Good Stuff : Zippo Hand Warmer

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Author dennis bell (3 months)
Can anyone tell me what "#200" means for a zippo? I see all of these Zippos
on Amazon and Ebay with #200 in the title. 

Author Megahypercat (2 months)

Author allgoo19 (2 months)
I just bought a Peacock hand warmer(also known as Kakkin or Hakukin) on
eBay from Korean vendor.
Peacock was the original hand warmer started their business 80 years ago
and copied by everybody else. You can still find their vintage units sold
in eBay used during post WWII occupation of Japan and brought back by GI.
It's not cheap, it costs you two to three times as much as other
brands(includes Zippo).
Bottom line is this, you get what you pay for.

My Peacock starts every time with 5 seconds of lighting, my Zippo didn't
even work once.

Author James Atkinson (3 months)
Thanks jim
I go to Bills Army Navy get Zippo hand warmer. 

Author Nicholas Aarons (5 months)
I just realised that it's not Jeff it's Demissie101 Video. Nice video Dude.

Author Humberto Madrigal (4 months)
u soumd fat and slugish, good job on the weight loss, u handsome devil ...
remake ?

Author Gearheadliving (2 months)
I couldn't decide if I wanted one or not, but after watching this vid... I
want one! 

Author Robbie Owens (5 months)
Is there any way to put the warmer out if you don't need a 6 to 12 hour
burn time? 

Author Ben Gonzales (4 months)
You dont sound too good in this one...

Author Nicholas Aarons (5 months)
Hey Jeff have you got a Cold? Say hey to Gus from me. :D

Author allgoo19 (4 months)
I bought one. Believing if it says "Zippo", it must be good.
It didn't work even once, and I'm not the only one says so. You can find
many similar reviews in Amazon.
Give it a benefit of a doubt, it may have been a Chinese imitation with
fake logo, but I doubt it.
I'm planning to get a Peacock hand warmer(the real thing). It's expensive
but the reviews in Amazon are good so far.

Author TOMLUV3249 (4 months)
I got 2 new warmers,never worked.wasted time and money.

Author DeceivingMushroom (1 year)
Why not just redo the recording when the hiccups were gone. Most enoying
video I have watched. Fucking dumbass...

Author vM PROPHETIC (9 months)

Author soulreaverdoug (2 years)
@krimk8 burn = acceleration of a reaction by heat, smartass, so all your
crap is resumed on a sentence. i can't believe these iknoweveryshit kids.

Author USCOMBATDIVER (2 years)
I had one of these when I was a kid over two decades ago so it certainly
isn't a 'new' product unless you meant new to you. Otherwise, good video
despite whatever misleading science behind its function and design.

Author seganerd89 (2 years)
Zippo fluid has a very strong odor so idon'tknow what you're talking about

Author Aaron Ng (1 year)

Author sly609 (2 years)
how do you put it out

Author Jonathan H (1 year)
he said hes fighting a cold...

Author sleepytmk (1 year)

Author Jack lisa (2 years)
@mapleslide its so in your home you can have worm hands

Author Ralphgtx280 (2 years)
p.s. breaking down CO2 into elemental Carbon ,Oxygen and water is
impossible firstly there is no Hydrogen so there can be no water. Secondly
to break down the Carbon dioxide into elemental Carbon and Oxygen while
possible would take as much energy as was produced by the burning of the
fuel to begin with (law of conservation of energy/mass) minus all the
losses due to ineficencies throughout the system

Author ForToday03 (1 year)
I wasn't aware this was an English test. I was under the impression that it
was a mere YouTube comment.

Author 57HarleyDavidson (7 months)
no the person in this video is not jeff

Author XxGam3rZxX101 (11 months)
this isnt jeff ! guys calm down look at the des. it has someone else
youtube name

Author Jake Hunt (1 year)
Is it bad if it gets flipped upside down? Like would that cause a fire or
did they make it so the fluid won't leak onto the burner?

Author thetafour (2 years)
@krimk8 you want a fucking smart sticker? you can correct the man and not
be a fucking ass hat.

Author leemajors0831 (1 year)
will ronsonol work

Author Kevin Adi Notarianus (8 months)
Lol i watch this when i got hickup

Author Austin S (1 year)
You can use ronsonol in zippo products its the same company now

Author jaska951 (1 year)
you are a smart ass...

Author bhskipper (2 years)
Just gonna say you cant break down CO2 in to water. Also a catalytic
converter doesn't break down CO2 at all. It takes carbon monoxide (CO) and
unburnt fuel and makes CO2 and water and also breaks down nitrogen oxides.
For future reference don't criticize someone about not know something when
you don't know it either.

Author IFraggerOfficial (9 months)
First thing: Here you are correct but just because this guy does not take A
Level Chemistry does not make him a dumbass. Secondly: you are clearly
trying way too hard to use perfect grammar on YouTube and in doing so have
made yourself look pretty dumb as there were two in that one point.
("going" should be "getting" and "as hot normal flames do" should be "as
hot as normal flames do") Lastly: He did not make the product so go ahead
and target Zippo with that. Dickhead!

Author Cody (1 year)
its not his vid, you retard.

Author nathanlief (1 year)
how many onces to get 12 hours of burn? Is this safe enough to use in a
sleeping bag?

Author USCOMBATDIVER (2 years)
@krimk8 What is burning if it isn't a chemical process? Sure, when there's
a flame we call it burning but whether you like it or not the same thing
that happens in the catalytic converter is combustion of 'unburned' fuel.
While catalysts are certainly most commonly used to reduce the amount of
energy needed for a chemical reaction that's not all they do. In this case
they help ensure the reaction is completed as much as possible.

Author monsterinsideme12 (1 year)
nice thing :p

Author omgkiller12345678bro (1 year)
this does not sound like jeff

Author xpez (1 year)
these things have been around for decades...not a new product..this is what
you your grandpa used for simple heating solutions.

Author Kevin Adi Notarianus (8 months)
Lol i watch this when i got hickup

Author iRateAt308 (6 months)
That's a sentence fragment.

Author taylor hamlin (1 year)
it said at the begining of vid "not my video"

Author tisef20 (2 years)
how do u turn it off?

Author TheTGIgamer (7 months)
gotta love Indian jones

Author pboy5456 (8 months)
ya it's not fucktard.

Author cmb271 (1 year)
I do that, I take the lid when it's lit and cover the flame half way so it
heats the lid up till it's to hot to touch and wrap it in my shirt

Author schneibgamer1 (1 year)
Is there really a need for names?

Author benjamin51190 (2 years)
krimk8 are you some elementary school kid, because surely a grown man or
women wouldn't act as childish as you have.

Author pyakoumatos (1 year)

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