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  • Today I made a Teen Wolf Cake in celebration of the newest season! Let me know down below what other videos you would like to see!

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    * (5) Ounces Unsalted Butter
    * (1-1/4) Cup Sour Cream
    * (4) Eggs
    * (5) Tablespoons Cocoa Powder: http://amzn.to/2gdx1VR
    * (3/4) Teaspoon Baking Soda: http://amzn.to/2gj2o2P
    * (1/2) Teaspoon Salt: http://amzn.to/2gdzEqC
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  • Wolf Gameplays
    Wolf Gameplays 25 minutes ago

    don't forget liam Peter and issac

  • Wolf Gameplays
    Wolf Gameplays 26 minutes ago

    my fav characters are Derek Stiles Jackson Alison Malia and Lydia but my most favorite are Derek and Stiles oh don't forget that scoot is a fav by not as much

  • Wolf Gameplays
    Wolf Gameplays 36 minutes ago

    does no body like or love teen wolf I absolutely love it it's my favorite and the last 10 episodes of season 6 are this summer

  • bardhok frroku
    bardhok frroku 6 hours ago

    make a ghost cake

  • SarahRescsanski14
    SarahRescsanski14 8 hours ago

    But Ro, werewolves can't have chocolate

  • Elizabeth Wood
    Elizabeth Wood 10 hours ago

    make a cute puppy cake

  • Bayle Lawrance
    Bayle Lawrance 16 hours ago

    really the game was not good 😊 said no matter who got a little sheep 🐑 the uncle and uncle were the only ones who would have to come to see the movie as a way of life as a child of a musical and a bad idea for a new movie or a movie about it to me that it is a bad thing that is never a bad idea for a movie and I will never be bored of the drama and drama on my iPad and the. Hi 👋🏻 we are a little too busy with a little Ipad for the fff and the best boyfriend ever I will never have

  • Bayle Lawrance
    Bayle Lawrance 16 hours ago

    really really really want to go to bed now bye bye homework bye bye baby 🍼 is 😭😭😭

  • Anson Abarca
    Anson Abarca 17 hours ago

    can you bake a pool cake

  • The KaHayley Show
    The KaHayley Show 20 hours ago

    Please make something pretty little liars theme for the 7th season premier

  • Margherita Luè
    Margherita Luè 1 day ago


  • Jiminie pabo
    Jiminie pabo 1 day ago

    I wouldn't be able to eat that cake its too cool

  • Kodi Wingate
    Kodi Wingate 1 day ago

    do a Percy Jackson

  • Lennyn Fear
    Lennyn Fear 1 day ago

    Ro! Can you please make something supernatural themed!!?? By the way I love everything you do and supernatural is one of my favorite shows it would mean so much!!

  • Fatima Mishaal
    Fatima Mishaal 1 day ago

    plz make some pirates of carabian cake

  • magma Official
    magma Official 1 day ago

    I cried when season 6 finished

  • Amber Montiel
    Amber Montiel 1 day ago

    Can you plzz make a cake blind folded plzz😄😇?

  • Edith Arinaga
    Edith Arinaga 2 days ago

    My favorite character is Scott bc hes really awesome

  • Emely Rodriguez
    Emely Rodriguez 2 days ago

    U could make something for the flash, arrow, supernatural, supergirl or D.C. Legends of tomorrow

  • Emely Rodriguez
    Emely Rodriguez 2 days ago

    U should make something the originals, the vampire diaries or once upon a time theme

  • Isabelle Justmann
    Isabelle Justmann 2 days ago

    make something percy Jackson please

  • jade hall
    jade hall 2 days ago

    emoji cake or Freddy cogar cake

  • Christina Moeller
    Christina Moeller 2 days ago

    Make something supernatural

  • Taryn Bradham
    Taryn Bradham 2 days ago

    pumpkin carriage meringue cakes!

  • _glow_and _show_005_

    Please make a 13 Reasons Why or Pretty Little Liars themed cake

    • The KaHayley Show
      The KaHayley Show 20 hours ago

      I recommend the same thing I hope she does them😻😻

  • Samantha Maniotis
    Samantha Maniotis 2 days ago

    bake a my little poney cake.

  • Danielle Lawler
    Danielle Lawler 3 days ago

    Can you please make something for pretty little liers?!

  • Connie Nicole Sanchez

    do a Dallas Cowboys cake pls

  • Angela Lerma
    Angela Lerma 3 days ago

    Do Beauty and the Beast theme cake 😭😭

  • wares alam
    wares alam 3 days ago

    Make reign themed plz

  • Brooklynbenz Mul
    Brooklynbenz Mul 3 days ago

    I just got a concoction on my head can I get 1 like please my head hurts 😥

  • Maya Dorji
    Maya Dorji 4 days ago

    "I'm worth 5 dollars"-One of the best Teen Wolf quotes ever

  • Yareli Aguilar
    Yareli Aguilar 4 days ago

    Scott is my fave he is cute from teen wolf

  • Tammy Mullins
    Tammy Mullins 4 days ago

    turns me s gifts do box

  • aj ava
    aj ava 4 days ago

    do a emoji cake

  • Dan Cassidy
    Dan Cassidy 4 days ago

    Pretty Little Liars cake!!

  • Jessika Baker
    Jessika Baker 4 days ago

    Can you make something themed with Vampire Diaries I would love to see you make one ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Paola Osorio
    Paola Osorio 4 days ago

    13 Reasons Why cake plzzzzzz, Ro!!!!!

  • yagurl_ bria04
    yagurl_ bria04 4 days ago

    the loud house themed cake plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz like if u agree

  • Chelsea Evilsizor
    Chelsea Evilsizor 5 days ago

    Make a Wolves movie cake!!!

  • jace and clary
    jace and clary 5 days ago

    vampire diaries

  • Jasmine Noe
    Jasmine Noe 5 days ago

    I love Stiles so much and Season 6A was so emotional for me! 😭

  • XxUnicornxX XxGalaxyxX


  • Molly DeLuca
    Molly DeLuca 5 days ago


  • Megan Vlogs
    Megan Vlogs 5 days ago

    Do something from riverdale 🙏🏻😱😍

  • Aiki-KunCat:3 Transformation

    Werewolfs are so 😎!

  • Mada Kheimi
    Mada Kheimi 5 days ago

    Ro make a minion cake plz

  • Irem Darmon
    Irem Darmon 5 days ago

    My favourite characters are Allison(Crystal) Lydia(I forgot) Scott (Tyler Posey) Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) Malia (also forgot)

  • Muna Mohamed
    Muna Mohamed 6 days ago

    how has no one mentioned she looks like Lydia

  • Marie Katrine
    Marie Katrine 6 days ago

    make something stranger things themed!

  • Abigail Johnsrud
    Abigail Johnsrud 6 days ago

    Can you please make something the t.v. show friends or something from pretty little liars

  • Virginia Farabee
    Virginia Farabee 6 days ago

    i nevr hrd of it but if its war wolfs eeeeeeeeeeeeee its mine !! i will luv it

  • Darkbubble AJ
    Darkbubble AJ 6 days ago

    My friend abselutely LOVES teen wolf, especially Stiles! I never watched it tho :p

  • Sydni P.
    Sydni P. 6 days ago

    @Rosanna Pansino you should do a colab with @Rebecca Zamolo

  • helloitsscarlet
    helloitsscarlet 6 days ago

    Could you please make a Pretty little liars cake please!!!! Its almost going to end, just 3 more episodes!!!

  • Mudkipz73 Poketraineraudrey

    Do undertale monster candy plz

  • Riley Davis
    Riley Davis 7 days ago

    I love teen wolf

  • Sophie Wolf
    Sophie Wolf 7 days ago

    Can you do more teen wolf cake's pls

  • Tracer Overwatch
    Tracer Overwatch 7 days ago

    Yay yay

  • Myia Dooms
    Myia Dooms 7 days ago

    What about the Michael J Fox movie

  • Kaliyah Tenorio
    Kaliyah Tenorio 8 days ago

    can you make a logan temed plz!!!!!

  • Alexz Sease
    Alexz Sease 8 days ago

    Can you please do something beauty and the beast plz 🙏

  • Alivia Jimenez
    Alivia Jimenez 8 days ago

    hey Rosanna I love your videos but can you make something certified gluten free my mom has celiac disease .😳😳😳

  • Kirra Johnson
    Kirra Johnson 8 days ago

    You look really pretty

  • Alivia Jimenez
    Alivia Jimenez 8 days ago

    can you please do something beauty and the beast .☺☺😆😆

  • Little Festy
    Little Festy 8 days ago

    You should make a amulet gluten and dairy free cupcakes from moana

  • Skye Elliot
    Skye Elliot 8 days ago

    You and mark should make a lady and the tramp cake

  • Elle Angstadt
    Elle Angstadt 8 days ago

    did anyone realize she dressed like alison? (or at least it seems like it)

  • Laila Champion
    Laila Champion 8 days ago

    Can you please do another teen wolf cake

  • Patricia Ledgett
    Patricia Ledgett 8 days ago

    kitten cake

  • Patricia Ledgett
    Patricia Ledgett 8 days ago

    do a kitten cake

  • Misty Chamberlain
    Misty Chamberlain 8 days ago

    make something from the new movie The Mummy

  • Ariba Javed
    Ariba Javed 8 days ago

    Plz plz plz do something related to The vampire diaries or the originals pleaseeee!

  • Blossom That
    Blossom That 9 days ago

    Please do something "Once Upon a Time"

  • Dead Rose
    Dead Rose 9 days ago

    Please make a walking dead thing 😁😏😬😛😐😐😐😐


    can you make a human cake

  • Diamonda Hang
    Diamonda Hang 9 days ago

    This cake is the cutest!🐺

  • lps pickels
    lps pickels 9 days ago

    can you make a Twilight themed cake?

  • Sarahthepinkdino Vlogs


  • Willow Gray
    Willow Gray 10 days ago

    Do twilight do twilight!!!

  • anoop madhusoodanan
    anoop madhusoodanan 10 days ago

    make a cake for gutetumas

  • mikalapookala :D
    mikalapookala :D 10 days ago


  • fernanda sangster canela

    Maze rruner newt plis

  • Aniya Dotson
    Aniya Dotson 10 days ago

    can you make a spider man cake for the new spider man homecoming movie

  • Christina Da Silva
    Christina Da Silva 10 days ago

    Teen Wolf is my favorite show

  • Taylor Slis
    Taylor Slis 10 days ago

    make a power rangers cake or cupcakes

  • TeraMarie03
    TeraMarie03 10 days ago

    can you do a trolls theme cake?💙💟

  • TeraMarie03
    TeraMarie03 10 days ago

    can you make a spongebob cake?💖💙

  • Ninette Soza
    Ninette Soza 10 days ago

    that is so awsome

  • ImaDaftPunkLoser
    ImaDaftPunkLoser 10 days ago

    Ro you're my hero! I'm refusing to watch the final half of TW til ALL the episodes are out, so this was a perfect lil "snack" to hold me over! <3

  • Bendy And the ink machine

    You should be in cake 🎂 wars

  • Julie Aleman
    Julie Aleman 11 days ago

    Can you plz do a pusher cake

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    Clifford Greenberg 11 days ago

    make a big toothbrush cake

  • Clifford Greenberg
    Clifford Greenberg 11 days ago

    make a big toothbrush cake

  • srechkemmer8
    srechkemmer8 11 days ago

    Make something with Vampire Diaries or the Originals, please.

  • Alejandrina Medina
    Alejandrina Medina 11 days ago

    Like Lydia

  • Rey Gonzalez
    Rey Gonzalez 11 days ago

    Can you make somthing stich themed please??🤓

  • Mckeehan Cuylers
    Mckeehan Cuylers 11 days ago

    Wow i love teen wolf 😁

  • Morgan Geiael
    Morgan Geiael 11 days ago

    make a heoll kitty cake

  • halima afreha
    halima afreha 11 days ago

    she made a song called like me and I think it was beaty and the beast

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