Thigh high boots in mud

Thigh high boots and leather skirt in deep mud. Ups... Finaly stuck.

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Author Melvin Coney (1 year)
Show the rest of the video where you getting unstuck out of the mud ? you
have the best mud in thigh boots video !!!

Author Lovely Nightmare (3 years)
@NataliaARose no its a woman you can tell by the voice and the blond hair
and figure.

Author Lancia672 (4 years)
Did you eventually get out by your self?

Author GIRLSMUD (4 years)
that was so perfect i m just wordless that kind place would be nice to find
and is there part 2

Author John Brecha (2 years)
very sexy

Author Laura Barrera (3 years)
no le encuentro nada sexy ¿xq destrozais los zapatos?

Author napa3ghost (4 years)
Wow, great job. I only wish I could be there also.

Author napa3ghost (4 years)
People, its a dude doing this. Y do u think u see no face or hands. Still,
great work. Where r the women that will do this?

Author Anthony ToTo O'Rourke (4 years)
I hope ther's a part 2 to this clip. She definately fillid her boots in
that one.

Author Modestas Romanovas (3 years)
And those beautiful boots pulled out?

Author StinkyWaders (4 years)
Fantastic it's a real "sexy" pleasure and this mud seems welcoming !!!

Author Tara Thorson (2 years)
STORY-No matter wat her boots kept on sinking."Dam these boots,I'm always
getting in2 trouble when I wear them."Now her skirt was under the
surface."I'm not going 2 get out of here!"she said 2 herself as she sank 2
her shoulders."omg_ _I'm going 2 die!"She tried 2 lift her chin above the
surface,but this did no good as the mud closed in on her face.2 arms waved
in the air trying to grab at something that is not there,It was futile as
her lungs filled with quicksand.She died.

Author Lancia672 (4 years)
I agree with devon54uk, try again to cross that mudhole

Author napa3ghost (4 years)
People listen to the voice, its a dude. Still, great job. How deep is that
mud? Did u sink over ur boots. Feel that mud on ur pantyhose? Wow wish I
was there.

Author doudoupino2 (3 years)
Love beautiful woman wearing tall boots in mud or water, very EXCITING to
watch, you look so WOW ...

Author rgadt (3 years)
@SViperCharizard Yes, she got them out, and wore them a couple more times
at least afterwards. In fact I think the most recent video is the same

Author buick204 (4 years)
Mmmmmmmmmmm really nice muddy thigh boot video leaves me stiff as a board
and drooling, thank you.

Author Rayne Hellfire (3 years)
This is why you don't wear your good clothes on a bad day.

Author mudinboots (4 years)
Absolutely super, totally horny ! Thanks ! More please !!!!

Author muddyfeet1000 (4 years)
Great video superb mud and boots and skirt and

Author NAPPLEB25 (3 years)
THOSE THIGHS - do it for me!!!!!!!!!

Author Natalia Rose (4 years)
O well nice vid

Author Marfor (Son Of Lucifer) (3 years)
Why do you have 2 stop when it gets exiting?

Author crotchboots (2 years)
thats a good way to lose a boot

Author devon54uk (4 years)
that was awwwwsum, is ther a part two??????? will she go in again with the
rubber thigh boots on???????

Author Kis møller (4 years)
if you dot like your leather , give it to me

Author thewittkamp (3 years)
lol, wo ist der zweite teil?

Author getube9 (4 years)
Best one yet!

Author misahery (3 years)
más nádherná videa, fakt krása !!!!!

Author lucas767676 (4 years)

Author Justwantaccount1 (3 years)
why are you doing this? please explain.

Author Natalia Rose (4 years)
I think I see a dude

Author muddycorset (3 years)
@Justwantaccount1 i think its because they enjoy mud.

Author joedeep130535 (4 years)
love watching you struggle in the deep mud boots & mini a great combination

Author ekosmurfboy (3 years)
Nothing more Sexy than A Blonde Lady in full length boots Leather outfit
even better She stuck in the Mud Who would not run to help the Damsel in
Distress Her time of need to save her from the swamp and be her Hero Shes
Blonde Blue eyes with figure to Die for She's to lovely to let disappear
under swamp waters So many comments on is she or she not a lady it's A Girl
Russian accent still take a look at how long her fingers are and how thin
her hands are Now take a look at your hands fat and ch

Author denindeep (4 years)
обычно Вы так осторожны, а тут... просто дух захватывает... что же было

Author joe smith (3 years)
Is it a bloke? Would like to see the face just once

Author 800624 (4 years)
Wow!Taller fashion boots or maybe waders in this same area.Great videos.

Author paulinepinkyboots (3 years)
I love this, this is the way I like to play in the mud, ans this girl is so
sexy doing it. x x

Author 21lprice (2 years)
Giggity Giggity Giggity

Author HereticalKitsune (3 years)
Wow, awesome!

Author NAPPLEB25 (4 years)
Ohhh f**kin great. Splendid deep wet mud vid. love the girl, love her boots

Author billsinkers (4 years)
Great piece of video, good to see her struggles before getting stuck. Pity
the camera didn't keep going to see her getting out! Nice upskirt shots of
her too, can we see more, specially when she is stuck!

Author Marfor (Son Of Lucifer) (4 years)
I want you hard

Author joseadi2010 (4 years)
para clabarcela toda asta adentro ahi donde o se puede mover

Author sharlene villegas (2 years)
boots in mud it stuck in your boots

Author antonnilov (4 years)
Suuuuuuperior !!!!

Author crazyoneone (3 years)
wish i had a good muddy spot like this

Author rgadt (4 years)
Ohh my.... Fantastic!!!!!!! Beautiful!!! Wonderful!!! This is what thigh
high boots were made for!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful clip.

Author shelly squelch (3 years)
I bet that felt really good when your beeots flooded woht all that slimey
mud and water it ws really good when it came out the top of your boot when
you lifted your leg to get out

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