Build a DIY screen out of recycled parts for cheap

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  • Laptop users generally have to just put up with having a single main screen, but thanks to upcycling we can build a DIY portable secondary screen for laptops using recycled parts to keep the cost as low as $25! It not only performs really well, but it looks incredibly unique - it's a piece of solid industrial tech this one! Once you use two screens you can never go back!

    eBay affiliate link for the control board; add the model number as shown in the video:
    US buyers:
    UK buyers:

    If your screen isn't listed, most sellers of the control boards allow you to contact them directly and they will program a control board for your specific screen at no extra cost. Just send them the model number and you should be good to go.

    Vinyl Wrap:

    eBay US:
    eBay UK:

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  • DIY Perks
    DIY Perks 7 months ago

    Holy moley - it's only been up a few hours and we're nearly at 3k likes! Thanks guys!

    • Stark
      Stark 18 days ago

      No, THANK YOU DUDE! I had one broken laptop already torn apart and got a simple control board and dude PLAYING PS3 ON A SUPER SLIM SCREEN LIKE WTFFFF I AM IN LOVE THANKS FOR THIS VIDEO! <3 I just wish and have not figure how to make the language of the control board into english or something a bit more understandable than chinese |:

    • Benjamin Wilson
      Benjamin Wilson 1 month ago

      @Tomislav Ricov
      I don't know if my charger was somewhat defective but it was 12V-1.5A and the power diode light up once after going out.
      So I bought a modular power supply thinking 1.5A was too much (it gives 1.5, 3, 6, 9 and 12V I think, at max 1A) and works like a charm.

      So I'm kinda surprised that 2A works, but hey, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

    • Tomislav Ricov
      Tomislav Ricov 1 month ago

      Benjamin Wilson thanks for the reply, im using a charger i have from a huawei wifi board. It has 2A, its doing ok so far.
      The funny thing is a have a universal adapter with various heads but when i plug them in, norhing. I can vene choose voltage and polarity.

    • Benjamin Wilson
      Benjamin Wilson 1 month ago

      @Tomislav Ricov 5A is absolutely overkill man, I'm gonna get a universal charger (those chargers with multiple heads) in a store tomorrow and it should be something like 600mA or so. I'll tell you if it works.

    • Business Coach
      Business Coach 1 month ago

      No, thank you!

  • Christian Cedeno
    Christian Cedeno 4 hours ago

    What kind of Lenovo laptop is that?

  • Christian Cedeno
    Christian Cedeno 4 hours ago

    Great video :D Very helpful and creative :) I hope to be able to do this DIY project some day as well :D

  • Denver Dias
    Denver Dias 10 hours ago

    your work is so neat!! 😍😍

  • Marcos Palmeira
    Marcos Palmeira 12 hours ago

    What power supply you exactly using and where you got it... cause im trying a similar poject with a Chimei N154I3-L03 1280x800 CCFL and seller says it uses a 12v and 4A!!!!! power supply and dunno where i can get one... any help?

  • Justin Gaylord
    Justin Gaylord 12 hours ago

    Any idea how hardy these screens are? I'm considering using the four mounting holes on my screen's frame to mount to a sheet of acrylic, but I'd be curious to know if that might have deleterious effects in the long run.

  • Spuds
    Spuds 14 hours ago

    nice build... I am going to consider it.

  • Lewis Ho
    Lewis Ho 23 hours ago

    Could this project work with a touch screen laptop?

  • Jason Fraser
    Jason Fraser 1 day ago


  • Mohammad Bilal
    Mohammad Bilal 1 day ago

    I have actually a number of screens detached from the laptop which I got from a junkyard.But I'm not sure whether they are working or not.Any body can give me an idea?

  • Bernard Soumi
    Bernard Soumi 1 day ago

    Hey man
    It's really awesome idea but I've broken my laptop's lcd taking it out 😁😁😁 I was so excited 😂😂😂
    So does the same method works on normal pc monitor if I take the lcd panel and bought the proper kit for it??? 😁😁😁

  • baguette baguette never forget

    can you do this with a touch screen monitor and make it touch screen?

  • Amazon Services
    Amazon Services 2 days ago

    So how is the tv powered up is it with battery or power supply unit without a battery? theres another video your using 10 battery is this the samething?

  • saber master
    saber master 2 days ago

    this is look like would be my next diy for my laptop 2nd screen

  • Big Bang Ideas
    Big Bang Ideas 4 days ago

    can I use it to my science project

  • PaulMichaelAngelo Cabanting

    Can Someone Give me a Controler board :(

  • Ron Hunter
    Ron Hunter 6 days ago

    I have an old monitor out of an acer and i can't figure out which number is the correct one to get the control board wires?

  • Rama Andika
    Rama Andika 6 days ago

    can i use it without set the voltage? i want to use it in my computer

  • Brandon Maruszczak 45

    cool man nice job

  • Vicente Zavala
    Vicente Zavala 7 days ago


  • Pablo Prats Mira
    Pablo Prats Mira 7 days ago

    I have a question...
    I have been researching the possibility of powering the screen through a USB cable connected to the laptop itself. I have the board and that same voltage regulator. The vendor said that the screen needs 12V at 4A. And a USB can give 5V at 0.5A or 1.5A (depending if it is 2.0 or 3.0).

    And the voltage regulator has this power characteristics:
    -4A switching current performance boost (BOOST) module.
    -Wide input voltage 5 ~ 32V
    -Wide output voltage 5V ~ 35V

    So the question is: Could I get a USB cable, take the male end, connect it to the Regulator in imput, then connect to output the power cable round end 2.1mm to connect to the power for my board?
    THank you!

  • nathan pin
    nathan pin 7 days ago

    Hello DIY Perks could you add more videos please.
    Because I really like them

  • Yiğit Dağhan
    Yiğit Dağhan 7 days ago

    Dont buy 500 bucks screen without HDMI, make one of them for 45$.

  • Noor Karzon
    Noor Karzon 7 days ago

    I have a question!! Is it possible by any mean to have multiple screens like this "say 2 or 3 screens" and connect them together to act as one screen? I'm seriously looking for something like this and I can't find it somewhere! And I trust you as you sound/look/act professional yet your tutorials seems easy to understand & follow. THANK YOU!!

    • Noor Karzon
      Noor Karzon 7 days ago

      Wow thanks for the fast reply!! Unfortunately I'm having an iMac 2016 for now. But I'm building a table where it contain all my photography/videography systems including the computer. Now I just wanna if an iMac would be able to do connect with these 3 horizontal screens that I'm planning to build or a PC would be the only solution to that!! Thank you again for the awesome contents and reply!!

    • DIY Perks
      DIY Perks 7 days ago

      +Noor Karzon If you have a fairly modern graphics card you could always use display spanning. Should work fine for what you want.

  • Demitri Esades
    Demitri Esades 8 days ago

    how would you connect this to raspberry pi?

  • Itz Banana
    Itz Banana 8 days ago

    a DIY phone?

  • Colin Brammer
    Colin Brammer 8 days ago

    i only have a laptop PC and I have a two screen setup - one 24inch monitor connected via HDMI and a 28inch TV, which was free from my brother-in-law when he upgraded, connected via the VGA connection. The big problem with this is that the HDMI and the VGA connections are so very close to each other. The screw in connection for the VGA makes the connection too wide to sit side-by-side with the HDMI connection so I just hacksawed the offending screw connection off the VGA connector to allow it to be used for the TV. Not a very pretty job but effective in allowing me to use two large screens with my laptop. The other even more annoying part is having to open the laptop to turn it on every time I use it because it sits under the TV which is supported by a monitor stand/shelf to help me claim as much desktop space as I can. Still it works for me.

  • Layne The_Floppy_Disk

    i have that same tiny screwdriver set

  • Mirai Japan John
    Mirai Japan John 10 days ago

    Well done Matt, great job, eh.

  • Comedy Unlimited
    Comedy Unlimited 10 days ago

    man.... you are awesome

  • Nate Mackey
    Nate Mackey 10 days ago

    Will this work with a touchscreen LCD?

  • zach atillo
    zach atillo 10 days ago

    ahh made a prototype, put it up on youtube (TechZ_R) !!!

  • Yousitech
    Yousitech 11 days ago

    I want a battery powered one that fits in the bag with my thinkpad

  • crxsks
    crxsks 11 days ago

    11/10, would bang

  • SsPlays
    SsPlays 11 days ago


  • teck champ
    teck champ 11 days ago

    nice Sir you are great

  • James Harris
    James Harris 11 days ago

    Hi I am making a magic mirror using your laptop screen

    • DIY Perks
      DIY Perks 11 days ago

      +DIY Perks great*

    • DIY Perks
      DIY Perks 11 days ago

      +James Harris grear! Let me know how it goes.

  • BluePyrO_o
    BluePyrO_o 12 days ago

    I really wish you made more videos ;-;

  • Pranav Chati
    Pranav Chati 14 days ago

    Please help me fix this problem, I want to make this so badly!!

  • Pranav Chati
    Pranav Chati 14 days ago

    Does the control board work for any computer?? Because I can't find the control board I want so I thought of using the one you, Matt, used.

    • Niko Andruloni
      Niko Andruloni 11 days ago

      You have to find a board that works with your display. If you can't find one, there's a good chance there is none.

  • Ikkuh Misschien
    Ikkuh Misschien 14 days ago

    Hey there, awesome idea! I decided to make one too with my old dell laptop, which has a nice lcd screen. After ordering the new driver board for the lcd screen and some weeks later I was finally able to try this out. I connected the lcd to the driver board, and the driver board to my laptop. Everything worked perfectly fine so I decided to place the screen at a better place. After plugging all the cables in again the screen started to turn on and of, it's like a sharp white color for a really short amount, than it turns black, a few seconds later it does the same. this just continues. When I press the menu button and the screen blinks white, I can see the little menu popup. Sometimes when I try it again the screen works just fine, but most of the time it just starts blinking and blinking and blinking.... I really have no clue what's wrong. Is there anybody who can help me?

  • Fagez Kim
    Fagez Kim 15 days ago

    can you do this VGA LCD Controller Board Monitor DIY Kit For LTN154X3-L01 CCFL 30Pin

    give away please?

  • petikefeszes5
    petikefeszes5 15 days ago

    can you help me i am looking for some tiny moitor, butcand find anyy junk laptop that has control panel on ebay. Can you recommend me someting? i have around 20cm space for it.

  • Dumpy Death
    Dumpy Death 15 days ago

    Your voice is oddly soothing to listen to .

  • jolly lloyd dahan
    jolly lloyd dahan 16 days ago

    hello i would like to ask if universal controller board is okay and does it need keypad board too? please help. thanks

  • Max Steel
    Max Steel 16 days ago

    my LCD TV is not working and I have a old laptop so I want to connect the TV screen with my laptop and so it should work like a laptop with a big screen and a TV also

  • orhan bagashov
    orhan bagashov 17 days ago

    you are my motivation for industrial design

  • BY Design Carpentry Brendan Yandell

    where would you be without 6mm mdf and carbon fibre vinyl wrap! -great DIY ideas thanks perks!

  • sbusweb
    sbusweb 17 days ago

    +DIY Perks
    Hrrm -- what about this -- use the original screen surround, and use the original laptop shell (bolted to underside of screen, instead of hinged) as a housing for controlboard etc...
    Since getting a controlboard with audio, may be able to use the original laptop speakers/chambers...?
    Any thoughts?

  • Shahar Yogev
    Shahar Yogev 17 days ago

    Very nice project! really inspiring :)

  • Francesco Dimech
    Francesco Dimech 17 days ago

    Can I use a LiPo battery for this project? it outputs 12v and still can easily be charged using a balanced charger. Would I still have to use a cheepo voltage buck boost converter or do I need something more reliable? Thanks!

  • Goetia
    Goetia 18 days ago

    I have the screen and the controller ready. Can you make me the casing? :)

  • Filippo Vicari
    Filippo Vicari 18 days ago

    Does anybody know whether I can figure out if i will need a power supply to power up the screen and in case which one should I buy? Does it depend on control board/lcd specs?

  • Chocolate Storm
    Chocolate Storm 18 days ago

    people say laptops are expensive because they fail to realize that a small (at least) 1080p monitor is included - huge ones with space consuming stands and frames are available for at least 100+ euros

  • Marek Łuszczykiewicz

    +DIY Perks Little question: Is it working with screen of 24''+ monitors? Awesome content! Keep it up!

  • YTStudios
    YTStudios 18 days ago

    This is so cool

  • ronrainie1234
    ronrainie1234 19 days ago

    hi..can i connect a smartphone to this kind of a screen?

  • Wesley Crichlow
    Wesley Crichlow 19 days ago

    is it flexible enuf to say make diy curved monitor?

  • Sharyn Veivers
    Sharyn Veivers 19 days ago

    Loved it, I'm going to give this a go. Thank you. Keep up the great work.

  • Sheriffkicks
    Sheriffkicks 20 days ago

    can u do this with a portable battery

  • Fjälla Fjällborg
    Fjälla Fjällborg 21 day ago

    I have an old IBM thinkpad t42 screen would i be able to make this with that?

  • Alex James
    Alex James 21 day ago

    Recon this could be made with a 4k monitor?

  • ThirtyMileSniper
    ThirtyMileSniper 21 day ago

    I am curious as to if you can do something similar to upcycle a laptop keyboard to make an ultra thin USB unit and if it is cost effective against on the shelf compact keyboards.

  • Kamille Nepomuceno
    Kamille Nepomuceno 22 days ago

    Th is is beautiful 👀 wow

  • RealGamerManz
    RealGamerManz 23 days ago

    I am working on a retropie project and I want to make it portable. I got a battery pack that has 3 5v out ports and it powers the raspberry pi perfectly. I'm wondering if you could do a tutorial on how to get the battery to work with the monitor as well since it needs 12 volts? I can't find anything anywhere on how to make a portable monitor like this.

  • Shadbir Eaysir
    Shadbir Eaysir 23 days ago

    hello dear DIY Perks,
    i have build this project successfully but i want this to be touch enabled. will you please help me to build a touch enabled and portable screen ?

  • Confused X
    Confused X 23 days ago

    Hello sir can i do this with tablet's screen? And if it's possible than how please answer!!!

  • the3Dandres
    the3Dandres 24 days ago

    so i did this and everything works, but when 50% of the screen is white the entire screen goes black after a few seconds... does anyone have a clue what might be wrong??

  • Paras Verma
    Paras Verma 24 days ago

    This is one of the most coolest stuff i ever watched on YouTube ... You have created A masterpiece , You reminded me of me 😸😹

  • Nabid A
    Nabid A 24 days ago

    Hey where can I find this extender that you showed in 7:10?

  • David James Wood
    David James Wood 24 days ago

    Hey there, So i live in South Africa and I am desperetly trying to do this but I am unable to get the Controller board from eBay as the postal service here is, lets just say, not reliable... do you happen to know any way of reworking the motherboard or using a raspberry Pi in order to get this system ton work? thanks a lot!

  • Dennis Konert
    Dennis Konert 25 days ago

    Awesome project. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm going to build digital pictureframes out of old Laptop screens w/ Raspi Zero W attached.

  • Neal Prinsloo
    Neal Prinsloo 25 days ago

    Hey, I'm not sure if you have covered this topic yet, DIY Recording studio? This topic intrigues me and haven't found good enough videos on YouTube, so far your videos and knowledge have really impressed me and I wish I could do every build you explore! Somehow, I know you'll uncover this topic proper! Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaassssseeeee *prayerhands

  • Jack Herward
    Jack Herward 25 days ago

    You could just go to a charity shop and buy a monitor for 2 pounds and use a hdmi

  • Robert Maracine
    Robert Maracine 25 days ago

    Does anybody know if this can be done with a 4k display? I haven't been able to find a controller board or place where I can do research on it.

  • Hisham Nassar
    Hisham Nassar 26 days ago

    How can i use that to make a screen for electric fire place?

  • Owen Lu
    Owen Lu 26 days ago

    Thanks for this idea! I had no idea laptop screen controllers existed and this is an easy way to get some value out of old broken stuff in a real way. I do however think its a bit of a stretch to say that this can be down to $25 if you didn't have a bunch of random stuff already.

    After building this, I realized that for a 17.3'' laptop screen 1/8'' MDF would be sufficient for all aspects of the build. Then I used a simple hinge + MDF to make a mount for the controller which doubled as a monitor mount. Pretty easy build, and looks great. Thanks for the tips on the fiber vinyl.

  • Zachary bower
    Zachary bower 26 days ago

    what was the cable that you plugged your computer to the second monitor called

  • OYO Gaming
    OYO Gaming 26 days ago

    What if I only how the monitor and no serial number?

  • AnalKarl der Zweite
    AnalKarl der Zweite 26 days ago

    Man I like it when you say "alumnium". British english ftw!
    Shame you guys want to brexit though.

  • Benjamin Clark
    Benjamin Clark 26 days ago

    What's the name of the screen component?☹️

  • HulMik
    HulMik 26 days ago

    What kind of glue you use?

  • Eslam Sabry
    Eslam Sabry 27 days ago

    This is an awesome video

  • DarklingGolem50
    DarklingGolem50 27 days ago

    Thanks to this video. i made a Copy of the Samsung One Connect TV's

  • ReeN / CS:GO
    ReeN / CS:GO 28 days ago

    this is how you advertise your sponsor, take notes other YouTubers :D

  • Zaphinine
    Zaphinine 28 days ago

    I think this would be pretty cool if you could also make one in a touch screen version. Would fit very well with Windows 10.

  • alghareeb almouhajer

    wow very creative. thanks a lot

  • John Libbey
    John Libbey 29 days ago

    What were the measurements on those standoffs and screws you used? I don't want to buy the female to female extenders and screws just to have them be too short.

  • MostLow
    MostLow 29 days ago

    Also-how do you know what power adapter you need??

  • ChopinIdol
    ChopinIdol 29 days ago

    Can anyone recommend a good screw assortment kit for this?

  • Dj Djalel
    Dj Djalel 29 days ago

    can it some how be powder by a regulated USB power source, please respond.

  • Jay Carson
    Jay Carson 1 month ago

    What would you need to make this project work if the donor screen is touchscreen and you wish to use the touchscreen?

  • Ethan Hobbs
    Ethan Hobbs 1 month ago


  • Tomislav Ricov
    Tomislav Ricov 1 month ago

    What mdf board you used? Specific name?

  • M Lee
    M Lee 1 month ago

    Thanks for this video, i'm actually using my new DIY screen to comment!!

  • Chris Diplock
    Chris Diplock 1 month ago

    My Spanish friend asked me where you are from and I can't place your accent, what part of the country do you come from Matthew?

  • Chi Ho Ko
    Chi Ho Ko 1 month ago

    this is pretty interesting. I don't have to headache of what panel to get to replace the one in my laptop and I can choose a panel that is actually good in color accuracy!

  • Barry Jones
    Barry Jones 1 month ago

    How to make a screen out of a screen. Amazing!

  • kaseplase12
    kaseplase12 1 month ago

    make a laptop a touchscreen. i can't find any good vids on how to do it

  • Aimee Cos
    Aimee Cos 1 month ago

    do you need the cable connected to the screen as mine broke when taking it out of the laptop case

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