Elizabeth Olsen is a Huge Harrison Ford Fan

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  • Elizabeth talks about freezing up while meeting Harrison Ford backstage at our show.

    Deleted Scene from "Batman v Superman” Starring Jimmy Kimmel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Y8iRvQdSGA

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    Elizabeth Olsen is a Huge Harrison Ford Fan
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Comments: 261

  • Edwin diaz
    Edwin diaz 4 days ago

    that "Noooo" made me laugh

  • That Panda
    That Panda 19 days ago

    U wnt

    sum fuk?

  • Connor Nyhan
    Connor Nyhan 1 month ago

    She froze, like carbonite.

  • Gilang Aji Wiratama
    Gilang Aji Wiratama 1 month ago


  • Joe McKim
    Joe McKim 1 month ago

    Being a huge Harrison Ford aka being a member of the human race.

  • Cebulak
    Cebulak 2 months ago

    That nooooo was so cute!

  • tysoon363636
    tysoon363636 3 months ago


  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow 3 months ago

    well twins sisters olsen.....
    elizabeth is more cute

    • Jordan Andrews
      Jordan Andrews 3 months ago

      Jon Snow atleast you know somethings jon snow

  • Chris - X- Cross
    Chris - X- Cross 3 months ago

    She' so cute and beautifull !!

  • QNMS 101
    QNMS 101 4 months ago

    Ok before I was a big fan but now I love ❤️ you Elizabeth Olsen

  • Blake Napier
    Blake Napier 4 months ago

    You can Like Harrison Ford but not be a Fan You are already always will be and still is Your Own Influence Elizabeth.

  • JediKnight
    JediKnight 4 months ago

    if. met Harrison Ford I'd faint at his feet. like if I was just casually walk into a town centre to do some shopping and I spotted Harrison Ford at the local McDonald's or something I'd Scream and faint and die😂😂😂😂😂

  • La_trolette
    La_trolette 5 months ago

    She looks like a grown up Liesel Pritzker who starred in Air force one with Harrison Ford and who has more money than Ford and Olsen combined --' ..

  • Raymond Davis
    Raymond Davis 5 months ago

    Don't laugh, but I didn't realize she was an American. I guess I thought Sokovia was a real place. Well, no I didn't, but I thought she was from unknown vaguely Eastern European location. But nope, after looking her up I see that she's Mary Kate and Ashley's little sister.

  • eleha.belinga
    eleha.belinga 6 months ago

    If I was met Harrison Ford I'll be soooo hysteric guys you can't even imagine

  • Fahmi _
    Fahmi _ 6 months ago

    the things i wanna do to her..

  • Илья Исаев
    Илья Исаев 10 months ago

    My God, she is so beautiful

  • Bima Sudiarto
    Bima Sudiarto 11 months ago

    Everything about her is sexy and alluring, without even meaning or trying to.

  • The Ferryman
    The Ferryman 1 year ago

    her laugh is annoying

  • Raymond Lui
    Raymond Lui 1 year ago

    she's so beautiful and down to earth, love her smile and laugh :)

  • mech5 fab
    mech5 fab 1 year ago

    I guess we know where the talent went in that family.

  • kiralnw
    kiralnw 1 year ago

    blow me .. omg

  • DarthTurducken
    DarthTurducken 1 year ago

    I didn't get the joke about chefs on the bottom. Was that a dirty joke or something?!

  • charlie4201001
    charlie4201001 1 year ago

    lizzie my fav actress in hollywood these days..i can see anything she is in...she was awsome in civil war too

  • Payvand Salari
    Payvand Salari 1 year ago

    PLEASE Marry Me Elizabeth...

  • Ezzad Sharifudin
    Ezzad Sharifudin 1 year ago

    I'm so in love with her

  • ShadowBro
    ShadowBro 1 year ago

    Aaaaaand I'm in love.

  • murtaza zaidi
    murtaza zaidi 1 year ago

    Interstng! This olsen sister has more blood than cocaine in her system

  • nybiggs
    nybiggs 1 year ago

    Not saying the Olsen twins are ugly, but this girl is so much more attractive.

  • Brandon Mumek
    Brandon Mumek 1 year ago

    Daaaw she is adorable. xD

  • Lara Waller
    Lara Waller 1 year ago

    She's so funny, bubbly and cute!

  • Zaki Zaki
    Zaki Zaki 1 year ago

    she is gorgeous. i have a huge crush on her & negasonic teenage warhead from deadpool the movie. but elizabeth olsen is my number 1 choice. her twin sister didn't even come close to acting in a big movie and is one of the avengers...

  • Andre DC
    Andre DC 1 year ago


  • nym jargal
    nym jargal 1 year ago

    he is squarely peeking her tits. i am not blame him cause i would too..

  • Mr. Stark
    Mr. Stark 1 year ago

    How is she so cute?!

  • josué asencio
    josué asencio 1 year ago

    she's so pretty 😍

  • Cap.Augustas
    Cap.Augustas 1 year ago


  • Amar Kirat
    Amar Kirat 1 year ago

    I m in love

  • TheOfficialDarkman
    TheOfficialDarkman 1 year ago

    0:08 I can't do it......

  • Supreme_God_065
    Supreme_God_065 1 year ago


  • VivaToddVegas
    VivaToddVegas 1 year ago

    She laughs like a dork. Very endearing.

    • Barry Barry
      Barry Barry 11 months ago

      What's a dork?... is that to do with labeling everyone?

  • Alex Valdovinos
    Alex Valdovinos 1 year ago

    She is so beautiful...

  • David Gonzalez
    David Gonzalez 1 year ago

    Weird. She's hot, and I like her voice... Can't get behind that laugh.

  • Rafa
    Rafa 1 year ago

    i wonder if she'll audition for a star wars movie like one of the anthology movies

  • uuduu7
    uuduu7 1 year ago

    Its like meeting God,

    and going like " uhh .. hi, bye ! "

  • Peter Tran
    Peter Tran 1 year ago

    What a hottie!

  • Folgrin
    Folgrin 1 year ago

    She is too cute

  • TheJunmengo
    TheJunmengo 1 year ago

    Please put her in a Star Wars movie, Kathleen Kennedy

  • Ilannguaq Kivioq
    Ilannguaq Kivioq 1 year ago

    I'ma being honest. I clicked this video with a perdetermined prejudice, and in 5 secs I just found her adorable :-)

  • Víctor Coronel Ramírez

    she is incredibly beautiful

  • packersfan
    packersfan 1 year ago

    Another reason why Elizabeth Olsen is great!

  • Yanni75
    Yanni75 1 year ago

    She is delightful..

  • Boni Neto
    Boni Neto 1 year ago

    I wanna marry her

  • Vangelis Vergos
    Vangelis Vergos 1 year ago

    00:39 Joey Tribbiani?

  • miggidymark
    miggidymark 1 year ago

    So she's the Olsen twins' baby sister??

  • Marco Reyes
    Marco Reyes 1 year ago

    She's pretty Hot 😍❤️👌😘💋

  • Johnny Herman
    Johnny Herman 1 year ago

    She's v pretty

  • michael 0184
    michael 0184 1 year ago

    I would give her my two scoops of flavoured ice cream any day!

  • Gerald Herrmann
    Gerald Herrmann 1 year ago


  • AJ Christopher
    AJ Christopher 1 year ago

    Guys, stop saying sexual things about my wife. I don't appreciate you men saying nasty things about her like that:)

  • ChrisPC11
    ChrisPC11 1 year ago


  • Amirol_XI
    Amirol_XI 1 year ago

    I need more of her in my life

  • Emm Ess
    Emm Ess 1 year ago

    How is she so hot and her sisters are so hideous?

    • AJ Christopher
      AJ Christopher 1 year ago

      +Emm Ess Apparently, her sisters smoke a lot. I read that somewhere. Elizabeth said she tried smoking once, and didn't like it.

  • Andrea Ac
    Andrea Ac 1 year ago

    she is way more likable that her sisters

  • Some guy named Mike

    Right don't crucify me but isn't she related to Mary-Kate & Ashley or was I told wrong by a friend

    • Some guy named Mike
      Some guy named Mike 1 year ago

      +JayboR Ah right thought so thanks for that, saw in the other vids they uploaded the comments about her being Scarlet Witch & the other Olsen's so made my comment feel a bit silly haha

    • JayboR
      JayboR 1 year ago

      +Some guy named Mike she's their younger sister

  • Willa Ho
    Willa Ho 1 year ago

    Man she is so gorgeous

  • TheAmazinTacoChannel


  • DNAngel
    DNAngel 1 year ago

    She's such a bae.

  • Grayson Myers
    Grayson Myers 1 year ago

    God I'd date her so hard

  • Grayson Myers
    Grayson Myers 1 year ago

    God I'd date her so hard

  • WilliamRVC
    WilliamRVC 1 year ago

    She looks like carrie fisher

  • BoingTarash1960s
    BoingTarash1960s 1 year ago

    What a looker

  • Mikhail Kalashnikov

    Elizabeth just seamlessly oozes with sexiness. She's got just about everything going well for her

  • Jc Yangson
    Jc Yangson 1 year ago

    She's so gorgeous 😍😍😍

  • smellyderpface
    smellyderpface 1 year ago

    hubba hubba

  • Luis Ramos
    Luis Ramos 1 year ago

    elizabeth olsen is so pretty,sexy,hot,awesome

  • Airborne
    Airborne 1 year ago

    Im going to be easy with you guys,..... If she would try...like rly hard,....she could have me

  • HellaDope 420
    HellaDope 420 1 year ago

    i want to eat her poo...

  • Buenomars
    Buenomars 1 year ago

    "I heard you just met Harrison Ford."
    "I blew it."
    Oh my.....

    • uuduu7
      uuduu7 1 year ago


      .. blew what ?

      oh ... lucky girl .. or , lucky Harrison ..

    • Sumaiyah Ahmad
      Sumaiyah Ahmad 1 year ago

      +Buenomars HAH

    • Tom Spartan
      Tom Spartan 1 year ago

      +Aemiro Habte Haha comment of the day right here

  • Goulactic X
    Goulactic X 1 year ago

    wtf happend to her at the start of the video ?

  • Hector Gamez-Cota
    Hector Gamez-Cota 1 year ago

    Scarlet Witch is bae af

  • Deeson Jame
    Deeson Jame 1 year ago

    What an attractive woman.

  • The BeanGuy
    The BeanGuy 1 year ago

    Scarlet witch met Han Solo...

    This is the greatest moment in fanboy history

  • Raptor Rumble
    Raptor Rumble 1 year ago

    I will find her nudes.

  • RAH !
    RAH ! 1 year ago

    What the heck does she say at 1:28? ...is just real special? Thx!

    • RAH !
      RAH ! 1 year ago

      +tiaramags Man, you're so awesome! Thanks!

    • tiaramags
      tiaramags 1 year ago

      +RAH ! I think she says "what lies beneath is just real special"...the movie "what lies beneath" stars Harrison Ford.

  • Alessandra Perez
    Alessandra Perez 1 year ago

    She looks so much like Ashley

  • Justin Vader
    Justin Vader 1 year ago

    She's sooo hot!

  • Ana AM
    Ana AM 1 year ago

    she's so pretty

  • BEyondDaGamer
    BEyondDaGamer 1 year ago

    00:28 Jimmy you dog ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • xGossipGirlx
    xGossipGirlx 1 year ago

    Yes, angels do exist, one of them is named Elizabeth Chase Olsen

  • Mystic Moose
    Mystic Moose 1 year ago

    shes so damn cute

  • Nicolás Martínez
    Nicolás Martínez 1 year ago

    how hot is she right now ?

  • Chris
    Chris 1 year ago

    Looki is her boyfriend, so you better watch out...

    • Jc Yangson
      Jc Yangson 1 year ago

      +Chris Leo well both of them denied it in a recent interview.

    • Chris
      Chris 1 year ago

      +Jc Yangson yes they did, maybe you didnt know that.

    • Jc Yangson
      Jc Yangson 1 year ago

      they never dated.

    • fahetaqa
      fahetaqa 1 year ago

      Nope they broke up Hollywood you know

  • Brother Crayon
    Brother Crayon 1 year ago

    Her laugh pisses me off.

  • J Bendotti
    J Bendotti 1 year ago

    I don't think he even got the "bottom" joke lol

  • Mark Kostecki
    Mark Kostecki 1 year ago

    Mine. Sh'es mine.

    FOUAD HIPROCK 1 year ago

    she's wife goals !!!

  • Anderson
    Anderson 1 year ago

    Sexiest Olsen hands down.

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