Product review: Indomie Mi goreng

Indomie Mi goreng is an instant noodles product line made under the Indomie brand by the Indofood company, the world's largest instant noodle manufacturer, located in Indonesia. It is distributed in many countries around the world.

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Author Zora Arian (4 months)
Indomie Mi Goreng is undoubtedly my guilty pleasure :P After watching this,
I feel like making my own, despite it being 2.50am now -___-

Author bunnyfreakz (7 months)
Its contain so much MSG, just use ½ seasoning

Author CanadaDragon78 (3 months)
Why u not put seasoning n noodle in 1 bowl together n mix it.. Not in the

Author Aco Drobnjak (3 months)
Is this healty ? :) (of course not)
antioxidant E319,
acidity regulator E501,E452,E500
thickener E412
color E101
flavour enhancer E621
artificial chicken flavour powder

This is practical only when you're going on a trip, but remember there are
a lot of artificial additives,be careful !!!

Author Maria Magdalena (5 months)
mie goreng means fried noodle, but it's not really 'fried'. so you don't
mix the spices and sauce in the noodle while you boil it in the pan.
Instead, you drain the noodle off from the pan or just simply throw away
the water and then mix the spices and sauce and the noodle in a plate.
Then, you'll have a plate of instant fried noodle. That's what we do in
Indonesia with that noodle. So you don't have to really fried the noodle.
Btw, it's written in the instruction, isn't it?

Author Ancha Batubara (2 months)
My most favorite taste, Mi Goreng.... so yummy

Author SuperEpicWin (2 months)
How is this a review? He ate 1 noodle by the end of the video...

Author Poseidon99Jeus (6 months)
Hey dude or Kwai Cock, whatever your name is. Let me tell you 1 thing, you
are fuckingly crazy, you like wasting your fucking time !!! Mother fucker
asshole, come and lick my balls so you can get some cleverness in your
1: who boils water in a kettle and then re-boils it in a pan ????
2. who mixes the sauces in a bowl 1st and then takes it out re-mixes it
with the noodles.
If you have nothing to do in your life, you can do dog-walking, faggot ??
you can gather all the poops and eat them later, douche !!

Author econnote jne (7 months)
put the egg in your mangkok and put your noodle in mangkok too,, shake
noodle and egg together and goreng !!! 

Author Puloh Han (7 months)
HAHAHAH just mix the noodles with the "bumbu" in the bowl together

Author Captain Woles (3 months)
My favorite flavor is soto

Author raimi21888 (1 month)
my daily dosage is 2 packets per serving =)

Author Captain Caveman (8 months)
Tried them today. They blow Maggi or Ramen clean out of the water. 5/5

Author Muhammad al faris (6 months)
how to taste ? delicious right ? ..try to flavor 'rendang' or 'soto' .. is
the flavor favorite me...

oh yeah.. you wrong to cook ,should input directly into a bowl of noodles..
not spice to pan

Author Mie Crush (6 months)
What do you think about instant noodles?

Please kindly help me with the survey about instant noodles. Thanks guys!

Author Lemon020202 (7 months) all the nigerian commercials of indomie say its healthy
nutrition lol

Author Frian Mardhani (2 years)
so wrong!

Author You Can't Go Home Again (2 years)
i was asking my friend if this was cool to eat since I'm muslim and he says
it says Halal on the wrapper I was like holy crap thats awesome

Author sayabolo (1 year)
what he done is correct, u cook indomi goreng like that, best instant

Author MiracleBuffalo (3 years)
mmm just had some

Author basweey (3 years)

Author Kiara Mohamad (3 years)
Indomie is the best with Bawang goreng

Author 吳 有文 (2 years)
SHOULD BE 10/10 NOT 7/10 and the way you cook mie goreng is definitely

Author Alfa Pramudita (3 years)
@luftwaffe789456123 you should try other flavors! in my country there are
lots of Mi Goreng's flavors. oh, wait! can I sell it on ebay? LOL

Author james allen (3 years)
i only eat 2 packets at once, 1 is not enough, oh and you wasted so much
sauce to dude.....very naughty

Author james allen (3 years)
i only eat 2 packets at once, 1 is not enough

Author MyDarez (3 years)
hehehee you maked wrong .... put the bumbu in the cub then put indomie also
in the cub ..

Author Archangella Irene Astri Wijaya (3 years)
huahahah what are you doing? dont do that! mixing those seasoning powder
and all then put them to the pot. haha just boil the noodle once more, then
put it to the bowl

Author Ash Abdullrabzak (2 years)
even easier / faster and less washing if u cook using microwave!

Author salma nur aina (1 year)
Thats how we cook Indomie!

Author Salsabila Bawazir (3 years)
apinya kegedean woi, ga kaya dikantin sekolahan enak, setengah mateng :D

Author BeatboxingFilo (1 year)

Author savthestrawberry (2 years)
An asian man making noodles what a suprise!! Dont worry im an asian aswell!

Author SmellsStrange (2 years)
Add the noodles to the bowl you mixed the paste in and mix it up in that or
you lose like half the seasoning D: Also a couple of teaspoons of peanut
butter in the paste is a dream.

Author Vladimir Makarov (3 years)
minyak = oil

Author MD S (3 years)
hahahaa.. my fav instant noodle.. love Indonesia..nyummy..

Author Gérard Marquis (2 years)
Yer doin it wrong.

Author Abdul Rachim (1 year)
oh my God how on earth is this man doing ??? how often you eat noodles ?
you absolutely doing wrong, just put the noodles to the blue bowl man and
have a nice dinner...

Author robert harlock (3 years)
@StarwarsGeneral no, easier way is to cook two of them :)

Author Eddie Gooch (2 years)
BBC : British Born Chinese

Author algrenon alain (1 year)
Where did you get that indomie mie goreng?? Isn't it from indonesia?

Author Cassidy (2 years)
@ahmedsiha yup, that sux....weird because its a asian food so ud think they
would have all the sachets, maybe its because in indonesia the missing
sachets are staple ingredients in ur food cupboard?

Author Fatan D. Marsiano (3 years)
@luftwaffe789456123 Mi Goreng is Fried Noodles in Indonesian

Author Lambor (2 years)
except don't put the dried noodles back in the pan and straight into the
bowl and mix.

Author MrJohntube12 (2 years)
I like an egg on top and it's a great breakfast. I am a musician
though...this isn't food I might add. It's a drug.

Author xswtnmeltx (2 years)
@islandmornings He didn't pour it in. He was just showing us.

Author Shely Lee (2 years)
lol so cute u

Author strelokgunslinger (2 years)
guiz everyone does it differently stop complaining. it'll taste the same in
the end

Author 28Naufal (3 years)
crush the noodles, pour the bumbu and shake it. after finish eating, drink
warm water..... REALLY NICE!

Author hibnu hanafi (9 months)
How much is indomie in your country? In my country is 0.15$

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