Sepak Takraw @2010 Asian Games - Thailand vs Malaysia (Gold Medal Match) 4/6

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Author พจนา ผสมทอง ( ago)

Author Ozzo Ozvino (1900 years ago)
mat nije tetap tekong terbaik..

Author elie dazon ( ago)
why they bash on the country that invented the sport LOL.

Author Muhammad is'ad ( ago)
dulu adnan saidi raje takraw hahaha dier yang start buat libas lah... kau
try tengok ni /watch?v=Sgx4WtrlVeM terengganu menang thailand

Author Muhammad is'ad ( ago)
wrong malaysia is also once king of takraw if you see the win loss record
for example in 1998/1998 when Zabidi Shariff and his teamates beat the
thais hahaha but now thailand rules

Author Adryan Adam ( ago)
Malaysia Always wanted to approach to thailand .. And thailand play with
respect (:

Author azhar yai ( ago)
i agree.. maybe this peolple are Indo..

Author Nabil Zahrin ( ago)
cina malaysia pon tengok takraw??kelakar kelakar

Author Nabil Zahrin ( ago)
why thailand always be king for this sport while malaysia just queen for
this sport,ashamed

Author jackgoff88 ( ago)
200 thousand views and I have never even heard of this!!! Wtf?

Author wut wut ( ago)
no more Malaysia buz.. Thailand the best

Author Rahsia Webinar ( ago)
sebab tk de sye

Author don Alfonso ( ago)
norshahrudin ni ade gaya zabidi shariff

Author Cleo Stephanie ( ago)
@lumania1994 he said : train more... =) fren of him.

Author sadsong4u ( ago)
5:40 Voodoo ^-^

Author hantu pocong ( ago)

Author อลงกต นามวงษา ( ago)

Author edga roberto ( ago)
two best countrysin this sport. thai didnt hate malay becoz we though you
are real contender.

Author uluteru ( ago)
that "summer salt" is not invented by the Thais but every countries in SEA
sharing the same ability, probably you should hire an English teacher to
teach you English, you Pinoy slump...pinoy has nothing to be proud of..

Author mingkaaa ( ago)
05:40 เจ้กรีดตาเจิดมาก - -

Author Niti Suphannon ( ago)

Author Rimba Bara ( ago)
yeahh we can recognize which country provoke malaysian and thai to hate
each others..i dont see any bad comment between thai and m'sian but there
or some 'dog' from others country provoke us..let stay calm and let see
that dog barking until it tired..from spelling 'sipa' , 'batal sak'
,'malays shit' we can recognize who is that malaysian and thai we
just se what indons and filipino done here and we see their true
colors..always bring hatred

Author 4er0d0wn ( ago)
It's like... They're all Chun Li o-o

Author Nathapong Ruangkham ( ago)
ก็ได้แค่หยาม แหละว่ะ กาก malaysia

Author david westover ( ago)

Author zharlou bacalso ( ago)!!!!!!!

Author Niplaza ( ago)
Забавно =)

Author cosonicz maxel ( ago)
Malaysian team did play really well in this set. Malaysian team is the best
player who can play really well against the thai team. keep up your good
work malay players!... some stupid comments that bash on malaysian team are
not from the thai people i think they are from the third world countries
whose intention is to bring about the hatred between thailand and malaysia..

Author Lumania Curx'e ( ago)
aku mmg suka tngok video takraw yg ni...malaysia memang boleh!!!...tapi
tekong cukup mantooooppp lh..haha..semangat tu..mcm ni lh yg malaysia
mahukan....MALAYSIA VS THAILAND...aku nk tips dari killer kita
''norshahrudin''macam mane die main killer sampai aku naik gila..giler lh
die main killer......aku sokong...tekong''pppeerrkkhhh'''350k/m'',...atau
lebih...freder cukup
aku dh terlambat komen..heheh

Author hadi257 ( ago)
1.09 BATAL SAK....

Author Afiq Alqadri ( ago)
@albahriish thanks bro

Author tatae cucm (892 years ago)
如果你玩得好 你不自己去玩啊

Author ศุภรนันท์ ชำนาญวงศ์ ( ago)
King of Sepak Takraw is Thailand.

Author jolieeen7 ( ago)
@JackelHiro okay thank you :)

Author DubCmusicTV ( ago)

Author Adisakkub1 ( ago)
สุด ยอดวะ มาเลเซีย มาดี สุดยอด !!

Author Adisakkub1 ( ago)
ไทย-มาเลเซีย คู่ ปรับ เก่าเจอกันตลอด เลย HAHA ๑๑

Author Jariworld Aljazera (1989 years ago)
I'm Thai.I want to everyone to play this game. Competition's not a big
deal. Lovely game lovely spirit. After game we will be friend. sorry my

Author jolieeen7 ( ago)
that sprt is awesome is there a club in belgium??

Author jasoU1234 ( ago)

Author mingkaaa ( ago)
@puiphay Do you mean me ? = = If me , I suck in sepaktakraw and english !
haha :P

Author puiphay ( ago)
@mingkaaa you know? We might be good at sepaktakraw but our english is
Suck! :D

Author TheMissRyn ( ago)
omg... using hands to guard the ball is hard enough. now legs. DX

Author mingkaaa ( ago)
@zexben haha 'maybe' read again :D

Author zexben ( ago)
@mingkaaa no one will say nasty thing to your country lol

Author mingkaaa ( ago)
Thai people upload this video ! If you not Thai please,comment in 'English'
because maybe you will say bad thing to my country ! I don't like

Author Natsuoaii (369 years ago)
Thais number 7 so cute :D

Author Pimsuda Khonyai (56 years ago)
thai serve :) handsome... and he still young (19 years) :]

Author faris fuad (1495 years ago)
@izuviel It's all about skill dude, if u got enough skill u aint gonna miss
a serve and of course u would also be able to block spikes coming from the
opponent accordingly. Having a higher net the same height as a volleyball's
net may reduce the action as the players will not be able to do spikes that
high. It's just not possible. search for footvolley and see how the play
it. its rather dull to me. people love this sport for action. U want
strategic depth so much? Just stick to chess then.

Author emilda nerinna ( ago)
@wgs1706 btw,dowang mmg da lme men..sape x cuak.. sbb bdn dowang yg
men..kte ni dok tgk je,bley r

Author Cleo Stephanie ( ago)
@farhan8502 mind ur word ok... killer tu dh terer pe... blh lipat gulung

Author heai ai ( ago)
killer ni klu badan kurus skt bleh tekong ni xbleh pakai

Author heai ai ( ago)
malaysai pye tekong trk serve pn hampeh pastu blok pn xbleh badan berat

Author nathapatr Jan ( ago)
No. 1 is Thailand !!!!

Author bibongz sarmiento ( ago)
@xabtsab : just prove it numbnuts..

Author CCMAR ( ago)
There's more coaches than players......

Author izuviel ( ago)
This game is ridiculous they're just basically smashing the shit out of the
ball until they miss the serve or until the other team is lucky enough to
counter a shot, at which occasion they present their corny demonstrative
victory poses. This is all nice and all with spectacular moves but the
strategic depth of the game would benefit from having a higher net, like in
volley ball, the points would last longer and there would be some
construction to them not just kicking the hell out of the ball.

Author xabtsab ( ago)

Author mingkaaa (60 years ago)
Thailand ever copy many thing from Malaysia when Malaysia is no.1 haha but
now Thailand is no.1 Malaysia copy Thailand too xD Thailand !!! สู้ๆ <3

Author mingkaaa (190 years ago)
@deathflanker Okay ! but you not should contempt Thailand too ! :p

Author blong vang ( ago)
both team play good................

Author Jolly Lassie ( ago)

Author SkaterHafiz ( ago)
baik peee

Author Abdullah Pirus ( ago)
@aznplayertake yeah....same to you'll play like SHIT
too....!!!! just the matter of time....just refer to video 1998 Thai's King
Cup semifinal...Malaysia vs Thailand shit....!!! all three thai's team
played like son of the bitches....!!!!

Author wgs1706 ( ago)
@Halim711 sebenarnya kite mmg hebat....cume kite boleh tgk player2 kite yg
main baik dr farhan, normanizam & putra ....muke tak konfiden, 'kalah'
sebelum bertanding...muke cuak....cume yg saya respek pelibas gantian
norshahrudin......tu sbb trio 'emas' kite digugurkan.....takde pun kat dahi
pemain thailand tu ade cop "unbeatable" ....tak leh kalah.....diorang bukan
'tuhan' sepak takraw......anytime kite boleh kalahkan diorang....Malaysia
boleh .....!!!!

Author juan dela cruz ( ago)
ang galing magkill ng malaysia #11.

Author Jhocel ( ago)
what a nice game-play.....haha

Author Phughy ( ago)
@12bogster I would say the damn entire match is awesome.. that sport is

Author bibongz sarmiento ( ago)
nice rally from 10:30 to 10:41...

Author chopin liszt ( ago)
bkit kya ng mga ngpopost d2 hindi marunong mg english badtrip!!! mali mali
ang grammar

Author abu bakar ( ago)
@ihere1kub don't tell like that k...

Author halim EE ( ago)
nak beat thai kena fokus dan konsisten bila servis & libas.tgk mula2 2nd
set dah cm leh pas smbung blik point 11 trus down.tu jer yg kena
perbaiki.dan jgn terlalu memandang tinggi kehebatan thai.Malaysia Boleh!!!

Author Cleo Stephanie ( ago)
Abg shah, abg paan, abg nizam... da bez!!! Libasan abg shah mmg t'baek

Author FORCeGordon Fitzpatrick ( ago)
Abg shah nye gulung mmg t'baik. Abg shah mmg t'baik!!!

Author manja lia ( ago)
suebsak senyum je.aku dh tk main pun blm ada player msia jwb serve kuda
aku.skrg aku dh ada back up (pelapis ) baru.ketinggalan lah msia.bye bye

Author Abdullah Pirus ( ago)
@ihere1kub as i said just is just the matter of
time.....thailand will be the worst sepak takraw shit again and again...!!!

Author Abdullah Pirus ( ago)
@dakotachetaer malaysia dengan thailand lebih kurang sama saja......kalau
nak dibandingkan dengan Indonesia......if you think that Thailand is're totally WRONG....!!!! just the matter of
time....malaysia will be the world power of sepak takraw again.....just

Author عماد نيكسيك ( ago)

Author Irfan Asyraf ( ago)
Putra ghani tu x bleh dah..pakai la killer yg okay sikit..libas pun x
tinggi..blok pun rendah...knape la dok pilih die lagi..sbb tu la
kalah...killer x membunuh langsung,,, tabik la nor shahruddin..nije x bleh
pakai dah..servis x brp konsisten..

Author penamaya91 ( ago)
not so many different between malay n thai. just need a focus n strong
mental..takraw is not a competation only..we must play a games..congt malay
try next battle..

Author Takim Larh ( ago)
sepak takraw is not too hard to play and when u can control the takraw ball
sure u can play it !

Author cosonicz maxel ( ago)
the thai guy in the middle is quite good looking ...~ takraw seems
interesting.. i bet must be hard to play

Author Kenzie Sianturi ( ago)
Mantap thailand lah.. memang tak terkalahkan... apalagi kalau cuma lawan
malaysia... pokoknya THAILAND memang hebat bisa sibgkirkan MALAYSIA dengan

Author syah mi ( ago)
malaysia boleh!!! gulung vs gulung mg ngancam!!!!

Author payekechik ( ago)

Author payekechik ( ago)

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