Good Stuff : Zippo Hand Warmer

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Author Slim Jim 420 ( ago)
Can someone tell me what the little J on the bottom of my zippo case?

Author toby duncan ( ago)
My dad had one of those when I was six or seven when we were living in my
old house it was nice to have it to keep my feet warm when I was sleeping. 

Author middo111 ( ago)

Author Nathan Vogus ( ago)
My dad bought me one of Those for Christmas 2-3 years ago and it still

Author flyamil ( ago)
Would this be safe to use in bed, under the sheets or inside a sleeping
bag? Any chance fuel might spill and cause a fire?

Author TacticalTimmy12 ( ago)
I just got one and it gets really nice and hot, but if it's in the bag it
hardly produces enough heat to warm my hands in 20 degree weather. Do they
need some breakin time?

Author Chris Clark ( ago)
will work with any lighter fluid. Zippo fluid is just a name.

Author rosie5s ( ago)
You sound sooooo different

Author buffcleb ( ago)
you can use either... I just posted a video review using generic lighter
fluid... check out my channel for the vid...

Author mythsheep . ( ago)
lol you talk like you are retarded

Author mad mike ( ago)
Can you use any lighter fuel or just zippo

Author Matt Frost ( ago)
Learn how to talk and what your talking about

Author iRateAt308 ( ago)
That's a sentence fragment.

Author 57HarleyDavidson ( ago)
its another youtuber that goes by demissie101

Author Jonathan H ( ago)
it is...

Author 57HarleyDavidson ( ago)
that's not jeff it's someone else

Author 57HarleyDavidson ( ago)
no the person in this video is not jeff

Author TheTGIgamer ( ago)
gotta love Indian jones

Author Nadir Ismayilov ( ago)
3:28 ;) :D

Author Kevin Adi Notarianus ( ago)
Lol i watch this when i got hickup

Author Kevin Adi Notarianus ( ago)
Lol i watch this when i got hickup

Author The R/C Corner ( ago)
ya it's not fucktard.

Author IFraggerOfficial ( ago)
First thing: Here you are correct but just because this guy does not take A
Level Chemistry does not make him a dumbass. Secondly: you are clearly
trying way too hard to use perfect grammar on YouTube and in doing so have
made yourself look pretty dumb as there were two in that one point.
("going" should be "getting" and "as hot normal flames do" should be "as
hot as normal flames do") Lastly: He did not make the product so go ahead
and target Zippo with that. Dickhead!

Author IAmGunzNoob ( ago)
my brain hurts

Author vM PROPHETIC ( ago)

Author The R/C Corner ( ago)
it's not smart one

Author Chinchullu ( ago)
this isnt jeff ! guys calm down look at the des. it has someone else
youtube name

Author Jake Hunt ( ago)
Is it bad if it gets flipped upside down? Like would that cause a fire or
did they make it so the fluid won't leak onto the burner?

Author libertyforamericanow ( ago)
":their very safe,ive been using mine for a day or so now".lol thanks for
the indepth safety check.

Author Aaron Ng ( ago)

Author Ya Mum ( ago)
Fuck spires

Author mushmush161 ( ago)
it took me a while to realize it wasn't Jeff... i was sitting their staring
at his hand wondering why they were so brown and wondering why his voice
was so different...

Author sasserdave ( ago)
are u fucking kidding a 3 min advertisement this ad shit is getting
innoying great video thou

Author TheMrfunnyman300 ( ago)
that does not sound like jeff at all

Author pyakoumatos ( ago)

Author will sm ( ago)

Author taylor hamlin ( ago)
it said at the begining of vid "not my video"

Author WCGwkf ( ago)
the person in the video is jeff. he said he has a cold. and there is no
odor if you use zippo lighter fluid.

Author DiscoveringOutdoors ( ago)
Who is this? Does the handwarmer give of an odour?

Author Jonathan H (706 years ago)
he said hes fighting a cold...

Author Cody ( ago)
its not his vid, you retard.

Author Titouan Paitier ( ago)
Lol! I didnt recognise him! Old vid

Author CrossTomb (399 years ago)
hmmm I guess not so good idea huh"? :)

Author killclock13 ( ago)
Ya fire and lighter fluid near a snake. Your fucking retarded.

Author CrossTomb ( ago)
nice for my pet cornsnake for winter trips... :P

Author xpez ( ago)
these things have been around for decades...not a new product..this is what
you your grandpa used for simple heating solutions.

Author Arnaud Gonidec ( ago)
I got same speakers as yours

Author ForToday03 ( ago)
Weren't* dipshit

Author cameron spires ( ago)
Yes. Everything is an English test. You went aware?

Author anthony96281 ( ago)
Got one,....but put it in my pants

Author nathanlief ( ago)
how many onces to get 12 hours of burn? Is this safe enough to use in a
sleeping bag?

Author hallo70011 ( ago)
thank you

Author ForToday03 ( ago)
I wasn't aware this was an English test. I was under the impression that it
was a mere YouTube comment.

Author cameron spires ( ago)
Way to use correct grammar.

Author jacus121 ( ago)
Website says it lasts up to 12 hours...

Author Andreas Skjæmt Andersen ( ago)
How long do the burners last in real time? I will be using it daily so i
need a burner that can last for at least 100 days without a problem.

Author quadrunnerjake ( ago)
Should I get one or 2? Like one for each pocket?

Author GamesSpartan ( ago) do you put it out? :P

Author leemajors0831 ( ago)
will ronsonol work

Author Brad Gibson ( ago)

Author ZakkAintNoZombie ( ago)
Just got mine in the mail :)

Author mastersniper13 ( ago)
This is not Jeff in this video

Author mastersniper13 ( ago)
This is not Jeff

Author brawlman18 ( ago)
You sound really cool when you're sick! :D

Author Mr CJ ( ago)
Jeff you got a cold in this vid ?

Author random4683 ( ago)

Author Austin S ( ago)
How much was that hand warmer?

Author Austin S ( ago)
You can use ronsonol in zippo products its the same company now

Author Vapes_Vibrato ( ago)
just wondering where did you find that zippo? im looking for one because
its the one used in Indiana jones and the last crusade. and being the nerd
of a fan that i am i want to add it to my zippo collection. any information
such as the model name or a good place to look would be EXTREMELY
appreciated. also thanks for the videos.

Author manmad22 ( ago)
Hey can you use ronsonol inside it???

Author ForToday03 ( ago)
way to go, spires

Author magnum1165 ( ago)
I am gonna get this for my uncle who works on a boom truck whos always
complaining his hands are freezing when he's operating the crane out there
in the winter time

Author cameron spires ( ago)
Oh, i have been arguing with the wrong person the whole time.. Sorry, carry

Author cameron spires ( ago)
"so dont use big words to pretend you know everything when you clearly
dont" That is a jerk thing to say. You could just tell him the facts
instead of saying that.

Author cameron spires ( ago)
You're a dick. Even though he was correct, he did not have to be a jerk
about it. As you have done the same.

Author Jack Meadows ( ago)
Yeah yeah. show us your hands the whole time.

Author jaska951 ( ago)
you are a smart ass...

Author Adam Cantalamessa ( ago)
no..the fluid will evaporate

Author TheSovietBears ( ago)
you are bieng smart ass because your correcting him for no fucking reason
and your little amount of inteligence can be put to better use. i love cars
,no im obsessed with them but i couldnt give A SINGLE SHIT about this guy
misexplaining a catalytic converter. im here for the mand burner not micro
examine everything he says to an autistic and retarded way. go get a life
and find something more productive to do besides spreading retardation all
over the internet.

Author iso ( ago)
Human impatience.

Author TheGrossOuts ( ago)
Why the hell would someone take the time to make an 8 minute video, and not
wait until their hiccups have gone away?

Author Amit Mondal ( ago)
you moron, a catalytic converter (like in a car) converts unwanted toxins
to less toxic materials (like C02, water, etc.).

Author Tommy Ryan ( ago)
is it extremly hot

Author Alex Theo ( ago)

Author Gerardo Alejandro Inzunza Campaña ( ago)
So please, stop correcting people when you're actually even more wrong. :)
Thank you.

Author Gerardo Alejandro Inzunza Campaña ( ago)
Yes a catalyzer speeds up the reaction, but it does not by any means 'break
CO2 down', into the stuff you said, that can only be done by plants in
photosynthesis and it combines CO2 molecules into large chain
carbohydrates. What a catalytic converter does is to convert toxic
substances into less toxic by stimulating reaction of CO, NO, and
hydrocarbons which were not entirely burned (see incomplete combustion) and
in a certain way complete that combustion to make these: H20, CO2, N2.

Author Gerardo Alejandro Inzunza Campaña ( ago)
Actually, i think the thing burns less when you blow because you're pushing
out the oxygen with the carbon dioxide you exhale, just saying... :) And
catalytic means it accelerates a reaction, in this case, the decomposition
of the zippo fluid. The good thing with catalytic devices is that they
don't burn directly the fluid, so that's why it lasts longer. Besides of
the size of the fluid 'tank', off course.

Author Eric Garcia ( ago)
o yea i live in maryland and that snow was like 3 feet tall nd i was 4 feet

Author Floris van der Flier ( ago)
The fuel reacts with oxygen; a chemical reaction. So it has something to do
with fuel, also the commercial states that the burner is, in fact, a
catalytic burner. Also, this isn't even Jeff's video. So you might want to
get your facts straight and stop being a Jerk.

Author schneibgamer1 ( ago)
Is there really a need for names?

Author sleepytmk ( ago)

Author HomeDistiller ( ago)
yeah but hes also right.

Author cmb271 ( ago)
I do that, I take the lid when it's lit and cover the flame half way so it
heats the lid up till it's to hot to touch and wrap it in my shirt

Author cmb271 ( ago)
wait wait wait, how can it break down into water if co2 doesn't contain
hydrogen, you can't create something from nothing

Author BurakkuRockShoota ( ago)
My Hand Warner: light a zippo for 30 seconds, close zippo lighter. wrap a
shirt around it,. warm hands.

Author zach fishman (1846 years ago)
so u are saying ur retarded

Author orbits2 ( ago)
we know what he said pal that dont sound like no cold

Author James Simkins ( ago)
he said at the start of the video, he was fighting a cold, in other words,
he is sick. omg you're dumb xD

Author orbits2 ( ago)
u born yesterday he not sick

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