Pig Trap in Hawaii Releasing Boar After Castration

Not much to say about that. You can only eat so many, and they are destroying our farm, so this one will be caught another day to be eaten or live a life of happiness out in the wild. And, the state of hawaii won't poison him to die a horrible death in days or shoot him from a helicopter to rot in the sun...if he is lucky.

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Author jeffrey goshorn ( ago)

Author World of Memecraft ( ago)
Funny Boar

Author Patricktomlinson Tomlinson ( ago)
So, you release him to destroy your farm, or someone else's farm. You
release him to destroy more native flora and fauna in Hawaii. I suppose it
makes everyone feel good, except the very ecosystem you claim to want to
protect. This is insanity!

Author Gareth ( ago)
hope your farm is ruined that was an idiot move when you catch a hog you
kill it if your going to eat it or not you do it. I have lost a dog to
these thing because i let her off leash where i thought we were alone but a
hog came out of no where and attacked. You should have killed it.

Author Al Coholic ( ago)
All this video is showing me is that a person is releasing a rope from the
boar and letting him go. Cant you show the process in which you caught him.
Or ,maybe the process in which you claim to have castrated the animal. That
would be interesting.
I support what your intentions and beliefs are. But, it would be nice if
you would share it with us viewers.Remember, a picture is worth a thousand
words. Peace.

Author Derek Jimenez ( ago)
You coulda made some delicious Kalua Pork out of that swine!!

Author JOKER ( ago)
"live a life of happiness out in the wild" ... after you castrate him?
more like a tortuous grim life of hopeless depression LOLbest to just put
him out of his misery

Author db30 ( ago)
How is castration him and releasing him doing anything to save your farm.
He is still going to ruin your farm.

Author Gabriel Miholca ( ago)
yggv v .t51ttth

Author rowmin goat ( ago)
Ignorant people do not even understand what you are doing here. You are
tending the animals for future use.. Not just killing and letting lay. That
boar will be a fine feed in a year or so and will not be strong tasting any
longer. Please read about cutting before you dumb asses comment Thanks for

Author rowmin goat ( ago)
He want to de- nut you too

Author Richard Marte ( ago)
Why did you let the hog go?You have any idea how destructive they are?

Author savannah505 ( ago)
Shoot the damn pig, there's plenty of people who would love some pork
chops. Your letting him run off to do more damage, stupid.

Author Quetzachapin ( ago)
I guess Hawaiian people are stupid. Pigs are destructive towards the land,
cutting his balls is not gonna make him less destructive.

Author John Connor ( ago)
Why do they castrate them? Do they know basics of biology? Sterilization of
females is the only effective way to control population.

Author Jason M ( ago)
That boar didn't want to go because he wants you the guy to know how it
feels to get your male hood chop off!

Author twn5858 ( ago)
You released it?? You should have ate the fucking thing!

Author Theodoros Giannaros ( ago)
Ich bin sicher dass sie haben keine ahnung wie hoch springt ein wild
schwein. lol

Author Brian McIntosh ( ago)
How do you trap um? I got choke in my yard

Author SteadyBark96720 ( ago)
God bless as well krokie! Happy new year! Spread your positive mana'o (
wisdom) in your neighborhood, the world needs open minds to lead it!
Aloha...from Hilo, kaumana, Hawaii, moku o keawe

Author SteadyBark96720 ( ago)
Meant to say Matson not Manson...kala mai

Author Simon Long (2015 years ago)
that would bite a piece out of you like a GW shark

Author pikiwiki ( ago)
big island? noticed the guy putting the cig in his pocket instead of
throwing it on the ground.

Author Liang Wen Qiang ( ago)
good job

Author pinche guero ( ago)
He wasn't squeaking. He was grinding his teeth together as a warning. They
squeal when they're scared and do this when they want to fight.

Author antras ko ( ago)
i would not release it for sure. it would be eaten in a month or 2

Author kroakie4 ( ago)
Don't release the little shit! They are terrible for landscapes. They
destroy them. Uproot every damn thing. I hate wild pigs. You could have
eaten the meat. 

Author OverlordOfEcchi ( ago)
Why is the hog squeeking constantly, than growling?

Author caponsacchi ( ago)
It's good you give them a chance to try to make it on their own. (Pigs can
get enough nourishment just from grazing. But they're herd animals,
conscious they're prey and need to be top hog (or have one to follow). This
freed pig is momentarily confused, thinking he has to continue fighting to
establish his top hog position. I've seen some sanctuaries domesticate a
wounded wild boar--takes a muzzle, some rope, and a lot of patience.

Author prasanna deuja ( ago)
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large majority of pet owners are slowly and gradually KILLING their pet
dogs – without noticing it. The crap commercial dog food companies use into
dog food causes cancer malignancy and tends to make dogs die early. I
figured that out the difficult way. My family dog died at 5. To conserve
your pet’s life make sure you take a look at Double Life Dog Diet (Use
Google.) It’s what I did.

Author S mandal ( ago)
The most amazing thing about this video is the man putting his spent
cigarette in his pocket rather than throwing it on the ground. Respect. 

Author Ben Maddison ( ago)
Get some mountain oysters in to ya

Author Daniel Astbury ( ago)
Are they put to sleep for castration or does the poor things nuts just get
cut off.

Author julen567 ( ago)

Author julen567 ( ago)

Author Edward Snowden ( ago)
just shoot them and feed your poor people, 2 problems one stone.

Author Vinzenzo Veliki ( ago)

Author Derp McDerpson ( ago)

Author jon wright ( ago)
did you smoke pakalolo before?

Author hulkbuster ( ago)
will you pet it.. :(

Author KYAW AUNG ( ago)
You r very good man , Bro

Author killdacat ( ago)
Brah, mahalo fo not throwing dat cig on da ground, and taking your opala
wit you!!

Author k123332 ( ago)
ya'll should of killed him. 

Author Becki Bouchard ( ago)
Very well done! I think the former boar wasn't going anywhere because he
was yelling at you in pig fashion not to try that again! :) What is the
taste difference between wild pig and domestic, if any?

Author quepaso tata ( ago)
this guy should'be taken a broom's stick and beat the hog to get rid of it.
The hog all tough trying to get at him. No respect. 

Author Mr13borf ( ago)
I'm glad you don't toss your cigarette butts on the ground. I don't either.

Author Gary Chronister ( ago)
Oh Fuck!!! lol 

Author Pete Elias ( ago)
Just shoot that damn hog!

Author Jeremiah ( ago)

Author Richard Zozobrado ( ago)

Author Emeengor ( ago)
@LivingGhosts well ok I aggree with that but do you cut off their penis? I
mean how happy does life get when you are unable to have sex? :P Isnt there
any injection or some method to make them unfertilized but still keep the
organs needed for sexual use (as balls and penis) untouched?

Author Adam Alsnayyan ( ago)
@Downedworker It is a birth control method. It is a MUCH needed birth
control method. These hogs are over populated and suffer because of it. 

Author Hansibuwi ( ago)
oi oi oi oihhh blödes Ami gequatsche

Author Austin Medlin ( ago)
2:00 Jump down and wrestle it!

Author doughesson ( ago)
@whatisunknown That's what I was talking about.In Kentucky,for example,you
can't trap and relase wild hogs.You have to kill them before removing them
from the trap site.Not exactly sporting but,hogs breed quickly enough that
once you get them in an area,it's almost impossible to eradicate them.Even
with year round season & no bag limits,it's hard enough to do.Plus market
hunting which drove many species near to or over the brink of extinction in
the 19 & early 20th centuries is illegal today.

Author doughesson ( ago)
@Decembirth As you said,hunting is the most efficient means of reducing &
controlling animal populations & hunters PAY to do it instead of the state
using money collected from license sales to pay professional hubnters to
reduce the populations in line to what the habitat can support. If you
trap,castrate or otherwise sterilize the animal & then release it,you are
just moving the problem to someone else's backyard.

Author whatisunknown ( ago)
@doughesson Ok, then why not donate all the hogs that get castrated instead
of releasing them? These animals are such a huge problem now. Residents in
many areas are scared to even go out in their yards at night.

Author doughesson ( ago)
@whatisunknown There's already a program that does that.It's called Hunters
for the Hungry and is a major source of meat for a lot of food pantries.

Author doughesson ( ago)
Not against castrating or killing them but why would you release
them?You're just relocating the problem of a critter that tears up ground
like a Roto-tiller(tm)rooting for food into another area.He might kill
himself trying to breed as ineffectively as Elton John and his "friend"
which isn't as humane as just dropping him with your favorite hunting

Author Birol “The Turk” Afyon ( ago)

Author Decembirth ( ago)
@muajvam1 Lol no island, just watching clips, sorry. Perhaps the uploader
of the video can fulfill your request. Sounds like it would be fun though.

Author Decembirth ( ago)
Unless a number of people are neutering and spaying, I don't think it will
make the impacting dent that hunting does. But as stated, people can only
eat so much, so over hunting even the most over populated species is just
as bad. Usually in the US some groups trap female hogs, spay them and then
release them. That would at least stop the source, in a sense. But the fact
is the hog is still alive to do damage.

Author whatisunknown ( ago)
You know with the price of food so high in hawaii, you guys should should
create a program where instead of castrating the hogs, then kill them and
share the meat with the community. It's good meat and the course of
collecting it will make a difference in the areas where they are problems.
It's a win for all, but that's just my view of it. 

Author cheroxx ( ago)
@durgaaa What's that got to do with it? Anyway, at least the pig is still
alive, which I'm guessing it's satisfied with, all things considered^^

Author SmokeRises ( ago)
@LivingGhosts he sure was sharpening those tusks waiting for you to make a
mistake. not completely sure but since his tail was wagging he may have
liked where you touched him and just wanted to say thanks ;o). be safe out

Author Ashley Doran ( ago)
@LivingGhosts and well done to you for thinking outside the box. its always
good to go hunting for fresh pigs for food, but when they overrun the
countryside the effects can be devistating to native flora and fauna.

Author Roel Halbersma ( ago)
@LivingGhosts yeap, nothing better than a piece of wild boar at x mas day!

Author cheroxx ( ago)
Hm, this is cruel to watch, but still I think the pig would rather have
24hrs of stress and be alive after, instead of just being shot..

Author Birol “The Turk” Afyon ( ago)
thats a good iedea betther than taking life away,the other american
arrogant fuckers shhoting the animals like they are god

Author AngelDrive9 ( ago)
Which Island are you on I live in Kauai and I saw a boar once.

Author nitrostateteam ( ago)
Sorry guys I just dont get it ! Feral Pigs destroy native flora & fauna,
harbour exotic diseases, including diseases that can be passed onto humans.
Castrating them doesn't stop them doing any of these things. I cant see
this been an official program of any sort. Why cant you guys just kill them
as humanely as possible.

Author nickgerman12 ( ago)
mate they dont even need castrating. pretty sure they cant get any anyway

Author LivingGhosts ( ago)
Yeah, two options, shoot hundreds and let them rot tin the sun (like the
government does), or castrate them to live a happy life and not produce
fifty more pigs. I believe it is cruel to shoot a couple thousand across
the state and let them rot. Now at least if they become a problem, they
will taste good.

Author Deaven Garrett ( ago)
sadly there are other groups preventing that lol

Author asaaqas (494 years ago)
i see that point also and agree espacially since after i watched
this(awhile ago) i heard that wild pigs are way way overpoupulated and
messing up all kinds of stuff but i also see what there trying to do in not
killing but controlling them but yea the should knock em out first but they
also could have shot it and ate it so i geuss is agree with both side in
some ways

Author asaaqas ( ago)
i see your point

Author Bite008 ( ago)
wants his balls back b4 he goes anywhere!!!

Author gary32080 ( ago)
Dangerous..........Take care man

Author asaaqas ( ago)
how is it sad

Author killdacat ( ago)
Brah Imua for putting out dat smoke wit yoa boot, den putting da but in yoa
back pocket!! Moa people need to pick up dea opala! BIG MAHALOZ!

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