Why picking your nose is bad

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  • NYU otolaryngologist Dr. Erich Voigt explains why you shouldn't pick your nose.

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Comments: 930

  • Michael Ambrose
    Michael Ambrose 9 hours ago

    I aggressively pick my nose over a dozen times a day. Been doing since I was a child and never once have encountered any of these "common issues". Go do a study thats actually helpful.

  • Nhuck Corris
    Nhuck Corris 12 hours ago

    Use spoon so it will not spoil

  • Kaxaa
    Kaxaa 13 hours ago

    uh, so that's y I get so many nose bleeds...shit

  • booger king
    booger king 2 days ago

    Shut up you!!
    You can't stop meh!!

  • PanicAtTheHippo !
    PanicAtTheHippo ! 2 days ago

    i used to pick my nose, and I've never had a nose bleed or any problems

  • brian lewis
    brian lewis 2 days ago

    Even worse to pick your ass, then your nose.

  • Skyler Kirk
    Skyler Kirk 3 days ago

    I'll never blow my nose again! or pick it.

  • Skyler Kirk
    Skyler Kirk 3 days ago

    I wish you could of been a little bit more quiet so I can listen to the song!

  • hoppinonabronzeleg
    hoppinonabronzeleg 4 days ago

    I don't notice any nose-pick tutorials - how very convenient! All goes to show it is all run by the non-nose picking corporate whores!! Trying to put us productive nose pickers out in the street. They can eat my bogies!!

  • hoppinonabronzeleg
    hoppinonabronzeleg 4 days ago

    MY NOSE MY MY CAR MY FUKKIN' FINGER!!!! - FUCK OFF!!!!!!! You sanctimonious sack of shit. Fuck off and DON'T pick your nose in your own goddamned house you filthy clean fingered freak!!! have you got a nose picking prejudice you nosejudicial anti-piclking weirdo!!

  • TheTechPerson
    TheTechPerson 4 days ago

    Everyone who does pick your nose, don't. It is very disgusting and your hands will be full of germs. Just use a tissue.

  • Drop Assassin
    Drop Assassin 4 days ago

    I picked my nose while watching this...

  • Ameiaha Garcia
    Ameiaha Garcia 5 days ago

    I don't have nose bleeds and I'm a kid

  • Bo Imphean
    Bo Imphean 5 days ago

    My sister has stopped picking her nose and it bleeds a lot. I pick all the time and I only have nosebleeds when my nose gets hit.

  • sabbath 9
    sabbath 9 5 days ago

    I was picking my nose watching this thug life forever

  • Bunillacakes
    Bunillacakes 5 days ago

    If only I obeyed when I was little xD

  • Mandvis
    Mandvis 5 days ago

    My right ear really loved the audio

  • Goro Akechi
    Goro Akechi 6 days ago

    I'm a grown ass woman , and I pick my nose every afternoon because yuck

  • Chicken Lurkin' Yung Chihuahua

    Kids pick their nose till it bleed?!?!?! What kind of sorcery is this

  • RAD alieness
    RAD alieness 6 days ago

    bet but why is it bad making them shits BLEED is bad bruh

  • TechTubeHD Reviews
    TechTubeHD Reviews 6 days ago

    My left speaker did great

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 7 days ago

    Oh my gosh isn't everything technically bad for you? If it doesn't kill ya then just keep doing it.

  • GregoryTheGr8ster
    GregoryTheGr8ster 7 days ago

    You know what else I forgot to mention? Picking your nose is MUCH healthier than smoking or overeating. If you are going to engage in bad habits, please consider picking your nose.


    he smart as hell, dude probably never went outside because he was hitting the books.

  • Frank Fiorenza
    Frank Fiorenza 8 days ago

    *Picks Nose while watching the video*

  • Piston Mines
    Piston Mines 8 days ago

    o, so that why i have gotten mrsa 5 times... no lie

  • wilburjmc
    wilburjmc 9 days ago

    its bullshit everybody picks there nose most a lot i bet there is even some evolutionary value in it all kids eat snot and pick there nose and 99% make it to healthy adulthood

  • My Snicker
    My Snicker 9 days ago

    *watching this while picking nose*

  • Bryan Hurst
    Bryan Hurst 9 days ago

    By watching this I began getting a feeling to pick my nose

  • Xx BigBoss xX
    Xx BigBoss xX 9 days ago


  • Antonio51006 Or Panzo721

    So we have to clog our nose until we can't breathe?

  • Lexi Barrow
    Lexi Barrow 9 days ago

    then science reveals that boogers have health benefits...

  • Meep Meep
    Meep Meep 10 days ago


  • Whale Fart
    Whale Fart 10 days ago

    Watching this video while picking my nose 😎

  • Rhianna Felix
    Rhianna Felix 11 days ago

    I have never had a nose bleed but I pick my nose

  • Dennys Flores
    Dennys Flores 11 days ago


  • Greenbean Casserole
    Greenbean Casserole 11 days ago

    it's not a big deal to get a nosebleed, and you probably shouldn't pick your nose in a hospital or someplace dirty. otherwise, it's wonderful.

  • MadAnili
    MadAnili 12 days ago

    who picks their nose until it bleeds.......

  • Juicy Lemon
    Juicy Lemon 13 days ago

    Who's watching this while picking their nose?

  • Kathan Playz
    Kathan Playz 13 days ago

    But if its really hot i get a nose bleed...

  • Clyde0Clyde 505
    Clyde0Clyde 505 13 days ago

    Yeahhh, ohh me? No! I don't pick my nose, pffft 🤥

  • SlitherNOSCOPER
    SlitherNOSCOPER 14 days ago

    i swear i was picking my nose when i saw this

  • Taku K
    Taku K 14 days ago

    he probably picks he's nose him sef

  • ryan adrian
    ryan adrian 14 days ago

    So it's bad to pick your nose only when it bleeds?

  • Ed Eranged
    Ed Eranged 14 days ago

    Anyone else start picking their nose just to spite this uppity prick.

    I'll pick my nose if I damn well please, Voigt.

  • Miztli Vasquez
    Miztli Vasquez 15 days ago

    Tech Insider really is helpful and all but this is bullshit. Just like taking a fat shit is very relaxing. Digging out a huge booger also feels very rewarding so fuck what they say!

  • Xiao Rong
    Xiao Rong 15 days ago

    This is not true! Now i cant breathe!

  • Eva Trestip
    Eva Trestip 15 days ago

    fuck off.

  • mmmhumummhmm The Pretend Spirit

    michael jackson picked his nose from a catalogue

  • Gage
    Gage 15 days ago

    How the fuck else am I supposed to clean my nose?

  • Urban Gamer
    Urban Gamer 16 days ago

    My nose started to hurt when i was watching this

  • Fiona P
    Fiona P 16 days ago

    Oh god I know it's bad but when you've used nasal sprays, steam inhalation, decongestants and the whole damn nine yards, what else are you going to do? You've got to be able to breathe👃

  • Cookie
    Cookie 16 days ago

    Eat my ass

  • Friddle Mathias
    Friddle Mathias 16 days ago

    I never really picked my nose for my whole life and yet ive lost an actual bucket full of blood just from nose bleeds. im seriously not exaggerating. I got most of them because i sneeze a lot, from hayfever to colds, so all year round.

  • anton vilenkin
    anton vilenkin 17 days ago

    my right ear has chronic depression from not hearing anything

  • chloe morelli
    chloe morelli 17 days ago

    I've been picking my nose my whole life

  • Rafa Castro
    Rafa Castro 18 days ago

    you just changed my life

  • e mail
    e mail 18 days ago

    how bout snorting and blowing out water 20 times a day to keep it clean

  • AceClock
    AceClock 19 days ago

    are people stupid or something? Lean to pick your nose properly, I've never had a nosebleed from picking my nose.

  • Pizza Sub
    Pizza Sub 19 days ago

    I do it anyways lol

  • Chanz
    Chanz 19 days ago

    It seems like everything i do is dangerous...

  • Vaani Khare
    Vaani Khare 19 days ago

    Great, one more thing for me to feel guilty about. ugh

  • Lord Farquaad
    Lord Farquaad 20 days ago

    Who else was picking their nose while watching this?

  • Triple259772
    Triple259772 20 days ago

    Hmm so that's why I bleed when I pick my nose

  • Invisible Fiddle
    Invisible Fiddle 20 days ago

    so basically my nose will bleed if I pick my nose?

  • Trk Games
    Trk Games 21 day ago

    Yes people pick their noses
    It's a natural instinct for getting your sense of smell and heightening the sensitivity of your tastebuds

  • MintyMiku
    MintyMiku 21 day ago

    if I didn't pick my nose, it starts to become flakey in it, tried to get out and I had to blow my nose

  • Numi Nex
    Numi Nex 22 days ago

    thx dude you made me make big boogers just great

  • HereComes MJ123
    HereComes MJ123 22 days ago

    how deep can a finger go?

  • Alex Zhu
    Alex Zhu 22 days ago

    I pick my nose and I literally never get nosebleeds

  • Killer Zj
    Killer Zj 22 days ago


    KMARTGUY 23 days ago

    why do I get recommended videos from this shitty cancerous channel?

  • alex endergirl
    alex endergirl 23 days ago

    Who else was picking there nose during this?

  • Sarah Chaudhry
    Sarah Chaudhry 23 days ago

    I'm 12 and I have never had a nose bleed

  • Mukesh Goyal
    Mukesh Goyal 24 days ago

    Watching this while picking nose.. Then stopped..
    After end of the video so give the damn fuck.. Start picking again... Lol #gross

  • Ender Shard
    Ender Shard 25 days ago

    tenner to anyone who picked their bidder through this

  • the pro minecraft dantdm

    my nose had bleeding becouse I mistakely pick my nose

  • Cylde Dellafish
    Cylde Dellafish 25 days ago

    I'm jacking off while watching this.

  • Nemesi
    Nemesi 25 days ago

    it's dangerous to pick your nose simply because it can cause nosebleeds.


  • Devlin the periodic dominator

    I'll just take my finger out of my nose then.

  • Mehran Junejo
    Mehran Junejo 26 days ago

    I'm watching this while picking my nose

  • MarkdoBrasil
    MarkdoBrasil 26 days ago

    my nose's fucked

  • codmaster4488
    codmaster4488 26 days ago

    *picks nose while watching*

  • Nathalie Schouten
    Nathalie Schouten 26 days ago

    I still pick my nose and haven't had a nosebleed for a year or so

  • Luifer Morón dorado

    perfect channel to learn something new and interesting while i am procrastining

  • Northern Star
    Northern Star 26 days ago

    but I like the blood

  • Shin Ledre Dez
    Shin Ledre Dez 27 days ago

    Man I don't give a fuck imma still eat my nutritional ass boogers!

  • Mt funnybones
    Mt funnybones 27 days ago

    Now I know why that my Mom want me to blow my nose, Thanks Mom. =_=

  • ShadowLord 親切 闇黒Drigonドリーゴン

    Thats it!?

    (Ugh, my ear. . .)

  • Jarrueche Tran
    Jarrueche Tran 27 days ago

    Watched this video while picking my nose

  • Brody Thoma
    Brody Thoma 27 days ago

    picked my nose while watching this #rebel

  • Yout Tuka
    Yout Tuka 27 days ago

    No thank you.

  • E. Anderson
    E. Anderson 27 days ago

    While I was watching I picked my nose lol I know I'm not the only one

  • I34anbulunRuhu
    I34anbulunRuhu 27 days ago

    I just picked my nose

  • Gabriel J. Joestar
    Gabriel J. Joestar 27 days ago


  • Buro Dadu
    Buro Dadu 27 days ago

    Anteroinferior part of the nasal cavity is very prone to bleeding. It is also known as 'Little's area of Epistaxis'.

  • 9 T
    9 T 28 days ago

    Anyone watching this while picking your nose ?

  • it's that weird guy zach

    I always pick my nose and mine is fine

  • Serpentgaming 06
    Serpentgaming 06 28 days ago

    I'm picking my nose whilst watching it...XD

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