Product review: Indomie Mi goreng

Indomie Mi goreng is an instant noodles product line made under the Indomie brand by the Indofood company, the world's largest instant noodle manufacturer, located in Indonesia. It is distributed in many countries around the world.

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Author Irine Chandra ( ago)
the way you cooked? its wrong!

Author JayLethal ( ago)
is Indomie Mi Goreng anything like top ramen in the us?

Author Gilang Faturrozy ( ago)
LOL I watch this While I eat Indomie Goreng !!! The most delicious noodle
i've ever eat

Author Andreas Susilo ( ago)
it is suppose to be Indomie Fried Noodle

Author Bimo dwi satrio ( ago)
you dont have to mix the sauce in the pan, just mix it in the bowl

Author Tuak Manis ( ago)
told u something, Kwai Chi, You boil it too long

Author Tri Restu ( ago)
Itu makanan yang enak di indonesia dan itu murah

Author Tri Restu ( ago)
Itu indomie goreng

Author DJPFEIFFER84 ( ago)
Dude seriously when it's cooked and you've added your seasonings and mixed
it through crack one egg per 2 packets and smash it back on the flame till
its cooked through and it's mi goreng heaven the bomb

Author Bino Darmawan ( ago)
Lol you're doing it wrong

Author Lucefina ( ago)
I don't buy 5 packs anymore I buy a carton

Author TrustedScam ( ago)
OMG if ur gonna eat it straight from the pot put the seasoning in it u
wasted water for washing the bowl though it is kinda hilarious xD

Author egie setiawan ( ago)
salah masak itu, bumbu bukan ditaro disana wkwkwkw

Author Anita Mellyfika ( ago)
Sayang woy itu bumbu ga dipake smua ketinggalan di mangkok. Oh man.

Author Kwai Chi ( ago)
Around £0.30-£0.45 GBP

Author Indonesian Jailbreakers ( ago)
How much is indomie in your country? In my country is 0.15$

Author Kwai Chi ( ago)
I give it a 7 out of 10

Author Spartacus2010 ( ago)
There must be no water left

Author Codename_Unicorn ( ago)
This wasn't a review as the title indicated...

Author veryfunnyvonny ( ago)
what he means, you dont have to put those noodles back in the pan. after
drained, put the noodles straight into the bowl and mix it well. Therefore
you don't have any waste sauce and seasonings. And eating them with an egg
is an option too!

Author aryoprionggo ( ago)
no, you eat the package as well. it tastes so crispy

Author fahda alakeel ( ago)
اللهم اني صائم :( 3/>

Author Monzteriona Dewa ( ago)
You don't need to mix the noodles and the seasoning in a pan. mixing them
in a bowl available.

Author TheGozzila ( ago)
Sort of right.

Author Emily Ang ( ago)
thats di bukan bagaimana Anda membuatnya

Author Emily Ang ( ago)
You didn't make indomie right that's not how you cook it wtf

Author leeshikur ( ago)
I think what he means is after you've drained the water you just need to
pour the noodles into the blue bowl with the seasoning.

Author wakuaku13 ( ago)
You don need to stir the paste in the bowl.just throw the cook noodle in
the bowl and will taste better.

Author salma nur aina ( ago)
Thats how we cook Indomie!

Author RC ( ago)
u must mix the seasoning and noodles in bowl. and eat that from bowl not
from pan ! hahaha

Author Kwai Chi ( ago)
I do have big nipples

Author Kwai Chi ( ago)
no water?

Author Albert Gamo ( ago)

Author Alora Diante ( ago)
I smoke 1/2 a pack of cigarettes a day, drink at least a 6-pack, I think I
am LUCKY to be even eating, most of the time, but yeah, I think if people
really cared, they wouldn't even watch videos like this, they'd be all,
veggie network or something, I think you're barking up the wrong tree, so
to speak, these people DON'T care!

Author cursedrose93 ( ago)
omg ppl below obviously YOU are doing it wrong. this is exactly how i make
mine too! i like my noodles soft and a bit thicker .. i boil em even
longer... then drain them, back in the pan (off the stove that is), pour in
all the seasoning, stir and put it in a bowl. why back in the pan? so you
can stir it better of course! bit if you never tried it like this then shut
up and try making them like this before you say anything cause there is no
tastier way than this to eat them!

Author Abdul Rachim ( ago)
oh my God how on earth is this man doing ??? how often you eat noodles ?
you absolutely doing wrong, just put the noodles to the blue bowl man and
have a nice dinner...

Author Sriwanti ( ago)
i'm indonesian and i say he's right.. except he cooked the noodles for too

Author Kwai Chi ( ago)
Cheers dude :) Don't forget to subscribe!

Author sayabolo ( ago)
what he done is correct, u cook indomi goreng like that, best instant

Author pideorodeo ( ago)
teu baleg nyieunnna>

Author Nunung karomah ( ago)
U suck!!

Author edo sadewo ( ago)

Author Despeado Long ( ago)
fork, mix seasoning with noodle directly....fried egg, if reli extreme
fried chicken and sausage...

Author KingDavidANC ( ago)
Look at this guy trying to tell me what I can and can't eat for each meal.

Author Bishoy Gadellion ( ago)
Yabn el Nas7a !! Gebt el Taiha yia 7eleet-ha !! ta3la a2belny law fahmt
7aga :D .. Al Magd lel Masrein hahaha :P

Author Jack T. Colton ( ago)
2 x packs + 1 small can of chilli tuna + 1 egg...

Author Tasia Loekito ( ago)
you boiled it way toooo long and why dont just mix the noodle and the
seasoning at the boooowl. whyy

Author Stepo2905 ( ago)
Did you just give it a 7 out of 10? And did you just say it tastes a bit
fake? And did you say that you couldn't eat Mi Goreng all the time? Get.Out.

Author kevin putepuai ( ago)
im from indonesian,and this product from my country.. you need a teacher
for make a indomie?

Author Gérard Marquis ( ago)
Yer doin it wrong.

Author MrOngky100 ( ago)
why all seasoning you mix it?,and why mie goreng too long stay in pot
rather you will got noodle too softness

Author Honiffer ( ago)
*Potato recording some noodles* I see what you did there ;D

Author Tonkotsu2k10 ( ago)
what? why did he...? I dont even.....

Author Zah Rar ( ago)
can you put more gel please? <.<

Author Eddie Gooch ( ago)
BBC : British Born Chinese

Author helloshanmugaraaj ( ago)
lol thumbs up if you're watching this while eating indomie mi goreng

Author Lambor ( ago)
except don't put the dried noodles back in the pan and straight into the
bowl and mix.

Author Lambor ( ago)
lol at all the people saying this is the wrong way to make these. look at
the back of the packet and be surprised that that is actually how you are
meant to make them.

Author Larry Yeong ( ago)
Malaysian hawker do the mixing in the pan as well. It stir fry away the
excess water and make the noodle have a crispy crunchy texture.

Author Arfi Natanagara ( ago)
Dude you're doing with wrong way!

Author laconic84 ( ago)
you suck at making these booo

Author Adji R Permadi ( ago)
i onnly eat indomi nodles

Author caveIn15 ( ago)
Stupid totally wrong,

Author Zach Barnes ( ago)
What is the go with that I can eat Mi Goreng ANYTIME! and i never get
headaches they are simply the best noodles ever... 10/10

Author Arcaii Memphis ( ago)
you fail aha thats not how you make mi goreng

Author 吳 有文 ( ago)
SHOULD BE 10/10 NOT 7/10 and the way you cook mie goreng is definitely

Author Mustafa apçin ( ago)
ramen is suffering.

Author atomichurley ( ago)
4:10 WTF are you doing......

Author atomichurley ( ago)

Author Ash Abdullrabzak ( ago)
even easier / faster and less washing if u cook using microwave!

Author Andrian Hendrawan ( ago)
the water even not boiled yet when you put the noodle. you'll messed up the
texture dude.

Author TATARG ( ago)
Come on next time,.. ci borek

Author negaraapi ( ago)
nasib anak kostt....nasib anak kosttt ...

Author You Can't Go Home Again ( ago)
i was asking my friend if this was cool to eat since I'm muslim and he says
it says Halal on the wrapper I was like holy crap thats awesome

Author FoodsChoice ( ago)
Indomie, easy and delicious

Author Namira qaireen ayeesha ( ago)
apa banget -_______-

Author Frian Mardhani ( ago)
so wrong!

Author tulalit ( ago)

Author kranch NG ( ago)
you eat with a pan. you should put it in the plate so u can lick it when
finish :P

Author xswtnmeltx ( ago)
@islandmornings He didn't pour it in. He was just showing us.

Author MrLukeCav ( ago)
Or you could do it the easy way-Noodles in bowl, add water, put in
microwave for 31/2 minutes (depends on microwave temp), when done get
scissors and cut sachets and put seasoning in bowl and FINITO!

Author yamum0433 ( ago)
i think u should just kill urself

Author Yukina Yamamoto ( ago)
that was soo wrong! thats not how to cook mi goreng -_-

Author Indra kusuma ( ago)
kelamaan tuh masak nya

Author AlteredModes ( ago)
wtf, he left the noodles in the pot for soo long, its all too soft now

Author GEM BOSOK ( ago)

Author TheGregoryfw ( ago)
Why not just mix the sauce and noodles in the bowl?

Author Kappa Snowden ( ago)
you're bad at being asian

Author SmellsStrange ( ago)
In the 5 satchet version you get liquid chili sauce instead of dried chili,
and fried onion which should be added seperately at the end.

Author SmellsStrange ( ago)
Add the noodles to the bowl you mixed the paste in and mix it up in that or
you lose like half the seasoning D: Also a couple of teaspoons of peanut
butter in the paste is a dream.

Author Aschwin Bartes ( ago)
I always buy special chicken flavour ( the orange one ) this is the best
brand ever !

Author Cassidy ( ago)
@ahmedsiha yup, that sux....weird because its a asian food so ud think they
would have all the sachets, maybe its because in indonesia the missing
sachets are staple ingredients in ur food cupboard?

Author MrPitoy ( ago)
this guy is doing it wrong

Author MrPitoy ( ago)
@DjTommyKx i wouldn't do that, idk it might contains some unhealthy
chemical residue

Author MrPitoy ( ago)
@cassideez i think there's 2 versions of the original mie goreng pack: one
with the 5 sachets (seasoning powder, oil, chili sauce,soy sauce, and
onions), and the other one with only 4 sachets (seasoning powder, chili
powder, oil and soy sauce, without chili sauce and fried onions). try
google image to find out the differences. lucky for people in australia you
got the 5 sachets version, in some islands in indonesia and some asian
countries they got the 4 sachet version, which sucks.

Author Shely Lee ( ago)
lol so cute u

Author DjTommyKx ( ago)
Awesome noodles!!!! all i buy now. but am I the only one who keeps boiled
water in with them and drinks it after eating the noodles?

Author Gunsol Videos ( ago)
@AKIOSHIMA619 sometime you can put the seasoning in the kettle and eat it
right away with the kettle XD

Author kazoo61 ( ago)
@AKIOSHIMA619 hes a guy,which too lazy to do dishes,,tht why he do all
those seasoning in the kettle..

Author MiracleBuffalo ( ago)
mmm just had some

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