French Montana - Unforgettable ft. Swae Lee

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  • Angel Orellana
    Angel Orellana 52 seconds ago

    i like this track
    is beautifull . good place
    ÁFRICA 👏👏👏

  • Akshay Kakavipure
    Akshay Kakavipure 1 minute ago

    love from India.❤

  • brandon fowler
    brandon fowler 3 minutes ago

    Swae Lee>The Weekend

  • MigZzZ
    MigZzZ 6 minutes ago

    Itz amazon what he does for these kid's most artist only say shout out to my hood but wat at they giving bck

  • Florinda Bazon
    Florinda Bazon 13 minutes ago

    Love it

  • Verun Janova
    Verun Janova 38 minutes ago

    I love it!!!😍

  • CokeCph
    CokeCph 40 minutes ago

    There are too many negros in this video

  • Nhayishka lumsden
    Nhayishka lumsden 46 minutes ago

    french looked so happy doing this video

  • Bes Ali
    Bes Ali 46 minutes ago

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  • Zahra Lezama
    Zahra Lezama 46 minutes ago

    i love the African dances

  • Andrew Unsworth
    Andrew Unsworth 1 hour ago

    this video tho 👏👐👐👐 video of the year 💯

  • O'shane Richards
    O'shane Richards 1 hour ago

    was here from 10mil...

  • callum lowe
    callum lowe 1 hour ago

    If swae lee on ya song, it ain't ur song no more

  • vinu p.s
    vinu p.s 1 hour ago

    super song......

  • omar bakri
    omar bakri 1 hour ago

    Hey everyone :D , please check my channel out and give my videos a look. I just started posting for fun and to show my moves ;p.
    If you like what you see please subscribe and like the video, THANK YOU <3
    ps: great video , keep it up.

  • bob ntembe k
    bob ntembe k 1 hour ago

    (1)drugs 0% (2)tweaking 0% (3) fancy cars 0% (4)cash 0% =100% perfect video

  • Abdel Farkhi
    Abdel Farkhi 1 hour ago

    French montana goes back to his roots . big up

  • Adrian Wyen
    Adrian Wyen 1 hour ago

    catch fr33

  • Johnny D
    Johnny D 1 hour ago

    one of the best songs ive heard in awhile!

  • Inge Van Der Ross
    Inge Van Der Ross 2 hours ago

    Love this video and song.. you cant help but move when this song plays.. all the way from South Africa

  • ReXzHc 00
    ReXzHc 00 2 hours ago

    no money&cars
    no drugs
    no sex clip
    perfect song

  • meshack ogendi
    meshack ogendi 2 hours ago

    United States of Africa...

  • Mouhamad Bachir Diop

    It's an honor to see you singing for Mama Africa French Montana anh!!

  • Eric Zanre
    Eric Zanre 2 hours ago

    there are talents in #africa😀😀, this video makes me so happy ☺☺

  • Aly Jakite
    Aly Jakite 2 hours ago

    Best Music no best Video give respect to Africa

  • WeBron DoubleyouBron

    French Montana looks like a ISIS warrior

  • Bruno Rangel
    Bruno Rangel 2 hours ago

    Blacks in house is only fun

  • Bruno Rangel
    Bruno Rangel 2 hours ago

    we can all together, i love this

  • sammekonen
    sammekonen 2 hours ago

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    Like = Have Luck in 2017 🍀
    Comment = Good Luck 4 Life 😂
    Scroll = Bad Luck Forever 🤢

  • Katherine Dilley
    Katherine Dilley 2 hours ago

    I love this song ATM can't get it out of my head

  • Amira Youssfi
    Amira Youssfi 2 hours ago

    This song is cute aswell and it shows you don't need twerking and inappropriate content to make a good song

  • Amira Youssfi
    Amira Youssfi 2 hours ago

    This is my favouriteeeee song😫❤️I love it so much.

  • Abdirahman Mohamed
    Abdirahman Mohamed 2 hours ago

    Allweys Frensh one

  • BellaLiamsi
    BellaLiamsi 2 hours ago

    What a lovely video clip👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 such beautiful faces, I love Africans 😍

  • Omorogbe Junior
    Omorogbe Junior 3 hours ago

    The world is better without racism 👌

  • Sabrina Sky
    Sabrina Sky 3 hours ago

    I love this song 😻

  • Lunga Mkhwanazi
    Lunga Mkhwanazi 3 hours ago

    French all white gear is fire!

  • victor delianidis
    victor delianidis 3 hours ago

    whose the voice at the end?

  • CapriciousCapricorn
    CapriciousCapricorn 3 hours ago

    Read Louis Tomlinson's article on The Guardian and now while listening this, cant stop thinking - Louis Tomlinson, you are & ALL the best wishes for your solo career.. his article made me so emotional.. here's the link -

  • djdarklyceum
    djdarklyceum 3 hours ago

    LMAO french sucks so bad he needs to pay his writers more..

    I swear the dude barely raps or sings on any of his OWN songs let alone features.. he barely made a minute on an almost 5 minute song.. FOH

  • Channel Inevitable
    Channel Inevitable 4 hours ago

    why tf I love this song so much didn't hear it until B,et

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 4 hours ago

    Swae lee should've made this a single French ruins the vibe of the song

  • maita takaona
    maita takaona 4 hours ago

    Where does Swae Lee come from ?

  • Channel Inevitable
    Channel Inevitable 4 hours ago

    yeah come out black queens need a bitch from there just cuz this song mean skit them bitches real they gone love me right

  • Channel Inevitable
    Channel Inevitable 4 hours ago

    favorite song yeah French Montana

  • Michel Linehan
    Michel Linehan 4 hours ago

    oh hey I know this song!

  • Amy Martin
    Amy Martin 4 hours ago

    one dance music pffff

  • Channel Inevitable
    Channel Inevitable 4 hours ago

    hxxva st all gazzz

  • Channel Inevitable
    Channel Inevitable 4 hours ago

    they did this without me

  • Unicron
    Unicron 4 hours ago

    if anybody could tell me where swae lee got that black and yellow jadket I swear I will love you forever

  • Google Account
    Google Account 4 hours ago

    FAVORITE SONG 4 LIFE 💕#africanlife 💯

  • Mila UVP
    Mila UVP 4 hours ago


  • ETsmom
    ETsmom 4 hours ago

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  • Divine Emperor
    Divine Emperor 4 hours ago

    I really can't stand you FAKE ANGRY pieces of shit.
    When French had his little issue with calling the girl's hair nappy, MOST of you bastards tried to say he "wasn't" black and that he actually hates black people. Now all of you idiots are acting like that never happened.

    French embraces black culture and does more for black people than MOST of you little "Internet Warriors" so just KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY that ya'll had before right now.

  • JP_615
    JP_615 4 hours ago

    Just saw this man a few days ago in Soho not only love this song but the video much love and respect 🙏

  • dafer al dafer
    dafer al dafer 4 hours ago

    Easy Money

  • Adrianna Soto
    Adrianna Soto 4 hours ago

    ur mom

  • Ramona Samuels
    Ramona Samuels 5 hours ago

    Hope to God they were well paid!! Love the fucking video and Swae Lee's voice is unbelievable!

  • Thabisile Mathebula
    Thabisile Mathebula 5 hours ago

    saw this song for the first time on Saturday and fell in love right away. beautiful happy kids. love from SA

  • Kay G
    Kay G 5 hours ago

    This song and video is so awesome. The dancing is so good...I wanna dance too 💃💃

  • Pet Music
    Pet Music 5 hours ago


  • Latina Hopkins
    Latina Hopkins 5 hours ago

    shit 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Lit :3
    Lit :3 5 hours ago

    This Video makes me Happy
    Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪

  • BM_PT_ _
    BM_PT_ _ 5 hours ago

    Why does it always sound like its the first time listening to this song?

  • Nikolas Parham
    Nikolas Parham 5 hours ago

    fuck this song is great

  • Jeff Qamah
    Jeff Qamah 5 hours ago

    I just wonder who could dare hit the dislike button

  • Lourie Blue
    Lourie Blue 5 hours ago

    smiling through the whole video and the girl on 1:21 rock ✊❤

  • kr38t3x x
    kr38t3x x 5 hours ago

    0:42 the beat sounds like one dance

  • Zachary Barson
    Zachary Barson 6 hours ago

    my blondie loves this shit

    gets her goin cray

  • Liz Maldonado
    Liz Maldonado 6 hours ago

    This song lit asf🔥🔥🔥👌👌

  • msglam s
    msglam s 6 hours ago

    Real nice

  • Maria cherry
    Maria cherry 6 hours ago

    Love from Ireland 🇮🇪 traveling to Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 this summer! This song makes me incredibly happy 💖 hope I can help while I'm there x

  • orientha blessings
    orientha blessings 6 hours ago

    i love this song.....shoutout to french from south africa

  • Terrance St Bernard
    Terrance St Bernard 6 hours ago

    seems like this vid. is starting a movement."can u feel it in the air"?kudos to africa.

  • Pankaj Pawar
    Pankaj Pawar 6 hours ago


  • jayden wood
    jayden wood 6 hours ago

    this song makes me so happy ! ❤

  • Atiqah Habiebii
    Atiqah Habiebii 6 hours ago

    love this song from Thailand👍👍❤❤

  • Elisa Mendez
    Elisa Mendez 6 hours ago

    i love this song slayy😘😘😄

  • Lala Ramos
    Lala Ramos 6 hours ago

    i love this song and video

  • Char Bae
    Char Bae 6 hours ago

    I love my people 🌍🌍😍😍🔥🔥🔥we have the best Dance moves ever. 🔥🔥

  • Tilak Rana
    Tilak Rana 6 hours ago

    Superb direction!

  • imen jarrahi
    imen jarrahi 7 hours ago

    I hope that the profits from this clip go back to the village

  • cuddawuddashudda
    cuddawuddashudda 7 hours ago

    This track has one of those most epic (unforgettable?) vibes. It should be used in every movie for the next 3 years. Lol.

  • Jayme Walker
    Jayme Walker 7 hours ago

    It's lit

  • Leon Rutherford
    Leon Rutherford 7 hours ago

    My favorite 0:42 then 0:47 then 1:12 then 1:56 then 2:48 she killing it :) but most of all 1:20 I love the whole video but these are my favorite parts

  • Andrea Oguntula
    Andrea Oguntula 7 hours ago

    loveeeeee. We need more of these music videos.

  • Musesashi
    Musesashi 7 hours ago

    Aah ah ah! 116 looks.. damn this is the sheat end of human of too many.

  • Lala Jean
    Lala Jean 7 hours ago

    I love this songgggggg

  • Ash
    Ash 7 hours ago

    youtube comments on current hiphop really brings out the best in some folks ay

    • Ash
      Ash 7 hours ago

      Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III bumpin this like whut

  • Darwin Corrales
    Darwin Corrales 7 hours ago

    My nigga french though swangin u feel me haha blaze one for the beat shit slappin cutty got the white girlz trppin litterally off the sidewalk at food4less like plah benz to crispy

  • Miguel Jaramillo
    Miguel Jaramillo 7 hours ago

    Reallуууу grеаaааt mоооviе. I fоund it herе =>

  • Andre Arroyo
    Andre Arroyo 7 hours ago

    Hey guys I made a remix of this song on my channel 🔥🔥 please check it out on my channel^^ ur opinion will help me a lot to improve.thanks

  • Yvan Hilario
    Yvan Hilario 7 hours ago

    This song makes me wanna stand up and ask the waiter what his order is

  • M6205 Power
    M6205 Power 7 hours ago

    Uganda is beautiful. Bet half of y'all didn't recognize the flag, usually Americans wouldn't lmao

  • Donald Lovell
    Donald Lovell 7 hours ago

    I hope they put this song on 2k18

  • I love Any games
    I love Any games 7 hours ago

    This music make happy and kid dance

  • I love Any games
    I love Any games 7 hours ago

    We love Africa

  • Jose T-Rex
    Jose T-Rex 7 hours ago

    I like the beat

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