and chemtrails

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  • 100% immunity to electronic harassment and chemtrail poisoning. I have the bendors info now Carl et. al., so plz comment below if you need their contact info in order to purchase these products. You wont regret it.
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  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname 6 months ago

    Do the ones poisoning us with Chemtrails and electronic harrassment know about these protective capabilities? how do you know they arent poisoning the apple juice, beet root powder and other stuff?

  • Air Purifiers
    Air Purifiers 6 months ago

    URGENT! CHEMTRAILS ARE REAL AND POISONING YOU! The Life You Save Will Be Yours & Your Families! The best resource to detox the toxic poison heavy metals in chemtrails safely from your body is in the website at http://www.chemtraildetox.info

    • GaruchillaJoe PartnerVerified
      GaruchillaJoe PartnerVerified 5 months ago

      Helia Alves http://www.silvergen.com/cancer_and_silver.htm

    • Helia Alves
      Helia Alves 6 months ago

      Garuchillajoe you do know that silver is the most conductive metal and will enhance the electronic harassment, right?

    • GaruchillaJoe PartnerVerified
      GaruchillaJoe PartnerVerified 6 months ago

      they take this stuff too. Thats how I got the info. My Grandpa was a farmer all his life and his boss Mr Pearson told him what the city slickers were doing to the crops wearing hazmat suits etc., told my grandpa who was a mason to give his family beet root tons of leafy greens no processed meats and boil water before you drink it. Also drink silver daily. just two teaspoons. use baking soda to brush teeth. Mr pearson was a good man to share this with the community

    • Firstname Lastname
      Firstname Lastname 6 months ago

      how do the people poisoning us with chemtrails protect themselves?

  • Tony Roberts
    Tony Roberts 6 months ago

    check out apple cider vinegar too. Also baking soda good too I think its the cure for cancer thats why crackheads live so dam long.

  • ForeverSeekingTruth
    ForeverSeekingTruth 6 months ago

    Yes please send the info. reply to me and I am send you my email

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