Pig Trap in Hawaii Releasing Boar After Castration

Not much to say about that. You can only eat so many, and they are destroying our farm, so this one will be caught another day to be eaten or live a life of happiness out in the wild. And, the state of hawaii won't poison him to die a horrible death in days or shoot him from a helicopter to rot in the sun...if he is lucky.

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Comments: 92

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Author kroakie4 (1 month)
Don't release the little shit! They are terrible for landscapes. They
destroy them. Uproot every damn thing. I hate wild pigs. You could have
eaten the meat. 

Author OverlordOfEcchi (1 year)
Why is the hog squeeking constantly, than growling?

Author Edward Snowden (2 years)
just shoot them and feed your poor people, 2 problems one stone.

Author Hansibuwi (3 years)
oi oi oi oihhh blödes Ami gequatsche

Author ZEDROGANA (5 years)
me being a hunter n all, it doesent look very humane the way the took care
of it

Author BezeBeze (1 year)
tinha que dar um tiro na meio da testa dele

Author DjNgatiDread (5 years)
I mean pigs have been proven to be much smarter than dogs and I dont know
anyone who anyone who would accept that being done to a dog, do you? Just
cruel behaviour and I am a very keen hunter myself hunting pigs and deer
for the table so its not like I am against hunting when done HUMANELY.

Author Decembirth (3 years)
@muajvam1 Lol no island, just watching clips, sorry. Perhaps the uploader
of the video can fulfill your request. Sounds like it would be fun though.

Author durgaaa (4 years)
@cheroxx --If you think this is cruel, you ought to look at what fighters
do to each other in the Middle East countries.

Author DAVID LEVINE (2 years)
one thing I wondder aobut wild hoggs is berthign wre does the Sow go to
give birth I have nevver heardd one word mentioned onthe matter not one
vidio of these adorable piglets and wht happens with the mother saw shot
and then here babies or if you want to be mean shots the bay,s first then
the mother for I wold love tosee the vidios nonas far as I know have been
posted or why waist so many bullets just cut there throats and would they e
good to eat????

Author johnboy631 (1 year)
I would of put a Bullet in its Head and stiuck it in the Freezer.

Author jdymes101101 (5 years)
why dont you just shoot them

Author bgbrush123 (4 years)
hah i think id rather be shot ;p lol

Author TheKarinAngel (2 years)
How in hell did you manage to nut that little devil? I think I'd have stood
well-back, and shot the damned nuts off him!!

Author Vinko Šket (2 years)

Author asaaqas (5 years)
i see that point also and agree espacially since after i watched
this(awhile ago) i heard that wild pigs are way way overpoupulated and
messing up all kinds of stuff but i also see what there trying to do in not
killing but controlling them but yea the should knock em out first but they
also could have shot it and ate it so i geuss is agree with both side in
some ways

Author 808hanalei68 (4 years)
another lesson for everyone scene 1:05 rubbish in pocket , then empty
pocket when you see a rubbish can. keep the land free from rubbish
.......hawaii keep it clean and everywhere else

Author durgaaa (4 years)
@cheroxx --open your mind up REAL WIDE and you will see what I mean.

Author cheroxx (4 years)
@durgaaa What's that got to do with it? Anyway, at least the pig is still
alive, which I'm guessing it's satisfied with, all things considered^^

Author SmokeRises (4 years)
@LivingGhosts he sure was sharpening those tusks waiting for you to make a
mistake. not completely sure but since his tail was wagging he may have
liked where you touched him and just wanted to say thanks ;o). be safe out

Author Birol Afyon (4 years)
thats a good iedea betther than taking life away,the other american
arrogant fuckers shhoting the animals like they are god

Author prasanna deuja (1 year)
I adore dog clips on Youtube. They continuously make me chuckle. But the
large majority of pet owners are slowly and gradually KILLING their pet
dogs – without noticing it. The crap commercial dog food companies use into
dog food causes cancer malignancy and tends to make dogs die early. I
figured that out the difficult way. My family dog died at 5. To conserve
your pet’s life make sure you take a look at Double Life Dog Diet (Use
Google.) It’s what I did.

Author S.W (2 years)
will you pet it.. :(

Author Skopelos Elios (1 year)
The most amazing thing about this video is the man putting his spent
cigarette in his pocket rather than throwing it on the ground. Respect.

Author SirLobsterman (4 years)
vicious motherfucker lol I would have killed it and donated it to a
homeless shelter(if they exist in hawaii) so it couldn't wreck anymore
habitat and make wallows for the mosquitoes.

Author caponsacchi (1 year)
It's good you give them a chance to try to make it on their own. (Pigs can
get enough nourishment just from grazing. But they're herd animals,
conscious they're prey and need to be top hog (or have one to follow). This
freed pig is momentarily confused, thinking he has to continue fighting to
establish his top hog position. I've seen some sanctuaries domesticate a
wounded wild boar--takes a muzzle, some rope, and a lot of patience.

Author LivingGhosts (5 years)
Yeah, two options, shoot hundreds and let them rot tin the sun (like the
government does), or castrate them to live a happy life and not produce
fifty more pigs. I believe it is cruel to shoot a couple thousand across
the state and let them rot. Now at least if they become a problem, they
will taste good.

Author Roel Halbersma (4 years)
@LivingGhosts yeap, nothing better than a piece of wild boar at x mas day!

Author asaaqas (5 years)
i see your point

Author k123332 (2 years)
ya'll should of killed him.

Author Mr13born79 (2 years)
I'm glad you don't toss your cigarette butts on the ground. I don't either.

Author Austin Medlin (3 years)
2:00 Jump down and wrestle it!

Author doughesson (3 years)
@whatisunknown That's what I was talking about.In Kentucky,for example,you
can't trap and relase wild hogs.You have to kill them before removing them
from the trap site.Not exactly sporting but,hogs breed quickly enough that
once you get them in an area,it's almost impossible to eradicate them.Even
with year round season & no bag limits,it's hard enough to do.Plus market
hunting which drove many species near to or over the brink of extinction in
the 19 & early 20th centuries is illegal today.

Author callin2427 (3 years)
These to videos are legendary. LOL. That hog was so so so angry. You could
just read the anger and rage running through its veins. It wanted serious
retribution for the ordeal you guys put him through, LOL classic vid. p.s,
why didn't you video the castration? not that i have a particular wish to
see testicles mind you. Just wanted to see all of what made this little
piggy so angry.

Author Gchronic G Chronister (3 years)
Oh Fuck!!! lol

Author whatisunknown (4 years)
You know with the price of food so high in hawaii, you guys should should
create a program where instead of castrating the hogs, then kill them and
share the meat with the community. It's good meat and the course of
collecting it will make a difference in the areas where they are problems.
It's a win for all, but that's just my view of it.

Author Richard Zozobrado (3 years)

Author doughesson (3 years)
@whatisunknown There's already a program that does that.It's called Hunters
for the Hungry and is a major source of meat for a lot of food pantries.

Author Bite008 (5 years)
wants his balls back b4 he goes anywhere!!!

Author gary32080 (5 years)
Dangerous..........Take care man

Author Emeengor (3 years)
@LivingGhosts well ok I aggree with that but do you cut off their penis? I
mean how happy does life get when you are unable to have sex? :P Isnt there
any injection or some method to make them unfertilized but still keep the
organs needed for sexual use (as balls and penis) untouched?

Author uarequeer (3 years)
lol damn that would kinda suck

Author lasourisaboyante (2 years)
And you are wrong about that. I've been exterminating them over 20 years,
and very few are eaten because there are too damn many of them. Not that I
care, the priority is protecting the ecosystem, and agriculture, and that
means killing as many of them as possible.

Author RammsteinDevote (4 years)
bullets cost money, box cutters are cheap and reusable

Author newamanece (2 years)
this guy should'be taken a broom's stick and beat the hog to get rid of it.
The hog all tough trying to get at him. No respect.

Author Adam Alsnayyan (3 years)
@Downedworker It is a birth control method. It is a MUCH needed birth
control method. These hogs are over populated and suffer because of it.

Author man0073 (3 years)
what was the point of that ?

Author wildhog1980ful (4 years)
pig is goood!!!

Author julen567 (2 years)

Author SirLobsterman (4 years)
@Bite008 maybe he wanted the guy's balls to replace his lol

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