Rube Goldberg Machine Baby Gender Reveal

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  • We spent 3 full days building a Rube Goldberg machine all the way through our house to reveal the gender of our second baby. We are so excited to meet the little one so we thought we'd start it off with a bang!

    Music: "Into the Light" by VALKA

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  • MacAverage
    MacAverage 9 days ago


  • Sassy BigOne
    Sassy BigOne 11 days ago

    Am I the only one who giggled nervously then burst into tears when the colors started coming out?

  • Adventure Time Lover

    This is a very cool Rube Goldberg! YAY! Dude + Dad + Vlog + by + Taylor + Calmus!!!

  • Okay no more redbull


  • Garcia Life
    Garcia Life 1 month ago

    Sweet gender reveal brother go check ours out on our channel. Ours went viral to!!!

  • Peter Osborn
    Peter Osborn 1 month ago

    That baby's finna be dope brush 🌶🍒🍒🔥🔥🔥🎱🎱💯

  • Kelli Erickson
    Kelli Erickson 1 month ago


  • Syberel
    Syberel 1 month ago

    woot i just saw this on fox news ! congrats

  • Allie
    Allie 1 month ago

    Haha my class just Skyped this dude today to ask him questions about it😂

  • lynzil85
    lynzil85 2 months ago

    Where did you get that Jesus art I saw at some point in the video! I love it!

  • SyKoSyMaTiK
    SyKoSyMaTiK 2 months ago

    Congrats on a new addition to your family, AND on the awesome rube goldberg machine! Based on the little guy's reaction, I think he wanted a brother though... Lol!

  • Colby Lane
    Colby Lane 2 months ago

    now who's picking all that up? 😂👏

  • Molly White
    Molly White 2 months ago

    that was so cute

  • a_clockwork_paradox88
    a_clockwork_paradox88 2 months ago

    white people have way too much free time

    • SyKoSyMaTiK
      SyKoSyMaTiK 2 months ago

      a_clockwork_paradox88 Or, maybe they just have more imagination and passion for life than you do. Ever think of that? Lol

  • mommycraftsalot
    mommycraftsalot 2 months ago


  • Emily Shackleton
    Emily Shackleton 2 months ago

    Massive congrats! What a great video. I work for social desk and we'd really like to host your video on our Facebook page. We'd give full credit and happily link back to your YouTube profile. Let me know if that's okay!

  • Rita Bailey
    Rita Bailey 2 months ago

    I thought the scroll read, "It's a boy". Where does everyone's, get girl?

  • popsiclefuck
    popsiclefuck 2 months ago

    On behalf of humanity, I'd just like to say: *sigh*

    KIM&KIDS 2 months ago

    New subscriber :) congratulations!!! This was awesome! 💖
    I'm a Canadian mother of 7 and we live in Alberta :)

  • Frikadellie Mad
    Frikadellie Mad 2 months ago

    This test is not reliable!..
    Trust Me I'm a gynecologist ;o)

  • TheOnlyTominator
    TheOnlyTominator 2 months ago

    All that baby wanted was contact with his father, but instead he got a terrifying explosion of confetti in the face! You clearly are more dude than dad!

  • Mommy Etc
    Mommy Etc 3 months ago

    That was insane! Congratulations!! 💛

  • Karla Aguinaga
    Karla Aguinaga 3 months ago

    Congrats on your baby girl! 😀 one of the best gender reveals ever! 👶🌸🍼 can't wait to for the name reveal lol

    • Mia
      Mia 2 months ago

      Karla Aguinaga thanks alot

  • Yuki Taiyo
    Yuki Taiyo 3 months ago

    Congratulations !!!!!!!!! very nice the idea :)

  • shayleeandbaby
    shayleeandbaby 3 months ago

    Seriously this deserves millions of views. I saw the video through FOX 29 on facebook. Almost 500k views there at this point! So creative! GREAT job and congrats!

  • Joshua Horn
    Joshua Horn 3 months ago

    Not sure if you know, but you've got 2 million views of a version of this posted on Facebook

  • Liz Vaccariello
    Liz Vaccariello 3 months ago

    Goals! Way to go Dude Dad!

  • Liz Vaccariello
    Liz Vaccariello 3 months ago

    Epic gender reveal stunt. Goals.

  • Road Warrior
    Road Warrior 3 months ago

    Congrats on the new addition to the family! Great video and great job by your friends.

  • Edouard Iosca
    Edouard Iosca 3 months ago

    What song please?

  • NOVA Dash Cam
    NOVA Dash Cam 3 months ago

    Now time to clean up the house. :-(

  • Nydia Simmons
    Nydia Simmons 3 months ago


  • Always cookin with Evie and sometimes other things

    That was so amazing, congratulations!

  • Julie Marie
    Julie Marie 3 months ago

    This is sooo amazing! Congratulations!!!!

  • Elie Lichtschein
    Elie Lichtschein 3 months ago

    This is so great! I'm with Storyful. Can our clients use their video in broadcasts while giving you full credit as per

  • desertfox 458
    desertfox 458 3 months ago

    Genius! Man, that was the best announcement ever. Congratulations! I'm a dad myself and I love doing stuff like that for my family, they're worth it and it's something that will be remembered long after I'm gone.

  • Kalvin Cochran
    Kalvin Cochran 3 months ago

    Cool! Pobre nina! ¿Porque es triste?

  • ashleyhel
    ashleyhel 3 months ago

    Loved it completely. #IIntroducedTheseTwo!

  • It's Us.
    It's Us. 3 months ago

    Came across this on Facebook! Seriously...amazing way to do a reveal. And congratulations!! We have two girls and they are so much fun :)

  • KJ&G
    KJ&G 3 months ago

    saw this on Facebook on my mom group! Had to look you up!! this was Amazing!! congratulations btw 😊

  • Garo H.
    Garo H. 3 months ago

    Hahah sweet set-up! And congratulations. What was that song you set it all to?

  • Josh Molina
    Josh Molina 3 months ago

    That was incredible congrats man!!

  • Cooper Schmidt
    Cooper Schmidt 3 months ago

    This is awesome

  • Ariel Lillian
    Ariel Lillian 3 months ago

    Congrats!!!!!! What a blessing!!!!! We have my son first and then my daughter. There isn't a better way to have them!

  • Kavish Odit
    Kavish Odit 3 months ago

    congrats dude dad its dude girl

    wait for it

    not yet

    just a little more


    dude mom
    dude dad
    dude boy or dude son
    dude girl

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