Young Money - Where's Wayne [LYRICS ON SCREEN]


Lil Twist --
When i find this guy man i swear dat its ova, imma put his dread head under the rova. homeboy im it and imma take the maybach[?]
now back to you imma do what it do fool, and paint the boogada blue boy that'll hurt you. but all of a sudden i started hushin' and huffin, huffin, and puffin in a minute nicki minaj gon' gettem lets get it

Nicki Minaj --
imma grab him by the waist and give him some look face, then tie him up while i run up in the safe. styrofoam cups everything is gettin gat, i make my niggas tatoo nicki on his back. yo gudda get the chainsaw in case we see him, let that little nigga know he gotta pay for dem. cuz wayne think he ill since he copped dat boogati, runnin round wit baby he be stuntin like his daddy.

Jae Millz --
nick i overstand it, never words copy copy, hiensight i want his dv9 and his mazarati he slick and he cocky but he gon' get sloppy. and when we come across him imma kimbo slice his body. Dwayne carter's whereabouts is a must get we all on the label we'll never turn to suspects.

Lil Twist --
good cuz i aint tryna do no jail time.

Jae Millz --
dont worry bout it twist your alaby gon' be the same as mine, and nicki's , and gudda's, and chuckee's. we might even get his black heart in the pen if we lucky.

Gudda Gudda --
this nigga runnin' out of time, and im runnin out of patience. time is money and his life, he might pay wit. probably in the studio, dats his rest haven [?] imma drag the nigga to houston and straight flip.strip down the maybach and put it on bricks. snatch him,then slap him. hold him in his mansion and call trans we need a million for his ransom.

Lil Chuckee --
hold up gudda who got me crow, cuz i jus missed him, he was in the grove. but now he downtown at the second lounge posted up stuntin' all in the ground but then he spotted me. he tied to break it go but then i took him down the advantage of bein' young drag him to the riva everybody hurry up i got this nigga .

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Author thomas sanchez ( ago)
no way in hell they dissing lil Wayne. even Nicki minaj. why Nicki minaj

Author YT VEVO ( ago)
me too

Author Carol Olsen ( ago)
I'm listen to this 2015

Author Rafael RatedR ( ago)
love it

Author xODxMaNiAcx ( ago)
I guess drake didn't wanna hurt his feelings. 

Author Tyson Smith ( ago)
Funny ass song

Author Blizzy ( ago)
Young money ((:

Author chrisbrwnsshawty ( ago)
lmao its waynes beat and hes on that song who cares :p

Author jcurry2020 ( ago)
Dhis song ol' but idc tho..i lyke dha 1st part..!!=}

Author Bayy ( ago)
Inch sales

Author Nick Katzfey ( ago)
Yeah, but Lil Wayne is on Ballin so we obviously doesn't care haha

Author NickiManningEli ( ago)
I Know But You Can Tell Its The Beat Alittle Bit

Author SupremeEspio ( ago)
Where's Tyga?

Author Nick Katzfey ( ago)
This was before Ballin

Author NickiManningEli ( ago)
T.I. - Ballin Beat

Author TruelyShey99 ( ago)
This song was the shit tho but chuckee fucked it up -.-

Author Tyler Dreary ( ago)
so did they acctually make this song or did someone just make it them selfes

Author hodge dee ( ago)
what they make this for

Author RllS3FLUX ( ago)
he loves wayne too much

Author BossLadiee glesia ( ago)
Wat was the point of dis song

Author wer44able ( ago)
he with wayne!

Author brodie brooke ( ago)
Dis song was da stuff

Author MiQuii33 ( ago)
This joint was fuckin sick!

Author andrea miyagi ( ago)

Author Royal1993Queen ( ago)
00:00 to 00:34 that's it!

Author Royal1993Queen ( ago)
The only one I know here is nicki lmao

Author crymetymertruth ( ago)
i know

Author repoyourho ( ago)
Nick killed all of them PERIOD I wish she would do a couple songs like this
now so she can show niggas she still a beast ass rapper I like her new
songs and all but she murdered this .!! Best female rapper ever

Author GrooveyKen ( ago)
lol i wasnt tryna be a dick head or nuthin.

Author J Barack (1597 years ago)
They both got da beat 4rm dougie fresh do ya homework

Author crymetymertruth ( ago)
yeah thats what i meant

Author GrooveyKen ( ago)
Noo this T.I re-used it on ball. He got it from Wayne

Author Carlos Sastre ( ago)
this nigga said this nigga hard to find like bin laden

Author crymetymertruth ( ago)
wow some of these beats are from song Ball....

Author tharindu chanaka ( ago)
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Author Chazblock1 ( ago)
this beat has been recycled 3 times on different songs . lil wayne
-triggaman. ti ft lil wayne ball. and this song

Author AHamp123 ( ago)
I miss the days when Nicki Minaj actually rapped...

Author Gerald Greene ( ago)
Ben Ladden?

Author beautyduty (347 years ago)
Nicki is the best in every young money song <3 you gotta luv her <3

Author shabangy100 ( ago)
Dumm shytee goes hard

Author Elle ( ago)
This song gave me cancer.

Author travon towers ( ago)
Nicki gona Suck Wayne Dick.

Author Danny Forston ( ago)
Tech N9ne is 100x better than these retards. Young Money fucking sucks.
especially that dumb slut nicki minaj

Author Kai ( ago)
it's for fun , lil wayne was laughing when he heard this ... quit taking
stuff so serious!

Author Edward Smith ( ago)
Nicki Banged This Shit !!!

Author luke poorman (1348 years ago)
lil can kick all of there asses in 1 song cause he discovered them all

Author SpillGoddess ( ago)

Author postshanna ( ago)
not even these wack fucks can ruin the triggaman beat

Author jalen stephens ( ago)
This was trigga man `s beat first

Author Kai ( ago)
young money & lil wayne had a interview about this song .. lil wayne said
they did good! lil wayne gave them the okay to do this song .... so it
really wasn't a diss so y'all needa chill , lmfao.

Author Kai ( ago)
dudes chill they wephere just kidding around with each other ... lawd y'all
take this song too serious!

Author helmiarifianto ( ago)
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these awesome ideas that teach you how to make extra money from the comfort
of your home.

Author pixkumin4it ( ago)
I would love to Wayne's reaction when he heard this song

Author pixkumin4it ( ago)
This is funny to me

Author lokolokoloko15 ( ago)
ben laddiiiiiiiiiin

Author Shai Babii ( ago)
i knew they were gne come fa his ass lmao!

Author osama ayyad ( ago)
who the fucks ben ladden? its bin laden. dumbass.

Author TheTyreemusic ( ago)
bedlock???????????????? I'm pretty sure Nicki said deadlock.

Author Damon Perkins ( ago)
he says ben ladden

Author anthony benoit ( ago)
if you dont know the lyrics why make a lyric video?? lmfao

Author Saucy Uno ( ago)

Author johnney appleseed ( ago)
guess who's back back agian

Author gleasmoney1 ( ago)
o Sht drake M.I.A. missing in action

Author Ashleigh Marie' ( ago)
Oh Wow They Really tryanna Kill Wayne

Author JayTeeNice ( ago)
triggerman beat by wayne first

Author muadhnate ( ago)
Tech n9ne beat? If anything it's inspector gadgets f-in beat. gtfoh!

Author Dakota Rupp ( ago)
they should put drake in the commercial break or something

Author TrynaGetPaidTv ( ago)
hope off his dick! lmao

Author jared smith ( ago)
thats a sick beat....prolly cuz its a tech n9ne beat.

Author Renee Beatty ( ago)
lil twist part go hard

Author NYSport13 ( ago)
I h8 this beat

Author Trevon Corey ( ago)
dumb fuck how did they diss him when this damn song is on the "young money"

Author imreal251 (1733 years ago)
I'm mad they dead had a commercial break though

Author paola diez ( ago)
im scared 4 wayne lol dey finna kill him

Author HeavyZottel ( ago)
sick ass beginning!

Author AE97clan ( ago)
lil chcukee cant rap worth fuck, whos dumpster baby is he anyway?

Author MrOutland2k ( ago)
i yall paid attenion everything they was sayin the was givin him props its
a congrads song with a diss sound

Author Shi' Marie ( ago)
Straight N.O. beat

Author minajfan1124 ( ago)
U Guyz it Was Joke the entire song is a joke none of it is a diss !!!!!! I
think all of them would've been outta job if it was a diss!!!!!

Author TheJalen35 ( ago)
lil chuckee was da livest on there

Author AE97clan ( ago)
why would young money diss lil wayne? i think half of young money is a
joke, jesus crist the one sounds like a 12 year old rappin.

Author SmokerGangBoys420 ( ago)
someone please help me why is lil wayne still rappin with them? when they
dissed him

Author woodyfrombrorton ( ago)
@faggetmeow this was made way before lil wayne went to jail, but your still
rightit was no diss song

Author Marcos Rios ( ago)
@ThaRealBabyGreg to be fair, Twist was pretty young when they made this
song lol

Author Gregory Dank ( ago)
fuckin lil chuckee sound older than lil twist

Author Steven Brown ( ago)
Twist did the best, in my opinion.

Author coolman5242 ( ago)
@magicqueen17 I used to thought she said "stutin like Yo Gotti" when I
first heard this song

Author Alexsandra Bergstedt ( ago)
@joshjay97 Then why are you listening?

Author brandonkyle93 ( ago)
This sounds like d12 shit!

Author Lynda Harris ( ago)
"good cause i aint tryna do no jail time" lol

Author faggetmeow ( ago)
@AiRxJ0RDAN23 Actually they got together when he was in jail and made this
for him, it's not a diss, if you actually pay attention to the lyrics you
would realise that. Smdh.

Author Krunk Futuristic ( ago)
LMAO! this is hilarious! I love how this came about, they couldn't find they all wrote a verse and freestyled about him lol!

Author kyle grobes ( ago)
dat nigga that said he better the eminem u stupid eminem would make him
kill hiself and listin to seduction

Author Crlongboarder ( ago)
@AiRxJ0RDAN23 Wayne isn't a gangsta. Not saying anything bad, I respect
your opinion that you like Wayne, I just don't. I can't even remember how I
got to this video.

Author Tylovespie ( ago)
well the commercial break was the worst part of the song

Author Cola Brown ( ago)
lil twist went hard!!!!

Author pixkumin4it ( ago)
lol Lil'Twist had to be only one to stand out--- > I aint tryna do no jail
time Aye I make my nigga's tatoo Icey on his back ((( : #ymcmb---> did yall
find em' yet ? bol

Author King Legacies ( ago)
iLovee ' ess sonng

Author Shaun Powell ( ago)
Dont worry bout bin laden gudda......we got him!!! :)

Author SexyDarkSkin3000 ( ago)
I was looking for this

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