Build a DIY screen out of recycled parts for cheap

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Laptop users generally have to just put up with having a single main screen, but thanks to upcycling we can build a DIY portable secondary screen for laptops using recycled parts to keep the cost as low as $25! It not only performs really well, but it looks incredibly unique - it's a piece of solid industrial tech this one! Once you use two screens you can never go back!

eBay affiliate link for the control board; add the model number as shown in the video:
US buyers:
UK buyers:

If your screen isn't listed, most sellers of the control boards allow you to contact them directly and they will program a control board for your specific screen at no extra cost. Just send them the model number and you should be good to go.

Vinyl Wrap:

eBay US:
eBay UK:

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Author DIY Perks ( ago)
Holy moley - it's only been up a few hours and we're nearly at 3k likes! Thanks guys!

Author khaled battah ( ago)
This is Epic ,, Just a question , can you sell this Customisable LCD Case Kit like you sell the Customisable PC Case Kit on your Website as i can't do them right though i tried.. Need it urgently ..

Author Luka Nikolic ( ago)
What if i cant find a matching control board? Can I use a control board for similar screen?

Author Daniel Lim ( ago)
Hey I'm having a difficult time finding those brass risers and extenders when your attaching the control board to the back where did you buy them?

Author Mr_PingÜino ( ago)
ANY n140bge-e33 CONTROL BOARD???????

Author lolomat212 ( ago)
i just took out the screen of an old laptop, but what about the wires? there is a very thin curccuit board on the back with some wires coming out, as well as a smaller, thicker one dangling underneath the screen, both cables merge and lead into the laptop? why is there a curcuit board on the back of it to begin with?

Author Ivan ( ago)
Years ago, did i watch u with dots on your face experimenting with aftereffects face tracking?

Author TheGreenWondr ( ago)
Nice video! I was wondering if it's possible to turn this into a normal stand-up monitor. Also can I hook this up to a pc? Thanks!

Author Joe Estes ( ago)
Great video! Thanks for sharing😄

Author David Frau ( ago)
This looks sooooooo cool! Very nice job!

Author DarkDrakee ( ago)
This is so inspiring, and, yes, a nice space sparing secondary screen is a nice thing. I will definitely make one of these :D

Author de_ cyanide ( ago)
When I clicked this video I had the same thought I usually do - oh, another DIY project that is confusing and doesn't make sense why you'd use it in the first place - but as I watched the video and got to the part where you simply attached the control board I was surprised as to how few small steps there really were. Might be doing this in the future for my setup as it can be useful for as maller screen for viewing i.e Visual Studio. :D

Author ciprian marian ( ago)
I've bought a control board for a HP display laptop for the exact model and it had small black lines all over the display and i took off the jumper from the control board while it was on and the display got white,no more image,can you tell me if i can use this display or it's dead(i've try two controll boards after this problem and it's the same(white)so it's not from the controll board.

Author philip dasaro ( ago)
Can you overclock the refresh rate above 60hz?

Author TheFAKE RobloxianPianist ( ago)
your accent is soothing

Author ken x ( ago)
How much can you convex/concave the screen before it damages the monitor?

Author fafsa2468z ( ago)
I have a question about the power supply for the screen. How do I know which one to buy.

Author Grayson Krow ( ago)
My old laptop has a warning on it saying the lamp uses mercury. Is it still safe to remove the screen?

Author linuxmq ( ago)
Man you are good! Brilliant videos :)
It is a change from all the crap some people are uploading!
Thank you

Author anirban datta ( ago)
great job....

Author jamarek100 ( ago)
sorry i expected that u show how to built the driver to that screen.....not only plug in final parts together.....

Author Maxell Games ( ago)
Good job

Author Jorge Mejía Díaz ( ago)

Author BrunoJMR ( ago)
build a diy screen step 1 get a screen. kinda missleading

Author Aathish Sivasubrahmanian ( ago)
Hey, a bit late.. but can this be powered with the broken laptops _own_ battery?

Author Talhassi ( ago)
Good morning, i made something like this. could i maybe add a battery to use it for some hour without be linked to the wall?

Author Mitch Johnston ( ago)
How would you do a decent stand if you cant make one from the laptop. Like where could I buy something like in this video.

Author Patrick Kang ( ago)
planning to start this mini project but where can i download the fireware for my LCD. my model is N154C3 thnx

Author Vectik Dzn ( ago)
Next make a cover for the screen xdd nice vid

Author L. Fernando Ramírez Macías ( ago)

Author Hog Spiresground ( ago)
could i pay u to make one for me LOL

Author 以蔵岡田 ( ago)
I'm making one of this for my Pi👍

Author William Haire ( ago)
Dude, im going to have so many satellite monitors now.

Author Daniel Bemis ( ago)
you could also go to a used pc store and pick one up for cheap

Author Adeel Muhammad ( ago)
Why... why would you even think about wasting a lot of time doing this and end result is a small screen which is not even 720p. While a 24 inches full HD screen is around 100 USD these days.
 (Although I appreciate the efforts but it's just not too practical) Liking video anyway. :)

Author YaYoAr ( ago)
full hech dee

Author Jason Barrett ( ago)
How would one go about finding a cheap enough web designer to build a website/forums for my gaming clan ?

Author relikvija ( ago)
I'm the opposite of you

Author relikvija ( ago)

Author mike hunt ( ago)
wow just buy a cheap TV with hdmi.....

Author dannypal123 ( ago)
Hi Matt.

Your documentary on the auxiliary screen was superb! I have an LCD panel I need to fix as it has burnt-out connectors on the back but that is a different type of project than the one you present here. Namely, I am not sure it can be recovered as the controller might be still be functional, but I can't readily diagnose the rest of the apparatus.

Also, as I am myself a DIY-er, your video is just what I would like to present to others regarding similar projects which cover quite a gamut, and you documented this quite well, meaning I think I could follow your suggestions without much problem save the acquisition of materials such as the vinyl wrapping, but unfortunately, I would also choose black, as you did.

Perhaps I'll be feeling blue?


Author Jec ( ago)
I just realised I have an old laptop lying about at home, I've already started using the CPU for a phone upgrade, but now I've got a use for the screen as well!

Author Andy Vo ( ago)
Great idea! I'm going to grab that dead laptop out of my shed and put a screen in my desk!

Author mps9825 ( ago)
I have a voltage step down board and the in and out male/female cords, but I'm wondering how you split the power source from your laptop to service both the laptop itself and the monitor? Would there have to be an additional male pin stemming from the laptop charger in order to make the connection with the voltage step down board?

Author Daniel Halawi ( ago)
I want that sunset landscape wallpaper from the thumbnail where can i get it :)

Author Izzat Ahmadi ( ago)
this is one of the coolest DIY I seen

Author Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz ( ago)
ur videos are so awesome
i wish i could have so good ideas like ur's

Author Perage ( ago)
Does this also work for an old dead 4:3 Monitor I have laying around ?

Author Atanas Georgiev ( ago)
Hi! Thank you for the super cool video! I would like to ask you for some help if you don't mind. I have a hp 587750-2G2 laptop screen and I can not find a control board for it. Do you have any idea what kind of control board can I use for my matrix? Thanks in advance!

Author ZXWolf ( ago)
I need a screen for this, what should I search into eBay?

Author Hamudi ( ago)

Author Website MaKer ( ago)
I think it will make as a better and great photo stand

Author WCKern ( ago)
Is it possible to control the touch screen functionality with a screen like this?

Author Website MaKer ( ago)
1:17 lol fuck ! I have a similar one :P

Author Augustus Bohn ( ago)
This would be perfect for a raspberry pi! I have one sitting around in a drawer and my brother has a laptop with a busted motherboard. I might just make one of these for myself, possibly with more standoffs for the pi and a usb hub.

Author Caleb Hefner ( ago)
Instructions un-clear, dick stuck in ceiling fan.....

Author Caleb Hefner ( ago)
Any other advice for something better to prop it up?

Author Mathijs Ranson ( ago)
is it posibole to do this with a tablet screen?

Author Lorenzo Franciosi ( ago)
I'm waiting for the control board and very excited!! :D

Author All About It Guy ( ago)
I would like to do this but... Have the laptop parts with just a wireless keyboard
I tried to find on your page and realized you have no video for that. I have an old laptop
that I wanna do like this but keep also the insides but add wireless keyboard

Author Shawn Jackson ( ago)
Dude!!! alzum stuff !!!

Author Halvor Grønvold ( ago)
Awesome! just what i needed!

Author Luiza ( ago)
wich is the voltage that the minitor need??

Author Chris Parrish ( ago)
I've had a dead 19inch laptop for like 5 years, I'm so glad I found this video as I would have never thought of this!

Author Shylockza ( ago)
Lol! Did the roll of vinyl fall off the truck or on clearance??

Author Calvin Harrison ( ago)
Love all your videos <3

Author Matt ( ago)
Awesome work.

What was the total cost to develop the screens?

Author Олег Олег ( ago)
12 dollars is red prise with lvds cable and IR remote control, all voltages, 6/8 bit logic with RCA/TV/HDMI/VGA inputs and 1 watt audio amplifier

Author Edwin O'Gray ( ago)
This is Bloody genius mate
Man i wish i knew bout your channel before
anyway i Subbed ya

Author WorkingMonkey Ya boi Kermit ( ago)
Get a pop filter or a better one

Author Chom Reang ( ago)
how about i have macbook pro? can u tell me what should i do?

Author Sebastian Cardenas ( ago)
Could you happen to make a written tutorial and maybe add a template?

Author Pierce Saunders ( ago)

Author Harry Wexler ( ago)
Thanks for video. I just stripped down a few laptops with good screens, this will definitely go to the top of my project bin

Author Gabriel Tobing ( ago)
+1 Sub
+1 Like


Author Synovo ( ago)
Just amazing!!

Author balderoine ( ago)
This makes me think, why the heck are some TVs thick as heck?!

Author loui828 ( ago)
Pretty cool idea

Author Mateus Medeiros ( ago)
it's a very beautifull Photoframe.

Author leb kicker ( ago)
can I turn it into a TV in some way

Author fredneedle123 ( ago)
how do you know if there is enough spare capacity in the laptop's power brick to handle the extra load when powering both screen and laptop?

Author David Huynh ( ago)
anyone want to buy my broke. laptop to do this?

Author Don _ ( ago)
Thanks for this. I am going to give it a try. I have an old hp g62 with the bad solder on the circuit board issue but the display is fine. Might as well make use of part of the laptop.

Author Vice Presi ( ago)
I bought 15 defect Dell laptops on govdeals for 18$ and made 15 monitors, kept two for me and sold the rest on Craigslist, made 650 bucks yay

Author Dave K ( ago)
OMG I need to try this

Author Tiago Maus ( ago)
hi, sorry for the nooby question, but didn't you use an inverter? I bought the control board for my screen on ebay (which is on its way here right now) and it didn't mention anything about an inverter, but I just learned about it. Now I'm afraid of not being able to finish the project.

Author jomy10 ( ago)
Can you use 2 screens and combine them as one screen?

Author The Awesome Fellow ( ago)
DIY Perks, I'd like to attempt this build with my MacBook Pro using the HDMI out. Would it be okay if I just used the aluminum as a case for the monitor to better match my MacBook, or should I stick to a certain material? Thanks!

Author Danny Leung ( ago)
Since you take the screen from a dead laptop, is there any chance to savage the screen control component from the laptop as well?

Author MBTechTips ( ago)
WoW!! great video!

Author Repeatears Repeatears ( ago)
great job dude!

Author black_lamboo ( ago)
i have a 24'' LCD panel from a All in One Medion Akoya and after seeing this video i got an idea!!!!thx

Author Lena Lambert ( ago)
indicate winner last nobody public other suggest satisfaction block.

Author Macks Power ( ago)
It seems so much easier to just use the bezel from the laptop which donated the screen.

Author Hafil Hafs ( ago)
the most coolest thing ever!

Author 9 Tails Kurama ( ago)
u still need to buy stuff lol

Author Heed My Warning ( ago)
excellent video.

Author Jasmeet Singh ( ago)
Thank u for such a great tutorial!!
Can you please tell me if we can reuse the LCD screen of a computer in a way similar to the laptop screen?

Author Steven Tsakiris ( ago)
This dude man... Fucking LEGENDARY DIY creation... Well done!!!

Author Christal Chikara ( ago)
Look at haters disliking this.

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