I Am Groot - Vin Diesel - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

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  • Nono B
    Nono B 5 hours ago

    I think it's amazing, how he had express the feelings of groot in three words... couldn't do with another actor... just love the groot.

  • Chelsea Jessick
    Chelsea Jessick 3 days ago

    He's now in two movies where he barely speaks but always breaks your heart 💔 damn you Dom

  • Bebê Groot
    Bebê Groot 3 days ago

    I am Groot

  • Jr Dublê
    Jr Dublê 6 days ago


  • Zarian Johnson
    Zarian Johnson 13 days ago

    Vin Diesel is the perfect Groot!!

  • Devastating Joke
    Devastating Joke 19 days ago

    why he need that thingy on his leg?
    at 1:00

  • A Random Rat
    A Random Rat 19 days ago

    Wait...Who is he again?

  • Renter Fighter
    Renter Fighter 20 days ago

    now i understand what is say i think on the start video what is doing and later i see is speak all the languages i'm groot now this 😎

  • tony
    tony 21 day ago


  • Jefferson Magtasa
    Jefferson Magtasa 24 days ago

    my freaking ear I just put my cellphone in my ears when vin diesel says I am groot at 12 seconds

  • Ashlee Armao
    Ashlee Armao 24 days ago


  • ma ak
    ma ak 25 days ago

    00:50 오 저거 portal 신발 아님?ㄱㅋㄱㄱ

  • brandon brooker
    brandon brooker 26 days ago

    lol at 2:47 he looks like the guy in The Empire Strikes Back..

  • Jorge Vila
    Jorge Vila 27 days ago

    kudos to Vin Diesel, while is really easy to think that his job involved just saying 3 words doesn't need any character study, he took the role to serious, to the point of wearing stilts while saying his lines to feel like the character.
    Im not saying that his character needs a complete study, but I do apreciate the extra effort in roles that are meant to play simple.

  • Nathalia Tatha
    Nathalia Tatha 27 days ago

    Eu sou Groot

  • slither master cataluna

    vin diesel make.many fast and wait tell.me again please

  • Eli Wong
    Eli Wong 29 days ago


  • Carlo Di Donato
    Carlo Di Donato 1 month ago


  • PoorGamer
    PoorGamer 1 month ago

    5:30 "Я EТСЬ Грут" ------ бляяя америкосы вы такие тупые...(f** stupid americans)

  • anvil747
    anvil747 1 month ago

    Já jsem Groot Česky!

  • FarahTheOne
    FarahTheOne 1 month ago

    I automatically hate the 95 people who disliked this video.

  • Дмитрий Дорохов


    JamesLOLREVIEWS 1 month ago

    Watashi wa Goluuto!

  • Кино Көр
    Кино Көр 1 month ago


  • Adlet Iskakov
    Adlet Iskakov 1 month ago

    О! На казахском даже! "Атым Грут!" күшті екен.

  • Etc.101
    Etc.101 1 month ago

    ASMR session with vin diesel

  • The Jusi
    The Jusi 1 month ago

    o po polsku powiedział ja jestem groot na końcu prawie xD

  • moggsy 71
    moggsy 71 1 month ago

    That is true dedication to a character. I can't imagine the boredom.. but seeing the end result.. Wow. That is dedication to your art... Thank you.

  • Tech No Indy
    Tech No Indy 1 month ago


  • Hedwig
    Hedwig 1 month ago


  • Callme Chendo
    Callme Chendo 1 month ago

    Creo que el es groot

  • Shara Bravo
    Shara Bravo 1 month ago

    Did anyone else picture Patrick Star walking out in heels at 0:44

  • ANTHONY Blake
    ANTHONY Blake 1 month ago

    Probably took an eternity to memorize all his lines.

  • dragonstorm12
    dragonstorm12 1 month ago

    Oh boy, he's bilingual.

  • Ellie Simmons
    Ellie Simmons 1 month ago

    Vin is groot

  • G R O O T
    G R O O T 1 month ago

    *I AM GROOT*

  • Kevin Crack Br
    Kevin Crack Br 1 month ago

    E U S O U G R O O T

  • Chase Costin
    Chase Costin 1 month ago

    I'm groot

  • Daniel Clarke-Mundle

    Soy groot

  • Daniel Clarke-Mundle

    naiz Groot

  • soybean
    soybean 1 month ago

    나는 그루트다

  • Sergiu Cătălin Coprean

    and in Romanian: Eu sunt Groot!

  • melika sims
    melika sims 1 month ago

    Who does baby groots voice? Is it still Vin Diesle, but right after he sucks balloon helium?

    • A Random Rat
      A Random Rat 6 days ago

      +H. Minghau I'm not retarded... Where is the proof?

    • H. Minghau
      H. Minghau 6 days ago

      A Random Rat It's his own voice. there was no editing.

    • A Random Rat
      A Random Rat 19 days ago

      Yeah, it's Vin, but they edit it to make it sound like a baby.

  • Almasy 伯爵夫人
    Almasy 伯爵夫人 1 month ago

    2:38 我是格鲁特!

  • Laurielka
    Laurielka 1 month ago

    Ja jestem Groot! <3 ^^

  • Angela Currie
    Angela Currie 1 month ago

    My favorite part was when he said I am Groot.

  • Tapdancing Giraffe
    Tapdancing Giraffe 1 month ago

    I am Groot
    You are Groot
    He is Groot
    They am Groot

  • Marek Kotulski
    Marek Kotulski 1 month ago

    oh, cool. He is dubbing in Polsih too. Hmm... Maybe I will finally watch dubbing version. Ja jestem Groot XD

  • Zoidy
    Zoidy 1 month ago

    *Russian* Not "Я етсь Грут". Correctly it's "Я есть Грут"

    J4YSUS [WARFACE] 1 month ago


  • Foggy Log
    Foggy Log 1 month ago

    Wow, this takes a lot of skills... i DON'T THNK i CAN pull this off. Let me try, I am RRROTT, oops messed up.. I guess Diesel is Groot

  • Pavel Pech
    Pavel Pech 1 month ago

    The overview at the end is quite interesting, but SOOO confusing! Not all phrases there are by Vin Diesel. Like the czech Já jsem Groot is dubbed by Tomáš Bartůněk.

  • Adéla Brandnerová
    Adéla Brandnerová 1 month ago

    In Czech :O

  • PhoeniXV
    PhoeniXV 1 month ago

    the japanese one made me laugh its golden XD

  • Brianna Harrison
    Brianna Harrison 1 month ago

    I'v never seen the movie and I never would have thought Vin Diesel would be playing a really cool tree. Pretty cool.

  • Brian Ngo
    Brian Ngo 1 month ago

    He's groooooot??!!!!!!

    TAYLOR REIGNS 1 month ago

    ....I heard he made over a million dollars just saying I am Groot.. 😒

  • 115DELDE
    115DELDE 1 month ago

    私は グル-ト!!!!!

    Man the japanese version just sounds sooooo awesome hehehe

    man, 私は グル-ト が 欲しいです! (ツ)

  • yoga tanaya
    yoga tanaya 1 month ago

    I like when he says "I am groot "

  • Superhero Collector
    Superhero Collector 1 month ago

    Ich bin Groot

  • Dhon Cfm
    Dhon Cfm 1 month ago

    YO SOY....?

  • Dhon Cfm
    Dhon Cfm 1 month ago

    EU SOU....?

  • Irena Watorek-VanCamp

    I was caught off guard when he said it in polish. It is my second language

  • FRW Rewind
    FRW Rewind 1 month ago

    i ammmmmmmm groooooooooot

  • Firth Laist
    Firth Laist 1 month ago

    Vin could kidnap my kids, get cheeky with my wife, and take out my Mother ...and STILL, he could do no wrong ...HAHAHA!

    Please don't though Vin!!!

  • walios hiramilus
    walios hiramilus 1 month ago

    im european ..thank u USA for great superheroes movies .we love it ..i love it

  • Jon Freeman
    Jon Freeman 1 month ago

    can u believe these people make unbelievable amounts of cash for this shit.and i been breaking my back for 20 year's just to eat food to stay alive...

    • NemoTheEight
      NemoTheEight 1 month ago

      You don't have money for more but "just to eat food to stay alive", but you have damn expensive computer and connetion to web. Tell us more about it, it's very interesting. Or you know what? Go to Hollywood and become actor. Noone forbids.

  • Mohd Emir
    Mohd Emir 1 month ago

    saya groot

  • DEEJAYX 03
    DEEJAYX 03 1 month ago

    oh my goood vin diesel speak italian wow is awesome

  • DEEJAYX 03
    DEEJAYX 03 1 month ago


  • Ryan Muller
    Ryan Muller 1 month ago

    how does he remember his lines

  • Division0Luke
    Division0Luke 1 month ago

    He even looks like groot

  • Julio Nuñez
    Julio Nuñez 1 month ago

    el mejor actor de doblaje de todos los tiempos, grande vin diesel

  • Tony Zaracho
    Tony Zaracho 1 month ago

    Un momento, no me quedo claro, el es groot?

  • Feliz Bosque
    Feliz Bosque 1 month ago


  • Kemoni Mcneil
    Kemoni Mcneil 1 month ago

    Nice vln diesel

  • Ninekills
    Ninekills 1 month ago

    Bro... His growls should totally played on some death metal shit...

  • stuff and thangs
    stuff and thangs 1 month ago

    yo soy groot mudda fooker

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 1 month ago

    Should have played drax

  • brown begerson
    brown begerson 1 month ago

    I just met vin diesel in a carBut he said he was groot i feelEmbarassed in front of groot

  • Roxy Lazo
    Roxy Lazo 1 month ago

    Indeed... We all are Groot, gorgeous Diesel!!! ❤😘👌

  • Actually Regina George

    If I ever meet him I'm getting him to say I Am Groot into my phone and it's going to be my ringtone

  • Undertale FAN GURL
    Undertale FAN GURL 1 month ago

    Yo soy groot???

  • prideling
    prideling 1 month ago

    I know he gets made fun of for doing the same 3 words over and over again, but HOW COOL is it that it's his voice in all those different languages? Plus, you can't argue with the results, the character is awesome!

  • LFTE Beats
    LFTE Beats 1 month ago

    this guy must need to memorize his lines

  • Chrisflistal
    Chrisflistal 1 month ago

    Vin Diesel, the only person saying "yo soy Groot" sound russian, haha

  • The Bloodshot One
    The Bloodshot One 1 month ago

    why are people asking his name surely you can read a video title

  • Veronika Alcoba
    Veronika Alcoba 1 month ago

    I died of laughter when he came up on those stilts xD

  • dejan marinkovic
    dejan marinkovic 1 month ago

    no he became the hulk

  • Rewell
    Rewell 1 month ago

    4:50 #hungary

  • Ruilin Yin
    Ruilin Yin 1 month ago


  • Fabian Leon-solis
    Fabian Leon-solis 1 month ago

    Whats his name?

  • Resenator
    Resenator 1 month ago

    *plot spoilers*

  • Yunes Marcondes
    Yunes Marcondes 1 month ago

    Eu sou Groot!!

  • THEBRO3000
    THEBRO3000 1 month ago


  • Leyla Stuber
    Leyla Stuber 1 month ago

    I'm losing my shit over here :D :D :D

  • Nargiza Ismailova
    Nargiza Ismailova 1 month ago

    wow, even in Kazakh language. love it

  • Ruslan SnM
    Ruslan SnM 1 month ago

    А по русский?

    KINGSOFBALKAN 1 month ago

    Im am Groot

  • Photo Negative Mickey

    Think about all the money he made off saying I Am Groot

    • bluzer awesome
      bluzer awesome 1 month ago

      Photo Negative Mickey and much more I am groot in another language

    • bluzer awesome
      bluzer awesome 1 month ago

      I am groot
      Yo soy groot
      We are groot

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